The BEST episodes directed by Ruben Garcia

The Haunting of Nancy Drew
275 votes

#1 - The Haunting of Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew (2019) - Season 1 - Episode 16

While using a combination of forensic clues, skilled observation and relentless questioning of those who knew Lucy at the end of her life, Nancy unravels what happened the night Lucy died. While her detective work succeeds in some ways, it also reveals a devastating truth.

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A Yurt of One's Own
2835 votes

#2 - A Yurt of One's Own

Shameless (US) - Season 6 - Episode 9

Fiona tries to make amends with Sean, who isn't giving her the time of day. Meanwhile, Debbie and Queenie travel to Queenie's rural commune along with Frank who is trying to escape G-Dogg who's after him for stealing his drugs.

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All Along the Watchtower (2)
986 votes

#3 - All Along the Watchtower (2)

SEAL Team - Season 3 - Episode 6

While on a mission abroad to protect U.S. ambassador Nicole Marsden, Bravo Team must fight off enemy attackers trying to infiltrate their compound.

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Medicate and Isolate
1183 votes

#4 - Medicate and Isolate

SEAL Team - Season 2 - Episode 19

While Bravo Team is on a recovery mission in Mali, their friend, former Navy SEAL Brett Swan, continues to struggle with his mental health.

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A Family Affair
119 votes

#5 - A Family Affair

Star - Season 3 - Episode 3

In an attempt to "go legit," Cassie embarks on a new venture with a businessman, that interferes with Carlotta's work. Meanwhile, Noah struggles with making a contract decision under the watch of his father, Bobby, who is now back in his life. Then, still struggling with the death of a super-fan's sister, Alex helps the fan start a music career. Also, a shocking discovery causes Star to take family a little more seriously, Simone finds out a secret about Mateo she can't keep to herself and Andy is back in trouble.

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Gettin' These Ends
324 votes

#6 - Gettin' These Ends

Power Book II: Ghost - Season 2 - Episode 4

Davis questions Tariq's client referrals; Cane finds Brayden eager to prove himself and gives him the chance to make some real money; Zeke needs everyone's help to assure his professional basketball future is protected.

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721 votes

#7 - Shockwave

SEAL Team - Season 4 - Episode 4

When Warrant Officer Ray Perry goes missing following an explosion in Tunisia, his former teammates wrestle with how to help their brother and his family while Bravo Team is sidelined.

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662 votes

#8 - Reckoning

SEAL Team - Season 4 - Episode 9

As Ray continues to lead the mission in Syria, the stakes grow higher when members of Bravo team learn the truth about their target.

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Head On
613 votes

#9 - Head On

SEAL Team - Season 5 - Episode 10

Bravo Team is presented with a mission in South America unlike any other, while tensions surrounding Jason's leadership are at an all-time high.

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Credible Threat
1575 votes

#10 - Credible Threat

SEAL Team - Season 1 - Episode 18

Jason and the SEAL Team are tasked with protecting a delegation of congressmen and department of defense officials who come to Jalalabad for a publicity tour even though a credible threat has been made against them.

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The Ones You Can't See
945 votes

#11 - The Ones You Can't See

SEAL Team - Season 3 - Episode 7

As Jason contemplates surgery for an injury, Bravo Team is on a mission abroad to help the secret service prevent a sniper attack on U.S. dignitaries.

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Backwards in High Heels
1220 votes

#12 - Backwards in High Heels

SEAL Team - Season 2 - Episode 11

Bravo Team partners with the British Special Air Service to rescue passengers on a hijacked plane who are taken hostage by terrorists.

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The Carrot or the Stick
711 votes

#13 - The Carrot or the Stick

SEAL Team - Season 4 - Episode 5

With no leads on Ray’s whereabouts, Jason pushes Bravo team to extreme lengths and considers crossing a dangerous line to help locate their missing brother. Ray tries to survive captivity.

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Violence of Action
615 votes

#14 - Violence of Action

SEAL Team - Season 5 - Episode 11

Bravo Team is still on the ground in South America working against the Iranian nuclear project. Multiple high stakes missions only make the team's interpersonal problems more obvious to all.

