The BEST episodes directed by Sean Mcnamara

33 votes

#1 - Images

The Secret World of Alex Mack - Season 3 - Episode 6

Alex becomes a photographer on the yearbook staff to earn extra credit. Louis develops a crush on Annie when she tutors him. Alex uses her powers to get herself paired with Scott on a photo assignment.

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Kickin' It Old School
18 votes

#2 - Kickin' It Old School

Kickin' It - Season 2 - Episode 12

Rudy is excited when he learns he may be elected into Seaford High's Hall of Fame, but he then realizes that he has to finish high school first.

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Save the Last Dance
21 votes

#3 - Save the Last Dance

That's So Raven - Season 3 - Episode 32

Raven has a vision that she is at the prom with a man and wants him to be her prom date, but doesn't know who he is. When she is unable to find him before the prom, she ends up going alone with Eddie and Chelsea, who have dates, until Devon shows up and becomes her date. Meanwhile, Cory is concerned that he may have a hairy back.

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Point of No Return
22 votes

#4 - Point of No Return

That's So Raven - Season 3 - Episode 26

Victor gives her $100 for a calculator, which is for her trigonometry class at school. However, she decides to buy a outfit to wear to an upcoming party instead, then return the outfit the next day, and get her money back to buy the calculator. Unfortunately, Raven accidentally gets lip gloss on the blouse. Now, she; Eddie; and Chelsea must try to get the stain out, and return the outfit. Meanwhile, Victor and Cory take an annual father-son shopping trip. Cory doesn't like the trip, especially when Victor embarrasses him in front of girls he likes.

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That's So Not Raven
40 votes

#5 - That's So Not Raven

That's So Raven - Season 2 - Episode 8

Raven has a vision of herself modeling a dress that she designed. She is accepted into the fashion industry modeling her clothes. But when it appears in the magazine, her body has been altered, and she appears much thinner than she really is. She is upset that her own body was not used, and also that the head of the agency only believes that there is only one look for all models. In the end Raven learns that it's what's on the inside that counts not the outside. Meanwhile, Cory tries to convince his parents that he should get a new video game system.

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Blue in the Face
38 votes

#6 - Blue in the Face

That's So Raven - Season 2 - Episode 9

Raven must get a good grade on a science project, or else she'll be grounded and she'll have to miss going to the Blue Rain concert with Devon. When Victor gets a new paper shredder, he becomes totally obsessed with it. Meanwhile, Cory's intelligent friend William needs a makeover. Raven makes a deal with William, to trade projects. William does his share of the deal, but Raven had forgotten about her part. When William and Cory get mad, they shred the project, which Raven had to fix up a night. Asleep from lack of sleep, she groggily and mistakenly tells Victor that her paper is trash. He shreds the paper and Raven gets mad. Then by accident at school, she ends up creating an unstable chemical reaction in the science lab, which causes Raven and Victor (who had come to bring Raven her formula project paper) to get covered in some sort of blue substance that will not wash off for a few days. Raven's grounded until her grades improve and Devon comes over to cheer her up. Meanwhile, Cory meets a girl named Madison, but she does not like William, and Tanya asks Cory if he wants to be with one who hates his best friend. In the end, Cory chooses William over Madison.

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Psychics Wanted
36 votes

#7 - Psychics Wanted

That's So Raven - Season 1 - Episode 17

Raven becomes infatuated with a jazz musician called Kwizz. To earn money to buy Jazz Festival tickets, she becomes a psychic for a phone line called Psychic Sidekicks. But she soon abuses her power by making Kwizz like her.

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Dojo Day Care
20 votes

#8 - Dojo Day Care

Kickin' It - Season 2 - Episode 9

The kids take care of the Principal's baby, but he crawls away, making them scramble to find him.

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Chore Wars
50 votes

#9 - Chore Wars

Lab Rats (2012) - Season 1 - Episode 14

Adam, Bree and Chase learn about chores and earn allowance for the first time. To raise more money, they host a yard sale and accidentally sell an antique jewelry box that Davenport was restoring for Tasha. Meanwhile, Leo and Davenport bond over the latest 'Pig Zombie' movies.

