The Best Episodes Directed by Ken Grieve

The Holy Thief

#1 - The Holy Thief

Cadfael Season 4 - Episode 1

Dalny, a beautiful slave girl, is abducted from the Abbey - and the relics of St Winifred are also spirited away, apparently by the same thief. Cadfael is commissioned to find them both.

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77 votes
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The Norwood Builder

#2 - The Norwood Builder

Sherlock Holmes (1984) Season 2 - Episode 3

A young solicitor, John Hector McFarlane, seeks Holmes's help after retired builder Jonas Oldacre dies in a fire. McFarlane, who benefits from Oldacre's will, is suspected of murder and asks Holmes to clear his name. Holmes looks for another motive and another killer, and dresses up as a tramp to get the information he needs about the Oldacre household. The surprising answer he finds is that Oldacre is not exactly dead.

star 8.01
174 votes
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New Friends

#3 - New Friends

The Bill Season 16 - Episode 61

Former DS Ted Roach, now working as a private investigator, helps Sun Hill CID nail local villain Mickey Owen.

star 8.00
1 votes
Touched By Evil

#4 - Touched By Evil

The Bill Season 17 - Episode 19

PC Roz Clarke is on attachment to CID, and puts up with the usual teasing from the detectives and her uniform colleagues. She cracks the case she is working on with DC Glaze though, when she realises that a series of break-ins are all one surname in the phone book. When Ch. Insp. Conway and DI Cullen attend a rugby match between the Met and the Army, Conway is abducted when a disgruntled soldier decides to take revenge on those responsible for the abuse he received while at a children's home.

star 8.00
1 votes
Collateral Damage

#5 - Collateral Damage

The Bill Season 17 - Episode 32

DS McAllister is surprised to run into her former lover and informant Jamie Ross in a bar, when he returns to Sun Hill after the man who wanted him dead dies of a heart attack. Ross is in a new line of work: organising adventure holidays - but he still has plenty of inside knowledge, and when he and McAllister resume their relationship, he reveals the man responsible for a hit-and-run on a drug dealer and a schoolgirl. To McAllister's horror, she realises that Ross has used her, as he is deeply in debt to Brett Sadler who ordered the drug dealer killed. DI Cullen convinces Ross to help them catch Sadler, but Ross is shot and killed by a sniper.

star 8.00
1 votes

#6 - Envy

The Bill Season 17 - Episode 48

Glaze is outraged when Clarke falls asleep on an obbo watching the Borrovitch brothers, who are suspected of running a protection racket. Taviner and Clarke then investigate the theft of stolen diggers on a building site. The main suspect is Mick Abbott, an occasional employee at the site, and when they visit him in the bus where he lives, his wife reacts angrily and attacks Clarke. Desperate to clear her debt, Clarke begins moonlighting in telesales at her flatmate's company. While out at a bar with her new co-workers, she spots the Borrovitch brothers, allowing Glaze to make a connection with the stolen diggers and German arms dealers, and a successful raid sees all the culprits behind bars.

star 8.00
1 votes

#7 - Greed

The Bill Season 17 - Episode 49

Clarke fails her probationer exams, and goes AWOL instead of returning to the station. A gang of thieves on rollerblades are rampant in Sun Hill, and their mobility makes it very difficult for the police to catch them. Taviner arrests a girl, Jackie Burns, at a skate park, but she insists she was just watching the skaters. As the skate gang gets more violent, animosity between Worrell and Clarke also grows fiercer, and the two come to blows in the corridor. A tearful Clarke admits her debt problem to Taviner. Scrutinising CCTV footage reveals Jackie's involvement with the gang: she phones them when a potential victim withdraws money from an ATM. Clarke discovers her telesales commission has fallen through.

star 8.00
1 votes
The Pilgrim of Hate

#8 - The Pilgrim of Hate

Cadfael Season 4 - Episode 3

The dead body of an elderly man is found hidden in a sack at the Abbey, and Cadfael believes he was murdered. The principal suspects are a group of pilgrims, who include two known thieves. Cadfael locks them up, in a bid to draw out the killer.

