The Best Episodes Directed by Noriaki Akitaya

For Whose Sake?

#1 - For Whose Sake?

Gun X Sword Season 1 - Episode 22

Wendy is contacted by The Claw to meet him on the shore of the island. She questions his purpose for his upcoming sacrifice as well as his use for Michael. When she returns to the hover-base, only to see an unsettled Van, who is still set on revenge. Priscilla comes up with the idea that Dann of Thursday could be restored by another satellite base. Wendy and Joshua spend countless hours researching about outer space. The protagonists convince Ray to use the Vulcan as an engine to fuel enough energy to launch. Wendy overhears Priscilla confesses her feelings to Van. It is revealed that Ray is slowly losing his eyesight, as Van gradually becomes weak. Van is soon launched into the sky and targets the satellite base of the Diablo of Monday.

star 9.82
33 votes
Light my Fire

#2 - Light my Fire

Gun X Sword Season 1 - Episode 6

Van and Wendy continue onto a port town called Harbor Parade. Two lawless lovebirds, nicknamed Muscat and Honey Cherry, try to finance their wedding by repeatedly attempting to steal Van's armor, but their intended prey becomes their heroic rescuer when a mafia boss named Tony comes looking for a piece of the action. It is revealed that Tony is actually Honey Cherry's father and that her real name is Bunny Montana. Tony is enraged that Muscat, whose real name is Klatt, remodeled his 'armor' into a green and pink car named the Love Deluxe. Disgraced by the defilement, Tony initially asks Honey Cherry to kill Muscat, but Wendy urges Van to help, and so he comes to the rescue. Confronted by Van, Tony summons his own 'armor' and Van realized what passes for armor in Tony's mind is a tricked out car - tricked to the hilt and impressive, but no match for the real thing. Dann easily defeats Tony's 'armor', and the couple decides to sell what remains of the Love Deluxe to pay for their wedding.

star 9.79
34 votes
Carmen Goes Home

#3 - Carmen Goes Home

Gun X Sword Season 1 - Episode 9

Van, Wendy, and Joshua hitchhike with Carmen 99 to her hometown named Trinolia where Van knows of an engineer who should be able to crack the data disk recovered from the dragon armor. Carmen 99 reunites with her childhood friend Haeta, the daughter of an engineer named Findley who just happens to be the engineer Van was seeking. Haeta declines Van's request because of her father is now crippled and in poor health, but Findley overhears Van's request and accepts. While Wendy and Joshua stay at Carmen 99's house to spruce up, Van goes with Carmen 99 to her old school where she explains that Findley and her father had been business partners, and that Findley had fostered her after the deaths of her parents. The town has prospered in the last six years thanks to a special flower Haeta has helped cultivate. But Joshua overhears a conversation between Haeta and a visitor and realizes Haeta is growing the flowers for the Claw. He runs and tells Carmen, but knowing Van's reaction, orders Joshua not to tell him until she has gathered more information. She goes to Uncle Findley. She finds him collapsed in his lab, and he reveals the flowers are a drug that makes people happy, but it has horrible side effects - inhaling its pollen without the proper antibodies causes debilitating physical side affects, the cause of his poor health and crippling. The Claw supplies them with the medicine, but even with it, long term the pollen still causes problems. He begs Carmen to stop his daughter and destroy the flowers before they destroy the town, and Carmen goes to confront Haeta. Their talk is interrupted by smoke coming from Haeta's house. Wendy had made her own discoveries about the flowers. Trying to identify the flower Haeta is growing, Wendy had inhaled too much pollen and collapses and then woke up joyful and hyper to an extreme degree. Seeking to find out what ailed his young companion, Van started looking for answers and found them in Findley. Haeta has been growing the flowers