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Cover for Action
698 votes

#15 - Cover for Action

SEAL Team - Season 4 - Episode 8

When Jason returns to Bravo, tensions rise as Ray outranks him on a mission to recover military drones in Syria. Sonny receives surprising news from Texas.

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The Beacon of Moonstone Island
181 votes

#16 - The Beacon of Moonstone Island

Nancy Drew (2019) - Season 2 - Episode 13

Gil insists on helping Nancy investigate a hunch on Moonstone Island, but Ace and Amanda are forced to step in when he is unable to be there for her. Meanwhile, Nick begins questioning Nancy's loyalty. Lastly, Odette is getting on George's last nerve.

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Theory and Methodology
1085 votes

#17 - Theory and Methodology

SEAL Team - Season 3 - Episode 3

Bravo Team is on a mission in Azerbaijan to help retake a power plant in order to avoid political instability in the area.

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The Myth of the Ensnared Hunter
167 votes

#18 - The Myth of the Ensnared Hunter

Nancy Drew (2019) - Season 3 - Episode 6

The Drew Crew goes on the hunt for an underground prison that may hold answers to the Frozen Hearts killings – all while following a lead on a relic that could cure George of the paranormal affliction that’s shortening her lifespan. Ace tries to enlist Amanda Bobbsey in bringing her father to justice.

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Do You Remember Me
177 votes

#19 - Do You Remember Me

Empire (2015) - Season 6 - Episode 8

Upon taking her first steps back into music, Cookie discovers an artist with raw talent when Lucious dismissed years ago. Meanwhile, Lucious spends a day in the city with Yana and is surprised to discover they have much more in common than he thought. Also, Andre pulls out all the stops in order to convince a reluctant artist to sign with Empire, Tracy finds evidence that incriminates Lucious and Giselle runs into an old friend who could help Bossy Media with its financial trouble.

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462 votes

#20 - Recruiter

NCIS: Hawai'i - Season 1 - Episode 3

Kai goes undercover with one of Hawai`i’s oldest surf gangs when a petty officer who’s trying to help wayward kids find a new path in the Marines is murdered.

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The Vision of the Birchwood Prisoner
159 votes

#21 - The Vision of the Birchwood Prisoner

Nancy Drew (2019) - Season 3 - Episode 5

After a major setback in the Frozen Hearts case, Nancy asks Temperance for help with an occult approach to getting answers from a murder suspect. Meanwhile, the Bobbsey entanglement creates a world of trouble for Ace, and George has a long-overdue confrontation with someone from her past.

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205 votes

#22 - Maverick

L.A.'s Finest - Season 2 - Episode 6

In the midst of the chaos of investigating a case that involves Nico, McKenna is also starting family therapy, and Syd has bad news for Jen's family.

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The Celestial Visitor
183 votes

#23 - The Celestial Visitor

Nancy Drew (2019) - Season 2 - Episode 15

As things begin to go haywire at The Claw, a striking stranger appears looking for Nancy, and announces himself as the billionaire Tom Swift. Meanwhile, Ace has issues with the way Nancy insists on handling things with Celia.

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...And the Crashed Cotillion
62 votes

#24 - ...And the Crashed Cotillion

Tom Swift - Season 1 - Episode 5

Tom, Zenzi and Isaac are on capsule piece rescue mission #3, and are determined that this time no detours, kidnappings or rogue dates will stop them, that is until Tom receives harsh news from Claire. Meanwhile, Lorraine works on finalizing the Tubman Group Cotillion. Lastly, Lino drops a bomb on Isaac.

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No Choice in Duty
0 votes

#25 - No Choice in Duty

SEAL Team - Season 3 - Episode 20

Jason escorts Mandy on a condolence visit to the family of a fallen informant. Ray leads Bravo on an urgent mission when they are confronted with a time-sensitive lead on a terrorist leader's location. Davis reveals to the team that the terrorist leader they've been searching for is related to a target from Jason's past. Sonny rejoins Bravo team in Afghanistan.

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