The Best Episodes Directed by Michael Weaver

Opening Night

#1 - Opening Night

Rise Season 1 - Episode 10

During opening night of "Spring Awakening" personal crises and dilemmas percolate in the wings backstage as Simon struggles to overcome his biggest fear, Lilette withholds a huge development from Robbie, Robbie has a momentous breakthrough, and Tracey draws a line in the sand. Over the course of one evening, decisions are made that will change Lou and Stanton Drama forever.

star 8.60
119 votes
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#2 - King

Good Girls Season 2 - Episode 13

Turner has Beth in checkmate. The women must contend with a rotten egg from the past. Rio makes a grand gesture for Beth, and a new business opportunity presents itself.

star 8.25
521 votes
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New Plan

#3 - New Plan

Parenthood (2010) Season 2 - Episode 20

Crosby decides to try and get Jasmine back. Meanwhile, Adam worries about Haddie and Alex going to her prom together. Sarah works on her play script.

star 8.04
548 votes
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I'd Rather Be Crafting

#4 - I'd Rather Be Crafting

Good Girls Season 2 - Episode 1

Beth must live with the fallout after her plan to get Rio arrested fails. Meanwhile, the women’s crimes finally catch up with them when evidence surfaces that puts them on a collision course with Agent Turner.

star 8.00
647 votes
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I Got This

#5 - I Got This

Pure Genius Season 1 - Episode 12

Talaikha and Malik treat Georgia Ray, one of the world’s biggest pop stars and friend of James’s, for laryngeal cancer, but when gold particles and microsurgery reveal more cancer than expected, they incur the singer’s wrath when her vocal chords and career are threatened. Also, Angie’s mother reluctantly sees Scott as a patient when she thinks she may be ill, and James is discouraged when he thinks Louis Keating’s GSS is getting worse.

star 7.96
969 votes
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Slow Down, Children at Play

#6 - Slow Down, Children at Play

Good Girls Season 2 - Episode 2

Rio forces Beth, Annie, and Ruby to solve a problem with a possible witness, which challenges the women’s morality. Meanwhile, Annie is in an awkward position with Greg and Nancy.

star 7.94
579 votes
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The Abby

#7 - The Abby

Californication Season 6 - Episode 11

Hank and Faith join forces to track down Atticus, but Becca is the only person who can really help. Marcy's outing with Ophelia leaves her a little tied up and Charlie's response to a curious message reveals the true feelings between the two exes. Karen has an epiphany about Becca.

star 7.91
2479 votes
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The Miracle

#8 - The Miracle

The Path Season 1 - Episode 10

Eddie faces exile after his crisis of faith is discovered by The Movement. Cal delivers the final three rungs of The Ladder to the congregation, while Sarah learns a dark secret about The Movement. Eddie, seeking answers, travels to Peru where he uncovers a shocking truth.

star 7.90
620 votes
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Thelma and Louise

#9 - Thelma and Louise

Good Girls Season 2 - Episode 8

Beth and Ruby’s friendship fractures just as Dean’s vendetta against Rio compromises the women’s business dealings. Meanwhile, Nancy, on the verge of giving birth, needs Annie’s help.

star 7.88
533 votes
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#10 - C-H-- CHEATER!

Speechless Season 1 - Episode 19

Maya and Kenneth team up to hold JJ accountable after he cheats on an exam at school. Meanwhile, Jimmy bails Ray out of a get-rich-quick scheme, but also learns the reason behind his need for some fast cash.

star 7.87
528 votes
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Hero Worship

#11 - Hero Worship

Pure Genius Season 1 - Episode 10

When a woman arrives at Bunker Hill with a mysterious lung ailment, James is conflicted after he connects other respiratory cases in her area to possible contamination from a microchip factory owned by his hero, tech guru Douglas Prescott (David Paymer). Also, Walter and Taliakha work to find why a young man can’t walk despite his legs being in good condition, and Zoe becomes jealous of James’s connection to Nina,

star 7.87
1007 votes
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Stay a Little Longer

#12 - Stay a Little Longer

Parenthood (2010) Season 5 - Episode 12

Sarah receives good news about a job; Jasmine is less than thrilled when Crosby opens his home to Oliver Rome, whose band has reached a breaking point; Amber is faced with a painful reality.

star 7.86
315 votes
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Broken Toys

#13 - Broken Toys

Good Girls Season 4 - Episode 8

Flashbacks reveal the road that led Rio to his present life. Beth gets a surprise visit from Nick, who warns her against a relationship with Rio. Dean is roped into a pyramid scheme by his biker gang.

star 7.83
199 votes
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How Did We Get Here?