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Road to Wasabi
88 votes

#10 - Road to Wasabi

Kickin' It - Season 1 - Episode 6

Jack recruits the former international movie star Bobby Wasabi to appear at Rudy's birthday party. Rudy takes a job at Reptile World to make ends meet.

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The Dating Shame
27 votes

#11 - The Dating Shame

That's So Raven - Season 2 - Episode 17

Raven and Chelsea go on a TV dating game show called Termi-Date for a chance to date a cute guy named Chad. Raven then has a vision that she'll turn on Chelsea, and call her "a loser". Even though they both said nice things to each other, the director of the show tampered the video tape by taking out the nice bits, and made it sound like it was horribly mean. That's when Raven and Chelsea argue but later reconcile when Eddie plays the nice version thus exposing director's scheme. Meanwhile, Cory lies about a babysitter being with him, so that he can have the house to himself. Cory is happy at first, until he sees a late-night horror movie called Eye of the Zombie 2, and he becomes scared.

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Here and There
96 votes

#12 - Here and There

Chesapeake Shores - Season 3 - Episode 6

Abby learns her ex-husband is in a serious relationship navigates their new family dynamic. Abby misses Trace by her side as she explores the new co-parenting roles with Wes and his girlfriend. Pulled in many directions with work obligations, Trace misses out on family moments with Abby and the girls. Mick and Megan’s relationship continues to evolve, but is influenced by their past. Having worked independently for months, Jess adjusts to David’s return to the bed and breakfast. Also adjusting to a man in her life is Bree, who attempts to define her partially professional, partially romantic relationship with Simon. At the Chesapeake Shores Fire Department, Kevin enjoys a week of on-the-job training with Sarah. Meanwhile, Nell recruits Connor to investigate a contestant who is breaking the rules in an annual gardening competition, but a surprising discovery makes her rethink the plan.

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Death Spiral Smackdown
48 votes

#13 - Death Spiral Smackdown

Lab Rats (2012) - Season 1 - Episode 9

Leo teams up with Adam in the school fitness challenge 'Death Spiral Smackdown,' hoping that Adam's bionic powers will be his secret weapon. But the plan backfires when they end up going head-to-head in the finals. Meanwhile, Bree and Chase use their bionic abilities against one another.

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Dummy Dancing
115 votes

#14 - Dummy Dancing

Kickin' It - Season 1 - Episode 3

The crew bands together to obtain an embarrassing video of Eddie before it goes viral on the internet.T Lonnie's pet iguana eats Rudy's prized grain of rice.

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Take the A-Train... I Think?
116 votes

#15 - Take the A-Train... I Think?

Jessie (2011) - Season 1 - Episode 11

Jessie and Zuri go on a train ride. Emma and Ravi get left at the station. Bertram and Luke hunt a spider.

Eddie Cries Uncle
31 votes

#16 - Eddie Cries Uncle

Kickin' It - Season 2 - Episode 4

Eddie pretends that one of the Harlem Globetrotter's is his uncle.

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The Way We Were
111 votes

#17 - The Way We Were

Chesapeake Shores - Season 3 - Episode 2

Though they are blissfully together in Chesapeake Shores, Trace faces a difficult decision and Abby is confronted by ghosts from her past. When a country legend offers Trace a gig that could propel his career, he weighs the benefits against the massive cost of being away from Abby and the girls again. Abby feels guilty when she finds a letter that she wrote Trace years ago – still unopened – and questions what to do with it. Mick and Megan meet up with Thomas, whose rekindled marriage with his once-estranged wife prompts each of them to assess their own relationship. Bree is surprised when Simon returns to her life, but is without her go to sounding board because Jess is still hurt about her manuscript. Kevin is concerned when he sees Connor’s girlfriend out with another man. Meanwhile, Nell continues her fight to preserve the town’s wishing fountain.

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An Open Book
120 votes

#18 - An Open Book

Chesapeake Shores - Season 3 - Episode 1

After months away on tour, Trace returns to Abby. Trace’s Chesapeake Shores homecoming becomes complicated, however, when his growing fame draws unwanted media attention to his relationship with Abby and her girls. Mick faces off against Connor in an environmental legal battle. Though the two are on opposing sides, Mick tries to warn his son about a major error before it is too late. Jess discovers Bree’s manuscript and is shocked to discover what’s inside. Meanwhile, Kevin continues his paramedic training, and grows closer with Sarah. When Trace and the O’Brien family come together for the annual oyster festival, Nell recruits the family to save a beloved landmark.

