The BEST episodes directed by Norihiko Nagahama

World Where We Exist
29 votes

#1 - World Where We Exist

Blood+ - Season 3 - Episode 9

Saya saves Kai and Lewis from the chiroptera, but collapses afterwards. They take her back to Gray's house to recover. David learns Saya is at the farm, but doesn't react. When Monique touches the sleeping Saya, Saya pops her awake and almost attacks her. She barely acknowledges Kai's presence and calls Hagi to leave. Gray won't let her leave while she's still weak, though, and manages to get her to stay for breakfast. Kai tells her about David, but she cuts him off telling him it isn't relevant to her and that he should go back to Okinawa. Hagi finds David throwing up behind a building and asks if he's given up fighting. While they talk, a chiropteran attacks the farm, having followed Saya's scent. It gets upstairs and goes after Monique. Kai shoots it but is knocked aside. David also shoots at it, but is attacked. Saya, unable to find her sword, attacks it with a kitchen knife coated in her blood and kills it, then leaves with Hagi. As they walk through London, they spot an advertisement for a performance by Diva, who has changed her appearance to look similar to Riku. David and Kai also see the ad on TV.

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Common Destiny
16 votes

#2 - Common Destiny

Ace of Diamond - Season 3 - Episode 41

Practice game with Nishiho, where a tense pitcher fight of 0-0 continues. In the 6th time, Sawamura invites a pinch, but survives the predicament with the ball returned by Center Aso. Behind that, the ball hit by Shoji, one year of the leading batter, draws a high parabola. The whereabouts of the ball is ----. Sawamura, on the other hand, keeps the pitch of the coach, taking on the expectations of the coach and the team. In this figure full of fighting spirit, hot feelings are transmitted not only to nine and bench members but also to the audience at the stand.

Winter's End and the Day of Departure
26 votes

#3 - Winter's End and the Day of Departure

Laid-Back Camp - Season 2 - Episode 9

Everyone is going to Izu to camp soon, and so Nadeshiko plans what to make. Meanwhile, Rin adds some new parts to her bike, when her grandpa pays her a visit.

Because He's Awesome
14 votes

#4 - Because He's Awesome

Ace of Diamond - Season 3 - Episode 35

Tokyo selection to play against the American Wind Youth Academy team. The starting lineup is Yang Shunomi, the right arm of Akikawa Gakuen. Although Yang is called a precision machine, it will be the first pitching in a long time according to the Takano Ren regulations. Will Yang's pitching work for the American team? On the other hand, at the Seido Ground, a three-way practice game had begun, heading for a strong school called Saiho and Yamamori. How will Seido, who lacks good luck, fight against this formidable opponent?

I Love You, Shiraishi!
89 votes

#5 - I Love You, Shiraishi!

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches (2015) - Season 1 - Episode 12

Yamada must get all the witches together to conduct the seven witches' ceremony, and the last three needed are Urara, Mikoto, and Rika. Hoping to at least save Urara, Yamada heads for Mikoto's house along with the student council president Miyamura, but they're stopped by Miyamura's sister Leona.

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To a New Land
115 votes

#6 - To a New Land

Yona of the Dawn - Season 1 - Episode 15

"I need to become stronger so I don't lose Hak or anyone else. What can I do...?" Yona names the Blue Dragon Sinha, or Moonlight, and he joins the group on its journey. While the group searches for the Green Dragon following Gija's guidance, they pass through a village abandoned by the king and generals. Yona is wounded by the miserable conditions and a villager's criticisms of her father King Il. Meanwhile, the new king Su-won travels with General Ju-do to the Earth Tribe capital of Chishin under General I Geun-tea's rule.

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Cape Ohmama in Winter
28 votes

#7 - Cape Ohmama in Winter

Laid-Back Camp - Season 2 - Episode 6

Chiaki, Aoi and Ena arrive at Lake Yamanaka, but they run into some trouble.

Seido Goes All Out
14 votes

#8 - Seido Goes All Out

Ace of Diamond - Season 3 - Episode 49

Yura general battle of the first summer game. In the first run, he got 2 points first and returned 1 point to the back, but he still allowed the lead. Sawamura gave a walk to the first batter in the top of the 4th inning, and his condition did not improve. Kataoka is approaching the time to decide whether to continue pitching or to proceed with the match as Sawamura. On the other hand, the motivation of the batting line rises to support the pitcher. Will there be a counterattack on the blue road?

