The Best Episodes Directed by Michael Smith

No Way Out

#1 - No Way Out

Suits Season 3 - Episode 16

Things are anything but business as usual when Harvey and Mike find themselves at odds with a tenacious U.S. Attorney. Scottie and Harvey can’t seem to get on the same page and Mike and Rachel clash over plans for the future.

star 8.28
4304 votes
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She Knows

#2 - She Knows

Suits Season 2 - Episode 1

Oblivious of the fact that Trevor approached Jessica, Mike's on top of the world after Harvey entrusts him with closing a major lawsuit for the firm.

star 8.13
5515 votes
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Taking Account

#3 - Taking Account

White Collar Season 3 - Episode 7

When an expert hacker drains a prominent New York bank, Neal assumes the criminal's identity in order to spend the pilfered fortune and draw him out of hiding.

star 8.03
2971 votes
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#4 - Endgame

Suits Season 3 - Episode 8

As Ava Hessington’s murder trial begins, Harvey, Mike and Jessica fight off betrayal from both inside the firm and out. Meanwhile, Louis and Donna seek to even the score with those who have done them wrong.

star 7.98
4821 votes
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Burke's Seven

#5 - Burke's Seven

White Collar Season 2 - Episode 10

When Peter is suspended by the FBI for a crime he didn't commit, he is forced to run a sting with Neal and the gang to catch Mozzie's shooter, and clear his name.

star 7.97
3661 votes
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Trophy Wine

#6 - Trophy Wine

Law & Order: Criminal Intent Season 10 - Episode 5

A wine importer's death on the heels of an exclusive wine tasting is investigated. The detectives focus on the workings of a high-end auction house, while the man's wife and a grifter couple also become suspects.

star 7.96
266 votes
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#7 - Donna

Suits Season 7 - Episode 10

Mike and Harvey’s power move is countered, putting their backs up against the ropes. Rachel fears her father’s judgment is clouded by the past. Louis aids Alex when his client comes under fire.

star 7.95
4131 votes
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Meet the New Boss

#8 - Meet the New Boss

Suits Season 2 - Episode 3

Harvey bristles at Daniel's involvement on a lawsuit he's handling, but their battle to one up each other threatens the case, leaving Mike caught in the middle.

star 7.92
5239 votes
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#9 - Deadline

White Collar Season 3 - Episode 3

When a magazine journalist's life is threatened, Diana goes undercover as her assistant to protect her while Peter and Neal investigate the subject of the journalist's story.

star 7.91
3070 votes
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Murdered at a Bad Address

#10 - Murdered at a Bad Address

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Season 21 - Episode 6

The case of a teenage girl assaulted in the projects leads to a startling discovery; Benson puts her trust in someone from her past.

star 7.89
402 votes
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Official Story

#11 - Official Story

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Season 13 - Episode 12

Benson and Amaro must work around a resistant victim when the CEO of a military contractor is assaulted.

star 7.89
548 votes
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Conflict of Interest

#12 - Conflict of Interest

Suits Season 3 - Episode 4

Harvey’s defense of Ava hits a roadblock when the interests of her murder trial are at odds with Louis’ work to thwart a hostile takeover of Hessington Oil by a rival businessman.

star 7.88
4869 votes
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Surrender Benson

#13 - Surrender Benson

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Season 15 - Episode 1

The SVU squad searches for Detective Benson and her abductor.

star 7.87
341 votes
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By the Book

#14 - By the Book

White Collar Season 2 - Episode 4

Mozzie fears that the object of his affection has been kidnapped, and turns to Neal and Peter for help.

star 7.85
3507 votes
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Front Man

#15 - Front Man

White Collar Season 1 - Episode 13

Neal helps an old friend whose daughter has been kidnapped, without realizing that it's all a trap from an old enemy. Meanwhile, Neal makes Alex an offer. If she tells him where the music box is, he'll steal it and give it to her.

star 7.83
3129 votes
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#16 - Countermeasures

White Collar Season 2 - Episode 13

When an old friend of June's late husband shows up at Neal's doorstep, Neal suspects he's looking for more than a trip down memory lane.

star 7.82
3476 votes
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Fork in the Road

#17 - Fork in the Road

Suits Season 4 - Episode 13

Harvey and Louis take a drive to aid an out-­of-town client to whom they both have deep ties; and Harvey uses the opportunity to force a confrontation between Louis and Mike about their trust issues. Meanwhile, in a flashback, we discover the root of Harvey and Louis’s competitive relationship in their early days at the firm. And Mike first learns the limitations of his genius when it comes to the law.

star 7.81
2847 votes
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Admission of Guilt

