The Best Episodes Directed by Lawrence Gough

The Pilot

#1 - The Pilot

Doctor Who (2005) Season 10 - Episode 1

A chance encounter with a girl with a star in her eye leads to a terrifying chase across time and space. Bill’s mind is opened to a Universe that is bigger and more exciting than she could possibly have imagined - but who is the Doctor, and what is his secret mission with Nardole on Earth?

star 7.99
3214 votes
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#2 - Cuckoo

Vera Season 9 - Episode 2

Vera must get to the bottom of why a teenage boy is found murdered far away from his home in a coastal town.

star 7.94
233 votes
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Episode 3

#3 - Episode 3

Bancroft Season 2 - Episode 3

Free from the restrictions of her position, Elizabeth is determined to bring the true murderer to some form of justice.

star 7.90
135 votes
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Episode Four

#4 - Episode Four

Misfits Season 5 - Episode 4

Since attending the superpower support group, Rudy's alter ego Rudy Two has become more of his own person. And while the gang are out on community service they come across a bumbling old man who turns out to be more than he seems. They also encounter Helen, an electrician with a power that might just hold the key to understanding the 'mysterious knitted jumper'.

star 7.90
984 votes
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#5 - Prey

Endeavour Season 3 - Episode 3

Early June 1967. A missing persons case - that of Danish au pair INGRID HJORT - proves far from routine, pulling ENDEAVOUR into the dueling worlds of Oxford scientific academia, the city's vast parks, Night School and the untamed wilderness of the Oxfordshire countryside.

star 7.89
516 votes
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#6 - Smile

Doctor Who (2005) Season 10 - Episode 2

In the far future, at the edge of the galaxy, there is a gleaming, perfect city. This brand new human settlement is said to hold the secret of human happiness - but the only smiles the Doctor and Bill can find are on a pile of grinning skulls. Something is alive in the walls, and the emojibots are watching from the shadows, as the Doctor and Bill trying to unravel a terrifying mystery...

star 7.71
3045 votes
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Episode Five

#7 - Episode Five

Misfits Season 5 - Episode 5

Rudy takes Finn to the superpower support group to help him get over Jess. But a girl with a mysterious power becomes infatuated with Finn and goes to extreme lengths to be with him. Rudy, meanwhile, tries to quash his own growing attraction to Jess, but that doesn't quite work. The gang help Rudy's alter ego to find Helen, the mysterious electrician who saved his life.

star 7.64
1025 votes
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The Smelt Down

#8 - The Smelt Down

Snatch Season 1 - Episode 5

After patching things up with Saul, the boys get a lead on liquidating the gold bars, but the buyer – a wealthy sheik – proves finicky. The gang must think on its feet, while at the same time eluding Fink, who is moving ever closer to their treasure.

star 7.63
567 votes
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Episode 2

#9 - Episode 2

Bancroft Season 2 - Episode 2

With the evidence around the Connors' murders building, Harper and the team are met with conflicting accounts.

star 7.62
142 votes
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Pear Shaped

#10 - Pear Shaped

Snatch Season 1 - Episode 8

Vic and Hate ’Em use brutish tactics to track down the location of the gold. Fink torments Charlie for information, but discovers the hard way he’s not the only one with gold lust. As opposing forces converge on the gypsy camp, a misunderstanding escalates into a gunfight.

star 7.59
483 votes
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Coming Home to Roost

#11 - Coming Home to Roost

Snatch Season 1 - Episode 7

Lotti and Sonny have the gold re-smelted while Chloe lines up a buyer. An on-the-lam Vic tries to sniff out his treasure while Albert and Lily try to keep him from getting recaptured. Drunken Charlie falls into the hands of Bob Fink, who is determined to extract the location of the gold.

star 7.58
505 votes
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Fly Away You Nutters

#12 - Fly Away You Nutters

Snatch Season 1 - Episode 6

As the gang cools its heels at a country manor, a budding love triangle brings tensions to a boil. But the pressure to sell the gold tub forces the friends to work together. Vic plots a prison escape with a pal, only to find a chilly homecoming awaiting him on the outside.

star 7.51
528 votes
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Episode 1

#13 - Episode 1

Bancroft Season 2 - Episode 1

When a double murder brings an unexpected reunion, newly promoted Bancroft is forced onto the side lines by Detective Superintendent Jake Harper.

star 7.43
155 votes
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