The Best Episodes Directed by Pete Michels

A Rickle in Time

#1 - A Rickle in Time

Rick and Morty Season 2 - Episode 1

Rick, Morty, and Summer get into trouble when time is fractured by a feedback loop of uncertainty that split reality into more than one equally possible impossibilities. Meanwhile, Beth and Jerry go to extreme lengths to save a deer struck by their vehicle.

star 8.14
6032 votes
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Mortynight Run

#2 - Mortynight Run

Rick and Morty Season 2 - Episode 2

Rick teaches Morty to drive while leaving Jerry at a popular day care made just for him. Morty's conscience has him hunt down an assassin rather than spending the day at an alien arcade.

star 8.08
5941 votes
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Auto Erotic Assimilation

#3 - Auto Erotic Assimilation

Rick and Morty Season 2 - Episode 3

Rick gets emotionally invested when meeting an old friend, while Beth and Jerry have a falling out after making a discovery under the garage.

star 8.06
5719 votes
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Stewie B. Goode

#4 - Stewie B. Goode

Family Guy Season 4 - Episode 28

After losing at a swim competition, Stewie trys to eliminate his rival by blowing up a lifeguard tower. His plan backfires though, and Stewie has a near death experience that seems to change him.

star 7.98
239 votes
Stu & Stewie's Excellent Adventure

#5 - Stu & Stewie's Excellent Adventure

Family Guy Season 4 - Episode 30

Stewie finds out that his life in the future is miserable. So he decides to go back in time and change events for the better.

star 7.96
194 votes
Bango Was His Name-O

#6 - Bango Was His Name-O

Family Guy Season 4 - Episode 29

Stewie convinces Brian to go on a road trip with him to San Francisco to search for a man Stewie believes is his real father.

star 7.95
207 votes
Quagmire's Dad

#7 - Quagmire's Dad

Family Guy Season 8 - Episode 18

Quagmire can accept his dad's lifestyle choices, but not when they involve Brian.

star 7.91
486 votes
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Quagmire's Quagmire

#8 - Quagmire's Quagmire

Family Guy Season 12 - Episode 3

Quagmire is excited to meet a woman with a sex drive equal to his own, until she kidnaps him to make him her sex slave; a love triangle forms between Stewie, Brian and Stewie's teddy bear.

star 7.87
1439 votes
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Livin' on a Prayer

#9 - Livin' on a Prayer

Family Guy Season 10 - Episode 12

When Stewie's new best friend falls ill, Lois takes him to the hospital where she finds out he has a critical, but treatable, disease. However, the boy's parents refuse treatment due to their religious beliefs, leaving Lois no choice but to take drastic measures to seek treatment for the boy herself. Meanwhile, Peter has a religious experience of his own.

star 7.82
741 votes
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Business Guy

#10 - Business Guy

Family Guy Season 8 - Episode 9

When Peter gives Lois’ father the bachelor party he never had, Mr. Pewterschmidt slips into a coma and not even Dr. House (guest voice Hugh Laurie) can bring him out of it. With her father incapacitated, Lois is given control of Pewterschmidt Industries. Peter convinces Lois to let him run the operation, but he gets power-hungry and fires the board. Mr. Pewterschmidt soon bounces back and tries to regain control of what he’s built – even though it may be more difficult than Christmas shopping for Peter

star 7.80
588 votes
12 and a Half Angry Men

#11 - 12 and a Half Angry Men

Family Guy Season 11 - Episode 16

Mayor West becomes the prime suspect when a murder occurs at his mansion.

star 7.77
1021 votes
Fast Times at Buddy Cianci Jr. High

#12 - Fast Times at Buddy Cianci Jr. High

Family Guy Season 4 - Episode 2

Brian becomes a substitute teacher at Chris' school after his teacher wins the lottery. When Brian is moved to teach a class of troubled kids, Chris falls in love with his new teacher, Mrs. Lockhart, who promises to love Chris only if he kills her husband. When Lois finds out, she and Stewie decide to teach Chris a lesson.

