The Best Episodes Directed by Simon Cellan Jones

Abaddon's Gate

#1 - Abaddon's Gate

The Expanse Season 3 - Episode 13

Holden and his allies must stop Ashford and his team from destroying the Ring, and perhaps all of humanity.

star 8.59
2867 votes
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Episode 4

#2 - Episode 4

Years and Years Season 1 - Episode 4

Daniel embarks on a dangerous quest to bring Viktor home, while Celeste takes a terrible revenge on Stephen. Viv sets her sights on the ultimate prize: 10 Downing Street.

star 8.33
647 votes
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A Burning Dog

#3 - A Burning Dog

Generation Kill Season 1 - Episode 5

As they scope a tiny hamlet, the men of Bravo are frustrated by the capricious nature of the war, and Colbert struggles to defend the actions of the higher-ups. First Recon finally gets to use their skills and exploit intelligence from Iraqi locals about an ambush at a bridge ahead. For once, First Recon isn't tasked with heading straight into the ambush.

star 8.33
1578 votes
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Combat Jack

#4 - Combat Jack

Generation Kill Season 1 - Episode 4

Having raced to capture the airfield, First Recon has some time to rest and regroup. The abandoned supply truck has been looted and destroyed and the company is now down to one meal a day. After expressing their dismay to their commander, Alpha is tasked with a different mission: to recover the body of a captured Marine who was murdered in Ah Shatra.

star 8.13
1593 votes
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Episode 2

#5 - Episode 2

Years and Years Season 1 - Episode 2

As the world recovers, Stephen and Celeste face a very modern nightmare, Daniel fights to keep hold of Viktor, and Edith finally returns home, carrying a terrible secret with her.

star 8.06
678 votes
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On Your Way Down

#6 - On Your Way Down

Treme Season 2 - Episode 3

Toni's investigation of a post-Katrina casualty gets more confusing at every turn; a routine closing at the bar for LaDonna becomes a disaster; Janette is forced to make a quick trip back to New Orleans to tend to a housing crisis; Nelson ups the ante in his business deal with Robinette; Antoine practices with his new band; Sonny turns to another musician for help when his home is vandalized.

star 8.04
494 votes
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#7 - AKA WWJD?

Marvel's Jessica Jones Season 1 - Episode 8

Jessica experiences a strange homecoming courtesy of Kilgrave. Hogarth's conflict with her estranged wife reaches a tipping point.

star 8.01
4953 votes
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Episode 1

#8 - Episode 1

Years and Years Season 1 - Episode 1

The Lyons family gather in 2019, unaware that their future holds many surprises. Absent sister Edith brings news from abroad that will change their lives forever.

star 7.99
799 votes
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Smoke My Peace Pipe

#9 - Smoke My Peace Pipe

Treme Season 1 - Episode 7

While Janette hits the road with her cooking skills, LaDonna and Toni are given hope by a judge's sudden ultimatum and Antoine loses a mentor but gains a job.

star 7.93
553 votes
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Laying in the Weeds

#10 - Laying in the Weeds

Ballers Season 2 - Episode 8

Spencer's Draft Day party finds him trying to keep a lid on the firm's private affairs. Meanwhile, Charles and Ricky have a major disagreement; and Travis wonders how bright his future will be.

star 7.92
2801 votes
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The Emerald City

#11 - The Emerald City

Boardwalk Empire Season 1 - Episode 10

Nucky asks for Margaret's assistance in backing his mayoral candidate with the passage of women's right to vote, leaving her conflicted about her role. Doyle switches sides back from Rothstein, which leads Nucky to conspire with Chalky against Lansky and the D'Alessios. Angela witnesses Jimmy's violent side against her photographer friend, and considers leaving Atlantic City for good in the aftermath. Van Alden grapples with his emotions, and has encounters with both Margaret and Lucy.

star 7.92
4479 votes
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There's No Place Like Home, Baby

#12 - There's No Place Like Home, Baby

Ballers Season 4 - Episode 9

Spencer takes his fight to the next level and Ricky gets real with Charles.

star 7.92
945 votes
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I'm Sorry, Who's Yosi?

