The BEST episodes directed by Leonard J. Horn

The Giant Killer
1 votes

#1 - The Giant Killer

The Untouchables - Season 4 - Episode 25

April 28, 1932. Chicago. 3,500 fans are at the arena, watching the end of a 7-day bicycle race. But Ed ""Duke"" Monte is there to make a drop-off. Ness and Lee Hobson catch him, with a quarter of a million dollars in counterfeit bills in his leather bag. On May 25, Monte is sentenced to 10-15 years in the State Pen. That same day, at Monte's old headquarters (the Odeon Theatre which specializes in Burlesque), his former lieutenant, Lou Sultan, is having the guy he accuses of being the stoolie, Parrot Krebs, worked over by his thugs. Lou tells Janos Dalker (Monte's bodyguard) to rub the stoolie out. Next day, Ness and Lee Hobson pay Lou Sultan a visit at the theatre; they know he had Parrot knocked off, but can't prove it yet. When they leave, Barbara Sultan, dressed to the nines, talks to her hubby. Lou tells her, ""Don't give me that jealous wife routine,"" and she snaps back that he should stop fooling around with all the strippers. Ed Monte busts out of prison, and as Janos is

The 2130
34 votes

#2 - The 2130

The Fugitive - Season 3 - Episode 27

While working as a chauffeur in Denver, Colorado, Kimble reluntantly covers for teenager Lauire Ryder after she dents her father's car. But Kimble flees after discovering that Laurie was involved in a hit-and-run. After learning Kimble's idenity, Laurie's father, Dr. Mark Ryder, summons Gerard (along with the entire Kimble file) to Denver where he introduces Gerard to the 2130, a computer that can help capture the fugitive by determining a pattern to his travels. As the 2130 makes progress, Kimble's new travels all over the country end with one close escape after another with the police.

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Five Days in the Death of Sergeant Brown (2)
3 votes

#3 - Five Days in the Death of Sergeant Brown (2)

Ironside - Season 6 - Episode 2

While in Los Angeles to testify for a trial against gangster Frank Harmon, Ed is shot and falls off the balcony of his hotel room. He is then taken to the Craig Institute where he undergoes emergency surgery. Although the bullet wounds were non-life threatening, Ed suffers a broken back in the fall and some damage to his spine. The scarring leaves him paralyzed and only an experimental surgical procedure is the only option to regaining his mobility. Also, even though all the evidence points to Harmon, Ironside has doubts that he was the person responsible for the attempted hit. Also, the chief begins having flashbacks to the night he was shot and paralyzed. Written by Brian Washington

The Price of Revenge
3 votes

#4 - The Price of Revenge

The High Chaparral - Season 1 - Episode 12

A friend of Buck is found nearly dead. He recovers at the ranch but is wanted so John wants him off the ranch. Conviently, the widow of the previous High Chaparral owner wants it back so she hires him to drive the Cannons off the ranch.

Operation 'Heart'
62 votes

#5 - Operation 'Heart'

Mission: Impossible - Season 2 - Episode 7

Professor Bennett is an archaeologist who is caught up in political coup by Gomalk, the Chief of Security Police. The coup is aimed at President Rurich. Bennett was accidentally arrested and interrogated, inducing a heart attack. The team must both rescue Bennett and prevent the coup. The IMF stage an assassination, spoiling Gomalk's own intended assassination. Cinnamon, impersonating Bennett's husband, tries to frame Bennett so that President Rurich believes he is an American agent. That would screw up Gomalk's plans, so he keeps the news secret, except that Phelps tells Rurich anyway. Rurich orders an interrogation of Bennett and orders an operation. Rollin, disguised as a doctor, slips in and "discovers" a bomb in the room. Barney, Willy, and guest agent Dr. Siebert come in as a bomb disposal unit who pull guns and try to "rescue" Bennett. Rollin fakes Bennett's death and the IMF team escape with Bennett hidden in a bomb disposal gentry, and then Rollin takes Bennett's place. Rurich

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Deadfall (1)
18 votes

#6 - Deadfall (1)

Mannix - Season 1 - Episode 17

The strong friendship between Lew Wickersham and Mannix melts into a violent and deathly feud. The bitter battle begins when Mannix launches an investigation into the theft of a highly secret formula for the development of a laser ray. Stolen plans and sabotage involve Intertect and their agents.

