The BEST episodes directed by Robert Hughes

34 votes

#1 - Dumbwaiters

The Angry Beavers - Season 2 - Episode 21

Seeking to earn money for a set of cool rubber horror-movie masks, the Beavers become waiters at a fancy French restaurant. Disaster ensues as the boys misinterpret both the diners' and head waiter's requests. Fortunately for them, it's a French restaurant, so the patrons expect abuse from their waiters.

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Zooing Time
34 votes

#2 - Zooing Time

The Angry Beavers - Season 2 - Episode 16

When Norbert takes the rap for Daggett and gets sentenced to some "hard time" at the zoo, a guilt-ridden Dag vows to break him out. The zoo, however, turns out to be an idyllic, Club Med-style resort for animals. Dag's various harebrained rescue attempts eventually "succeed," totally destroying Norb's zoo paradise.

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Dag for Night
63 votes

#3 - Dag for Night

The Angry Beavers - Season 2 - Episode 8

The beavers discover an old trunk with 16mm film inside. They assume that they have discovered Oxnard Montalvo's unfinished horror film masterpiece, and set about to complete the film as an homage their hero. Once finished, the film is not exactly what they expected.

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The Mighty Knothead
62 votes

#4 - The Mighty Knothead

The Angry Beavers - Season 2 - Episode 11

When Daggett stumbles onto a tribe of girl raccoons while out searching for knot holes, the tribe mistakes him for an ancient god. Norbert now has to snap Dag out of his delusions of grandeur, in order to save him from himself and the raccoons.

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Pond Scum
63 votes

#5 - Pond Scum

The Angry Beavers - Season 2 - Episode 12

Norbert falls under the influence of slimy pond scum and becomes possessed by the spirit of un-goodliness. The Evil Norb causes undue harm to his neighbors until Daggett comes to the rescue.

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If You Insisters
57 votes

#6 - If You Insisters

The Angry Beavers - Season 2 - Episode 24

Daggett and Norbert vie for their baby sisters' affection when the two girls are left in their care for the weekend. While self-proclaimed child care expert Dag maps out a detailed itinerary of ""fun"" stuff to do, Norb kicks back and lets them do what they want. Neither plan works, and pandemonium reigns.

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Endangered Species
58 votes

#7 - Endangered Species

The Angry Beavers - Season 2 - Episode 18

Daggett is mistaken for the long-extinct Horned Beaver by two bumbling scientists. Their zeal to protect such a rare animal quickly becomes dangerous for everyone around Daggett.

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Big Round Sticky Fish Thingy
59 votes

#8 - Big Round Sticky Fish Thingy

The Angry Beavers - Season 2 - Episode 14

Daggett and Norbert discover an enormous fish egg worth a bazillion dollars (and that's a lot!). The situation turns ugly when gold-fever hits the boys. Each beaver tries to steal the egg for himself, upping the ante each time, until they learn a lesson about greed at the hands of the fish egg's mother.

Lumberjack's Delight
60 votes

#9 - Lumberjack's Delight

The Angry Beavers - Season 2 - Episode 15

The forest is invaded by the Beavers' mortal enemies: lumberjacks. But these guys don't just cut down trees--they sing musical theater as well! After several failed attempts at dispatching the loggers, the Beavers challenge them to a winner-takes-all Timb-O-Rama that levels the entire forest. Daggett and Norbert win, but are left treeless.

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32 votes

#10 - Sans-A-Pelt

The Angry Beavers - Season 2 - Episode 22

A botched magic trick leaves the Beavers completely fur-less and tied to a pole. Faced with the embarrassing task of getting back to their dam, Dag freaks out. Norb, however, revels in his nakedness, pushing his brother to get over his hang-ups. Eventually Dag does, with the help of a cheerful song about furlessness they learn from a herd of singing sheep.

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Stump Looks for His Roots
65 votes

#11 - Stump Looks for His Roots

The Angry Beavers - Season 2 - Episode 6

The Beavers squabble over who is best friends with Stump (their tree stump friend) and Norb reveals hurtfully that Stump was "transplanted." When a confused Stump goes off in search of his natural family, the boys follow after him with comedic results.