star 7.74
569 votes
Family Guy Viewer Mail #1

#13 - Family Guy Viewer Mail #1

Family Guy Season 3 - Episode 21

In a special three-story episode, Brian reads viewer mail and tries to answer profound questions: "Li'l Griffins" The Griffins as the little rascals. Kid versions of Peter, Joe, and Brian decide that they don't need girls. When they first meet Lois however, they quickly abandon their anti-girl sentiment. In school, Lois reads a book touting the virtues of bravery, and Peter and Quagmire try to prove who's the bravest by staying in a haunted house overnight. "No Bones About it" Peter rubs a beer bottle and a Genie pops out to grant him three wishes. Peter first wishes that Jackie Gleason wasn't dead. A zombie-like Gleason terrorizes the Griffins until Stewie blasts it dead. Peter then wishes he didn't have any bones. The Genie transforms him into a gelatin blob and he can no longer have sex. Upset, Peter flushes himself down the toilet and winds up in Hollywood. He meets a doctor who tells him about a re-boning procedure. Peter gets the operation, which turns out came from bones donated from his own family. "Super Griffins" A tanker truck containing radioactive waste slams into the Griffin house. The radiation affects each Griffin in a different way. Lois gains super strength while Peter has morphing ability. Lois tells her family that they must not abuse their powers. Of course that doesn't work and the town is forced to hold a meeting to see how to stop the Griffins from wreaking havoc. Adam West realizes he must fight fire with fire. He volunteers to roll around in toxic waste but he only gets lymphoma as a result. The Griffins, racked with guilt, use their powers to make Adam's recovery more comfortable.

star 7.73
404 votes
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Screwed the Pooch

#14 - Screwed the Pooch

Family Guy Season 3 - Episode 13

Peter and Lois go to the Pewterschmidts for the weekend, bringing Brian along. Brian, meanwhile, has some "issues" of his own to work out. Find out if Brian's future is to make puppies or become "less" than he is.

star 7.72
420 votes
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Space Cadet

#15 - Space Cadet

Family Guy Season 11 - Episode 9

When the Griffins try to pick Chris up from space camp, they find themselves accidentally launched into space and reliant on Chris to get them home.

star 7.68
869 votes
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Tea Peter

#16 - Tea Peter

Family Guy Season 10 - Episode 21

When city hall threatens to close Peter's business, he joins the Tea Party and campaigns to shut down the government.

star 7.62
697 votes
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Brian's Got a Brand New Bag

#17 - Brian's Got a Brand New Bag

Family Guy Season 8 - Episode 4

When Brian begins dating an older woman, the family begins to make fun of him. After Brian's new fling breaks her hip, he gets the pleasure of becoming her errand boy.

star 7.60
640 votes
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New Kidney in Town

#18 - New Kidney in Town

Family Guy Season 9 - Episode 8

Peter needs a new kidney after his energy-drink addiction causes renal failure. Meanwhile, Chris is chosen to introduce United States President Barack Obama at his school after winning an essay contest. Trouble is, Meg wrote the essay.

star 7.60
572 votes
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No Chris Left Behind

#19 - No Chris Left Behind

Family Guy Season 5 - Episode 16

After Chris is expelled from school, he is sent to a boarding school that his grandfather Carter attended, but Chris doesn't exactly fit in. Meanwhile, the chicken returns to pick a fight with Peter.

star 7.60
389 votes
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Chick Cancer

#20 - Chick Cancer

Family Guy Season 5 - Episode 7

Stewie ties the knot with his old flame Olivia, but their relationship quickly turns, and becomes normal dull marriage. It all escalates when they go on a double date with Brian and Jillian. Meanwhile, Lois introduces Peter to chick flicks, so he decides to make his own movie with a plot based on every chick movie ever.

star 7.59
499 votes
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Foreign Affairs

#21 - Foreign Affairs

Family Guy Season 9 - Episode 17

Bonnie and Lois take a little trip to Paris, but Bonnie crosses the line in the City of Love. Meanwhile, Peter home schools Chris and Meg using some unorthodox teaching methods.

star 7.59
539 votes
Padre de Familia

#22 - Padre de Familia

Family Guy Season 6 - Episode 6

Peter starts an anti-immigration group, however, he quickly changes his mind when he finds out that he was born in Mexico. Unable to prove his citizenship, pass the naturalization test or convince investigators that his marriage to Lois is for real, he ends up working for Carter as a landscaper, all the while fighting for immigration rights.