#14 - How Did We Get Here?

Parenthood (2010) Season 6 - Episode 10

Zeek is rushed to the hospital and the entire family hurries to his side. As Adam and Crosby nervously await news of Zeek's health, a serious emergency at The Luncheonette pulls them away. At the hospital, Joel sticks by Julia, offering unwavering support, and further blurring the lines of their relationship.

star 7.83
172 votes
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#15 - Promises

Parenthood (2010) Season 5 - Episode 11

Joel steps in when Ed confronts Julia; in Camille's absence, Zeek makes a new friend; Carl and Sarah attend a fundraiser.

star 7.82
281 votes
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Cold Feet

#16 - Cold Feet

Parenthood (2010) Season 5 - Episode 20

Zeek and Camille come to an agreement about the house; Julia throws herself into helping Kristina and Adam as she struggles with her own personal life; Sarah learns what her kids have been up to.

star 7.82
230 votes
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Wiener Night

#17 - Wiener Night

The Mindy Project Season 2 - Episode 5

Mindy hits it off with a journalist named Jason, but Jason is a bit snobbish and finds Mindy to be too mainstream. To show that she's more cultured than he thinks, Mindy invites Jason to Christina's art show, where nude photos of Danny are on display.

star 7.82
675 votes
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Music Festival

#18 - Music Festival

The Mindy Project Season 2 - Episode 3

After returning from Haiti, Casey has an identity crisis and thinks being a disc jockey might be his new calling. When Mindy and the office go to a music festival for their “work retreat” to see Casey perform, the substance-filled surroundings lead to a series of disasters. Meanwhile, back in New York, Jeremy hires a new doctor, whom Mindy doesn’t particularly like after he saves the day during an emergency delivery.

star 7.78
685 votes
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Here I Go Again

#19 - Here I Go Again

Californication Season 5 - Episode 7

Hank saves Karen from embarrassment with a drunk Richard, then covers for Richard by pretending to be dating a stripper named Holly, who takes a liking to Tyler and offends his girlfriend, Becca. Meanwhile, when she's fired after an inappropriate encounter with Stu, nanny Lizzie calls on Charlie and allows their relationship to progress, only to have Marcy beg for her return.

star 7.77
3849 votes
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Summer of the Shark

#20 - Summer of the Shark

Good Girls Season 1 - Episode 9

Rio asks the women to complete a seemingly simple job so he can get the operation up and running, but Beth, Ruby, and Annie fear there may be more to the task than meets the eye. As the ladies’ long-simmering tensions with the gang leader boil over, Ruby learns that Sara has risen to the top of the transplant list.

star 7.75
596 votes
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To Lift the Veil

#21 - To Lift the Veil

The Path Season 3 - Episode 9

Without Vera to do his dirty work, Eddie must face the dark side of being a leader to a religious movement. Vera converts to Meyerism, bringing her closer to Eddie, but the ODE test may bring out a secret that could affect the whole Movement. Outside of Meyerism, Sarah dives deep into Lilith’s prophecy, challenging everything she’s ever believed on.

star 7.75
177 votes
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A Room of One's Own

#22 - A Room of One's Own

The Path Season 1 - Episode 9

Sarah meets with Alison Kemp after discovering Eddie’s burner phone. Eddie and Hawk return home, and Sarah confronts Eddie about his crisis of faith. Cal asks Sarah to be his second- in-command. Someone from the organization’s past returns.

star 7.74
599 votes
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The Dope Show

#23 - The Dope Show

Californication Season 6 - Episode 7

Hank returns from his trip to find Becca spiraling, but his plan to help her backfires when they go to visit Atticus and meet his current house guest (guest star MARILYN MANSON as himself). Hank has an encounter that puts him in a very awkward position with Karen. Charlie takes Stuart out for the day and has an encounter of his own.

