The BEST episodes directed by Jeremy Kagan

Leave of Absence
7 votes

#1 - Leave of Absence

Chicago Hope - Season 2 - Episode 8

Geiger's bravado is put to the test when hospital counsel Alan Birch is shot by street thugs. Meanwhile, Grad agonizes over not being able to help Alan and Watters regrets his recent harsh words with the lawyer.

Mr. Dreeb Comes to Town
12 votes

#2 - Mr. Dreeb Comes to Town

Picket Fences - Season 1 - Episode 3

Michael J Anderson guests as a circus performer who "steals" an elephant from the circus to rescue him from ongoing abuse by the trainers. Also, a beloved teacher from the high school loses his job when a brain tumor causes him to have a violent outburst.

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Nuclear Meltdowns
10 votes

#3 - Nuclear Meltdowns

Picket Fences - Season 1 - Episode 15

When a school friend gets pregnant, Kimberly tells her parents she thinks it resulted from incest. Kenny's girlfriend meets her long-lost twin and Cynthia Parks' pet duck is sacrificed.

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799 votes

#4 - Stirred

The West Wing - Season 3 - Episode 17

Hoynes and Bartlet each make an unexpected announcement about Hoynes' place on the ticket; fears of a terrorist attack arise when a truck carrying depleted uranium-fuel rods is involved in a head-on collision in an Idaho tunnel; Donna seeks a Presidential Proclamation to honor her high-school teacher/mentor who's retiring; and Bartlet's insistence on helping Charlie with his tax return sparks a discussion on the true nature of a tax rebate.

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4 votes

#5 - Crash

Boomtown - Season 1 - Episode 8

Joel and Fearless work with a claims investigator, who is also Fearless's ex-girlfriend, to uncover the insurance fraud ring behind a fatal multi-car collision.

Marlon's Brando
39 votes

#6 - Marlon's Brando

Blind Justice - Season 1 - Episode 5

Two women are brutally raped and their faces have been branded with a deep jagged cut by their attacker. The detectives interview a white supremacist in prison named Leonard Mattis who might be connected somehow with the attacks due to him being related to the victims through blood and marriage. He denies any involvement. They don't believe him as Mattis' wide range of power and connections in and out of prison is a major factor in these assaults. Meanwhile, Jim's patience begins to wear thin as his growing agitation over Marty's actions against him becomes more apparent to the other detectives at the precinct. Also, the fear of no longer being someone who is adequate enough to be there for and protect his wife and partner begins to take hold, as the investigation potentially endangers Karen and causes Jim to sporadically visualize Christie as a victim.

127 votes

#7 - Heart

The Guardian - Season 1 - Episode 8

Nick Fallin finds himself the advocate for a 12-year-old girl, Lesley, who needs to be adopted by foster parents immediately in order to receive a heart transplant. Laurie Solt, a social worker for Legal Services (LS), is having trouble placing her due to the many demands of caring for a child with congenital heart disease. Inspired by Lesley's strength after she learns her current foster parents are unable to adopt her, Nick takes the search on as a personal campaign to save Lesley's life. As hope of finding suitable foster care fades, Nick decides that the only way to save Lesley's life is to become her legal guardian. Nick's supervisor at LS, Alvin Masterson questions Nick's ability to care for Lesley. Eventually, the judge does grant Nick legal guardianship. Meanwhile, one of Burton Fallin's old friends, Harry Josephs is dying of cancer and tells Burton he is challenging the employment contract of Hopeson, Inc., which terminates employment if an employee is unable to work for 90 consecutive days. Hopeson Inc. is a long time client of Fallin & Assoc. and Burton helped finalize the original employment contracts. Burton struggles with the responsibility of fighting for his clients and opportunity to stand by his friend.

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207 votes

#8 - Pilot

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman - Season 1 - Episode 1

Michaela Quinn, a female doctor in post-Civil War Boston, Massachusetts, finds more than she bargained for when she answers an ad for a doctor in a small town in the Colorado territory.