star 7.47
546 votes
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The Former Life of Brian

#23 - The Former Life of Brian

Family Guy Season 6 - Episode 11

Brian, afraid that he may have lost his last chance at love, searches for a former flame, Tracy. To his surprise, he discovers that he is the father to her son, Dylan. Tracy decides that Brian should raise the boy, and she drops him off at the Griffin's house. When Dylan runs rough-shot in the house, Brian's attitude towards parenting doesn't settle too well with Lois and Peter.

star 7.44
463 votes
The Kiss Seen Round the World

#24 - The Kiss Seen Round the World

Family Guy Season 3 - Episode 8

When Meg, due to her crush on Tom Tucker, the newscaster, applies for an internship at the local television station and gets the job, she is disappointed to find that her news partner is the most reviled nerd in school, Neil. Caught in a life-threatening news situation, Meg laments that she never had a first kiss and agrees to kiss Neil only to find that he taped the whole thing in order to broadcast it across the world. Meg broadcasts her own news that she has no interest in Neil, sending him to the ledge on top of Town Hall. She breaks his fall, only to find out that he had no intention of jumping and was just trying to get her attention again. Stewie's prized new tricycle is stolen by the neighborhood bully, but the bully soon learns not to screw with Stewie.

star 7.43
430 votes
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FOX-y Lady

#25 - FOX-y Lady

Family Guy Season 7 - Episode 10

Lois gets a job working for FOX News and has to do a report on a liberal filmmaker. However, she loses the job when her story implicates a conservative radio host.

star 7.41
511 votes
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Chuckie Loses His Glasses

#26 - Chuckie Loses His Glasses

Rugrats Season 2 - Episode 30

Angelica plays a hide and seek game with the babies, but its all a plan to steal Chuckie's glasses. Chuckie tries to look for them but he can't see so he tries to find his ""eyes"", but breaks Grandpa Lou's instead. In the end Angelica literally gets sick of them and Tommy gives them to Chuckie.

star 7.33
3 votes
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It’s Actually Better for Anal

#27 - It’s Actually Better for Anal

Shin Chan Season 2 - Episode 6

“Super Happy Fun Time American School Presents: Winter Blunderland!” – It’s a hot time on the ski slopes, all fun and unwanted advances! But Shin finds himself shackled to Miss Katz… That is, until the teacher’s hormones have her distracted. Free at last and ready to party, the little trouble maker stirs up some action of his own on the triple black pass! “Winter Blunderland: Part 2!” – The school trip gets even hotter as things move over to the spa! But when Shin insults Mr. Ench’s half-inch, the principal’s forced to drastic measures! And he’s not the only one out of sorts, as Georgie finds himself outsmarted and Shin takes one for the team… Saving the school from the monkey crotch and from the noodle stretcher?!? “Lucky Bastard Fever Episode 2: Inflatable of Doom!” – Lollipop’s gone off in search of the Flying Pecker, convinced she can save Felipe from himself. But when she finds herself at the madman’s mercy, as well as the center of his plot to flood the earth, Lollipop calls for reinforcements! It’s Bruce… Er, Action Bastard to the rescue!

star 7.20
5 votes
Chuckie Gets Skunked

#28 - Chuckie Gets Skunked

Rugrats Season 2 - Episode 31

The adults are trying to catch a skunk and Tommy and Chuckie join the hunt and Chuckie ends up being skunked. The babies and grown ups try everything to get rid of the smell, but the real cure is Minka's porche soup.

star 7.00
6 votes
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Condescending Spanish for Heiresses

#29 - Condescending Spanish for Heiresses

Shin Chan Season 1 - Episode 25

"The Miseducation of Maso's Will" - Ai is treating Maso like a dog and Penny isn't having it. It's a crash course in manliness but the only tail Maso's chasing is his own. "The Horrible Secret of Count Ench the Magnificent" - Principal Ench displays his skills in prestidigitation and nobody is safe. Look it up. "Ai Yi Yi!" - Ai uses Maso to make Shin jealous… but it's hard to compete with snail poop.

star 6.29
7 votes
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