With Strings Attached
4 votes

#7 - With Strings Attached

The Fugitive - Season 3 - Episode 25

Kimble is hired as a chauffeur by Geoffrey Martin, a 17-year-old violinist whom has grown weary of his career and would like to stop playing professionally for a few years when he decides to go away to college. But Geoffrey's demanding guardian/instructor, Max Pfeiffer, refuses to let Geoffrey go because under a contract, Geoffrey is obligated to continue performing until he is 21. In order to ""free"" himself from Mr. Pfieffer, Geoffrey manipulates his assistant, Ellen, and Kimble into believing that Mr. Pifieffer is emotionally destroying him.

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Split Second to an Epitaph (1)
9 votes

#8 - Split Second to an Epitaph (1)

Ironside - Season 2 - Episode 2

Ironside is the only witness to a murder, but has to go into hospital for exploratory surgery immediately after the events that he witnessed. The murderer is determined that he should not leave hospital alive, and as the Chief deals with the possibility of maybe one day being able to walk again, his presence in the hospital helps various other citizens right wrongs in their lives. Meanwhile Ed, Eve and Mark deal with their own worries and fears for the Chief as the murder attempts escalate.

Babe in the Woods
9 votes

#9 - Babe in the Woods

Mannix - Season 5 - Episode 16

Murder on the golf course leads to open season on Mannix, who's looking for valuable microcircuit plans hidden by the victim.

A Taste of Tomorrow
4 votes

#10 - A Taste of Tomorrow

The Fugitive - Season 3 - Episode 28

Kimble meets Joe Tucker, another fugitive whom claims that he was wrongly convicted for embezzlement four years earlier and wants to return to his hometown to kill the bank officer he claims framed him. When Kimble is arrested for driving Joe's truck which was stolen, Joe's teenage daughter, Sarah, tries to get Kimble to reveal the location of her father claiming that the real culprit, whom died recently, had confessed to the crime before he died. Kimble manages to escape from the jail and tries to find Joe before he kills an innocent man. But the police uncover Kimble's true identity and set out to capture both him and Joe.

Operation Rogosh
187 votes

#11 - Operation Rogosh

Mission: Impossible - Season 1 - Episode 3

Imry Rogosh is a mass murderer who kills to forment political upheaval. He is targeting Los Angeles, so the IMF knock him out in a car accident. When Rogosh "wakes up" he is in a cell in a prison in his own country, three years later, and ready to be executed as an American agent. To "prove" his loyalty to the cause, Rogosh has to spill the information on his secret operation, but during the mock trial a slip-up cues him in on the ruse. Briggs has to act fast to get Rogosh to reveal the plan to kill the citizens of Los Angeles.

The New Original Wonder Woman
269 votes

#12 - The New Original Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman - Season 1 - Episode 1

American war hero Steve Trevor is downed over the Bermuda Triangle and lands on "Paradise Island", home of the Amazons. The Amazons hold a contest and choose a champion among them - Wonder Woman - who will return with Steve Trevor to America and remain there to fight the Nazi threat. In the pilot episode, there is a Nazi plan to destroy a new bomb site to ruin America's war effort. The Nazis have a mole in Steve's office who is sabotaging him, and only Wonder Woman can stop this catastrophe.

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Make It Like It Never Happened
52 votes

#13 - Make It Like It Never Happened

Mannix - Season 1 - Episode 5

Mannix takes the case of a death row inmate.

Terror on Dinosaur Island
6 votes

#14 - Terror on Dinosaur Island

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - Season 2 - Episode 14

A submerged domed island is forced to the surface by its volcano and exposes a Jurassic-style world.

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Submarine Sunk Here
18 votes

#15 - Submarine Sunk Here

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - Season 1 - Episode 10

Damaged by an explosion from an old mine field, Seaview takes a dive to the ocean floor. Listing dangerously, running out of oxygen, having to deal with fire and flood, the crew can do nothing but wait for help. But will help arrive in time?

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Split Second to an Epitaph (2)
5 votes

#16 - Split Second to an Epitaph (2)

Ironside - Season 2 - Episode 3

Ironside is the only witness to a murder, but has to go into hospital for exploratory surgery immediately after the events that he witnessed. The murderer is determined that he should not leave hospital alive, and as the Chief deals with the possibility of maybe one day being able to walk again, his presence in the hospital helps various other citizens right wrongs in their lives. Meanwhile Ed, Eve and Mark deal with their own worries and fears for the Chief as the murder attempts escalate.

The Man Who Was Never Born
129 votes

#17 - The Man Who Was Never Born

The Outer Limits - Season 1 - Episode 6

A horribly mutated man from Earth's bleak future travels back in time in an attempt to alter the past and save mankind from its hideous fate.

