The BEST episodes directed by Mark Brull

Playing with Fire
1 votes

#1 - Playing with Fire

My Two Dads - Season 2 - Episode 7

When a man whom the judge sent to prison sends her death threats, she's assigned someone to protect her--Bull Shannon from Night Court.

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Earl, Don't Be a Hero
106 votes

#2 - Earl, Don't Be a Hero

Dinosaurs - Season 4 - Episode 2

Earl assumes the powers of a superhero and intends to put them to good use, but he's powerless before the Wesayso Corp., to which he's contractually bound to use his might.

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Georgie Must Die
137 votes

#3 - Georgie Must Die

Dinosaurs - Season 4 - Episode 14

After weeks and weeks of Georgie, Georgie, GEORGIE! Earl snaps and destroys one of Baby's tapes. To make up for it, Earl promises to get the Baby a Georgie hug. When Earl inadvertently realizes he sounds like Georgie, he makes a costume and pretends to be Georgie for the Baby... and ends up in jail?!

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45 votes

#4 - Fog

Barney Miller - Season 6 - Episode 22

Barney is down in the dumps when he is passed over again for deputy inspector

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Earl's Big Jackpot
154 votes

#5 - Earl's Big Jackpot

Dinosaurs - Season 4 - Episode 5

Earl officially becomes injured after a night being stucked on a tree that injured his foot. So in order to get paid for the damage Robbie helps Earl get justice from Richfield by taking WESAYSO to court but with a shocking rewarded suprise for Earl.

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A New Leaf
120 votes

#6 - A New Leaf

Dinosaurs - Season 2 - Episode 17

After a big fight with Earl and Robbie, Robbie leaves the house to calm his nerves with Spike. The two end up eating strange plants that causes them to become happy. Later Robbie brings the plants to Earl, the next morning he becomes happy and the two become more silly. Earl later comes to work late, Richfield calls Earl to his office and fires him for good. Then Earl leaves the plant for Richfield. The family becomes very happy and silly except for Fran and Baby. Fran demands that Earl goes back to get his job back immediately. But to find out Richfield was into the plants to. Fran and Baby decided that they couldn't take anymore of the situation and went to Monica's house for the others to straighting up and get themselves together. Earl, Robbie and Charlene both calmed down and were back to normal.

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Getting to Know You
65 votes

#7 - Getting to Know You

Dinosaurs - Season 3 - Episode 12

Charlene feels to be in a world of unknown when her birthday party becomes a failed wish come true, when Earl brings his friends from the WeSaySo job to celebrate her birthday party. After a shocking miserable party, Charlene decides to leave the Sinclair family and join another family as part of a student-exchange program. It's real hard for Earl to know and understand who Charlene really is. Until another student from the student-exchange named France-our comes and becomes a main pain in the neck for the Sinclair family. But then Baby eats him and then Earl and Fran try to come clean when his parent Henri and Semela ask where there son is. To make it up to them, Fran forces Earl to give them the TV, but thats when Charlene returns home and Earl and Charlene get to talk about the misunderstood birthday party. Charlene forgave him with a passionate kiss.

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Charlene's Flat World
65 votes

#8 - Charlene's Flat World

Dinosaurs - Season 3 - Episode 9

When Charlene's class is assigned to think of an original idea, her world-is-round theory falls flat, and she's tried for heresy. She get's arrested stating that the world is round and everybody believes that the world is flat. So she decides to prove them wrong by traveling with Robbie to the end of the earth to there sudden death. But they return and everyone realized now the world was round.

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The Family in Question
2 votes

#9 - The Family in Question

My Two Dads - Season 1 - Episode 21

When a newspaper reporter writes an article criticizing Judge Wilbur, most specially, her decision to put Nicole with Joey and Michael, a television reporter decides to do feature on them by interviewing everyone involve and record Nicole with her two fathers and see who is right.

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0 votes

#10 - Crushed

My Two Dads - Season 2 - Episode 13

Nicole's best friend Shelby falls in love with... her dad?

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You Can Count on Me
0 votes

#11 - You Can Count on Me

My Two Dads - Season 3 - Episode 4

Shelby is dating a guy whom Nicole says is a creep. But Shelby ignores her. So to prove it to her, Nicole goes on a double date with them and the guy's friend. And sure enough his true self comes out but Shelby finds it hard to accept.