star 7.81
104 votes
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Destiny of the Daleks (2)

#9 - Destiny of the Daleks (2)

Doctor Who Season 17 - Episode 2

Romana has been captured by the Daleks, the Doctor is the guest of the Movellans. The Daleks are drilling deep into Skaro for something and the Doctor has an awful suspicion about their objective…

star 7.78
133 votes
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The Raven in the Foregate

#10 - The Raven in the Foregate

Cadfael Season 3 - Episode 3

Cadfael is on a double murder hunt following the deaths of a pregnant girl and the priest who refused to take her confession.

star 7.77
102 votes
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Destiny of the Daleks (4)

#11 - Destiny of the Daleks (4)

Doctor Who Season 17 - Episode 4

Trapped between the Movellans and the Daleks, the Doctor must find a way to defeat both. Meanwhile, vast space fleets await new orders.

star 7.73
124 votes
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Jewel Robbery at the Grand Metropolitan

#12 - Jewel Robbery at the Grand Metropolitan

Agatha Christie's Poirot Season 5 - Episode 8

Mrs Opalsen's famous pearls are stolen, and Poirot is happily on hand to investigate. A complex theft calls for a sophisticated solution. Unfortunately, Poirot is hindered everywhere he goes by being mistaken for 'Lucky Len'.

star 7.53
448 votes
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Destiny of the Daleks (1)

#13 - Destiny of the Daleks (1)

Doctor Who Season 17 - Episode 1

Skaro, the Dalek homeworld, some time in the future. The TARDIS lands in the irradiated ruins of the old Kaled city and something is moving underneath the wasted surface of the planet…

star 7.49
197 votes
Destiny of the Daleks (3)

#14 - Destiny of the Daleks (3)

Doctor Who Season 17 - Episode 3

The Daleks have awoken Davros in the heart of Skaro. Only the Doctor and the Movellans stand between them and their objective. But are the Movellans really on the Doctor's side?

star 7.44
159 votes
The Chocolate Box

#15 - The Chocolate Box

Agatha Christie's Poirot Season 5 - Episode 6

Poirot returns to Belgium for the first time since the Great War, and there he revisits a twenty-year-old murder mystery that was never officially solved. We flash back to an eager young detective on the Brussels police force, working to serve a young woman who has come to him for help. In the process, the pin the older Poirot wears is identified.

star 7.37
466 votes
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#16 - Whispers

The Bill Season 16 - Episode 43

DC Proctor, under pressure over his poor performance, decides to trap a burglar to avoid being transferred from Sun Hill.

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Old Enemies

#17 - Old Enemies

The Bill Season 16 - Episode 60

PC Carver stops a driver who appears a little the worse for wear – former DS Ted Roach. He opens up and says he is after a villain from his past, and rekindles his relationship with a former informant.

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No Signs Of Life

#18 - No Signs Of Life

The Bill Season 18 - Episode 20

Chandler reads out the names of the dead injured, whilst trying to maintain dignity in the face of the public and the press. Danny convinces himself that if he'd spoken out against Vik's indiscretions, none of this would of happened. He enlists Duncan to track down prime suspect, Jeff Simpson.

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A Peg Or Two

#19 - A Peg Or Two

The Bill Season 18 - Episode 21

As the team hold a respectful minute's silence for those lost in the blaze, Debbie is busy finding evidence against a known safecracker, Peter Grace, after the case against him was lost in the fire. At St. Hugh's Cass and Des hold a bedside vigil for Sam.

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A Head On The Block

#20 - A Head On The Block

The Bill Season 19 - Episode 61

Can Tony and Gary persuade Cameron to give up his daughter?