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The Miracle
85 votes

#18 - The Miracle

Mission: Impossible - Season 6 - Episode 6

Only two Syndicate men know where $8 mil in heroin will be arriving - narcotics dealer Alvin Taylor an dhis executioner, Frank Kearney. When Jim approaches Kearney to make a deal and he refuses, Willie "shoots" Kearney - Barney as a surgeon then operates providing a heart transplant and covertly uses drugs and hypnotism to make Kearney mild-mannered. Kearney can't bring himself to shoot Jim and hears on the radio about people taking on the traits of persons they received organs from - with the aid of new girlfriend, the church-hating Kearney finds out the man who donated a heart was a priest! Realizing he can't do his job and the Syndicate will wipe him out, Kearney leads Casey and the rest of the team to the beach where the heroin drop occurs, and the police arrive just before Taynor can kill Kearney.

The Tender Poisoner
15 votes

#19 - The Tender Poisoner

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour - Season 1 - Episode 14

Peter Harding is a corporate executive who tries to help save the sagging career of an associate named Philip Bartel. He hopes to get Bartel into one of the corporation's very popular training courses. Later, however, Harding discovers that Bartel is interested in leaving his wife Beatrice. He wants to run off with his mistress. Harding becomes intent on helping Bartel in his home life. He decides to do this by taking Bartel's mistress of his hands.

Invaders from the Fifth Dimension
77 votes

#20 - Invaders from the Fifth Dimension

Lost in Space - Season 1 - Episode 8

The travelers are menaced by glowing creatures who are looking for a humanoid brain.

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The Short Tail Spy
66 votes

#21 - The Short Tail Spy

Mission: Impossible - Season 1 - Episode 14

A defector has been targeted by two rival groups from the same foreign country. The team is to discredit the younger group, so that the U.S. can more easily handle the old-line group. The IMF sets it up so that the younger group's assassin, Fetyukov, must seduce Cinnamon to get to the defector. The two play a dangerous romantic game, while Dan convinces the older group's assassin, Shtemenko, that Fetyukov betrayed him to the Americans. They then get pictures of him trying to assassinate the defector, and try to blackmail him to convince him further that Fetyukov is responsible. Cinnamon "saves" Fetyukov and convinces him that she wants to defect. As Fetyukov goes after the defector, it's up to Cinnamon to stop him.

The Mist of Silence
22 votes

#22 - The Mist of Silence

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - Season 1 - Episode 4

On a rendezvous mission, Crane and several crewmen are drugged into unconsciousness on a deserted yacht. Waking up in a South American prison, the men are taken out to the courtyard, one per hour, and executed. All will die unless Crane breaks his oath and confesses what he cannot. Will Nelson's rescue mission succeed? Will the country in question survive the machinations of the evil man who wants to take over?

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Deadfall (2)
44 votes

#23 - Deadfall (2)

Mannix - Season 1 - Episode 18

The two paths of the case meet at the water's edge.

The X Factor
62 votes

#24 - The X Factor

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - Season 2 - Episode 11

A toy manufacturer is involved with kidnapping and shipping politicians and scientists to foreign powers.

The Name Is Mannix
98 votes

#25 - The Name Is Mannix

Mannix - Season 1 - Episode 1

Mannix has side action on a kidnap case.

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The Children of Spider County
132 votes

#26 - The Children of Spider County

The Outer Limits - Season 1 - Episode 21

A powerful alien from the planet Eros returns to Earth to rescue and claim his son who has been charged with murder.

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Echo of Yesterday
63 votes

#27 - Echo of Yesterday

Mission: Impossible - Season 2 - Episode 14

Neo-nazi Colonel Marcus von Frank is planning a resurgence of the Party with the aid of Otto Kelmann, munitions magnate. With Kelmann's financial base, von Frank plans to become a second Hitler. Jim infiltrates their meeting as an American Nazi leader, while Cinnamon gets close to Kellman, aided by her resemblence to his dead wife, murdered by Hitler in '32. Jim goads the paranoid von Frank into distrusting Cinnamon, who is convinced that she will destroy him. The IMF drugs Kelmann and sets up an elaborate "hallucination" of Rollin-as-Hitler murdering Cinnamon-as-Kelmann's wife back in '32. When von Frank burts in and shoots Cinnamon because of his own paranoid suspicions, Kelmann shoots him.

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29 votes

#28 - Action!

