The BEST episodes directed by Nobuhiro Mutou

The Modern Ninja
1412 votes

#1 - The Modern Ninja

One-Punch Man - Season 1 - Episode 4

A group of battlesuit-clad terrorists called "The Paradisers" appears in City F, led by an enormous man known as Hammerhead. Calling for the redistribution of wealth, the group targets the fat-cat Zeniru, who in turn dispatches his bodyguard to defeat them. Unfortunately, Saitama is on the same errand.

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The Deep Sea King
1284 votes

#2 - The Deep Sea King

One-Punch Man - Season 1 - Episode 8

A pack of monsters calling themselves the "Clan of the Seafolk" arrive on the shores of City J intent on invading the land. When the hero sent to fight them is defeated easily by the Deep Sea King himself, Saitama and Genos head for the city to help.

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Isn’t This a Tight Squeeze?
49 votes

#3 - Isn’t This a Tight Squeeze?

Call of the Night - Season 1 - Episode 4

Three’s a crowd when Ko invites Akira to hang out with him and Nazuna late one evening.

Smoldering Embers in an Isolated Nation
29 votes

#4 - Smoldering Embers in an Isolated Nation

ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept. - Season 1 - Episode 4

Jean has come to Suitsu District to do an audit. In Suitsu, excessive safeguards to uphold tradition and formality have restricted the exchange of goods and ideas between district residents and the outside world. Their isolation could be felt even by Jean, who then runs into residents discussing a coup by accident. Fearing disclosure, they kidnap Jean. Jean is about to learn a lot more about Suitsu residents and their opinions...

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Holy Intrigue!
42 votes

#5 - Holy Intrigue!

The Genius Prince's Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt - Season 1 - Episode 6

Wein heads to Cavarin for the Festival of the Spirit, but it is a perilous journey with Mardenian remnants in the borderlands and rebellious lords at home. In Marden, Wein forges an unlikely alliance, but the intrigue goes into overdrive in Cavarin.

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