star 9.65
34 votes
Dreams and Reality

#4 - Dreams and Reality

Bakuman Season 1 - Episode 1

Moritaka Mashiro, an average student with a talent for drawing, forgets his notebook at school, where his classmate Akito Takagi finds and looks through it. Takagi likes his drawings and asks Mashiro to team up with him to create a best-selling manga. Mashiro refuses because his uncle was a manga artist until he died from overworking, while deeply in debt, which derails his dream. Takagi soon invites him to visit Miho Azuki, the girl Mashiro has an unrequited crush on, and Takagi tells her of his plan to create a manga that will become an anime, in which she will play the heroine. Mashiro also proposes to marry Azuki when both their dreams come true, and she agrees that they will, but shall not see each other until then. With this motivation, Mashiro decides to become a manga artist. 

star 9.03
136 votes
Don't Be Scared!!

#5 - Don't Be Scared!!

Ah! My Buddha Season 1 - Episode 4

Chitose's love for horror movie is shown when she forces Sumi, Ikkou, Hinata and Yuko to watch them with her. A little girl requests help from the gang and they enter a haunted house. Chitose narrates the scenarios that occurred in the respective rooms and scare the wits out of Sumi, Ikkou and Yuko. It is revealed that the little girl is a spirit and Jotoku punishes them for not realising that sooner.

star 9.00
84 votes
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Don't Sing!!

#6 - Don't Sing!!

Ah! My Buddha Season 1 - Episode 9

Ayako is the ghost haunting a recording studio. Her creepy voice has been recorded into some CDs and the studio request help from Ikkou and Chitose. Ayako said she died in a car crash before she made her debut album so she became a restless ghost. Ikkou tells Chitose to lend Ayako her body to sing. With the cooperation of the studio, Chitose/Ayako's album was ranked first and Chitose is invited to sing publicly. On the stage however, Ayako refuses to pass on because she has not sang it to her love interest. Jotoku brings her boyfriend to the stage and Ayako passes on.

star 9.00
84 votes
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Parent and Child

#7 - Parent and Child

Bakuman Season 1 - Episode 3

Mashiro and Takagi arrive at Mashiro's uncle's apartment, where they look around and Mashiro shows Takagi the manuscripts and storyboards, that the author of a manga series produces before drawing it. Mashiro realizes that his uncle was working extremely hard until his death and vows to approach it with the same resolve. Mashiro and Takagi find letters between his uncle and his friend from childhood, which stop before his hit manga was serialized, and looking at a yearbook photo of her, realized that he had been in love with Azuki's mother. They go to visit Azuki's mother the next day, and learn that she was also in love with him, but never could admit it and fell in love with someone else. Mashiro asks Azuki's mother not to tell her about the relationship between her and her uncle, and he then sets out to make a manga. 

star 8.90
94 votes
Carrot and Stick

#8 - Carrot and Stick

Bakuman Season 1 - Episode 6

Mashiro and Takagi meet with Akira Hattori, one of the editors at Shonen Jack. He notes that their work has flaws, as it is too text-driven and not drawn in manga style, but they have potential. He tells them that they are better suited to figuring out what could be a hit and drawing that, rather than drawing what they want, and while they are less likely to get a smash hit with that skillset, they are more likely to follow up on one if they do. Hattori gives them his contact information, encouraging them to come to him with their work. At school, the teacher decides to seat boys and girls next to each other, resulting in Mashiro sitting next to Azuki. 

star 8.85
84 votes
Summer and Names

#9 - Summer and Names

Bakuman Season 1 - Episode 5

Recalling when he and Azuki turned back to look at each other at the same time, Mashiro tells Takagi that he and Azuki have been on the same frequency for years, indicating that they are connected without having to say anything about it. Azuki's best friend Kaya Miyoshi goes to Takagi to complain about him telling Azuki about her dream, and as she does so, gives indications of romantic interest in Takagi that Mashiro and Miyoshi notice. During the summer, Mashiro and Takagi stay at Mashiro's uncle's office, and work on a manga called The Two Earths. When it is complete, they call the Shonen Jack editorial department. 