Mission: Impossible - Season 1 - Episode 23

Miklos Klaar, an Iron Curtain filmmaker, has film of American soldiers and plans to edit it into an atrocity movie to discredit the U.S. He has recreated the jungle as a set from the one print of the film he has. Disguised as a Ministry of Propaganda officer, Rollin destroys the print and Barney floods the negative vault, forcing Klaar to reshoot the American footage as well. Cameraman and IMFer David Day is snuck in and films Klaar recreating the American footage. On the day the press is assembled, David and Willy manage to bypass Klaar's guards and air the footage of Klaar rehearsing his cast and crew and congratulating themselves on the phony massacre.

The Zanti Misfits
61 votes

#29 - The Zanti Misfits

The Outer Limits - Season 1 - Episode 14

Exils from the planet Zanti arrive on Earth, and a startling truth is uncovered when two human renegades invade their privacy.

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Beyond the Shadow of a Dream
46 votes

#30 - Beyond the Shadow of a Dream

Mannix - Season 1 - Episode 8

Mannix is hired to vet a prospective bridegroom.

A True Account
40 votes

#31 - A True Account

Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Season 4 - Episode 34

The death of a wealthy convalescent makes his nurse suspect that the cause was not natural.

The Sky is Falling
19 votes

#32 - The Sky is Falling

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - Season 1 - Episode 6

An alien spaceship lands in the ocean, and Seaview is sent to investigate. Although Seaview is powerless in the vicinity of their ship, the aliens seem friendly, and Nelson manages to open negotiations. The military authorities, however, have other ideas, and Seaview may be in as much danger from human interference as from the aliens.

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Five Days in the Death of Sergeant Brown (1)
32 votes

#33 - Five Days in the Death of Sergeant Brown (1)

Ironside - Season 6 - Episode 1

The star witness to a major case, Ed is shot and seriously injured by a mystery assailant. Threatened with paralysis he conducts his own struggle from within his hospital bed, whilst the Chief tries to find out who is still trying to kill his prize pupil. Meanwhile Ed's best chance of recovery is an untested experimental operation performed by a surgeon whose integrity is very likely about to be put to the test.

The Reluctant Dragon
80 votes

#34 - The Reluctant Dragon

Mission: Impossible - Season 1 - Episode 16

Dr. Cherlotov, a scientist of an enemy power, failed to defect to the West when his wife did. Now that he has developed a cheap, effective anti-ballistic system, the IMF are ordered to get him out. Unfortunately, they find out that Cherlotov doesn't want to defect: he merely wants to convince his superiors he is loyal and live out his life. The IMF smuggle in his wife Karen. Meanwhile, Rollin convinces Cherlotov's watcher and the security commissioner, Jankowski, to put Cherlotov under jail for suspicion. When Cherlotov realizes what his country does to other dissidents he agrees to defect, but Jankowski sees through Rollin's cover and tries to arrest them all.

The Fear-Makers
28 votes

#35 - The Fear-Makers

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - Season 1 - Episode 3

After Seaview's sister ship, Polidor, is lost on an experimental deep dive, Seaview continues with the tests. Unknown to the already stressed crew, one of the visiting psychologists aboard is an enemy agent who has released a fear-causing gas into the air system. As Seaview plunges into the depths a dangerous panic starts to spread.

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Bloody Nose
3 votes

#36 - Bloody Nose

Police Woman - Season 1 - Episode 21

While working undercover as a waitress in a seedy roadside diner connected to a series of truckload heists, Pepper finds herself entangled in the ugly spousal abuse dispute between a young married couple in her apartment complex.

The Last Remains
36 votes

#37 - The Last Remains

Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Season 7 - Episode 25

A funeral director blackmails a client when he discovers the man's business partner didn't really die in a road accident, but was shot instead.

Trial by Fury
53 votes

#38 - Trial by Fury

Mission: Impossible - Season 2 - Episode 24

The head of a country's freedom party, Manuel Delgado, has been imprisoned by the dictatorship of his country. Cardoza, Delgado's assistant and liaison with the outside, has had himself arrested but is now believed to be an informer by the other convicts. The IMF must keep Cardoza from being killed by his fellow inmates and expose the real informer. Jim and Barney go in as prisoners, while Rollin goes in as a guard and Cinnamon as a Red Cross officer. Barney talks about his escape plan, and Rollin sees a guard recover a piece of foil with a message from one of the prisoners. Cardoza is beaten and humiliated by the convicts despite Jim and Barney's best efforts. Rollin smuggle the foil to Jim who uses it to clear Cardoza and find the real informer. Jim and Barney then use Rollin and Cinnamon as hostages to escape themselves.