#13 - I'm Sorry, Who's Yosi?

How to Make It in America Season 2 - Episode 6

Ben senses a conflict of interest when Nancy sets CRISP up with a manufacturer named Yosi. Determined to bring some spice to Biscuit, Rachel disregards her boss and pursues an edgy lead. The Feds catch up with Kapo, Lulu warns Cam against selling out and Rasta Monsta incites the ire of the East Flatbush Caribbean League.

star 7.89
340 votes
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Stay Frosty

#14 - Stay Frosty

Generation Kill Season 1 - Episode 6

Outside of Al Kut, Captain America is over-eager in his attempts to subdue a prisoner, while his men's growing disillusionment with his command is growing more apparent. Meanwhile, Ferrando relays to his officers the news that his counterpart in the Regimental Combat Team has been relieved of duty despite achieving his objective.

star 7.87
1501 votes
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AKA Top Shelf Perverts

#15 - AKA Top Shelf Perverts

Marvel's Jessica Jones Season 1 - Episode 7

Malcom, Simpson and Trish go rogue to prevent Jessica from carrying out an extreme plan to outwit Kilgrave.

star 7.84
4902 votes
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Everybody Knows

#16 - Everybody Knows

Ballers Season 2 - Episode 7

Spencer scrambles to stay ahead after Andre makes a surprise visit to the office. Joe discovers the skeletons in his partner’s closet. Ricky tries to make amends with Dennis, as Charles plots to keep Ricky in Miami. Travis confides in Spencer during a talk-show appearance.

star 7.83
2884 votes
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Episode 3

#17 - Episode 3

Years and Years Season 1 - Episode 3

Daniel uses his birthday party to reveal a dangerous plan. And as Viv Rook rises to power, the Lyons gather for a funeral. But Celeste is left to fight alone as Bethany’s obsession.

star 7.83
635 votes
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#18 - Consequences

Power Season 2 - Episode 1

Ghost picks up the pieces at Truth after the botched murder attempt against him, while recommitting to the drug game. Tommy disappears after learning Angela is with the feds.

star 7.82
1953 votes
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The Understudy

#19 - The Understudy

Manhattan Season 1 - Episode 10

Wives explore their inner desires. Visit from dead "spy's" spouse. Winter explores an unusual solution to ignition problem.

star 7.75
619 votes
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#20 - Ends

Ballers Season 1 - Episode 7

Ricky flies off the handle; Spencer and Charles say good-bye to Roddney; Jason meets his mother's new beau.

star 7.73
2467 votes
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Part One

#21 - Part One

Klondike (2014) Season 1 - Episode 1

Based on actual events from the last great Gold Rush in history, a stampede of fortune seekers make their way to the Klondike boomtown of Dawson City where murder, revenge, riches and redemption await.

star 7.73
214 votes
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Who Wants a Lollipop

#22 - Who Wants a Lollipop

Ballers Season 5 - Episode 7

Spencer and Joe get into past grievances while working out a major player deal, after which Spencer makes a public statement that's sure to have consequences; Ricky is on the defensive in a meeting with a Hollywood bigwig.

star 7.73
703 votes
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#23 - Gaslighting

Ballers Season 1 - Episode 8

Spencer tries to save Vernon by confronting his past; Ricky tries to reconcile with Bella; Charles finds that his football skills come in handy.

star 7.71
2428 votes
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#24 - Saturdaze

Ballers Season 2 - Episode 6

Spencer attempts to broker peace between Travis and a critic. Struggling to adjust to his new role on the team, Charles is tasked with delivering bad news. Joe encounters Andre one-on-one. Still torn about his future, Ricky is thrown for a loop when Dennis decides to have more of a voice in his life.

star 7.71
2867 votes
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Most Guys

#25 - Most Guys

Ballers Season 2 - Episode 5

Spencer tries to mentor Travis while dodging unwelcome medical news and the ghosts of his financial past. Attempting to cheer up Vernon, Reggie and Joe buy a wild gift. Ricky encourages Charles to stand up for himself; later, he gets advice on a big career decision after running into a face from the past.

star 7.67
2859 votes
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What's in a Name?

#26 - What's in a Name?

