The BEST episodes directed by Les Butler

Pictures of You
456 votes

#1 - Pictures of You

One Tree Hill - Season 4 - Episode 13

A class assignment reveals the deepest secrets and desires of Lucas and the students at Tree Hill High. Worried about college prospects, Skills turns to Haley, while Nathan wrestles with Deb's suicide attempt. Chase learns that Brooke cheated on her calculus exam, while nudity and drugs run rampant in the halls of the school.

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432 votes

#2 - Hundred

One Tree Hill - Season 5 - Episode 12

On Lucas and Lindsey's wedding day, Peyton must choose between intervening and losing Lucas forever. Nathan uses the event to try to mend his marriage to Haley. All are shocked when Dan, who is out of prison on parole, shows up at the event.

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Don't You Forget About Me
495 votes

#3 - Don't You Forget About Me

One Tree Hill - Season 7 - Episode 15

In the chaos surrounding an 80's alumni dance at the high school, Haley's birthday is forgotten, Jamie is left home alone, and Nathan and Clay are stranded 200 miles from Tree Hill. Meanwhile, Brooke's appearance at the dance with Alexander forces Julian to relive his dorky adolescence in an episode dedicated to the memory of John Hughes.

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We Change, We Wait
498 votes

#4 - We Change, We Wait

One Tree Hill - Season 6 - Episode 15

Lucas and Julian have a difficult time finding the right director for their movie. Meanwhile, a present from Lucas confuses Peyton and Brooke battles with romantic complications.

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Don't You Want to Share the Guilt?
444 votes

#5 - Don't You Want to Share the Guilt?

One Tree Hill - Season 9 - Episode 4

As Julian deals with his guilt, Brooke helps Haley confront a new rival cafe, and its difficult owner. Meanwhile, Chase's new girl has a complicated secret, and Quinn takes extreme measures that help Clay realize he's worse off than he thought.

The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get
508 votes

#6 - The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get

One Tree Hill - Season 8 - Episode 17

As Haley’s due date approaches, she takes steps to ensure that all her friends and family will be ready when the time comes. Brooke and Julian also prepare to begin a family, while Chuck turns to Chase for help with a problem.

Should've Been A Cowboy
1107 votes

#7 - Should've Been A Cowboy

Hart of Dixie - Season 3 - Episode 12

Zoe and Joel finally buy a house, but soon realize neither of them make enough money to fix up the place. Brick agrees to help Zoe out but only if she can get the townspeople to lose 500 pounds collectively for Health and Wellness Month. Joel is struggling with his novel and decides to follow Wade around for research, but when Wade leaves Joel to alone to run the bar, Joel finds himself in some trouble. Meanwhile, AnnaBeth struggles to mask her feelings by throwing a last-minute bachelorette party for a friend.

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Luck Be a Lady
671 votes

#8 - Luck Be a Lady

One Tree Hill - Season 8 - Episode 7

As the wedding approaches, Brooke tries to connect with Sylvia, while Julian looks for his best man at a guys' poker night. Meanwhile, Nathan struggles in his new job, while Haley's counseling abilities are challenged, and Skills returns to town with a new friend.

What Are You Willing To Lose
506 votes

#9 - What Are You Willing To Lose

One Tree Hill - Season 7 - Episode 2

While recording her new album, Haley must work to save Red Bedroom Records and enlists Mia's help to do so. Meanwhile, Brooke, with Millicent's help, searches for the new face of her clothing line; Clay defends Nathan as the scandal continues to grow; Julian and Brooke decide to move in together; and Dan returns to Tree Hill with a new bride in tow.

Lifetime Piling Up
496 votes

#10 - Lifetime Piling Up

One Tree Hill - Season 2 - Episode 20

Lying in a coma after his race car accident, Nathan dreams of what life would have been like if Dan had stayed with Karen and Lucas instead of marrying Deb. In this imaginary world, Lucas would have had the wealth and stature and Nathan would have been the one growing up on the wrong side of the tracks. After waking up, Nathan phones Haley and tells her he doesn't want her to come home.

Empty Quiver
98 votes

#11 - Empty Quiver

7 Days - Season 3 - Episode 16

A militia leader detonates a nuclear bomb in Washington, but the Backstep goes awry when the Sphere goes back without Parker - the team has 7 days to figure out what disaster is coming and resolve it before it's too late, and all they have to help them is a reluctant psychic who was part of one of Mentnor's past experiments.