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62 votes

#39 - Trek

Mission: Impossible - Season 2 - Episode 2

The country of Santales sold a collection of Incan gold artifacts to save its economy, which were stolen by Jack Cole. Cole's accomplices are killed and Colonel Cardoza of Santales is in charge of extracting the location of the artifacts from Cole. However, Cardoza is a tratiro who plans to take the artifacts and leave Santales in financial ruin. The IMF must both recover the treasure and expose Cardoza. Phelps goes in as Cardoza's fence, and plots with the Colonel to get Cole to reveal the treasure. Phelps is thrown in with Cole, and they manage to escape thanks to Cardoza's set-up with Jim. Jim "kills" Rollin (disguised as an Indian) for his horses, and the Rollin reports to Cardoza's superior, General Diaz, that Cardoza is the one looking for the trasure. Cole takes Phelps and Cardoza to the trasure, and Cardoza kills Cole. As Diaz's men close in, Jim leaves via a helicopter, leaving Cardoza to try and explain why he has the treasure and was working with Cole.

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It's Only a Game
3 votes

#40 - It's Only a Game

Police Woman - Season 1 - Episode 6

Squad veterans question whether their newest member really wants the job or is being pushed into it by his father, a retired detective.

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The Magnus Beam
14 votes

#41 - The Magnus Beam

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - Season 1 - Episode 11

A mysterious weapon is destroying American U2s. The Seaview's mission is to find the weapon and destroy it. Captain Crane goes undercover. A night-club performer, who is also a resistance fighter, comes to Crane's aid. The Captain is soon captured and severely beaten. Meanwhile, on Seaview, Major Amadi demands asylum. To prove his sincere intentions, he promises to lead the sub to the powerful magnetic weapon responsible for taking out those U2s. Nelson suspects he wants to lead Seaview to a watery grave.

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No Place to Hide
3 votes

#42 - No Place to Hide

Police Woman - Season 1 - Episode 17

A clue is found linking a series of seemingly random murders: Each victim had testified against the mob and was now enjoying a new life in the Witness Protection Program. Pepper goes undercover as a secretary to uncover the leaker.

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Zubrovnik's Ghost
101 votes

#43 - Zubrovnik's Ghost

Mission: Impossible - Season 1 - Episode 11

The wife of a deceased scientist, Kurt Zubrovnik, is being pressured by Eastern forces to work for them. They are using a phony psychic to convince the wife her dead husband wants to defect! Accompanied by IMF "psychic consultant" Ariana Domi, Rollin and Barney try to disrupt the fraud and convince her to return to working for the U.S. The psychic, Poljac, is torturing the husband for information to use to convince his wife Poljac's powers are real. Ariana senses a real ghost present. In the end, Rollin sets up a final seance and Barney prepares to use a technological projection of Zubrovnik to decry Poljac. However, a blackout causes his equipment to fail, and Ariana's alleged powers, plus some ghostly phenomena, allow them to complete their mission.

Murder Times Three
10 votes

#44 - Murder Times Three

Mannix - Season 5 - Episode 12

Hired and fired, Mannix pursues a missing person.

The Death Watch
6 votes

#45 - The Death Watch

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - Season 3 - Episode 9

Admiral Nelson and Captain Crane are involved in a mind-control experiment, with Chief Sharkey caught in the middle.

The Charlie Argos Story
0 votes

#46 - The Charlie Argos Story

The Untouchables - Season 4 - Episode 26

June 25, 1933. Ness and Lee Hobson are called to the Castle, a baronial estate just outside of Chicago, which is both the headquarters and home of the underworld's notorious ""King"" Frank Argos; he is one of Ness' old foes. Argos' attorney Eli Halstead explains that wealthy Frank Argos is about to die; he wants to leave his $5-million in bonds to his long-lost son. And he wants Eliot Ness to be the executor of the will, because he doesn't trust any of his crooked associates. When Halstead says that Argos' wife left him many years ago, the feisty Frank Argos interjects he kicked his wife out! But she took their 7-year-old son with her; all Frank Argos wants to do is see his son once again before he dies. The King offers Ness 100 grand for his services, but Ness turns him down; he figures it's dirty money, a pay-off for protecting his organization. As Ness is leaving, one of the King's hoods, Arno Beale, tells Ness that the son, Charlie Argos, died in WWI anyway. The King dies. An

Night Train to L.A.
0 votes

#47 - Night Train to L.A.

McMillan and Wife - Season 4 - Episode 5

Mac heads south to a police convention on a train filled with officers, Mildred, and the author of Cops and Other Crooks, who is murdered en route.

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