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Back in the Ring
54 votes

#9 - Back in the Ring

The Guardian - Season 2 - Episode 19

Caroline Novak goes before a Grand Jury who will look into her bad business practices. A former boxer tries to get custody of his child after spending time in prison.

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118 votes

#10 - Causality

The Guardian - Season 1 - Episode 12

For the first time since leaving Fallin & Assoc., Nick Fallin goes head to head with his father, Burton Fallin, in a corporate father and son case. A case turned over to Nick by William McGee of Kirk & McGee has Nick representing Harry Sloan, a father wanting to sell his company to his son, Carter Sloan. Burton is representing Carter. As the case progresses and the pressure builds, Nick falls back into some old habits that violates his parole and could cost him his job. At Legal Services, Alvin Masterson confronts the one person who changed the direction of his life forever. Edith Russo, a client from long ago, resurfaces in a child custody case. Alvin represented Edith many years ago and fought to help her keep her children, only to have one of those children die due to her negligence. Now, one of Edith's children is fighting to keep her son from being placed with Edith. Meanwhile, a new Legal Services associate, Lulu Archer is also faced with a difficult case with which she has an emotional attachment, as she finds a baby in a dumpster.

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Heart of Saturday Night
3 votes

#11 - Heart of Saturday Night

Picket Fences - Season 4 - Episode 6

Saturday night in Rome and the residents' minds turn to leisure activities. Matthew goes cruising with his pals. Jill and Jimmy's attempt at romance leaves him in an extremely painful position. Meanwhile, Judge Bone and Wambaugh's poker gang loses a player when one of them drops dead at the table.

The Lame Duck Congress
819 votes

#12 - The Lame Duck Congress

The West Wing - Season 2 - Episode 6

The president considers recalling the Senate to push ratification of a nuclear-test-ban treaty. Meanwhile, Donna lobbies new legislation introducing ergonomic standards in the White House; A Ukrainian politician shows up at the White House drunk demanding to see the president.

Food Chains
25 votes

#13 - Food Chains

Chicago Hope - Season 1 - Episode 3

Arthur nearly fires Danny for failing to adhere to triage protocol, thereby delaying the treatment of a critically injured prostitute with AIDS; Phillip becomes the acting chief of staff after Hackett suffers a fatal heart attack during a little afternoon delight with Angela in the MRI room; Jeffrey and Arthur argue over the future of a baboon with the potential to prolong the life of Jeffrey's patient with heart failure and Arthur's patient with AIDS.

God's Equation
453 votes

#14 - God's Equation

Taken - Season 1 - Episode 7

Charlie and Lisa learn about their daughter Allie's amazing powers while trapped in a perilous situation. Mary Crawford lays the groundwork to snatch the child for government research.

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The Most Crucial Game
416 votes

#15 - The Most Crucial Game

Columbo - Season 2 - Episode 3

The manager of a football team kills the team's owner, disguising himself as an ice cream vendor as a cover. He then uses a recording of a faked phone call as an alibi to prove he was elsewhere at the time of the murder.

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Forbidden Fruits
344 votes

#16 - Forbidden Fruits

Ally McBeal - Season 1 - Episode 16

The firm takes on a high profile case involving a jilted spouse who is suing a US Senator for "interfering with happy marital relations". The Senator's case takes on perversely similar parallels to the Ally / Billy / Georgia love triangle, causing Georgia to quit the case, Fish to try the case, and Cage to keep the Senator from losing his career. Ally, meanwhile, doesn't hide much from Renee, and while trying to deny her feelings, experiences another dancing baby visitation, and thus causing Renee to wonder about Ally's sanity. Cage taps Fish to help litigate; knowing his utter lack of legal experience is just what they need to discredit the merits of the case. He advises Ally to match her adversary with smiles and ingratiating behavior.

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