star 8.70
86 votes
Dumb and Smart

#10 - Dumb and Smart

Bakuman Season 1 - Episode 2

Mashiro chats with Takagi, who tells him that he chose Mashiro because he is smarter than many of his peers in matters outside of scholarship, and that he believes Azuki has a similar kind of intelligence, with the ability to be appealling to others. Mashiro tells Takagi that he believes his uncle committed suicide, and thus suspects that his parents will oppose him becoming a manga artist. Mashiro's mother says his uncle did not commit suicide, but still opposes his decision until his father and grandfather show support for his dream. Mashiro's grandfather gives him his deceased uncle's studio apartment, and Mashiro brings Takagi to see it. 

star 8.65
95 votes
Uncertainties and Expectations

#11 - Uncertainties and Expectations

Bakuman Season 1 - Episode 8

Takagi comes up with some more ideas, including One Hundred Millionth, a story about people being ranked according to their abilities, and Hattori is impressed with the story, causing Mashiro to wonder if his art is good enough. The story is chosen as one of the finalists, but does not make it to the four chosen for the award or honorable mentions. Shortly afterward, Ishizawa, a classmate, claims that Mashiro's art is holding Takagi down. Takagi gets angry and punches Ishizawa. 

star 8.50
80 votes
Don't Tempt Me!!

#12 - Don't Tempt Me!!

Ah! My Buddha Season 2 - Episode 1

Chitose and Ikkou are tasked with helping the Toudou family. There, Ikkou meets Kazuki, a special monk from a rival temple to Saienji. They try to exorcise the spirits together but create embarrassing situations for themselves. Later, when Ikkou and Kazuki are alone, she tries to awaken him to "the right path".

star 8.50
112 votes
Elegance In The Moonlight

#13 - Elegance In The Moonlight

Fate/Stay Night Season 1 - Episode 9

Saber is eager to go to the temple but Shirō has insisted that they won't be going because it seems too dangerous. Nonetheless, as soon as Shirō falls asleep, Saber heads off by herself to the temple, not only to be confronted by the servant identified as Assassin. Unlike any other servant, Assassin actually reveals his true identity to Saber, as Sasaki Kojirou. Although the talking ends here and the fighting begins but while this is going on Rider sneaks past them and enters the temple to fight some woman. Who is this mysterious woman and was Shinji planning this all along?

star 8.46
202 votes
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Time and Keys

#14 - Time and Keys

Bakuman Season 1 - Episode 4

Mashiro shows Takagi all that he has drawn and points out all the mistakes he has made, as well as the finer points of using tools for drawing manga. When Takagi questions him, Mashiro tells him about G-Pens and Kabura pens, making manuscripts, and Taro Kawaguchi's three rules to a successful manga: conceit, doing your best, and luck. When they go to a convenience store, Takagi notices that the latest issue of Jack has a semi-finalist named Eiji Nizuma, a fifteen year old manga creator. The two discuss their high schools, manga, and editors, thus coming to the conclusion that they would finish the manuscript for a manga by summer's end and show it to an editor of Jack. While walking home with Takagi, Mashiro encounters Azuki by chance; while the two are unable to look at each other as they pass, they both turn back to look. 

star 8.26
91 votes
Heart Pain Killer

#15 - Heart Pain Killer

IS: Infinite Stratos Season 2 - Episode 2

After sparring with Lingyin, Ichika runs late to class and is punished by Chifuyu. Officially meeting Tatenashi at the school assembly, Ichika oversees the selection of his class' activity for the school festival wherein Laura suggests a normal maid cafe. After receiving approval, Ichika is unwilling to receive Tatenashi as an instructor and challenges her ultimately losing. Dreaming upon the grasslands, Ichika appears to see Houki before awaking in Tatenashi's lap. Tatenashi takes Ichika training in shooting stances with Charlotte and Cecilia. Ichika returns home to find Tatenashi who incites Houki as he enters into a new training routine with Tatenashi. In the end Houki, Cecilia, Lingyin, Charlotte, and Laura all try to comfort Ichika as he falls asleep from exhaustion.

