The Best Episodes Directed by Nanako Shimazaki

Tomoe - Tomoe

#1 - Tomoe - Tomoe

Rozen Maiden Season 2 - Episode 10

Souseiseki is destined to meet a tragic fate, and to make matters worse, Shinku sees the same for Hinaichigo as well. Hinaichigo is also aware of her destiny, and shares her last moments with Tomoe. There is no time to mourn, however, since Barasuishou, Laplace, and Enju have apparently laid a trap for Jun and the remaining dolls of the Rozen Maiden.

star 9.81
31 votes
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#2 - Chevalier

Blood+ Season 2 - Episode 7

David and the others return to Red Shield headquarters where they are checked for any signs of Chiropteran infections. Meanwhile Ashmel, Solomon, James, and Nathan meet up to figure out a what to do about Saya. Also Kai finds out something from Joel's diary.

star 9.42
43 votes
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Suiseiseki - Jade Stern

#3 - Suiseiseki - Jade Stern

Rozen Maiden Season 1 - Episode 4

One night while Shinku and Hinaichigo was in a tassle over a KunKun stuff toy, a suitcase crashes through the window of Jun's room to reveal another Rozen Maiden 'Suiseiseki'. Suiseiseki came to look for Shinku who's like a big sister of sorts and she hated humans. She dislikes Jun as well and tries to draw a line btw them. However, she gets along better with Nori who's of a gentler nature. By Shinku's request, Suiseiseki uses her power to bring Jun into his inner dreamworld which is dark, gloomy and neglected - reflecting his heart. Jun is afraid to confront his fears and runs away. The four of them (Jun, Shinku, Suiseiseki & Hinaichigo) arrives at a green forest within which a tree representing Jun's heart is located. Feeling sorry for the tree, Suiseiseki tries to help by watering the small and crooked tree. Jun learns that he has to bring them home to reality since it's his dreamworld after all. When he catches hold of Suiseiseki when she's about to slip off his flying form, Suisei

star 9.17
64 votes
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#4 - V

Amnesia (2013) Season 1 - Episode 5

Heroine is confused on why she was sent back in time. Orion appears before trying to explain but disappears before she is able to understand.

star 9.13
38 votes
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Farewell, My Turnabout - 1st Trial

#5 - Farewell, My Turnabout - 1st Trial

Ace Attorney Season 1 - Episode 21

A new case, a new murder, but a familiar suspect, as a samurai once again gets accused of the crime. This is a case that must be taken, but for an altogether different reason...

star 8.00
11 votes
Reunion, and Turnabout - 3rd Trial

#6 - Reunion, and Turnabout - 3rd Trial

Ace Attorney Season 1 - Episode 16

After the first session of the trial, the investigation continues, and a few suspects start to crop up.

star 7.64
11 votes
Arrival in Okinawa

#7 - Arrival in Okinawa

Grand Blue Dreaming Season 1 - Episode 10

The Peek-a-Boo members arrive in Okinawa! After checking out their gorgeous vacation home, the group decides to head to the beach. In order to make sure the guys don't try to get naked, they decide to go to a popular beach with lots of visitors, where they have some wild fun on a banana boat. However, Iori loses their banana boat contest and ends up having to sleep in Nanaka and Azusa's room!

star 7.57
28 votes
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Three as One

#8 - Three as One

Chaos Dragon Season 1 - Episode 3

The representatives from each country come together to form the combined expedition. Their first mission - to meet one known as the Undead Merchant.

star 7.20
20 votes
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The Goal is Close. The Sports Festival Will Thus be Over Too.

#9 - The Goal is Close. The Sports Festival Will Thus be Over Too.

If Her Flag Breaks Season 1 - Episode 4

During the first day, Quest Dorm members are excelling the Sports Festival. But their performance dropped, and their ranking dropped to the 8th place during the second-to-last day. During night before the last day of the Sports Festival, Souta talked with Ruri about his condition. While reciting the letter he received, he activated Ruri's "First Flag, Program Code". Souta is given a vision about Quest Dorm, where there exist an underground passage below the dormitory. During the last day of the Sports Festival, under the guidance of the Victory Flag, the Quest Dorm received MVP title despite ranked 2nd.

star 7.16
19 votes
Narrow Escape From Death

#10 - Narrow Escape From Death

Chaos Dragon Season 1 - Episode 10

Ulrika stands in support of Sweallow's decision to go after Ibuki. She offers to secure a special weapon which Lou shows a keen interest in.

star 7.10
10 votes
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