star 7.71
2468 votes
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Operation: Natal Attraction

#24 - Operation: Natal Attraction

Future Man Season 1 - Episode 10

Still in the past, Josh desperately tries to change Dr. Kronish’s future while not messing up his own. Tiger and Wolf confront each other over Wolf's wavering dedication to the cause.

star 7.71
1528 votes
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Frère Jacques

#25 - Frère Jacques

Good Girls Season 3 - Episode 6

A guilty Beth convinces the women to go to grisly lengths to keep Max out of harm's way. Annie attempts to process her trauma without the help of Dr. Cohen. Ruby considers sabotaging a job opportunity that comes up for Stan.

star 7.71
360 votes
Crimes & Misdemeanors & Ex-BFs

#26 - Crimes & Misdemeanors & Ex-BFs

The Mindy Project Season 3 - Episode 3

Tax troubles inspire Mindy tries to rekindle a phony relationship with Cliff.

star 7.70
550 votes
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The Strongest Souls

#27 - The Strongest Souls

The Path Season 3 - Episode 10

Eddie tries to protect the movement by implementing legal contracts, which send his family and others on a battle against him. Eddie refuses to meet Lilith, but Vera makes a confession that could change his mind. Cal seeks therapy to unlock repressed memories from his past. Lilith has a new vision about the end of the world.

star 7.67
163 votes
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Big Kahuna

#28 - Big Kahuna

Good Girls Season 4 - Episode 2

A huge client approaches Dean to sell his merchandise at Boland’s Bubbles, but Beth is hesitant. Stan and Ruby’s guilt reaches a breaking point when Sara’s donor family returns. Annie tries to prove to Ben that she can keep up with the rich parents at his school.

star 7.66
274 votes
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#29 - You

Good Girls Season 4 - Episode 13

Rio inserts himself in the girls' new business to Beth's dismay. Phoebe discovers a bombshell in the case and returns to Detroit.

star 7.66
178 votes
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Seeds and All

#30 - Seeds and All

Little Fires Everywhere Season 1 - Episode 2

As Moody’s friendship with Pearl deepens, Elena’s relationship with Mia grows increasingly strained. Unsettled by a faulty reference, Elena snoops into Mia’s past while Lexie worries about her Yale admissions essay. Mia bonds with her immigrant co-worker Bebe Chow, who makes a confession with far-reaching consequences.

star 7.66
709 votes
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Seventy Cents

#31 - Seventy Cents

Little Fires Everywhere Season 1 - Episode 3

Party preparations for Mirabelle McCullough’s first birthday are underway as Mia helps Bebe search for her daughter. To Pearl’s dismay, Moody tries to take their relationship to the next level at the Homecoming dance while Izzy sends a message to April. Mia’s discovery at Mirabelle’s birthday threatens her newfound friendship with Elena.

star 7.64
655 votes
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The Beginning

#32 - The Beginning

The Path Season 3 - Episode 1

Eddie is the new Guardian of the light, and with the help of his sleek new publicist Vera, Eddie removes security and opens up the doors of the movement; but when blood appears on the Compound, even his supporters will question his decision. After one of her blackmail victims commits suicide, Sarah seeks to be punished. For that she goes to Cal, who is living his own version of torture in Florida, along with Mary and his son Forest.

star 7.64
226 votes
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Find Your Beach

#33 - Find Your Beach

Good Girls Season 3 - Episode 1

Beth makes a new friend while struggling to process her guilt over Rio’s death. The women perfect their latest business venture just as Agent Turner and his surprising informant complicate their plans to launch.

star 7.64
450 votes
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Operation: Fatal Attraction

#34 - Operation: Fatal Attraction

Future Man Season 1 - Episode 9

Convinced he knows how to stop Dr. Kronish once and for all, Josh commandeers the TTD and leads the team on a mission into the past. But when Wolf goes missing, they have to spilt up, forcing Josh to carry out his insane plan alone.

star 7.64
1583 votes
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Carolyn with a Y

#35 - Carolyn with a Y

Good Girls Season 4 - Episode 7

Ruby and Annie get frustrated with Beth. things change when Rio asks Beth to recruit a new team member. Stan is wary of involving Beth in new business. Annie is convinced to pull Ben from private school.

