The Best Episodes Directed by Ron Moseley

Rob vs. Jimmy

#1 - Rob vs. Jimmy

Grace Under Fire Season 4 - Episode 24

Jimmy begins to get jealous of Rob's relationship with the kids. Grace has a birthday.

star 8.90
10 votes
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Mother Christmas

#2 - Mother Christmas

Grace Under Fire Season 5 - Episode 4

Grace's mother visits for Christmas and tries to make Libby a proper young woman.

star 8.58
12 votes
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Digging Up the Dirt

#3 - Digging Up the Dirt

Grace Under Fire Season 5 - Episode 10

After meeting a salesman at a motel, rumors spread through town about Grace and DC having an affair. After a flippant remark made by Grace turns out to be true, all kinds of rumors about everyone in town are coming out.

star 7.89
9 votes
Study Buddy

#4 - Study Buddy

My Wife and Kids Season 5 - Episode 13

Michael feels neglected because Jay is spending all of her time studying for her psychology final. He decides to tutor her, but his efforts cause her to fail. To make it up to her, he tries to bribe her professor to let her re-take the test. Meanwhile, when Kady thinks Franklin prefers her smart friend over her, she tries to act more ""brainy.""

star 7.84
75 votes
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Homie, Don't Ya Know Me?

#5 - Homie, Don't Ya Know Me?

A Different World Season 6 - Episode 22

Lena's friends from Baltimore come to visit for the weekend. Lena is disconcerted to discover that Piccolo, her very attractive ex-boyfriend, has tagged along. Piccolo intends to prove that he has changed and win her back. He mocks her for dating Dorian, who tries to be mature about the situation. When Piccolo gets into an argument with Lena while dancing at the club, Dorian steps in to fight him. Lena's friend Yolanda accuses her of selling out by choosing college and her new friends over life in Baltimore. Dwayne tries to help Lena by relating his past experiences. Although Piccolo insists that he has turned away from the street scene, Lena feels he is the same selfish, unreliable person he has always been. She cares about him, but will not allow him to interfere in her life. Lena helps Dorian attend to his black eye and assures him that she is glad to have him in her life.

star 7.80
5 votes
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Sharon's Picture

#6 - Sharon's Picture

My Wife and Kids Season 3 - Episode 22

Jay gets mad at Michael after finding a photo of an attractive former girlfriend among his things. Franklin has trouble admitting that his little sister Aretha is an outstanding singer.

star 7.77
111 votes
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Pat and the CEO

#7 - Pat and the CEO

Dr. Ken Season 2 - Episode 20

Since Ken shares a "bromance" with the charming but cocky New Zealander CEO of Welltopia, Charles Evans, Pat asks Ken to put in a good word for him for a promotion. But things get awkward when Ken learns that Charles actually wants to fire Pat. Meanwhile, Clark suspects Damona and Pat are dating again, and D.K. tells Molly that, according to a Korean superstition, if she cooks chicken wings for her boyfriend, Jae, he will fly away from her.

star 7.58
421 votes
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Love Taps

#8 - Love Taps

A Different World Season 5 - Episode 22

Gina's rapper boyfriend Dion (a.k.a. I'm Down) prepares to give a concert for his peers. He hires Ron as his promoter. Freddie reveals that she saw a man beating his girlfriend, but could not make out their faces in the darkness. She does not realize that the couple involved was Dion and Gina. He apologizes to Gina, but quickly flies off the handle and hits her again. Lena sees Gina's black eye and figures out what is going on. She decides that she cannot keep this a secret. Dion experiences a tremendous backlash from fellow students who are disgusted by his behavior. Ron quits his job and tries to fight Dion, who ignores Dwayne's recommendation that he seek counseling. Whitley urges Gina to get out of the relationship. Terrence calls the police on Dion and expresses disappointment in his one-time idol. Gina agrees to press charges.

star 7.40
5 votes
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