The Best Episodes Directed by Paul Michael Glaser

Alone Again, Naturally

#1 - Alone Again, Naturally

Third Watch Season 6 - Episode 2

After she realizes that telling the truth will mean and prison sentence and never seeing her children again, Faith reluctantly agrees to go along with Maritza's cover story that she shot Mann as he was trying to stab Maritza; Yoshi slips out of the cuffs and into the wind; Sasha and Ty hook up; Maritza gets a tough new boss who's been charged with keeping her on a very short leash to curb her renegade ways; Faith goes ballistic when Fred has her served her with divorce papers at the station house; Swersky shuffles the partnerships, and assigns Faith to ride with Sully and Sasha to ride with Ty; Maritza gets an anonymous call that there's an I.A.B. plant in the house who's after her, and she immediately suspects that it's her new boss; Faith decides to turn down the promotion to detective that she's offered for saving Maritza's life until Sully reminds her that the new assignment will improve her chances of getting custody of her children; Bosco's surgeon gives Faith a devastating progn

star 9.01
70 votes
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#2 - Deckwatch

Starsky & Hutch Season 3 - Episode 23

A serial killing seaman, who preys on prostitutes, is badly shot during his latest attack. Wounded and on the run, he resorts to holding Hutch's friend and her wheelchair-bound mother hostage in their home. Hutch poses as a paramedic to get inside the house as he and Starsky try to apprehend the desperate killer and safely free the hostages...

star 9.00
3 votes
Son Set

#3 - Son Set

The Agency Season 1 - Episode 11

After the young son of a British Intelligence officer is kidnapped and the man fails to report him missing, the CIA and British Intelligence's investigation takes an unusual turn. They learn that the man didn't report his child missing because the kidnappers are Iraqis and he has arranged to trade plans for an Allied invasion of Iraq in exchange for his son's return. Matt and Carl join the investigators in London to ensure that the officer's plan is derailed without losing the boy in the process. Meanwhile, Robert Quinn, who is temporarily replacing Director Pierce, starts implementing changes. Daniel Benzali (""Murder One"") guest stars.

star 8.33
3 votes
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The Golden Hour

#4 - The Golden Hour

The Agency Season 1 - Episode 13

An assassination attempt on Lisa strikes Matt instead and leaves him hospitalized and fighting for his life. While Robert tries to hide the events from the press, Jackson is forced to work with the chief of counterintelligence to determine who ordered the attack on Lisa and how her position at the CIA was uncovered. Eventually, Lex admits to indirectly blowing Lisa's cover to the assassin and, in the process, unknowingly giving him access to information on Lisa. However, Lex soon redeems himself by leading Robert and Jackson to the terrorist organization behind the shooting. As Matt hangs on to his life by a thread, Lisa contemplates a leave of absence from the CIA.

star 8.33
3 votes
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#5 - Doublecrossover

The Agency Season 1 - Episode 21

After a CIA agent is murdered, the agency joins with the police department of Washington, D.C. to investigate his murder.

star 8.00
2 votes
The Fifth Step

#6 - The Fifth Step

Raines Season 1 - Episode 5

The body of the wife of an old friend of Raines' is discovered. The woman, who was murdered, had an Aryan Nation insignia inscribed on her chest. When everyone thought that the case would be resolved easily, Raines discovers some disturbing lies, cover-ups and misguided good intentions inside the victim's past.

star 7.97
96 votes
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Smuggler's Blues

#7 - Smuggler's Blues

Miami Vice Season 1 - Episode 16

Crockett & Tubbs are recruited by DEA to pose as drug smugglers in an effort to expose someone in law enforcement who is murdering drug dealers and their families.

star 7.93
145 votes
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The Prodigal Son (1)

#8 - The Prodigal Son (1)

Miami Vice Season 2 - Episode 1

Crockett & Tubbs go to Manhattan to find a group of Colombian drug dealers who are killing federal agents.

star 7.87
63 votes
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#9 - Bloodbath

Starsky & Hutch Season 2 - Episode 14

On the day of trial of Simon Marcus, a murderous cult leader that Starsky and Hutch arrested, Starsky is snatched away by the cult leader's followers just before judgement is passed. The vengeful followers will only release him safely if their leader is released without charge. If Simon Marcus is sentenced to prison, then Starsky is sentenced to death. Hutch must find his partner before he is subjected to a deadly "religious" ritual, as foreseen in the deranged leader's visions...

star 7.71
6 votes
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#10 - Masterpiece

Criminal Minds Season 4 - Episode 8

When a narcissistic psychopath confesses he has killed seven people and more will die, the team must locate his latest victims before it is too late.

star 7.68
1752 votes
Sweet Revenge

#11 - Sweet Revenge

Starsky & Hutch Season 4 - Episode 22

As Starsky lies in a hospital bed at death's door, Hutch goes after the powerful man who tried to have him killed

star 7.67
6 votes
Wines and Misdemeanors

#12 - Wines and Misdemeanors

Las Vegas Season 4 - Episode 9

A rare bottle of wine is found in the wine cellar of the Montecito, so Ed decides to sell it in an auction to improve the Montecito image. However, Mike discovers that the wine isn't original just after it is sold for one million dollars. Also, a group of retirees goes to the Montecito for a sudoku tournament and starts giving Sam a hard time when they have a different idea of fun. Danny gets jealous when Delinda starts spending a lot of time with a new toy.

