The BEST episodes directed by Shuuhei Matsushita

Tomoe Becomes a Familiar / The God Goes to a Mixer
82 votes

#1 - Tomoe Becomes a Familiar / The God Goes to a Mixer

Kamisama Kiss - Season 1 - Episode 10

Flashing back to the past, some of what Tomoe went through with Mikage is revealed. And returning to the present for the second part, Nanami gets dragged off to a mixer with her friends.

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I Found Myself in Another Universe
156 votes

#2 - I Found Myself in Another Universe

Outbreak Company - Season 1 - Episode 1

After acing an otaku job questionnaire and interview for Amutec, Shinichi Kanou wake up in a strange world with a beautiful maid, Myucel, at his side. He is now in the Holy Eldant Empire and he must, as the general manager, export Japan’s best of anime, manga and video games to this country.

Shoot the Invader!
105 votes

#3 - Shoot the Invader!

Outbreak Company - Season 1 - Episode 12

In response to Shin'ichi's act of defiance, the Japanese Government orders the JSDF to kill him. After two failed attempts, Shin'ichi comes with a plan to convince the politicians in Tokyo to spare him and keep supporting his efforts to spread the Otaku culture in Eldant instead.

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Her Majesty's Melancholia
136 votes

#4 - Her Majesty's Melancholia

Outbreak Company - Season 1 - Episode 8

Fed up with all the responsibilities piled upon her, Petralka shuts herself in her room and refuses to leave. Shin'ichi, who used to live as a shut-in in Japan, decides then to show her the life he used to have, with all the ups and downs that come from it as well.

Tackling Awkward Situations
25 votes

#5 - Tackling Awkward Situations

Remake Our Life! - Season 1 - Episode 7

Tsurayuki's fiance has arrived intent on dragging him back home, but the up-and-coming writer is dedicated to finishing his game project with his friends.

The Gray Jewel
23 votes

#6 - The Gray Jewel

BBK/BRNK - Season 1 - Episode 6

Azuma's companions have won their second Bubuki battle, but the next opponent is one of Reoko's Four Gods who was in disguise as their friend Horino. Hiiragi and the others are shocked to learn that their trusted friend is actually working for their mortal enemy.

The Immortal Girl
16 votes

#7 - The Immortal Girl

BBK/BRNK - Season 1 - Episode 11

The foreign teams continue to hunt the headless déraciné Buranki, so they can take its heart and use it to awaken Buranki in their home countries. Meanwhile, Arabashiri is fighting his own battle for Reoko's sake. He has watched Reoko endure the ceaseless pain of fighting déraciné Buranki one after another with the incomplete Entei, and now his rage explodes on Azuma's mother, Migiwa.

Plasta, the Royal Capital
84 votes

#8 - Plasta, the Royal Capital

Grimoire of Zero - Season 1 - Episode 7

Zero, betrayed by Mercenary's doubts about her, dissolves the agreement. Now alone, Mercenary finds himself helping out a young woman with a Beastfallen problem.

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Shooting Stars Passing in the Night
6 votes

#9 - Shooting Stars Passing in the Night

In Search of the Lost Future - Season 1 - Episode 8

As the fateful day of Kaori's accident approaches once more, everything plays out slightly differently due to Yui's presence.

Episode 5
18 votes

#10 - Episode 5

Diabolik Lovers - Season 2 - Episode 5

Kou gives Yui a bouquet of roses as a token of acquaintance. This makes her happy until he requests her to return the 'favor'. He wants something back from her; which is none other than her blood. Yui pushes Kou away when he gets too close to her, prompting him to reveal that he is not the person whom she thought he was...

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Is It True You're a Gyaru?
56 votes

#11 - Is It True You're a Gyaru?

Please tell me! Galko-chan - Season 1 - Episode 1

Otako explains that girls with big boobs also have big areolae. Galko denies it, thinking she's talking about her.

Fire Titan
36 votes

#12 - Fire Titan

BBK/BRNK - Season 1 - Episode 2

Azuma stares in stunned shock at Oubu, now reduced to bones, as Hiiragi, Kogane, and the others successfully hold off Matobai. Hiiragi realizes this is the best chance to awaken Oubu and demands the heart Bubuki from Azuma, but Azuma insists he has no such thing. Believing that the heart Bubuki will react if its owner is in danger, he attacks Azuma with Iwatooshi!

This World is Full of Secrets
22 votes

#13 - This World is Full of Secrets

ISLAND - Season 1 - Episode 4

Although it was by Karen’s request, Setsuna does something unthinkable. They go to the mainland so that Karen can escape and go to see her mother. Why did she cry while Setsuna watched over her? Meanwhile, Sara is getting close to something.

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Episode 10
17 votes

#14 - Episode 10

Diabolik Lovers - Season 2 - Episode 10

Yui Komori is sucked by Shu Sakamaki, and Shu shows attachment to Yui who shows resistance, and thrusts Kiba deeper. On the other hand, in the godless family, Kou Yuma Azusa was confused by Yui, who was robbed by Ayato, and Ruki's attitude, which overlooked it. As soon as I headed to the room to ask Ruki what he meant, I felt a sign of someone. Immediately after, it was the wolves who broke the window and invaded. Around that time, when Yui was looking out the window in the living room of the Sakamaki family, Kanato appeared there. When Kanato forcibly sucks blood on Yui, Azusa full of wounds appears there. Kanato is furious at Azusa who tries to take Yui.

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The Right Hand's Scar
0 votes

#15 - The Right Hand's Scar

BBK/BRNK - Season 2 - Episode 3

As Azuma and Kaoruko stare each other down, their respective limbs battle it out with their Bubuki. Angus is on the defensive against Kinoa's fierce attacks, Shepherd is overwhelmed by Shizuru, Joan can't get a single attack in against Kogane, and Lakshmi struggles against the cooperative relationship between Hiiragi and Iwatooshi. As the members of the Asian team, who have been under the complete control of their leader Justin, watch the Japanese team fighting without being tied down by their leader, they start to show signs of changing...

Older Brother and Younger Sister
0 votes

#16 - Older Brother and Younger Sister

BBK/BRNK - Season 2 - Episode 7

Peaceful scenery passes by outside the car window, but Azuma has no idea that the kind old man giving him a lift toward the island fortress is Guy himself. Meanwhile, back at their hideout, Kogane and the others are being attacked, and Matobai and Tsuwabuki realize that Azuma is gone. Hiiragi and Kinoa say that until he comes back with Kaoruko, they're on their own, but Matobai's subdued gaze is fixed on the Buranki Batolov.

The Adventurers
0 votes

#17 - The Adventurers

BBK/BRNK - Season 2 - Episode 12

It's been a year. Peace has returned, and everyone is back to living their old lives again. Azuma has started living on his own and now attends the same high school as Kogane. All Buranki controlled by Guy's Demokratia have been handed over to government-managed companies. As he watches the news over breakfast and opens a letter from Epizo, Azuma can't help but feel how much quieter his life is now.