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Pick Your Friends

#21 - Pick Your Friends

The Bill Season 19 - Episode 62

PC Polly Page's horrible cousin Michelle turns up at Sun Hill, to report she is being stalked. Despite Michelle's obstructiveness, Polly manages to convince PC Cathy Bradford to get some information out of her so they can find the suspect. DCI Jack Meadows does all he can to prevent Rachel Heath from being charged with GBH, and when the victim presses charges, the matter is out of his hands. Sgt. June Ackland feels her age when she falls behind while chasing a bag snatcher. When an elderly lady is struck by a car and later dies in hospital, Ackland realises the dead woman could be the mother of DC Mickey Webb. DS Phil Hunter convinces DC Juliet Becker to tell his wife she was the cop having an affair with Heather Rayner, not him. As PCs Page and Bradford uncover details of Michelle's love life, Bradford's indiscrete line of questioning results in a complaint made against her and a tongue lashing from DS Ramani De Costa - but Bradford turns the tables once again by summoning crocodile t

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Better Late Than Never

#22 - Better Late Than Never

The Bill Season 19 - Episode 86

A siege is underway… the gunman who took PC Gary Best's dad is now holed up in a building, and when Inspector Gina Gold finds out two elderly residents, one a diabetic in urgent need of medication, are trapped she has to decide whether to let SO19 take him by surprise. When Smithy volunteers himself as a hostage in return for the elderly couple to be released, his actions are totally against protocol, much to Inspector Gold's dismay. Smithy desperately attempts to talk the gunman down but he's dealing with a deranged man capable of anything. Will Gina Gold put her officer's life at risk by allowing SO19 to storm the building and will Gary Best ever have the chance to make amends with his father? It's the last day of PC Polly's trial and she takes the stand to try and convince the jury of her innocence. But will she convince the packed courtroom that she did the right thing? And how will Polly's confession that she was set up by Cathy go down with her Sun Hill colleagues, especially wh

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What's The Scoop?

#23 - What's The Scoop?

The Bill Season 19 - Episode 88

McAllister and Hunter investigate a serious assault on a prostitute, while Okaro is forced to deal with National Party councillor Nicola Marsh, who is trying to raise racial tensions by highlighting an increase in black-on-white crime. Best recovers in hospital after throwing Jules Ellis to his death from the station roof, and falling off himself. McAllister is saddened to discover that Becker died the night before, and Sun Hill deal with the fallout due to the death of the suspect, who swallowed his tongue in custody. Murphy admits to Okaro that Taviner was responsible for the Sun Hill firebombing when forensics discover that he wasn't killed in the Area Car warehouse explosion. Page is found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. Kent gets close to Ackland.

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Don't Bring Me Down

#24 - Don't Bring Me Down

The Bill Season 20 - Episode 16

McAllister investigates a vicious attack on two young teenage boys. Meadows' former lover Rachel Heath stands trial for assault, and threatens to go public and tell the court about their affair unless he agrees to help her. With his career on the line, Meadows makes a surprise proposal, which shocks Rachel to the core. Meanwhile, the pressure starts mounting for Manson when Sharpe implies she knows about his father-in-law's sordid sexual practices and fondness for rent boys. When Sharpe tries to blackmail him in order to secure her own stake in a case, Manson manages to find a hold over her when he discovers the details surrounding Meadows' and Rachel Heath's affair - and threatens to tell all. Gary uses his own experience to convince one of the victims to make a tough decision.

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Office Politics

#25 - Office Politics

The Bill Season 20 - Episode 17

Andrea Dunbar arrives at Sun Hill for her first shift, and her keenness seems too good to be true - but little do the relief know that they have an undercover reporter in their midst. When Sharpe discovers that McAllister told Manson about Meadows' affair, she is furious - and the pair come to blows. Tensions run high between Manson and Meadows when Manson declares he wants Sharpe out of CID - no matter what. Just as he is announcing her departure to the rest of the department, Meadows comes in with an offer for Sharpe to join MIT. Page is snubbed by Manson during her shift back, and things turn from bad to worse when she returns home to find the word 'murderer' painted across her flat window.

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