How to Make It in America Season 2 - Episode 8

In the second-season finale, Ben wonders how to rescue CRISP and his friendship with Cam. Meanwhile, Domingo and Cam launch a PR blitz to clean up Rasta Monsta's image; Rachel seeks advice from a former mentor; and Kaplan parties one more time before going to jail.

star 7.67
346 votes
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The Moor

#27 - The Moor

The Borgias Season 1 - Episode 3

His coffers depleted by his expensive rise to power, Rodrigo seeks funds through a profitable marriage for Lucrezia that will ally with him Milan, and charges a fee for safe haven in the Holy City to Jews displaced by the Spanish Inquisition; the Borgias host a charming Turkish prince; Micheletto is ordered to rid his patrons of the ongoing threat posed by Della Rovere.

star 7.65
2479 votes
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Lucrezia's Wedding

#28 - Lucrezia's Wedding

The Borgias Season 1 - Episode 4

Lucrezia's financially and politically motivated wedding to Milanese nobleman Giovanni Sforza is a disaster thanks to Juan's inappropriately bawdy play in his sister's honor, Cesare's brazen flirting with a married baroness, and the arrival of the Borgia children's illegitimate mother; Della Rovere seeks the aid of the illustrious Medici family and their counselor, Machiavelli.

star 7.64
2391 votes
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Part 9

#29 - Part 9

Bloodline Season 1 - Episode 9

The DEA gets involved in John's murder case. Tensions rise between Meg and Danny. John digs into Danny's past. Sally reminisces.

star 7.60
917 votes
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#30 - Atonement

Magic City Season 1 - Episode 4

While Ike has to deal with a break in at his hotel, Vera begins planning an extravagant charity function that she hopes Jackie Kennedy will attend. Elsewhere, Victor struggles to get his wife out of Cuba.

star 7.59
644 votes
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#31 - Edutainment

Ballers Season 5 - Episode 6

Spencer prepares for his first owners' meeting in the wake of an unexpected tragedy; Joe agrees to go on Ricky's radio show; Charles faces an unexpected health crisis during his busiest time.

star 7.52
719 votes
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No Small Talk

#32 - No Small Talk

Ballers Season 4 - Episode 6

Spencer recruits Q to help him leverage a deal. With Reggie in tow, Joe talks business with a group of extreme skateboarders known collectively as Illegal Civilization. Charles hosts a pre-free-agent reception.

star 7.52
974 votes
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Suicide Blonde

#33 - Suicide Blonde

Magic City Season 1 - Episode 5

Photos of Lily and Stevie become public, while Danny and Mercedes romance grows. Meanwhile, Ike protects Judi from Ben and Vera tries to get pregnant.

star 7.51
489 votes
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Money, Power, Private School

#34 - Money, Power, Private School

How to Make It in America Season 2 - Episode 3

CRISP lands a promising but unpaid gig; Rachel gives Ben a lavish gift; Cam raises money for a river-view apartment; Rene shoots a Rasta Monsta viral video.

star 7.34
315 votes
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Episode One

#35 - Episode One

Paradox Season 1 - Episode 1

Dr Christian King, a world-renowned astrophysicist, claims to have received a series of images from space. The images show fragments of an event, an explosion in which many are killed. Shockingly, Dr King claims the disaster is yet to happen. It will take place in 18 hours time. Is this an elaborate warning of a terrorist attack, or could it be something else? Uncertain, DI Rebecca Flint and her team investigate Dr King and the images. But as the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle come together, it becomes clear that this is a chain of events which no person could possibly predict or plan. With time running out a tragedy drawing closer DI Flint begins to contemplate the impossible - that the images might not be a coded warning or an elaborate threat, but a genuine glimpse of the future.

star 7.16
1065 votes
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Episode Three

#36 - Episode Three

Paradox Season 1 - Episode 3

A serial rapist is due to violently attack and murder in a few hours, and Rebecca is determined not to let this happen. But Rebecca is beginning to feel conflicted about their new role; for the first time, she begins to question the responsibility involved in seeing the future, and worries she might even be helping to cause the incidents they are supposed to stop.

star 7.14
683 votes
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