The Best Episodes Directed by Jun'ichirou Hashiguchi

Night Before the Showdown

#1 - Night Before the Showdown

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 6 - Episode 22

The G Quest ends after 3 months, and an award ceremony is held in honor of the teams, including TRY3, that have earned the title of "Generation Master". As a grand finale, there is a special match arranged for TRY3 to face a "dream team" selected by the Vanguard Association. During the time before the match, Shion tells his teammates that Am is Ace, which makes Tokoha want to learn why she is working with Myoujin. Later, the day of the special match arrives, and TRY3's opponent is revealed to be Team Q4, consisting of Misaki, Kamui, and Kai. Behind the scenes, Kouji and his comrades begin "GIRS Crisis", a plan that will ultimately locate Myoujin.

star 9.97
31 votes
Chrono vs. Kanzaki

#2 - Chrono vs. Kanzaki

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 5 - Episode 45

The epic battle between Chrono and Kanzaki begins. If Chrono wins, then Kanzaki must admit that his elitist philosophy is wrong. But if Kanzaki wins, then he will take Chrono's Gear Chronicle deck. Learning from his prior defeat to Kanzaki, Chrono puts up a close fight while carrying the feelings of all his friends. However, Kanzaki soon strides his true trump card: the fearsome Supremacy Black Dragon, Aurageyser Doomed...

star 9.94
30 votes
Rummy Labyrinth

#3 - Rummy Labyrinth

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 6 - Episode 5

TRY3 helps with preparations for a G Quest event to be held in the Dragon Empire branch. They meet, work with, and learn about the members of Rummy Labyrinth throughout the day. When Am's most prized possession gets lost in the trash, TRY3 and Luna desperately search and retrieve it to Am's joy and gratitude. As the friendship between Luna and Am grows, TRY3 briefly meets Kamui's old friends: Naoki, Miwa, Shingo, and Kai. At the end of the day, Shion, who had been putting up a brave front over the Ace takeover incident, is revealed to truly be depressed over it. Then, he encounters Kai...

star 9.84
31 votes
Card Capital #1

#4 - Card Capital #1

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 6 - Episode 14

Chrono, Kamui, and Team Trinity Dragon attend a tournament held at the first Card Capital shop. There, Chrono plays against past fighters including Eru Nakagami, Katsumi Morikawa, and Emi Sendou. Through those fights, Chrono is reminded of how much fun Vanguard is.

star 9.84
31 votes
Collapse of the Dragon Empire Branch

#5 - Collapse of the Dragon Empire Branch

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 7 - Episode 6

After having an odd dream about Rive, Chrono and Ryuzu talk more about the latter's goal to perfect the world into one without strife or war. Chrono says Ryuzu's methods to do so are contradictory, but he replies that sacrifices are necessary. Ryuzu also tells Chrono that he is the singularity, as in the first person to create a link between Earth and Cray, which causes sudden images to appear in Chrono's head. Meanwhile, Enishi, Am/Ace, and Luna appear at the Dragon Empire Branch. To defend the branch, Mamoru cardfights and defeats Enishi. Then, when Am fights Kouji, Luna shockingly summons one of the Zodiac Time Beasts, Chronobeat Buffalo, and has it attack and destroy the branch. In the midst of the attack, Mamoru protects Tokoha but gets injured in the process. Before the Buffalo's rampage could continue, Enishi knocks Luna unconscious, which causes the beast to disappear. With the destruction of the branch, Enishi, Am, and Luna retreat.

star 9.84
31 votes
Perfect Future

#6 - Perfect Future

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 7 - Episode 17

After Shion agrees to help Am save Luna, Chrono and the gang are called out by Ryuzu. He pulls Chrono into an image that details how he was able to summon the Zodiac Time Beasts after Rive's betrayal. Then, with the power of all the Zodiac Time Beasts in possession, Ryuzu opens the Stride Gate, creating a Tower of Light. Sacrificing the Planet Cray and converting it into energy through the gate, Ryuzu's image of a "perfect future" is born; everyone falls into a deep slumber and will dream blissfully about their own perfect futures forever. But Chrono, Shion, Tokoha, Am, and Taiyou awake from their dreams because they have been chosen as arbiters who will fight Ryuzu and the Company. The outcome of their battles will decide the future once and for all.

star 9.84
31 votes
The Road to Death

#7 - The Road to Death

Megalobox Season 1 - Episode 7

There's one month until Megalonia begins, and it looks like Shirato Yukiko's brother, Mikio, is a lock for the final entrant into the tournament. Will Joe and Team Nowhere find a way to secure their spot in the Megalo Box championship tournament?

star 7.76
94 votes
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The Ruling Hero of the Court

#8 - The Ruling Hero of the Court

2.43: Seiin High School Boys Volleyball Team Season 1 - Episode 7

Seiin plays their practice match against Fukuho. Haijima has a suggestion for the prefectural qualifiers that throws the whole team for a loop.

star 6.25
16 votes