The Best Episodes Directed by Mario Di Leo

The Black Wolf

#1 - The Black Wolf

Xena: Warrior Princess Season 1 - Episode 11

Xena infiltrates a band of rebels led by the Black Wolf and helps them defend themselves against Xerxes the warlord.

star 8.11
120 votes
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The Drowning Pool

#2 - The Drowning Pool

Baywatch Season 1 - Episode 7

An old couple named Lloyd and Ellie are having a blast at the beach, and they are documenting everything on a tape. Lloyd is using a big floatation device in the water, so Jill is forced to tell him to bring it to shore. In the meantime, a man named Fred spots a man in the water that is drowning. He notifies Jill who heads out to rescue him. But the victim is nowhere to be seen, until he suddenly floats up to the surface and Jill can bring him to shore. He is already dead when she gets to him. The victim turns out to be a rich man named Alex Benton. Alex's drowning is filed as drowning due to heart attack, but Jill is suspicious of the circumstances and starts an investigation of her own in order to find out what really happened. When Jill gets involved with Derrick Benton, Alex's son, she is shocked to discover that he may have murdered his own father. All evidence points to him. His scuba gear is missing, although he claims someone stole it. Derrick is also the one who will inherit m

star 7.79
52 votes
The Good Collar

#3 - The Good Collar

Miami Vice Season 3 - Episode 5

A star high school athlete, arrested for delivering heroin, agrees to help Crockett trap a 15-year-old drug lord; it turns ugly.

star 7.70
68 votes
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The Long Dark

#4 - The Long Dark

Babylon 5 Season 2 - Episode 5

A 100-year-old space exploration ship appears near Babylon 5 with two passengers - a woman in cryogenic sleep, the corpse of her husband... and something sinister that has unfinished business with a half mad lurker.

star 7.59
731 votes
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And Now for a Word

#5 - And Now for a Word

Babylon 5 Season 2 - Episode 15

We see life on Babylon 5 through the eyes of ISN, supplemented by interviews, statistics and even a few commercials.

star 7.57
818 votes
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Justice Hits the Skids

#6 - Justice Hits the Skids

Crime Story Season 1 - Episode 10

Devastated by Kehoe's death, Torello stonewalls Breitel's federal investigation. Abrams joins the MCU on the street.

star 7.55
11 votes
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When Irish Eyes Are Crying

#7 - When Irish Eyes Are Crying

Miami Vice Season 3 - Episode 1

Gina falls for an Irish pacifist who believes there is no point fighting fire with fire anymore - or so she thinks.

star 7.54
48 votes
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All Alone in the Night

#8 - All Alone in the Night

Babylon 5 Season 2 - Episode 11

While leading a Starfury squadron to investigate the disappearance of several ships, Sheridan is captured by an alien vessel. Meanwhile Delenn is summoned to appear before the Grey Council to discuss her recent change in appearance.

star 7.41
803 votes
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The Cup

#9 - The Cup

The Equalizer Season 2 - Episode 10

Father Kostmayer hears the confession of a Polish agitator moments before he's gunned down.

star 7.25
43 votes
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Road Hog

#10 - Road Hog

Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1985) Season 1 - Episode 22

What can't go around comes around for a road-hogging salesman who won't allow a truck bound for the hospital to pass.

star 7.00
33 votes