The BEST episodes directed by Kana Kawana

Shion's Pride
31 votes

#1 - Shion's Pride

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Season 5 - Episode 7

Tokoha invites Chrono and Shion to a special Vanguard quiz competition event, which is split into three phases. Shion easily wins the first phase, a game in which players are given a picture of a card and must buzz in and call the card's right name as fast as possible. In the second phase, a scavenger hunt, Chrono wins due to Shion prioritizing to help an injured boy. The boy has a pessimistic attitude, but Shion tries to cheer him up by vowing to win the entire event. In the third and final phase, Chrono and Shion race through an obstacle course. Despite some mistakes and with some unexpected help from Chrono, Shion barely manages to reach the goal and win the event, thus fulfilling his promise to the boy.

Takeru the Wanderer
31 votes

#2 - Takeru the Wanderer

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Season 5 - Episode 14

After receiving another new Gear Chronicle card from an anonymous person, Chrono comes across and helps a young man named Takeru Baba who collapses from hunger. He is a Vanguard fighter who has been traveling across the country and constantly training to become stronger. Takeru offers to repay Chrono, who declines. However, insistent in wishing to repay him, Takeru follows Chrono around but faints from hunger again. Chrono takes him to a nearby card shop where Takeru refills his stomach and Chrono spots Shion fighting other players. Finishing his meal, Takeru comments that he had fought Shion before and noticed that a certain encounter has changed him. After Takeru explains his belief that every meeting has meaning, Chrono decides to fight him. The two have such an intense cardfight that it attracts all of the other players' attentions away from Shion's battles. In the end, Chrono wins, and he and Takeru swear to meet again in the local qualifiers of the upcoming Vanguard National Tournament.

Chrono Shindou
32 votes

#3 - Chrono Shindou

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Season 5 - Episode 1

Three years have passed after the end of the Legion Mate arc. Chrono Shindou, an independent and apathetic teenager, finds a Vanguard deck and a map in his school locker one day. After school, he follows the map to a card shop, Card Capital 2, where he sees his first cardfight between Mamoru Anjou and an older Kamui Katsuragi, who works part-time at the store. When Chrono shows Kamui his deck, Kamui is shocked that the deck is of a never-before-seen clan: Gear Chronicle. Kamui decides to have a cardfight with Chrono, who has never played Vanguard before. So, Kamui teaches Chrono about the lore and rules of Vanguard as they play. When Chrono is driven into a corner, he hears a voice that tells him about Generation Stride, or an "alternate future". This is an ability that allows Chrono to stride a new unit from the Generation Zone, and it manages to give him the victory over Kamui. Afterwards, having been emotionally moved by that cardfight, Chrono runs off to see his "alternate future" while passing by a certain someone...

Triumphant Return in the Rain
4 votes

#4 - Triumphant Return in the Rain

IDOLiSH7 - Season 1 - Episode 6

IDOLiSH7, which became a hot topic at the station-front live concert in heavy rain, gradually gained popularity. Tickets for the same outdoor venue as the first live were sold out in a blink of an eye, and Riku and his friends performed their best in front of the crowd. Members who survived the accident with a quick wit while troubles occurred in the audio equipment at the timing of the TV broadcast and anxiety spread in the venue. In this case, Tamaki and Sogo attracted attention and gradually became more popular.

One and Only
114 votes

#5 - One and Only

Tokyo Revengers - Season 1 - Episode 21

Baji had infiltrated Valhalla so that he could get to Kisaki. And after a fierce battle, he manages to get to Kisaki, but coughs up blood and falls to the ground. Mikey sees this and takes Hanma out in a second and starts mercilessly punching Kazutora over and over. This was the scene that the future Draken had told Takemichi about. At this rate, Mikey will end up killing Kazutora, Kisaki will take over Toman, and the tragic future will still occur. Takemichi tries to stop him, but Mikey's rage is just too great, and...

Space Pirates / Gourmet Round / The Cutie Next Door
6 votes

#6 - Space Pirates / Gourmet Round / The Cutie Next Door

Mr. Osomatsu - Season 2 - Episode 16

A group of aliens pursue the legendary space pirate, Shazarr. Displeased with Chibita's oden, Matsuzou serves up his own brand of oden, only for noone to show up. Later, the sextuplets become enamored by their new neighbor, Kinko Inuyama, prompting jealousy from Totoko when they go on a date with Kinko instead of her.

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Let's Become Independent / This Is Totoko
20 votes

#7 - Let's Become Independent / This Is Totoko

Mr. Osomatsu - Season 1 - Episode 4

Choromatsu is worried that his brothers are depending too much on their parents.

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What Was Lost
4 votes

#8 - What Was Lost

IDOLiSH7 - Season 1 - Episode 13

Sogo finally collapsed due to stress. Tamaki apologizes for his burden, but says that Sogo may quit IDOLiSH7 and MEZZO, because of the complex relationship between Sogo and his father. IDOLiSH7 reunited their feelings by overcoming the difficulties together. Later, when he learned that TRIGGER's music had recommended him when he appeared in "Music Festa," he visited the dressing room to thank him. Heaven meets there and entrusts Spin with a message to the land.

No Pain, No Gain
116 votes

#9 - No Pain, No Gain

Tokyo Revengers - Season 1 - Episode 15

Mikey asks Takemichi to bring the former First Division Captain Baji Keisuke from Valhalla. Mikey agrees to make Kisaki leave Toman if Takemichi is successful in this mission, but he also threatens to kill him if he fails. As Takemichi receives a lecture about Valhalla from Yamagishi who is knowledgeable about delinquents, Valhalla's No. 3 Hanemiya Kazutora appears before them.

It feels awesome to gain a bunch of levels after a battle
44 votes

#10 - It feels awesome to gain a bunch of levels after a battle

Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki - Season 1 - Episode 2

Hinami tasks Tomozaki with starting and joining conversations; after his first few attempts fall flat, he comes away with some astute observations.

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Resort Night at the World's Edge
24 votes

#11 - Resort Night at the World's Edge

Otherside Picnic - Season 1 - Episode 7

A half-remembered night out, and the morning after. Beer, swimsuits, fun, sun, and guns. It's just two girls on a resort vacation until a taxi ride takes a strange turn. Sorawo and Toriko will have to pull some magic out of a hat to escape this one.

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Flower and Storm
5 votes

#12 - Flower and Storm

Build-Divide - Season 1 - Episode 4

Teruto starts "training" Hiyori by going to various bakeries in the city. They decide to go after a special croissant, but are attacked by a mysterious girl. Meanwhile, Sakura looks for a challenger for them, but feels she's being somehow deceived.

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Act 4
0 votes

#13 - Act 4

High School Star Musical - Season 3 - Episode 4

The plan of Hoshitani and the others to go on strike backfires, and, as a precaution, the Kao Council separates Team Hiragi from their friends. At a loss of what to do, the remaining company members are left feeling dejected, so Hoshitani takes off to go see the isolated Team Hiragi and his friends hear nothing else from him for the rest of the day. Meanwhile, within the monolithic Kao Council, Kasugano can't shake the sense of unease that he feels. He finds his attention drawn to Shiki, who is working extra hard in his position as leader.

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