star 7.66
210 votes
To Protect and Serve Manicotti

#13 - To Protect and Serve Manicotti

Las Vegas Season 2 - Episode 18

When a local restaurateur (and mother of a Montecito showgirl) is approached by petty mobsters, Ed enlists the support of a long-time friend "Frank the Repairman" (guest star Sylvester Stallone) to quash their extortion attempts. As the two navigate their way through the local mob's hierarchy, Ed discovers that he has a decades-old connection to the ringleader. Elsewhere, Danny and Mike feverishly work to reclaim $100,000 stolen from the casino by a cunning thief. Once the thief's identity is revealed, Danny concocts a clever scheme to make good on the money before Ed discovers the truth. Meanwhile, Joe Rogan (as himself ) visits the casino in search of a little R & R. Sam , Delinda and Nessa who are desperate to be contestants on Joe's show, compete with each other for his attention.

star 7.54
429 votes
Class in Crime

#14 - Class in Crime

Starsky & Hutch Season 3 - Episode 18

Investigating a series of immaculately executed murders, the case leads Hutch back to school as a college student, to get the low-down on a brilliant college professor who teaches a senior student course on the ""philosophy of crime"" and specialises in murder...

star 7.50
3 votes
The Prodigal Son (2)

#15 - The Prodigal Son (2)

Miami Vice Season 2 - Episode 2

Crockett & Tubbs go to Manhattan to find a group of Colombian drug dealers who are killing federal agents.

star 7.45
94 votes
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Look Closer

#16 - Look Closer

Judging Amy Season 3 - Episode 5

Amy hears the case of two teenagers accused of causing the suicide of a classmate by deliberately posting lies about her sexual activity on their web site. The long arm of politics reaches out to Maxine and exacts a heavy penalty for her tirade against the lieutenant governor. Amy gives her support to Bruce's Gun 101 program. Vincent returns from his weekend trip and tells Donna that he and Carole flew to Las Vegas and eloped. Carole has already moved on to San Francisco, where Vincent will join her in a few days to be with her during her cancer surgery. Unaware that he hasn't mentioned any of this to his family, Donna lets the news slip to Amy. Amy tries, but fails, to reconcile with her brother. Maxine urges Vincent not to turn away from the love and support that his family is offering which will help him get through this crisis. She tells Amy and Vincent to knock it off and end whatever disagreement is causing them to be estranged from each other.

star 7.44
9 votes
Adventures In The Skin Trade

#17 - Adventures In The Skin Trade

Las Vegas Season 5 - Episode 7

Danny and Mike see a strip-club owner get physical with a stripper; Delinda advocates for better rights for exotic dancers in the city; Piper enlists Sam's help to find a racy video that she does not want people to see.

star 7.44
266 votes
Calderone's Demise (2)

#18 - Calderone's Demise (2)

Miami Vice Season 1 - Episode 6

While on the trail of Calderone in Bimini, Tubbs falls in love with a woman who forces him to consider his loyalties.

star 7.42
242 votes
For Sail by Owner

#19 - For Sail by Owner

Las Vegas Season 3 - Episode 10

Following Monica's sudden death, Danny becomes the main suspect. Danny and Casey arrives at the Montecito for a hostile takeover, but it appears that Monica's will leaves Montecito to a foundation for the blind. Mike is assaulted in the stairway after breaking up a fight, which leaves Danny, Ed and even Mary to find out whom could do something like that to Mike. Ed takes care of Monica's will, and her belongings.

star 7.37
310 votes
Blue Man Down

#20 - Blue Man Down

Amazing Stories Season 2 - Episode 14

Two police officers try to break up a supermarket robbery, but the younger officer is killed. A new female partner helps the other officer avenge his friends death. He later discovers that his new partner is the ghost of an officer who died 12 years earlier.

star 7.06
50 votes
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Welcome Home

#21 - Welcome Home

Third Watch Season 6 - Episode 19

Faith investigates Bosco further, Sasha and Ty make up, Cruz goes for some spiritual healing, Carlos meets Holly's parents.

star 7.06
67 votes
Going Down

#22 - Going Down

Judging Amy Season 5 - Episode 2

After she's released from the hospital with a clean bill of health, Gillian reveals that she had a near-death experience during Walt's delivery, but can't seem to find anyone who believes her; when Amy claims that she has no time to organize the wedding, Stu volunteers to make all the arrangements; tragedy occurs when Maxine's pleas to the police to publicize the disappearance of a foster child fall on deaf ears; it's apparent that there's no love lost between Stu and David when they end up at the same cocktail party; Kyle and Lily have an intense encounter in a hospital elevator; Amy's frustration with the difference between the criminal and juvenile court systems increases as the Hawkins trial concludes; Kyle is unsuccessful in his attempt to get Lily to change her mind about moving to New York.

star 6.75
8 votes
Ballad for a Blue Lady

#23 - Ballad for a Blue Lady

Starsky & Hutch Season 4 - Episode 14

The detectives are called when a witness is found dead before he can testify against a notorious racketeer. Hutch begins to suspect that his girfriend's brother may be involved.

star 6.50
3 votes