star 7.63
227 votes
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#36 - Opportunity

Good Girls Season 3 - Episode 10

Beth begins to make moves toward the future just as a new member of law enforcement enters the women's orbit. A guilty Ruby goes too far trying to be a good person while Annie experiences self-doubt over her GED test.

star 7.63
326 votes
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#37 - Locusts

The Path Season 3 - Episode 3

Despite everyone’s fears and objections, Eddie wants to try and save the soul of the racist kid who’s been terrorizing the Compound. Vera struggles between her loyalty to her mother and her prophecy, and her growing feelings for Eddie. Cal cannot stay in denial and hide from his trauma, so he decides to drag his family back to the Compound, making Mary fear for their future together.

star 7.61
217 votes
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#38 - S-U-R-- SURPRISE

Speechless Season 1 - Episode 17

Maya plans to throw a "surprise party" for Dylan, but Dylan would rather she didn't. Ray and JJ shop for a birthday present and have an adventure.

star 7.61
565 votes
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No More Mr. Noishe Guy

#39 - No More Mr. Noishe Guy

The Mindy Project Season 3 - Episode 14

Rob (guest star Tate Ellington) gives Mindy an opportunity to start up her own practice in San Francisco, and she struggles to tell Danny, especially when Danny shows her the brownstone he bought for the two of them in New York! Meanwhile, Jeremy and Peter grapple with the fact that Lauren is moving to Texas and leaving them both behind.

star 7.60
436 votes
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About a Birthday Party

#40 - About a Birthday Party

About a Boy Season 1 - Episode 11

Marcus is excited for his first ever big birthday party and Will agrees to help plan it. But complications arise when Sam asks Will to a gala at the hospital, creating a scheduling problem. To make matters even worse, Will and Andy discover that one of Marcus's popular classmates is having a birthday bash on the same day. Meanwhile, Fiona and Sam get into a disagreement, and Will finds himself stuck in the middle.

star 7.58
339 votes
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Fake AF

#41 - Fake AF

Almost Family Season 1 - Episode 4

The sisters meet a new sibling, restaurant owner Nate, who helps them secure one of the most exclusive reservations in New York. Unfortunately, the dinner doesn’t go as planned and Julia is forced to apologize to Roxy and Edie for her missteps. Meanwhile, Edie and Tim discuss starting a family, but Edie is conflicted on where she stands, Dr. Bechley begins his volunteer work at a hospital, where he uncovers another Bechley baby and Roxy invests her time in training her gymnastics protégé, Izzy, while tensions with her parents rise.

star 7.58
81 votes
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Frat Party

#42 - Frat Party

The Mindy Project Season 1 - Episode 23

Mindy acts as a mentor to a college student. But when Casey and Mindy unexpectedly hit a rough patch, she decides to drown her sorrows at a frat party where she reunites with her old flame, Tom, and all hell breaks loose. Meanwhile, Danny and Jeremy try to woo Morgan away from the midwives.

star 7.56
640 votes
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#43 - Dave

Good Girls Season 4 - Episode 4

Phoebe inches closer to the trio's entire operation, allowing the Secret Service to make an interesting deal with Beth. Stan's boss forces dangerous errands. Ruby imagines a new life. Annie struggles with the possibility that Ben no longer needs her.

star 7.56
236 votes
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The Recused

#44 - The Recused

Californication Season 4 - Episode 7

Forced by her relationship with Hank to recuse herself as his lawyer, Abby pitches the case to a senior partner on the golf course; Hank is dismayed by Karen's growing relationship with artist Ben; Marcy and Stu ask Charlie to help them pitch a TV project.

star 7.55
4395 votes
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Cheyenne's Wedding

#45 - Cheyenne's Wedding

Superstore Season 2 - Episode 20

Cheyenne and Bo’s wedding arrives, but not all goes according to plan. Also, Amy and Jonah dodge relationship rumors; Glenn sets out to change Jeff’s mind after learning of looming layoffs; and Dina talks her way into the wedding party.

star 7.55
1429 votes
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Fall Guy

#46 - Fall Guy

Good Girls Season 4 - Episode 3

Beth and Dean deal with the aftermath of his arrest. The ladies must find a fall guy to take Dean’s place. Ruby enlists Stan’s help in getting dollar bills to implicate the new fall guy. Annie feels a growing distance between herself and Ben.