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Fakin' It
67 votes

#12 - Fakin' It

The Angry Beavers - Season 2 - Episode 4

Norb fakes being sick to get Dag to wait on him until Dag turns the tables by faking illness too.

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Beaver Fever
78 votes

#13 - Beaver Fever

The Angry Beavers - Season 2 - Episode 1

Dag and Norb become one-hit wonders on the disco scene, resulting in strange Beatles-like behavior.

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Green With Evil (1): Out of Control
98 votes

#14 - Green With Evil (1): Out of Control

Power Rangers - Season 1 - Episode 17

Rita creates her own evil Green Ranger to beat the Power Rangers at their own game.

Green With Evil (5): Breaking the Spell
94 votes

#15 - Green With Evil (5): Breaking the Spell

Power Rangers - Season 1 - Episode 21

The mighty Dragonzord awakens after thousands of years as the Rangers try to break the spell over the Green Ranger once and for all.

Green With Evil (2): Jason's Battle
91 votes

#16 - Green With Evil (2): Jason's Battle

Power Rangers - Season 1 - Episode 18

The Power Rangers work to restore Zordon and Alpha, unaware that the new kid in school is actually Rita's evil Green Ranger.

Green With Evil (4): Eclipsing Megazord
84 votes

#17 - Green With Evil (4): Eclipsing Megazord

Power Rangers - Season 1 - Episode 20

An eclipse of the sun saps the Megazord's power as Rita's forces launch a full-scale assault on Angel Grove.

Green With Evil (3): The Rescue
84 votes

#18 - Green With Evil (3): The Rescue

Power Rangers - Season 1 - Episode 19

Femme fatale Scorpina joins Rita as the Green Ranger continues to battle the Power Rangers.

Small But Mighty
2 votes

#19 - Small But Mighty

VR Troopers - Season 1 - Episode 30

Strickland, Ziktor's assistant shows him his new invention that can reverse the aging process. He decides to use on the troopers so that they will be too young to stop his warriors.

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The Green Candle (2)
34 votes

#20 - The Green Candle (2)

Power Rangers - Season 1 - Episode 35

Jason travels to Rita's Dark Dimension to try and save his weakening friend.

The Green Candle (1)
33 votes

#21 - The Green Candle (1)

Power Rangers - Season 1 - Episode 34

Rita devises a plan to get revenge on the Green Ranger for turning against her.

Food Fight
222 votes

#22 - Food Fight

Power Rangers - Season 1 - Episode 2

Ernie's Youth Center & Juice Bar sponsors an International Food Festival, in cooperation with Angel Grove High. The five Ranger teens are among those involved. Rita sends down Finster's latest creation, the aptly named Pudgy Pig, to consume the festival's food supply, as well as anything else he can fit into his hungry mouth. Pudgy Pig even ends up eating the Rangers' Power Weapons! A weak spot is noticed, involving his dislike for spicy foods, and soon the monster's eating binge comes to an explosive close. The International Food Festival also meets a messy demise, when Bulk & Skull start an uncontrollable food fight.

Gung Ho!
63 votes

#23 - Gung Ho!

Power Rangers - Season 1 - Episode 26

Jason & Tommy team-up for an upcoming Team Ninja competition at the Youth Center. They have trouble working together, as both are used to sparring one-on-one. As the other Rangers fight the nigh-invincible Super Putties, Zordon sends Jason & Tommy off to retrieve new weapons. They face a strange metal creature known as Titanus, and learn teamwork in the face of adversity. The Super Putties are wiped out, and Zordon reveals that Titanus is an old friend, who'll act as a Carrierzord for the Megazords, with which they'll create the Ultrazord!

A Bad Reflection on You
31 votes

#24 - A Bad Reflection on You

Power Rangers - Season 1 - Episode 38

Rita's newest monster, the Twin Man, creates a special team of five Putty Patrollers, which have the power to transform into evil versions of the Power Rangers! These diabolical doubles wreck havoc on our heroes' lives, even framing them into getting detention. The evil doppelgangers attack the city, as the good guys remain stuck at the High School!