star 8.26
103 votes
The Day a Demon Awakens

#16 - The Day a Demon Awakens

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Season 2 - Episode 1

One year after the Black Rebellion, Lelouch Lamperouge has resumed his normal school life with no apparent memories of the year before. After skipping remedial gym class, he sets off with younger brother Rolo to gamble at Babel Tower. Led by C.C., the Order of the Black Knights launches an attack on the complex to retrieve Lelouch. C.C. reawakens Lelouch's memories, and he resumes his identity as Zero. Suzaku Kururugi declares to the Emperor that he will personally kill Zero.

star 7.97
409 votes
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Farewell to Hakufu and the Days of Fighting

#17 - Farewell to Hakufu and the Days of Fighting

Ikki Tousen Season 1 - Episode 13

Hakufu and Ryoumei go after Ouin Shishi, who manages to enrage Hakufu. But instead of her dragon spirit manifesting, Hakufu channels the remaining influence of Toutaku and gets out of control. Can Koukin save her from her fate? Ukitsu also comes back for a final challenge.

star 7.83
201 votes
A Confrontation With Destiny

#18 - A Confrontation With Destiny

Ikki Tousen Season 1 - Episode 7

Hakufu and Koukin manage to fend off the crazed snake-like Kannei Kouha. Ryofu continues to pursue her own relationships with the possibility of betraying Tontaku. Shimei Ryomou fights the beautiful but deadly schoolgirl-uniformed Kanu Unchou of Seito Private School on the rooftops. Hakufu gets in another battle as well.

star 7.76
204 votes
The Day a New Demon Was Born

#19 - The Day a New Demon Was Born

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Season 1 - Episode 1

On August 10, 2010, a.t.b., Japan was conquered by the Holy Empire of Britannia. Seven years later, teenage student Lelouch Lamperouge finds himself pulled into a battle between anti-government terrorists and the Britannian Army in the Shinjuku Ghetto. In the midst of the conflict, a mysterious, green-haired girl saves him from death by granting him "the power of the king", which allows him to compel others to do his bidding.

star 7.61
618 votes
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Dreams Beyond the Twilight

#20 - Dreams Beyond the Twilight

Active Raid Season 1 - Episode 6

With the advent of Willwear, massive humanoid heavy machinery has been forgotten. But one of them has been stolen by its former pilot in Willwear. Only one other heavy machinery unit can stop it, and Funazaka rises to the challenge!

star 7.56
16 votes
Hitomiko's Barrier

#21 - Hitomiko's Barrier

InuYasha Season 7 - Episode 16

The priestess Hitomiko loses her life at Naraku's hands, but she is resurrected and locks Kagome within a barrier. Then, the true spiritual power of Mount Azusa's bow reveals itself!

star 7.54
51 votes
A Confrontation at Nanyou

#22 - A Confrontation at Nanyou

Ikki Tousen Season 1 - Episode 2

Fighters from Rakuyo High School have been found hanging around near Nanyou Academy. Rakuyo is headed by the fierce Fighter Totaku, who has conquered a couple of the schools in Kanto. Other schools have been banding together against him. Meanwhile, while running late for school, Koukin reveals to Hakufu that he would be willing to sacrifice himself if it meant protecting her. Gakushu questions Saji over Nanyou Academy's leader, Enjyutsu, whom he has not seen in months. Gakushu feels that there is something going on that he has been kept in the dark about. Enjyutsu sees Hakufu as a threat and issues the order to Big Four member Kannei to execute her to prevent her destiny from being fulfilled. This order is given to the whole of Nanyou Academy, and results in Hakufu doing battle with Kannei and Ryomou, while Koukin fights all of the students and Saji. Will they all survive? And what is Saji planning?