star 7.54
253 votes
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#47 - Return

The Path Season 2 - Episode 8

Cal secretly travels to Los Angeles, fighting for a big donation from Noa’s mother Jackie. Sarah visits a dying Brenda, who reveals how disturbing Cal’s relationship with Steve was. Richard and Kodiak force Eddie to relive Steve’s death in his mind's eye.

star 7.53
508 votes
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#48 - Biden

Casual Season 1 - Episode 6

Alex's secret leads to a pleasant surprise. Laura bonds with Michael after things spin out of control at school. Valerie opens up with her ex-husband.

star 7.51
317 votes
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#49 - Providence

The Path Season 2 - Episode 7

With the compound facing foreclosure, Sarah & Cal try to raise money for The Movement, putting the city center at risk. Hawk takes on a leadership role, as Cal targets Noa's wealthy mother. Eddie bonds with Chloe’s son, unaware that he's being followed.

star 7.50
502 votes
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Liminal Twilight

#50 - Liminal Twilight

The Path Season 2 - Episode 1

Eddie starts to build a life outside of The Movement, but secretly continues to see Sarah and the kids. Cal’s plan to buy a building for the New York City center leads to tension within the Meyerist leadership. Sarah is stunned by a revelation about Cal.

star 7.49
622 votes
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What to Expect When You're Expanding

#51 - What to Expect When You're Expanding

The Mindy Project Season 3 - Episode 20

Mindy struggles with her body image as her baby bump begins to show, so she agrees to meet with Sheena (guest star Laverne Cox), an aspiring personal stylist. Meanwhile, Jeremy, heartbroken over Lauren, tries to dive back into the dating pool, and unexpectedly runs into Morgan's girlfriend.

star 7.49
467 votes
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Dead Moon

#52 - Dead Moon

The Path Season 2 - Episode 2

With Meyerism facing dire financial straits, Cal and Sarah attend a fundraiser thrown by the Ridges for their wealthy friends. Eddie goes on a date with Chloe, the old girlfriend of his brother Johnny. Hawk experiences a transformation on a 1R retreat.

star 7.49
570 votes
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#53 - 40

Casual Season 2 - Episode 12

Alex makes plans for Valerie's 40th birthday; Drew and Valerie revisit a place that is special to them; Laura makes a decision regarding Spencer.

star 7.46
193 votes
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The Future

#54 - The Future

The Path Season 1 - Episode 4

The compound receives a visit from two of The Movement’s elders for its annual Ascension Day picnic. Their arrival calls Cal’s leadership and the future of The Movement into question. During the festivities, Abe learns of Mary Cox’s troubled past, and Hawk decides to take a step closer to Ashley.

star 7.45
683 votes
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We Need to Talk About Annette

#55 - We Need to Talk About Annette

The Mindy Project Season 3 - Episode 7

Mindy has no qualms about “borrowing” things that don’t belong to her, until she catches Danny’s mom shoplifting; Peter's dream girl is a nightmare.

star 7.45
492 votes
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#56 - Mom

Casual Season 1 - Episode 5

Valerie and Alex's mother shows up unannounced. Valerie receives sound advice from an unlikely source. Laura and Michael share a moment.

star 7.42
291 votes
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It Is What It Is

#57 - It Is What It Is

Parenthood (2010) Season 3 - Episode 14

Zeek gets shocking news from his doctor; Crosby advances on a new relationship; Amber's boss's actions confuse her; Adam and Kristina become concerned about the cost of college; Julia worries Zoe will want to keep her baby.

star 7.38
649 votes
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Two Scents

#58 - Two Scents

Masters of Sex Season 3 - Episode 6

Masters and Johnson take on a famous couple hoping to renew their sex life.

star 7.38
683 votes
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Death and Taxes

#59 - Death and Taxes

Casual Season 2 - Episode 11

Valerie must spend time with Drew and their accountant; Alex turns to therapy; Laura helps Spencer with tough decisions.

star 7.38
202 votes
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There's No Crying in Softball

#60 - There's No Crying in Softball

The Mindy Project Season 4 - Episode 23

A softball tournament for medical professionals makes Mindy's life even more complicated.