Message from Space
2 votes

#25 - Message from Space

VR Troopers - Season 1 - Episode 50

PROFESSOR HART contacts RYAN, KAITLIN and J.B. at The Underground to relay a message to Ryan from DR. MONROE, an old friend of the Professor's who happens to head up the National Space Laboratory. Dr. Monroe informs Ryan that while retrieving data from an old satellite he ran across information concerning TYLER STEELE, Ryan's dad. Dr. Monroe arranges to travel to Cross World City to give Ryan the video. ZIKTOR/GRIMLORD learns of this plan and sends his SKUGS to intercept delivery of the videotape. He also plans to lure the TROOPERS into a trap that will destroy them once and for all. Grimlord's Skugs are successful in kidnapping Dr. Monroe and detaining the Troopers. The Troopers locate the real Dr. Monroe and attempt a rescue. Dr. Monroe is released from Grimlord's clutches and the video of Tyler Steele is recovered. Ryan learns that his father is still alive and out there --somewhere.

131 votes

#26 - Teamwork

Power Rangers - Season 1 - Episode 4

Kimberly and Trini gather signatures to close down a nearby dump site while convincing their teammates to work together more.

Legend of the Ancient Scroll (1)
32 votes

#27 - Legend of the Ancient Scroll (1)

Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog - Season 1 - Episode 1

The discovery of an ancient scroll leads a druids apprentice named Rohan on a quest to save the Kingdom of Kells from the advancing evil of Queen Maeve of Temra. Joining him is his mischievous friend, Angus. They are soon enough joined by a prince from a foreign land named Ivar and Princess Deirdre of Kells on the way to Tir Na Nog.

Rita's Seed of Evil
55 votes

#28 - Rita's Seed of Evil

Power Rangers - Season 1 - Episode 41

The Ranger Teens plan to plant saplings in the park. Rita does some gardening of her own, by sending down the Octoplant seed. It blooms into the Octoplant, a monster hung up on its own appearance.

For Whom the Bell Trolls
97 votes

#29 - For Whom the Bell Trolls

Power Rangers - Season 1 - Episode 8

It's hobby week at Angel Grove High. The Ranger teens have all brought in various items reflective of their personalities. Trini brings in her doll collection, along with her favorite one of all, a blue elf named Mr. Ticklesneezer. Rita ends up stealing him, and turning him into a monster. Ticklesneezer goes around shrinking things and collecting them into bottles. This includes the Megazord, as the Rangers meet their first real defeat, only to have it turn out to all be just a dream of Trini's.

Birds of a Feather
28 votes

#30 - Birds of a Feather

Power Rangers - Season 1 - Episode 36

Zack grooms his young student to take part in a karate tournament, against an angry ward of Bulk & Skull. The Rangers face the chicken-like Hatchasaurus monster. He's defeated quickly, but manages to regenerate using his inner sentient heart-creature, known as the Cardiatron. Jason, using both his Red Ranger powers, along with the Green Ranger powers, must face this odd being alone.

Itsy Bitsy Spider
66 votes

#31 - Itsy Bitsy Spider

Power Rangers - Season 1 - Episode 24

Trini & Billy petition to save the Forest Spirit Statue from demolition. It supposedly protects the woods from nasty bug infestations. Rita swipes the statue and replaces it with a lookalike, which hides her Spidertron monster within. Zack brings his young Hip-Hop Kido class to the park to work out nearby, and all but the Black Ranger are put under a sleeping spell by Spidertron. Unfortunately for Zack, he's deathly afraid of bugs, spiders especially!

Three Strikes
2 votes

#32 - Three Strikes

VR Troopers - Season 1 - Episode 28

J.B. coaches one of two rival baseball teams for a benefit game to raise money to upgrade the field and to secure the lease. ZIKTOR wants to end the lease and take the land. After SKUGS fail to kidnap one of J.B.'s players, Ziktor orders METALBOT to take the boy from his apartment complex. RYAN chases the robots but loses them. Search parties go out looking for the boy, but the TROOPERS know he won't be in any ordinary place. They transform, searching the virtual pathways. Grimlord attacks the Skybase, delaying them. Ryan is left alone to fight Metalbot in a desperate effort to save the boy.