#18 - Admission of Guilt

Suits Season 6 - Episode 14

Louis and Tara get to know each other better. Meanwhile, Mike uses the legal clinic to go after Velocity Data Solutions. Harvey demands that Seidel schedule a hearing for Mike before the ethics board as soon as possible. When Mike has to bring Pearson Specter Litt into the case, Oliver gets to work with the firm’s new associates, but others are suspicious of Mike’s motives and Oliver urges him to come clean to Nate, their boss at the clinic, upon learning Mike has more riding on this than initially stated. Harvey learns that Seidel has more at stake in the Velocity lawsuit than he revealed and refuses to take his demands. While helping Mike, Harvey neglects to support Louis with the firm’s clients, so Louis brings in Rachel and Katrina; they lose a big client because of Harvey's absence, but Rachel and Katrina become friends. Donna keeps experimenting with Benjamin’s project, but has trouble explaining empathy to him.

star 7.81
5577 votes
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#19 - Compensation

Suits Season 5 - Episode 2

Harvey searches for a replacement for Donna. Mike takes a case as a favor, which he must justify to Jessica - while Rachel's father, Robert Zane, offers some unsolicited advice about Rachel's engagement to Mike. And Louis is embroiled in surprising money matters, while an up-and-coming partner, Jack, makes his presence known to Jessica, confronting her about whether Harvey's way of doing business is beneficial to the firm.

star 7.79
3736 votes
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Playing God

#20 - Playing God

NYC 22 Season 1 - Episode 9

Jackpot and White House are first on the scene after a car crash leaves a pregnant woman and her husband trapped. Meanwhile, a plum assignment with a veteran detective isn't what it seems for Kenny and Ahmad, and Lazarus and Tonya guard a raided PCP lab.

star 7.79
154 votes
The Statue

#21 - The Statue

Suits Season 7 - Episode 2

Harvey butts heads with his partners over a bold move. Mike pursues a pro bono case with the legal clinic. Donna’s actions raise tough questions at the firm.

star 7.79
4956 votes
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Identity Crisis

#22 - Identity Crisis

Law & Order: Criminal Intent Season 8 - Episode 3

A man's murder puts Goren and Eames on the trail of an upper echelon businessman whose secrets have taken over his life and put him on the run.

star 7.78
177 votes
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Accounts Payable

#23 - Accounts Payable

Suits Season 6 - Episode 2

Louis, Jessica and Harvey fend off a class action lawsuit from PSL’s former clients. Meanwhile, Mike runs afoul of a fellow prisoner due to reasons beyond his own control.

star 7.78
5712 votes
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#24 - Privilege

Suits Season 5 - Episode 6

Harvey reels from Dr. Agard's revelation about the root of his panic attacks; and has to make a tough decision in a case that touches a nerve. In other events, Mike and Louis take over responsibility for Harvey's oldest client; and Donna tries to make Rachel's dream wedding possible.

star 7.77
3931 votes
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Better Halves

#25 - Better Halves

Burn Notice Season 5 - Episode 11

Michael and Fiona pose as a wealthy couple at a South American resort in order to extract a bioweapons specialist. Elsewhere, Sam and Jesse try to trap Max's killer.

star 7.75
2222 votes
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The Mystery of the Taken Boy

#26 - The Mystery of the Taken Boy

The Mysteries of Laura Season 2 - Episode 1

When a boy is kidnapped from his TriBeCa family, Laura and team are thrust into a high-stakes race against time and must uncover a host of family secrets in order to save the boy.

star 7.74
372 votes
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Dreams Deferred

#27 - Dreams Deferred

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Season 14 - Episode 9

A man goes on a killing spree, but he has links to a prostitute that Benson encountered in an earlier investigation, so the FBI contacts SVU for information.

star 7.74
481 votes
Blind Spot

#28 - Blind Spot

Burn Notice Season 4 - Episode 11

Michael finds the man behind the Bible book code, so he and Jesse try to get him on their track. In the middle of all this, Fiona takes on a client, a woman seduced by a scam artist.

star 7.73
2522 votes
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The Consoler

#29 - The Consoler

Law & Order: Criminal Intent Season 10 - Episode 2

Goren and Eames investigate the death of a banker who was working with the Catholic church and could be part of a cover-up.

star 7.70
375 votes
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Vivian's Here

#30 - Vivian's Here

How to Get Away with Murder Season 6 - Episode 2

As Michaela, Asher and Connor gear up for their last semester of law school, they take on a weighty case involving an illegal immigrant who wants asylum. Meanwhile, Michaela boycotts going to class after a blowup with Annalise about her father. Elsewhere, in an unexpected confrontation, Annalise learns a shocking truth that makes her question everything she thought she knew.

star 7.70
793 votes
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#31 - Tailspin

Manifest Season 3 - Episode 4

Ben and Saanvi join forces with Vance in his newest venture to understand Flight 828. Michaela and Zeke adjust to their new home life together, but they pivot to aid a non-passenger with a looming death date of their own.

star 7.70
533 votes
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Playing Dead

