The Best Episodes Directed by Richard Heus

Walk, Don't Run

#1 - Walk, Don't Run

Early Edition Season 2 - Episode 13

Gary tries to use his nomination to a public job to get a light put at a dangerous crossroad.

star 8.38
72 votes
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Quality of Death

#2 - Quality of Death

The Big C Season 4 - Episode 3

Dr. Sherman pays a visit to Cathy, who has checked herself into a hospice and is experiencing problems with her new roommate. Adam confronts Paul about his lack of parental guidance. Andrea seeks inspiration from Cathy.

star 8.30
162 votes
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No Masters But Ourselves

#3 - No Masters But Ourselves

The Man in the High Castle Season 4 - Episode 7

When the BCR launches a massive assault across the JPS, Kido finds the fate of the Empire in his hands. Childan becomes a captive of the Kempeitai. Helen resolves to support her husband by re-entering public life. Juliana and Wyatt arrive in New York to plan a daring new strategy against Smith.

star 7.81
825 votes
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Back in Her Place

#4 - Back in Her Place

Ugly Betty Season 4 - Episode 11

A battered but unbowed Betty recounts her worst week EVER to Mr. Z (guest star Fisher Stevens) as the show flashes back to her horrible last few days. Frustrated over the frivolous assignments Wilhelmina gives her at Mode, and inspired by Audrey Hepburn's memoir, Betty creates her own blog about amazing charitable ventures that inspire her. However, as her hobby enriches her, her job is nearly killing her, since Wilhelmina tortures Betty with beauty experiments for future stories. Meanwhile, Daniel fears Marc is sabotaging him -- and he is; Bobby treats a hormonal Hilda to some pampering during "Hilda Week," which goes awry, and Wilhelmina makes a long-term commitment to the incarcerated Connor.

star 7.00
162 votes
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Rabbit Test

#5 - Rabbit Test

Ugly Betty Season 3 - Episode 20

Daniel hatches up an idea to boost the Mode's financial situation after discovering that Betty and her family have been invited to the home of Matt's obscenely wealthy father, for an Easter egg hunt. Meanwhile, Wilhelmina discovers a reason to become suspicious of her son's DNA.

star 6.70
195 votes
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