star 7.37
424 votes
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#61 - Fresno

Casual Season 3 - Episode 9

Valerie and Jack drive to Fresno to meet Valerie’s half-brother. Laura considers whether to speak at a town council meeting. Alex’s plan to impress a co-worker backfires when his house is taken over by a YouTube celebrity’s photo shoot.

star 7.34
175 votes
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The Bitch Is Back

#62 - The Bitch Is Back

The Mindy Project Season 4 - Episode 4

Mindy brings her baby to work only to discover that her newest co-worker is not very baby (or Mindy) friendly.

star 7.32
401 votes
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About a House For Sale

#63 - About a House For Sale

About a Boy Season 2 - Episode 2

Will is told to sell his San Francisco home in order to solve his money issues. So he decides to find Marcus a brand new best friend.

star 7.31
319 votes
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#64 - Venus

Casual Season 3 - Episode 8

Alex makes an unlikely friend at work while trying to unearth the identity of Valerie’s brother. Laura’s relationship with Casey intensifies. Valerie finds her new arrangement with Jack maddening.

star 7.31
174 votes
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Just Smile

#65 - Just Smile

Parenthood (2010) Season 3 - Episode 13

Crosby is frustrated when Adam unexpectedly steals the spotlight for a local newspaper's piece on the Luncheonette. Meanwhile, Amber struggles in a new job and Sarah becomes overwhelmed with thoughts of having a baby. Also, Julia and Joel try to resist interfering in Zoe's personal life.

star 7.31
571 votes
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About a Plumber

#66 - About a Plumber

About a Boy Season 1 - Episode 5

When Marcus starts hinting that Will and Fiona should start dating each another, Will does everything in his power to set him straight. Meanwhile, Fiona gets advice from Dakota to get back into the dating scene, and with very little game, seizes the opportunity by asking out her plumber - with results she didn't quite anticipate.

star 7.29
325 votes
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The I of the Tiger

#67 - The I of the Tiger

Future Man Season 2 - Episode 2

Tiger and Wolf arrive in the future they created. Tiger is not welcome in The NAG (The New Above Ground) so she heads to The Mons where she learns humanity is moving to Mars, her DNA created the cure, and Stu Camillo is alive and well in hologram form.

star 7.28
920 votes
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About a Bad Girl

#68 - About a Bad Girl

About a Boy Season 2 - Episode 4

Marcus develops a crush on a girl who has a penchant for trouble.

star 7.28
304 votes
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#69 - Nevada

Good Girls Season 4 - Episode 16

Beth and Rio form a surprise alliance but don't anticipate the shocking consequences. Beth realizes the women's problems will never go away. Ruby makes a tough decision. Annie is ready to start anew when reality catches up to her.

star 7.26
158 votes
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About a Godfather

#70 - About a Godfather

About a Boy Season 1 - Episode 3

Will attempts a much-needed boy’s night out with Andy, but complications arise, leaving Will to reach out to Marcus in hopes of salvaging the evening. When Andy later becomes available, he attempts to track down Will, but instead winds up bonding over the joys of parenting with Fiona. Meanwhile, Andy and his reluctant wife Laurie solicit Will to be godfather to their son Jonah.

star 7.25
370 votes
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Girl Next Door

#71 - Girl Next Door

The Mindy Project Season 2 - Episode 21

Danny offers Mindy the opportunity to buy the other condo he owns in his building, but gets jealous when she begins to date Charlie, the police officer. Meanwhile, Peter dates a brain surgeon whom he fears may be too mature for him.

star 7.25
535 votes
A Wolf in the Torque House

#72 - A Wolf in the Torque House

Future Man Season 2 - Episode 3

Wolf is mistaken for Torque (the Wolf in this timeline) and he goes with it – learning about the NAG, and its 6-‐parent families and hatred of technology. Wolf tries to escape but the appeal of this new, strange world makes it hard for him to leave.

star 7.22
886 votes
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Trapped in a Well

#73 - Trapped in a Well

Telenovela Season 1 - Episode 3

To avoid a showdown with Mimi, Ana fakes amnesia. Meanwhile Rodrigo and Xavier bond.

star 7.12
204 votes
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