The Best Episodes Directed by Paul Landres

Substitute Gun

#1 - Substitute Gun

Maverick Season 4 - Episode 29

Bart matches wits - and bullets - with a professional gunman... and learns that a beautiful woman can be more deadly than hired killers.

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The Devil's Necklace (2)

#2 - The Devil's Necklace (2)

Maverick Season 4 - Episode 32

The Apaches catch Bart red-handed with a wagonload of liquor and a kidnapped Indian girl - and that means war.

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The Paiute War

#3 - The Paiute War

Bonanza Season 1 - Episode 4

Trader Mike Wilson attempts to escape punishment by the Paiute Indians after mistreating two of their women, by placing the blame on Adam. A fierce war between the Paiutes and the California militia follows, and the Paiutes seize Adam as hostage. Very impressive battle scenes in the this first mini-epic of the series. This episode did all it could to stage the real thing; 50 Indians were used and 50 cavalry actors and extras were used, and the production involved three days of shooting on location. This episode encompassed both the biggest cast and most costly stunts. This episode is based on the factual accounting that occured in May and June of 1860.

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Enter Mark Twain

#4 - Enter Mark Twain

Bonanza Season 1 - Episode 5

Samuel Clemens arrives in Virginia City to write for the Territorial Enterprise at the same time a crooked politician tries to lay claim on the Ponderosa.

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Death on Sun Mountain

#5 - Death on Sun Mountain

Bonanza Season 1 - Episode 2

Greedy opportunist Mark Burdette and his accomplice Early Thorne stir up trouble between the Paiute tribe and the citizens of Virginia City. Ben discovers Burdette and Thorne are selling antelope beef to the miners and finds the price too high. He offers the miners beef at a more reasonable price. Burdette and Thorne retaliate by framing the Paiute's for attacks, by dressing as them and killing ranchers. Based on a factual accounting. Lorne Greene's first voice-over narration, and no landing constructed yet for the Ponderosa stairway.

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86 votes
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The Devil's Necklace (1)

#6 - The Devil's Necklace (1)

Maverick Season 4 - Episode 31

Bart just made the deal of a lifetime: he blindly purchased a wagonload of merchandise - including a bound and gagged Indian girl.

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Benefit of Doubt

#7 - Benefit of Doubt

Maverick Season 4 - Episode 30

In typical Maverick tradition, cousin Brent gets involved with two beautiful sisters one of whom is planning to do him in.

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