I've Turned Into Her!
110 votes

#9 - I've Turned Into Her!

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches (2015) - Season 1 - Episode 1

Yamada Ryu, a second year student who attends the prestigious Suzaku Private High School, is a problem child who comes to school late and leaves early, is prone to fighting all over the place, and even nods off in class. One day, he falls down the stairs with the honor student Shiraishi Urara. They faint, and when he wakes up in the infirmary he's turned into her!

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Xuan Feng's Cunning Scheme
16 votes

#10 - Xuan Feng's Cunning Scheme

Kingdom (2012) - Season 2 - Episode 19

As Wang Ben and the Yu Feng Force do battle with Lun Hu, the Fei Xin Force is called into battle. A devious strategy takes the Qin army by surprise.

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Out of Time
17 votes

#11 - Out of Time

Ace of Diamond - Season 3 - Episode 21

After the red and white battle, Kataoka selects members to join the army. The first graders and the senior students on the line are delighted with the result. On the other hand, Miyuki, who talks about Kuramochi and the team in the classroom, was unprecedentedly talkative. "Honestly, no matter how much time I have, it's not enough." Kuramochi was surprised to find that Miyuki seemed to be having fun while saying so.

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The Final Twist
17 votes

#12 - The Final Twist

Kingdom (2012) - Season 2 - Episode 28

Meng Ao reveals a surprising strategy for taking on Lian Po in hopes of finally claiming victory over his rival. Xin's battle with Lun Hu intensifies.

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Welcome to the Durian Show
63 votes

#13 - Welcome to the Durian Show

A Place Further Than the Universe - Season 1 - Episode 6

The girls have a stopover in Singapore on their way from Japan to Fremantle. They decide to spend their time sightseeing, but Yuzuki notices Hinata acting strangely.

A Night of Navigator Nadeshiko and Hot Spring Steam
38 votes

#14 - A Night of Navigator Nadeshiko and Hot Spring Steam

Laid-Back Camp - Season 1 - Episode 9

Nadeshiko plans to go camping with Rin, but catches a cold the night before and has to stay at home. As such, Rin decides to go on her own to a campsite at Ina, and attempts to take a detour to get there, but finds out that the road is closed. After meeting some mountain climbers, she lets Nadeshiko and Chiaki decide where she goes next, and visits a temple and a hot spring before eating at a restaurant and oversleeping. Meanwhile, Chiaki visits Nadeshiko at home and cooks houtou for her family.

Ordeal and Resolve
15 votes

#15 - Ordeal and Resolve

Kingdom (2012) - Season 2 - Episode 35

The Fei Xin Force is eyeing tactician He Liao Diao with great distrust, but who else can think up a way to deal with the latest wave of Wei attackers?

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When You're in a Fix, Keep on Laughing, Laughing…
137 votes

#16 - When You're in a Fix, Keep on Laughing, Laughing…

Gintama - Season 1 - Episode 23

Gintoki, Shinpachi and Kagura go on a space trip in which Kagura had won tickets for.

The Royal Capital Burns ~Part One~
85 votes

#17 - The Royal Capital Burns ~Part One~

The Heroic Legend of Arslan (2015) - Season 1 - Episode 5

While Arslan and Daryun enlist Narsus' help, Lusitania begins their siege in the royal capital of Ecbatana. Shapur is tortured by Bodin as an example for the "pagans" of Pars, but requests to be killed by one of Pars' archers. Listening to his request, he is killed by a mysterious man, who is called by queen Tahamine to be rewarded for his feat. Meanwhile, Lusitania convinces the slaves of Pars to open the city gates for them, promising to make them free men.

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17 votes

#18 - Showdown

Kingdom (2012) - Season 2 - Episode 27

The Le Hua, Yu Feng, and Fei Xin Forces find themselves bringing up the rear in the final battle. Lian Po makes a daring move to get the ball rolling.

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Don't Panic. It's a Spirit's Trap.
19 votes

#19 - Don't Panic. It's a Spirit's Trap.

Date A Live - Season 4 - Episode 1

Shido encounters a girl named Nia collapsed on the side of the road, but learns there's more to this manga artist than meets the eye.