star 7.44
186 votes
Big Sister's Good Image / Sato's Unrequited Love

#23 - Big Sister's Good Image / Sato's Unrequited Love

Castle Town Dandelion Season 1 - Episode 2

We learn more about Kanade, the second royal princess, and her relationship with Akane. We also meet Sato, Shu's classmate, and find out her feelings for him.

star 7.38
13 votes
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I Want to Be Popular / First Errand / Life as an Idol

#24 - I Want to Be Popular / First Errand / Life as an Idol

Castle Town Dandelion Season 1 - Episode 3

It's another typical day for the Sakurada Royal Family. Hikari tries her best to appeal to the citizens. Teru endures the trials of his first errand. Hikari decides the best way to get more votes for the election is to become a popular idol.

star 7.33
12 votes
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The Royal Princess’ Skirt / The Mysterious Student Council President

#25 - The Royal Princess’ Skirt / The Mysterious Student Council President

Castle Town Dandelion Season 1 - Episode 4

Akane goes to school without a crucial piece of clothing. Also, the student council is making all students participate in a town beautification day. Who is behind this and how will Akane deal with all the cameras?

star 7.33
12 votes
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The Election and Me / My Big Sister is Sentimental

#26 - The Election and Me / My Big Sister is Sentimental

Castle Town Dandelion Season 1 - Episode 6

There are six months left until the election. Akane and her siblings are campaigning--all except Misaki. Then, we learn more about Akane and Aoi, and their reasoning behind their attitudes toward the election.

star 7.33
9 votes
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Summer Vacation / Online Secret / Eight of Misaki

#27 - Summer Vacation / Online Secret / Eight of Misaki

Castle Town Dandelion Season 1 - Episode 5

It's summer and the Sakurada Royal Family are at the beach! Haruka is doing something fishy on the internet, and Misaki is busy at school as all her clones help out in different clubs. Misaki isn't too happy about it, though.

star 7.30
10 votes
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Scarlet Bloom / Big Sister's Birthday

#28 - Scarlet Bloom / Big Sister's Birthday

Castle Town Dandelion Season 1 - Episode 9

We meet Scarlet Bloom, a masked heroine with red pigtails and who can control gravity. Who could her true identity be?! While things are ramping up for the election, it's almost Christmas Eve, which is also Aoi's birthday.

star 7.30
10 votes
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Search★Light's Whereabouts / Onii-chan Acts Like a Big Brother

#29 - Search★Light's Whereabouts / Onii-chan Acts Like a Big Brother

Castle Town Dandelion Season 1 - Episode 10

The elections are drawing near and Search☆Light is performing again, but there is tension in the air between Sachiko and Raito. Meanwhile, even though Kanade and Shu are twins, they have their differences in opinion.

star 7.25
8 votes
Farewell, Scarlet Bloom

#30 - Farewell, Scarlet Bloom

Castle Town Dandelion Season 1 - Episode 11

It's one month before the elections. We learn why Akane hates being in the public eye. Then, due to an unfortunate circumstance, the king cannot perform his duties. How will the Sakurada Royal Siblings save the day?

star 7.25
8 votes
Troubled Sato / The King's Side Trip

#31 - Troubled Sato / The King's Side Trip

Castle Town Dandelion Season 1 - Episode 8

The whole family's superpowers are acting up! Meanwhile, Hana asks Akane for dating advice about Shu. Then, we take a look into the past and see how Akane's mom and dad met.

star 7.14
7 votes
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Worrywart King / Secret Idol

#32 - Worrywart King / Secret Idol

Castle Town Dandelion Season 1 - Episode 7

The King goes on a business trip, reluctantly leaving Kanade in charge of a Akane and Shiori. Meanwhile, Hikari gets to work with Sacchy, but Sacchy is not friendly. How can Hikari get Sacchy to like her?

star 7.13
8 votes
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Who Will the Crown Shine Upon?