#32 - Playing Dead

Law & Order: Criminal Intent Season 8 - Episode 1

Season 8 opens with Goren and Eames investigating a case involving a councilman's step-daughter and her boyfriend being shot. The pair of drug-addicted kids were caught up in blackmail schemes which had targeted the politically powerful family of the woman.

star 7.69
210 votes
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Course Deviation

#33 - Course Deviation

Manifest Season 2 - Episode 10

When Grace's pregnancy complicates the pursuit of a calling, Ben finds himself working alongside an uneasy new ally. Michaela tries to make amends with Jared. The Xers set their sights on Zeke.

star 7.68
956 votes
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Undercover Blue

#34 - Undercover Blue

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Season 14 - Episode 17

A woman claims that Brian Cassidy raped her while he was working under cover; when Cassidy and his lawyer utilize surprising defense methods, Detective Amaro is affected.

star 7.68
339 votes
...Through Admission

#35 - ...Through Admission

Satisfaction (2014) Season 1 - Episode 2

Grace finds it difficult to rejoin the working world while Neil is encouraged by Adriana to continue pursuing his secret life.

star 7.67
163 votes
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Miss Understood

#36 - Miss Understood

Elementary Season 7 - Episode 8

Sherlock and Joan search for an ulterior motive when a brilliant young criminal they helped put in prison, seeks their help in solving a murder.

star 7.64
1405 votes

#37 - Betrayed

Law & Order: Criminal Intent Season 7 - Episode 13

Captain Ross loses his objectivity, and jeopardizes the case, when an old flame becomes a suspect in the disappearance of her husband and his lover.

star 7.60
252 votes
Revenue per Square Foot

#38 - Revenue per Square Foot

Suits Season 8 - Episode 4

Alex is caught between Harvey and Zane as Louis struggles to overcome a shocking setback.

star 7.60
1866 votes
Liars and Thieves

#39 - Liars and Thieves

Allegiance Season 1 - Episode 6

Natalie must rely on an outsider to hunt down vital information on Black Dagger and risks Victor discovering her plan. Anxious to detain an SVR source before he escapes the country, Sam and Alex set up a risky sting operation in broad daylight. Meanwhile, Katya asks Alex to help throw the task force off track, and the outcome brings him face to face with Victor. Also starring Scott Cohen and Alex Peters.

star 7.60
293 votes
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Special Master

#40 - Special Master

Suits Season 9 - Episode 2

The firm faces the repercussions of its actions. Samantha enlists Katrina to help an old friend.

star 7.58
1309 votes

#41 - Crosswinds

Manifest Season 1 - Episode 10

Michaela's mystifying, next-level calling launches her on a mission that brings her relationship with Jared to a head. Determined to protect his family, Ben explores an alternate meaning to Michaela's calling that leads him to a new alliance and a powerful new adversary. Cal's struggle with Ben's absence from home forces the Stones into an agonizing confrontation that could alter the family's fabric forever.

star 7.58
1698 votes
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Whatever It Takes

#42 - Whatever It Takes

Suits Season 9 - Episode 6

Harvey makes a play to get Samantha's job back. Katrina faces off against an old friend.

star 7.56
1245 votes

#43 - Wingman

Manifest Season 3 - Episode 3

While in pursuit of criminals, Michaela is sidelined by devastating news. Ben teams up with a gifted 828er to aid a young teen. Grace confronts ancient family wounds. Olive explores ancient mythology in hopes of helping all the passengers.

star 7.56
542 votes
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Rocket Man

#44 - Rocket Man

Law & Order: Criminal Intent Season 6 - Episode 19

Suspicion turns to a married astronaut after his lover is found murdered.

star 7.55
204 votes
Speed of Life

#45 - Speed of Life

Covert Affairs Season 3 - Episode 4

Annie investigates a break-in at a high-tech company and reaches out to the FBI for help. But her plan is complicated by Simon's unexpected arrival in town.

star 7.54
1710 votes
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Pecking Order

#46 - Pecking Order

Suits Season 8 - Episode 2

Harvey and Donna get their first taste of how Samantha operates and Alex tries to impress Robert Zane.

star 7.54
1916 votes

#47 - Escapology

Deception (2018) Season 1 - Episode 3

When an art museum docent is held hostage, Kay enlists Cameron and his team to help rescue her using the art of escapology.

star 7.52
999 votes
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#48 - Smile

Law & Order: Criminal Intent Season 7 - Episode 3

When a dentist is murdered by the mother of one of his patients, Goren and Eames follow the trail of evidence to a company that appears to have been the victim of a criminal conspiracy involving contaminated mouthwash.

star 7.23
204 votes
Inhumane Society

#49 - Inhumane Society

Law & Order: Criminal Intent Season 9 - Episode 15

A boxer's career is derailed when authorities discover he leads a dog fighting ring

star 7.07
316 votes