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Reunion It Up
115 votes

#19 - Reunion It Up

Shake It Up - Season 1 - Episode 15

CeCe and Rocky get the chance to dance with Ronnie and Angie, two of the original dancers of Shake It Up, Chicago. However, when they see that the women are no longer friends, Cece and Rocky fear that they will feel the same way later in their lives. Meanwhile, Deuce accidentally kills Flynn's Goldfish, Mr. Goldenburg, and plans a proper funeral for Mr. Goldenburg.

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Country Cousins (II)
24 votes

#20 - Country Cousins (II)

That's So Raven - Season 3 - Episode 28

Raven and Chelsea travel to the country in an attempt to settle a long-lasting family feud over a gravy boat that was thought to be stolen by Victor.

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Love Eventually
104 votes

#21 - Love Eventually

Chesapeake Shores - Season 3 - Episode 5

Abby is burdened by continued paparazzi attention from Trace’s growing fame. As he works through his loneliness while on tour away from Abby, Trace writes a song for Abby, which prompts an unexpected reaction from Leigh. Mick tries to repair his relationship with Connor at Megan’s insistence, but their tumultuous history makes Connor reluctant to reconcile. Kevin is concerned when Sarah seeks adventure after a near-death accident at work, noticing similarities between her behavior and his after his wartime injury. Bree edits her novel with Simon’s help, and realizes she and one of her characters share the same drive for self-preservation that stunts their relationships. Meanwhile, Jess fears her relationship with David is over.

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Secrets, Lies and School Supplies
366 votes

#22 - Secrets, Lies and School Supplies

Chesapeake Shores - Season 2 - Episode 1

As Abby and the rest of the O’Briens prepare for the town’s annual lantern festival, Trace must return to Nashville to face a mistake from his past. Mick takes his granddaughters back-to-school shopping while covertly working on a business deal that is bound to cause family conflict.

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Pasts and Presents
316 votes

#23 - Pasts and Presents

Chesapeake Shores - Season 2 - Episode 2

Mick makes some unpopular business decisions when he plans to sell the nightclub that he and Trace had built together. When planning her cousin’s wedding goes awry, Jess turns to an unexpected source for help. Bree fights to regain control in the production of her play.

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Campaign in the Neck
53 votes

#24 - Campaign in the Neck

That's So Raven - Season 1 - Episode 7

Raven has a vision that her best friend Chelsea (who is running to be Student President) loses in a landslide vote. To prevent her vision from coming true, she enlists Eddie and Cory to help with her campaign by completing students' chores in return for votes for Chelsea. However, as Raven soon discover, things may not be as easy as they seem.

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Saving Psychic Raven
49 votes

#25 - Saving Psychic Raven

That's So Raven - Season 1 - Episode 8

After Raven loses a volleyball game for Bayside due to a vision she had on the court, she begins to find solace in a group of fellow teen psychics. Eddie and Chelsea soon feel abandoned when Raven starts blowing off their plans, and it is up to Raven to choose which group of friends she will stick with.

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The Grill Next Door
22 votes

#26 - The Grill Next Door

That's So Raven - Season 3 - Episode 25

Victor's old rival, Leonard Stevenson, returns, and opens a similar restaurant near The Chill Grill, thus named The Hill Grill. Raven then has a vision that The Chill Grill goes out of business. Meanwhile, Cory and his band plan to perform to get his father's customers back, but after rejecting Stanley, they lose the customers to The Hill Grill, and made them more famous. Raven has to pretend to be Stanley's girlfriend, so that he will sing at The Chill Grill, and bring back the customers.