Popcorn Head (Part Two)
12 votes

#20 - Popcorn Head (Part Two)

Dr. Ramune: Mysterious Disease Specialist - Season 1 - Episode 8

Aona's head began producing popcorn because his father prohibited him from making the creations he loved. Concerned for Aona's wellbeing, Kuro heads to the hospital where Aona's mother is staying in order to seek her help. However, Aona ties balloons to the bag that's now full of popcorn and releases it into the sky. Kuro and Ramune rush out of the hospital in order to recover the bag.

Toru's Deeply Mysterious Story - Part One
11 votes

#21 - Toru's Deeply Mysterious Story - Part One

Dr. Ramune: Mysterious Disease Specialist - Season 1 - Episode 10

When he was young, Kuro could see things that ordinary people couldn't. After being taken to the hospital, he pretends that he can't see anything so that his family won't worry about him. However, the things remain visible even after years pass. Furthermore, Kuro begins coughing up sand and can no longer eat. Desperately clutching at straws, he visits a certain place...

Meat and Fall Colors and the Mystery Lake
44 votes

#22 - Meat and Fall Colors and the Mystery Lake

Laid-Back Camp - Season 1 - Episode 6

Rin opens a package to find a mini-grill, which she dreams of using to cook various meats while talking with Ena. Nadeshiko overhears their conversation and suggests a camping trip to try the grill. The two visit a supermarket to buy meat, but are forced to settle for substitutes as their desired items were not available. While there, they meet Aoi, who is working as a cashier, and tell her of their plans. Meanwhile, Chiaki is visiting Lake Shibileko when she encounters a man grilling steak in a skillet, who offers her part of it. Rin and Nadeshiko are driven by the latter's sister to the lake.

Everyday Life with a Mermaid
113 votes

#23 - Everyday Life with a Mermaid

Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls - Season 1 - Episode 5

A construction crew from the Interspecies Exchange Security Squad arrives while the girls are making a plan to hide Suu from Smith. The girls leave with Suu until the construction is over, only to realize that they have left Kimihito behind. They are forced to hide when pursued by security forces. All three of the girls somehow get wet, causing them to be assaulted by a dehydrated Suu. Meanwhile, Kimihito is searching for them. He is hit by a girl in a runaway wheelchair, who introduces herself as Mero. When they arrive at the park, Mero is almost assaulted by Suu, but Kimihito catches her in a plastic bag. Arriving home, they thank Smith for building a room for Suu; she reveals, however, that the room is not for Suu, but for Mero, who is revealed to be a mermaid. Miia becomes jealous when her accidentally breaking Mero's wheelchair results in Kimihito having to carry the mermaid around the house. She attempts to enlist Centorea and Papi's help in foiling the mermaid. When Kimihito knocks Mero into the pool to save her from a once-again dehydrated Suu, Miia thinks he is making a romantic advance and dives in after them, almost drowning when the cold water makes her sluggish. Later, as Miia and Mero take a bath together, the mermaid reveals that she has no intention of attempting to woo Kimihito away from Miia; all mermaids want to experience a tragic love similar to "The Little Mermaid". Centorea and Papi overhear this and believe that the two are plotting against them.

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Pot Sticker Ears (Part Two)
12 votes

#24 - Pot Sticker Ears (Part Two)

Dr. Ramune: Mysterious Disease Specialist - Season 1 - Episode 6

Rio learns that his mother's ears have turned into pot stickers because his older brother Yuu was kidnapped, and Rio feels responsible for what happened. When Rio nearly falls off a cliff while searching for Yuu, Ramune throws himself in harm's way to protect him and ends up badly injured. In order to save Ramune, Rio uses the Pearl of Night Voices he received from Ramune to treat his mother, desperately calling out to his mother, who can't hear his voice.

Demon Child
23 votes

#25 - Demon Child

Ace of Diamond - Season 2 - Episode 29

The intra-squad game continues. Kataoka's former coach, Sakaki Eijirou arrives and observes the team. He joins Haruno and Club President Oota in the staff room and tells the story of Kataoka when he was just 15 years old and was then called "Demon Child".

The Siege of Gaolang Castle
16 votes

#26 - The Siege of Gaolang Castle

Kingdom (2012) - Season 2 - Episode 12

Wang Ben's Yu Feng Force tries unconventional tactics to gain ground in the siege of Gaolang Castle. Lü Buwei's actions start to have consequences.