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Peace, Love, and Woe
106 votes

#33 - Peace, Love, and Woe

Power Rangers - Season 1 - Episode 12

There's a big party coming up at the Youth Center, but the nerdy Billy is as dateless as ever. By coincidence, he bumps into an equally brainy girl named Marge, and the two hit it off. Soon, Rita's ally, Madame Woe, mistakes Marge for a Ranger, and captures her. The actual Rangers come to her rescue, combining their powers, and destroying her without even needing their Megazord. Billy & Marge happily go to the dance together, and she's never seen nor mentioned again afterwards.

Lions & Blizzards
60 votes

#34 - Lions & Blizzards

Power Rangers - Season 1 - Episode 44

The Ranger Teens take part in the annual Oddball Games, a set of strange obstacle courses. They win (what a surprise), but their strange trophy gets swiped by Rita. It's turned into the evil Goatan, the Stormbringer, a Goat-Lion monster. Bulk & Skull are blamed for the trophy theft at first. Angela, having lost in the games to Zack, ends up going on a date with him at last. His Ranger duties cause him to be called out in the middle of the movie, and that kills their relationship.

Life's a Masquerade
64 votes

#35 - Life's a Masquerade

Power Rangers - Season 1 - Episode 25

There's a costume party going on at the Youth Center! Rita uses this distraction to mine a special clay on Earth, from which she'll create a breed of Super Putties. She sends her own version of Frankenstein's Monster to the party, and he's immediately mistaken for Tommy (likely due to their similar high foreheads).

Tir Na Nog (2)
1 votes

#36 - Tir Na Nog (2)

Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog - Season 1 - Episode 2

Rohan, Angus, Ivar and Deirdre arrive in Tir Na Nog, where they meet King Fin Varra of the little people. Fin Varra tests them of their worthiness of mystic weapons that will ensure peace to Kells.

Something Fishy
57 votes

#37 - Something Fishy

Power Rangers - Season 1 - Episode 43

Jason, Zack, & Trini go scubadiving. Billy's invited, but this just brings up bad memories from his childhood. Seems as a boy, he was playing in a lake, when a fish bit his finger. Since then, he's been quite afraid of aquatic animals. Rita exploits this fear, sending down the Toxic Goo-Fish monster. Blue Ranger manages to overcome his fish phobia, and filets the villain.

A Pig Surprise
58 votes

#38 - A Pig Surprise

Power Rangers - Season 1 - Episode 42

The Ranger Teens organize a Pet Adoption program, which leads to an old lady bringing in her pig, Norman. The elderly woman turns out to be a Putty, and her pig is none other than Pudgy Pig reborn. Our heroes find out too late, and Bulk & Skull end up adopting the porker. The Rangers become involved with another battle with Goldar & Scorpina. Pudgy Pig, in this incarnation, turns out to be docile, and wants only to be with a female pig! Alpha returns Pudgy to being Norman, and lives happily ever after on the farm, until the eventual baconing.

Crystal of Nightmares
57 votes

#39 - Crystal of Nightmares

Power Rangers - Season 1 - Episode 45

There's a big test coming up, so the Ranger Teens head up to Billy's Uncle's cabin up in the mountains to cram. Goldar uses this brain-storming session to his advantage, by manipulating their dreams with the Crystal Of Nightmares. Their worst fears are played out in their dreams, causing them to be completely paranoid and afraid when they wake up. Against their current states of mind, Zordon has them seek out the Crystal, and destroy it. Overcoming their overwhelming self-doubts, our heroes shatter the crystal, and likely pass more than one tests.

A King's Ransom
0 votes

#40 - A King's Ransom

Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog - Season 1 - Episode 27

The Trial of Angus
0 votes

#41 - The Trial of Angus

Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog - Season 1 - Episode 29

Angus is arrested on charges of stealing and burning down huts. Even though the evidence mounts against him, Angus says he is innocent. While Ivar tries to track down the real thief, Fin Varra allows one of the little people of Tir Na Nog to help Angus at the trial.

0 votes

#42 - Shipwrecked

Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog - Season 1 - Episode 39

An amensia stricken princess named Lynette appears on the shores of Kells, only to be pursued by a powerful and rampaging creature. The Mystic Knights promise to protect her from the creature, but their weapons seem unable to defeat it.