The Best Episodes Directed by Richard C. Bennett

The Exam

#1 - The Exam

Emergency! Season 6 - Episode 7

John and Roy worry about their recertification exams. A fireman's widow keeps calling the station for assistance in minor matters. A TV sports fan experiences shortness of breath. The daughter of the fireman's widow suffers a serious fall. An accident on a movie set turns deadly.

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11 votes
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Camera Bug

#2 - Camera Bug

Emergency! Season 4 - Episode 10

John thinks he can be a photographer and pesters Roy for candid shots. A teenager suffers smoke inhalation at an elementary school structure fire. A fireman thinks he's having a heart attack, but it's really just his chili. A woman is bitten by a scorpion. Dixie has 'one of those days' as she and Dr. Brackett deliver a baby in a restaurant on their lunch hour. The driver of a truck full of dynamite is pinned behind the wheel of his vehicle as it catches fire.

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10 votes
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The Strange Fate of Conrad Meyer Zulick

#3 - The Strange Fate of Conrad Meyer Zulick

Alias Smith and Jones Season 3 - Episode 9

After the Kid wins another duel (over a man who claimed the Kid was cheating), the boys are contacted and offered a job by a man called ""Doc"" Donovan. They are to come with him into Mexico, to rescue a hostage from Mexicans who only want their rightful money. The Kid senses that Doc knows who they are, but they cannot be certain, and why would he hire them instead of collecting the fee? They manage to sneak out the hostage, Mr Zulick, but are chased by the kidnappers. After a daring stunt, they lose their followers, and Mr Zulick can continue on his journey. Then, Doc turns them over to the sheriff... But where is Mr Zulick headed and why? And why does the sheriff want to let Heyes and the Kid go?

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1 votes
Witness to a Lynching

#4 - Witness to a Lynching

Alias Smith and Jones Season 3 - Episode 11

A travelling potion salesman and his daughter come into the boys' protection after they become the only witnesses to a lynching. But the company is soon found by the lynch mob, and they have to start to run if they're to survive. They try to find refuge at a nearby sheriff office, but when the opposing side make the witnesses a phony offer of buying their silence, it's up to Heyes and the Kid to talk them out of it. They will have to run again. But they can't run forever, and the mob catches up with them. It's time to take a stand. Can they withstand the attacks until Heyes comes back with reinforcements?

star 7.00
1 votes