#33 - Who Will the Crown Shine Upon?

Castle Town Dandelion Season 1 - Episode 12

The elections are finally here and the siblings are preparing for their final speeches. Who will be crowned as the successor to the throne?

star 7.13
8 votes
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Long Rail Life

#34 - Long Rail Life

Active Raid Season 1 - Episode 7

A Willwear is en route to the metropolitan government building under an EM dome, ostensibly to exact vengeance on the governor. Unit 8 rallies, but is unable to act without permission from the prefecture. However, their operator, Haruka, has a plan…

star 7.07
14 votes
The Sakurada Family's Nine Siblings

#35 - The Sakurada Family's Nine Siblings

Castle Town Dandelion Season 1 - Episode 1

Shy Akane is the fourth of nine siblings of the Royal Sakurada Family. Although she cannot even pass by a surveillance camera without wanting to hide, her father, the King, has decided to hold an election to name his successor.

star 6.96
47 votes
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Holding Airspace

#36 - Holding Airspace

Active Raid Season 1 - Episode 4

An anonymous tip reveals that Flight 206 has a bomb aboard that will explode unless the flight maintains certain altitude and remains within a prescribed area. Sena and Kuroki attempt to defuse the bomb in their Willwear, but the saboteur’s true intentions then emerge…

star 6.95
19 votes
In the Name of Logos

#37 - In the Name of Logos

Active Raid Season 1 - Episode 9

The increase of Willwear crime targeting banks and other lucrative venues leads Unit 8 to launch an investigation. Realizing that Dog, a Logos operative, is taking matters into his own hands, Mythos and Bird decide he must be punished...

star 6.92
13 votes
The Invisible Conqueror

#38 - The Invisible Conqueror

Active Raid Season 1 - Episode 10

There have been no crimes committed by modified Willwear in recent memory. The police take this as a sign that Logos has ceased to exist, but Unit 8 continue their own investigation, believing that Logos leaders are still out there...

star 6.92
13 votes
Poker Face of Erasure

#39 - Poker Face of Erasure

Active Raid Season 1 - Episode 5

Unit 8 receives a curious request to win a poker game on a casino built on a floating land. However, their opponent proves formidable, and they are threatened with a missile attack on the city proper if they fail to achieve victory…

star 6.86
14 votes
Academy Destruction

#40 - Academy Destruction

Active Raid Season 1 - Episode 2

Asami continues her internal investigation of Unit 8 as Yamabuki deals with the fallout following their most recent mission. When a Willwear is reported assaulting the school Yamabuki’s sister goes to, Asami finally dons Willwear, but will she be able to resolve the case without breaking any laws?

star 6.79
24 votes
For Whom Does Order Exist?

#41 - For Whom Does Order Exist?

Active Raid Season 1 - Episode 12

Orochi has fallen under Mythos's complete and total control. As Unit 8 pursues him, the ultimate Willwear appears!

star 6.71
14 votes

#42 - Ulti-maid-ronde

Active Raid Season 1 - Episode 8

A mysterious Willwear, Ulti-maid, appears in the most recent string of incidents in the city. With capacities and performance far exceeding those of Unit 8's Willwear, it becomes a national 5celebrity. Amid rumors that Unit 8 may soon become obsolete, Kuroki invites Sena to a drinking party, where a most unexpected guest appears...

star 6.67
12 votes
Japan Style

#43 - Japan Style

Active Raid Season 1 - Episode 11

Now that Mythos controls half of Orochi, the entire nation's transit and communications systems have come to a grinding halt. Unit 8 rallies to save the day..

star 6.64
14 votes
Challenge From the Arena

#44 - Challenge From the Arena

Active Raid Season 1 - Episode 3

A Willwear appears at a popular idol’s concert. Kuroki, Sena, and Asami make a beeline for the concert hall, but the situation devolves into a struggle to assert remote control over the Willwear…

star 6.10
21 votes