The Best Episodes Directed by Peter Levin


#1 - Pilot

Knots Landing Season 1 - Episode 1

Gary and Val move to their new home in Knots Landing that Miss Ellie Bought for them, and then get acquainted with their new neighbors. Sid's 18-year-old rebellious daughter, Annie from a previous marraige, is visiting the Fairgates and is causing havoc among the family. Val attempts to fix Annie's relationship with her father.

star 10.43
17 votes

#2 - Requiem

Judging Amy Season 4 - Episode 20

Stu convinces a reluctant Amy to go on an overnight camping trip which ends up bringing them closer together; after planning to wed Jared secretly on the weekend, Maxine is devastated when he has a sudden, fatal heart attack in China and lashes out in her grief to everyone around her, including a rebellious teenaged client; tensions run high in the Gray household when Maxine refuses to allow anyone to comfort her, and Peter and Charles bicker over the funeral arrangements as a way of handling their sorrow; Maxine gathers family and friends at the diner for a moving memorial service.

star 8.25
4 votes
Humpty Dumpty

#3 - Humpty Dumpty

Chicago Hope Season 6 - Episode 5

The doctors fight to save Cacaci's life after he jumps from a six story building in a suicide attempt, although Cacaci's fiancee says that someone pushed him off the building.

star 8.13
8 votes
Boston Terriers From France

#4 - Boston Terriers From France

Judging Amy Season 3 - Episode 22

Amy turns into a henpecking daughter upon Maxine's return from the hospital, forcing her mother to suffer through a healthier diet and a walking group for seniors; after Maxine questions the wisdom of living with Amy, they agree it would be best for Amy to move out; Amy's worried that Bruce is planning to enter a guilty plea on his assault charge; Kyle is forced to tell a runaway that she's dying; Amy hears the case of a high school student who hides her baby in a storage room during class.

star 7.80
10 votes
The Men from the Boys

#5 - The Men from the Boys

The Guardian Season 1 - Episode 5

Nick encounters problems with his 16-year-old gay gay client, who had been arrested for solicitation, when trying to place the boy with a gay couple rather than in a shelter.

star 7.58
147 votes
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Every Stranger's Face I See

#6 - Every Stranger's Face I See

Judging Amy Season 4 - Episode 3

As Amy decides the fate of a ten year old boy who was kidnapped by his adoptive parents when they lost custody to his birth mother, she finds an answer to some of her own family's pressing concerns; Bruce is back at work as Amy's C.S.O. and is completing his community service at a soup kitchen; Amy gets the silent treatment from Lauren when she won't let her become a cheerleader, but both sides are forced to relent when Gillian unwittingly spills the beans about her own and Amy's cheerleading pasts; Maxine's refusal to sell her house to buyers she doesn't like leaves Peter feeling angry and unappreciated, so she hatches a plan that heals both him and a badly abused client; at the behest of his sponsor, Kyle applies to every residency program in the area, and Amy agrees to write him a letter of recommendation; Maxine finally finds the perfect buyer for her house.

star 7.33
12 votes
Blood Is Thicker…

#7 - Blood Is Thicker…

Law & Order Season 2 - Episode 14

An apparent mugging ends in the death of a wealthy woman but the case comes to hang on a silver pin that may have been in the victim's possession.

star 7.21
295 votes
Tricks of the Trade

#8 - Tricks of the Trade

Judging Amy Season 5 - Episode 4

Amy presides over the case of a prominent athletic star accused of rape. Maxine, feeling the pressure to find a new place to live, considers selling the diner. Kyle tries to locate a kidney for a young patient who needs a transplant. Stu and Amy still can't come to terms on where to go for their honeymoon, with their wedding only a month away.

star 6.89
9 votes
Death Be Not Whatever

#9 - Death Be Not Whatever

Joan of Arcadia Season 1 - Episode 7

Joan baby-sits for a 6-year-old boy who is obsessed with death; officers assault a black man at a gas station.

star 6.75
119 votes
Starsky vs. Hutch

#10 - Starsky vs. Hutch

Starsky & Hutch Season 4 - Episode 21

Competing for the affections of a policewoman, Starsky and Hutch neglect their investigation of the murder of a dance-hall girl.

star 5.40
4 votes
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#11 - Hit

Lou Grant Season 2 - Episode 18

A mother, obsessed with tracking the hit-and-run driver who killed her son, arouses Rossi's fighting instincts and leads to a human interest story with an unexpected payoff. Meanwhile, after Lou and Mrs. Pynchon have separate encounters with hostile citizens, Billie is assigned to find out if there's a story in the use of cars as weapons.

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#12 - Hype

Lou Grant Season 3 - Episode 6

While helping test a new drug, Lou learns about the "publish or perish" research at a medical center with a publicity seeking director. Eager for new grants and honors, Dr. Duncan puts pressure on youthful scientist, Todson, to speed up his experiments. At the same time, another young man surprises Lou with his occupation: human guinea pig.

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#13 - Witness

Lou Grant Season 3 - Episode 8

The unwilling Billie finds herself in the protective custody of a male chauvinist policeman because of what she knows in a grand jury case involving a popular game show host. Lou also learns about the irony of the law when he tries to be a Good Samaritan and painfully ends up as a target in a damage suit.

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Andrew, Part 2: Trial

#14 - Andrew, Part 2: Trial

Lou Grant Season 3 - Episode 11

Andrew is put on trial for the murder of a young woman who lived in his mother's flat. Art wants to protect his cousin but realizes that the Tribune's coverage may work against the case.

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#15 - Sting

Lou Grant Season 4 - Episode 4

Charlie and Lou do some thorough investigating when Charlie's new tenant seems to be using his house for suspicious purposes.

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#16 - Campesinos

Lou Grant Season 4 - Episode 16

Rossi is asked to cover a migrant workers strike in California's Central Valley and gets so involved he ends up in jail wit them. The fight between the two faction leaders becomes personal as more Tribune reporters gather at the location.

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0 votes

#17 - Depression

Lou Grant Season 4 - Episode 19

When a veteran reporter attempts suicide, Lou tries to help him by reuniting him with his family. Charlie is upset that Mrs. Pynchon overlooked him for a newly created position.

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#18 - Drifters

Lou Grant Season 5 - Episode 7

Charlie's nephew Scott comes to stay with him, and turns out to have a mental condition. But the young man refuses to take his medication. The staff is busy tracking an escaped zoo bear called Ziggy.

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#19 - Cameras

Lou Grant Season 5 - Episode 11

A stick-up at a Mr. Ginty's fast-food restaurant turns into a hostage situation with a group of birthday party kids. The possible trauma caused by this becomes a big part of the subsequent trial. Billie thinks one mother in particular is telling her son how to react and feel, but when she writes it down Lou finds her story too soft and rewrites it.

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#20 - Hunger

Lou Grant Season 5 - Episode 14

Rossi makes a bet with that he can get a story from anyone on the street. And the person he chooses is a woman who goes through the garbage who gets used by still viable food. He learns that she's a nun who runs a soup kitchen and feeds indigents. But he shifts the focus of the story to how people in a Third World country are starving which doesn't make the editors happy. And Mrs. Pynchon is instructing the staff to be less wasteful which makes them crazy.

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