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Clothes Minded
40 votes

#27 - Clothes Minded

That's So Raven - Season 2 - Episode 4

When Principal Lawler introduces a new school uniform, Raven decides to protest, and ends up being the only one. But was supported by Alana and her posse. When she has a vision of the group seeking revenge, Raven attempts to stop their scheme, which involves a large wheel of smelly cheese being put into a hot air vent, and framing Eddie and Chelsea. To prevent them from getting in trouble, Raven enters the air vents only to find herself stuck, realizing the only way left to get rid of it is to eat it. Meanwhile, Cory's pet gets a credit card in the mail, which Cory and William use to buy expensive stuff, until Victor tells them that someone will eventually have to pay for it.

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Almost Perfect
13 votes

#28 - Almost Perfect

Even Stevens - Season 1 - Episode 20

Ren's perfect life at school starts to unravel when it becomes known that she's in danger of getting a “C” in shop class. Louis turns the janitor's closet into a party room.

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Country Cousins (I)
28 votes

#29 - Country Cousins (I)

That's So Raven - Season 3 - Episode 27

Raven and Chelsea travel to the country in an attempt to settle a long-lasting family feud over a gravy boat that was thought to be stolen by Victor.

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False Alarms
10 votes

#30 - False Alarms

The Secret World of Alex Mack - Season 1 - Episode 7

Alex, Raymond, and Nicole are facing their first junior high school midterm in history class. Libby, the most popular girl in school, has her own ideas about surviving the midterm and studying isn't one of them. Libby decides to pull the fire alarm right before the exam.

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26 votes

#31 - Sweeps

That's So Raven - Season 3 - Episode 6

The community gets ready for their annual play, and everything goes well -- until Raven has a vision of the audience jeering the play. Raven decides to take charge of all aspects of the play, thus becoming overly bossy and arrogant. This drives everyone else to quit. Now, Raven must put on the show -- by herself!

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Easy Way
15 votes

#32 - Easy Way

Even Stevens - Season 1 - Episode 10

Louis participates in a “nap for the needy” charity fund-raiser at school.

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United Front
40 votes

#33 - United Front

Ties That Bind - Season 1 - Episode 5

The complicated relationship between two brothers clouds an investigation for Allison and Devin. When Matt takes Allison on a romantic date, Cameron and Mariah break house rules challenging Rachel and Jeff.

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Science Fair
12 votes

#34 - Science Fair

The Secret World of Alex Mack - Season 1 - Episode 6

Annie's science project has been chosen as a finalist for the big science fair to be held at the Paradise Valley Chemical Plant. The whole Mack family is looking forward to spending Saturday at the science fair rooting Annie on, except Alex. Not only is she sick of witnessing Annie's triumphs, but the chemical plant is the worst place for her to be. It's crawling with plant spies who are constantly on the look out for ""the kid.""

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59 votes

#35 - Pilot

Ties That Bind - Season 1 - Episode 1

In this pilot episode, Detective Allison McLean puts her law-breaking brother Tim behind bars, and quickly decides to move his two resentful teenaged kids in with her own two children and devoted husband. Meanwhile, Allison and her partner race the clock to find a wounded pregnant girl and her boyfriend who have committed a robbery.

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Your Toast
11 votes

#36 - Your Toast

Even Stevens - Season 3 - Episode 4

Ren and Ruby work at the “hottest” food spot in the mall, where their friendship is strained when one is promoted over the other. Also, Louis takes drum lessons from an aging rock and roller.

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Duck Soup
19 votes

#37 - Duck Soup

Even Stevens - Season 2 - Episode 3

Louis nearly sabotages one of his mom's important at-home business dinners after he becomes attached to the main course---a duck named Seymour.

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Influenza: The Musical
10 votes

#38 - Influenza: The Musical

Even Stevens - Season 2 - Episode 21

A feverish Ren suffers through unexplainable outbreaks of song and dance by her peers in order to win a perfect attendance award, while Louis tries to talk his way out of sixth-period gym.

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Stevens Genes
60 votes

#39 - Stevens Genes

Even Stevens - Season 1 - Episode 2

Louis is the Big Kid on Campus after clocking an impressive time in the 100-yd. dash and being invited onto the track team, until Ren gets wind of the source of his speed.

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A Very Scary Story
12 votes

#40 - A Very Scary Story

Even Stevens - Season 2 - Episode 13

Louis plans the “greatest school prank ever” for Halloween, but is sidetracked when milk-slurping zombies overtake the student body.

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