The Best Episodes Directed by Shuu Watanabe

I Couldn't Be a Hero, So I Snuck into a Rival Store with the Daughter of the Demon King

#1 - I Couldn't Be a Hero, So I Snuck into a Rival Store with the Daughter of the Demon King

I Couldn't Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job Season 1 - Episode 5

Competition has arrived in town, and Leon Shop is against a big new magic shop that everyone is gossiping about. They're having a slow day at Leon, and wonder what the fuss is about, so Raul and Fino and other workers, get set off to disguise themselves as normal people to enter the new shop and get clues and information. When Raul mentions to Fino about her drawing attention to herself, Fino recalls that the manager of Leon told her when in doubt be Raul's girlfriend. During the Sphere performance at Amada Raul runs in to Airi "All A" but not in the manner he expected.

star 9.70
101 votes
Grim Reaper

#2 - Grim Reaper

Initial D Season 5 - Episode 9

The destined battle between Ryosuke and Rin 'Shinigami' Hojo has begun, over a girl named Kaori. As the race progresses on, the story of Ryosuke, Hojo and Kaori is revealed. And as Ikeda of Spiral Zero spectates the race from behind, it's obvious that this race of fate has quickly risen well beyond dangerous.

star 7.85
55 votes

#3 - Brothers

Initial D Season 5 - Episode 12

The final battles for Project D are here, and it all starts with the uphill battle between Keisuke's FD and Go Hojo's NSX. But as Rin understands, there is a fundamental difference between his younger brother and Keisuke, one that might determine this race.

star 7.67
52 votes
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 Keisuke's Determination

#4 - Keisuke's Determination

Initial D Season 5 - Episode 6

As it appears that the FD vs. Supra battle is giving no quarter, the question is, is it possible for Keisuke to hold off Minagawa's professional pressure? Meanwhile a new racer appears on the slopes of Hakone, and its evident he wants to kill himself, and take anybody with him!

star 7.59
56 votes
Brake Release!! Tailyellow

#5 - Brake Release!! Tailyellow

Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! Season 1 - Episode 6

Erina's first outing as Tailyellow does not go as expected, and she later confides to Soji that she may not be qualified to be one of the Twin Tails. While Soji tries to work with Erina, Aika must deal with an attack from Leviaguildy and Krakeguildy!

star 7.36
11 votes
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With Chagrin in His Heart

#6 - With Chagrin in His Heart

Ace of Diamond Season 1 - Episode 9

Sawamura begins to follow Chris every where to try and learn more about baseball. He also sits out of some practices so he can learn how the communication of a team works. Chris finally gives in to Eijun's persistence and catches a few of his pitches. After catching them, Chris informs Eijun he must find his specialty if he is to be truly effective as a pitcher. At first Sawamura is confused. he knows his speed isn't the best and he can't throw breaking balls, so what could be his specialty. Eventually Sawamura decides his specialty is his control, but focusing solely on control lowers his speed and allows him to get slaughtered in weekend a game. Can Sawamura figure out what his specialty truly is before being demoted?

star 7.20
30 votes