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The Princess of Climbing
20 votes

#27 - The Princess of Climbing

Iwa Kakeru! Sport Climbing Girls - Season 1 - Episode 9

Konomi has built up a resume for herself by entering competitions left and right. And in the latest one, she runs into Anne, who has an unexpected proposal.

24 votes


Love of Kill - Season 1 - Episode 4

Chateau goes to church on the anniversary of her father's death. She runs into Ryang-ha, who is his usual self, before they are met by an attacker. Meanwhile, Chateau's boss is meeting with her mother to try to understand her past.

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225 votes

#29 - Paradise

Trigun - Season 1 - Episode 23

Wolfwood's past catches up with him as the priest acknowledges he has a few sins to confess himself.

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Everyday Life with a Threatening Letter
69 votes

#30 - Everyday Life with a Threatening Letter

Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls - Season 1 - Episode 9

The girls are shocked when it appears that Kimihito is going on a date with Ms. Smith. Miia, Papi, Cerea, Mero and Suu immediately begin following them, first to a maid cafe (where Mero disguises herself as one of the maids, using Suu as a uniform), then to an arcade (where Papi is disguised as a cosplayer), then to an ice cream truck (where Miia and Cerea impersonate servers), but they fail each time. Finally, Miia follows Kimihito and Ms. Smith to a love hotel, where she meets up with Rachnera (who has been trailing them all along). Rachnera tries to sneak into Ms. Smith and Kimihito's room, but is hindered by Miia, who causes them to be grabbed by the MON Squad. Ms. Smith explains that Kimihito had received a threatening letter from someone named "D," and their "date" was actually a ploy to lure the culprit out.

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The Healer Starts Over!
102 votes

#31 - The Healer Starts Over!

Redo of Healer - Season 1 - Episode 1

With the Demon Lord defeated, Keyaru’s revenge begins. The first step is to rewind time. Followed by planning...

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First Encounter by Scouting
15 votes

#32 - First Encounter by Scouting

Baby Steps - Season 2 - Episode 6

Coach Aoi explains to Eiichirō that he stopped the match against Takuma because his body wasn't developed to serve like Takuma yet. If he had continued to serve that way, he would have injured himself and forced himself to give up his tennis career. In order to use his new weapon of serving Eiichirō is given strict training that will develop his arm muscles and increase his speed. At school the career counselors call for all seniors to determine their future careers, and Eiichirō lists his desire to go Pro, noting that he will turn to college if he doesn't win the All-Japan Junior.

A More Terrible War
13 votes

#33 - A More Terrible War

Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka - Season 1 - Episode 3

Asuka and the others go to the pool to welcome Kurumi, the new transfer student. Asuka is enjoying her peaceful days, and her time as a magical girl seems like it ended many years ago, but...

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Mysterious Item Shop Akatsuki
16 votes

#34 - Mysterious Item Shop Akatsuki

Dr. Ramune: Mysterious Disease Specialist - Season 1 - Episode 3

Ramune uses his Shoji Vision to invite Kuro to a mysterious item shop. Kuro discovers the mysterious item shop Akatsuki at his destination. At first glance, the store appears to be a candy shop, but mysterious items are sold in the back. Kuro meets shopkeeper Nico and his great-grandmother and former shopkeeper Ayame, a girl who remembers her past lives, and is watching her make mysterious items with great interest when a strange man appears.

You’ll Surely Be a Wonderful Magical Girl
12 votes

#35 - You’ll Surely Be a Wonderful Magical Girl

Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka - Season 1 - Episode 8

Chisato Yonamine is an abused girl in Okinawa. One day, a member of the Babel Brigade recruits her to be a magical girl. Meanwhile, Asuka and her friends are heading to Okinawa.

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Unleashed Wrath
24 votes

#36 - Unleashed Wrath

Seven Mortal Sins - Season 1 - Episode 8

Satan, the Demon Lord of Wrath, plans on stopping Lucifer once and for all. She sets off for Earth to retrieve Beelzebub and defeat Lucifer. Lucifer is significantly weaker than Satan, but plans on accepting her challenge anyway. Maria watches from afar and tries to remain faithful to Lucifer, and Levi struggles against Satan. How will Lucifer overcome her final obstacle, and what will happen to the others?

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God's In His Heaven, All's Right With the World
20 votes

#37 - God's In His Heaven, All's Right With the World

Seven Mortal Sins - Season 1 - Episode 12

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