The Best Episodes Directed by Jennifer Arnold

Lose It All

#1 - Lose It All

The L Word: Generation Q Season 1 - Episode 7

Bette is conflicted about old feelings, Shane is tested by her relationship with Quiara, Alice is blindsided at home and work. Dani, busy on the election, Sophie feels relieved to have Finley around. Micah introduces José to his mother.

star 7.85
117 votes
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Are You in Fair Health?

#2 - Are You in Fair Health?

Atypical Season 4 - Episode 6

Sam seeks a worthy caretaker for Edison. Casey tries to be supportive, but her plan backfires. Zahid shares tough news with Sam.

star 7.76
206 votes

#3 - Dixit

TableTop Season 1 - Episode 12

Wil Wheaton and guests Leo Chu (Creator, Executive Producer — Supah Ninjas, Afro Samurai), Casey McKinnon (Actress, Producer — Galacticast, A Comicbook Orange), and Beth Riesgraf (Actress — Leverage) play Dixit!

star 7.73
49 votes
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Millennial's Next Top Model

#4 - Millennial's Next Top Model

Younger Season 6 - Episode 9

Millennial deals with the fallout of the Debutante Ball. Liza is pulled into a media frenzy, led by a publicity-hungry Quinn Tyler. Maggie dates against type. Kelsey and Zane reset.

star 7.66
230 votes
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Big Kahuna

#5 - Big Kahuna

Good Girls Season 4 - Episode 2

A huge client approaches Dean to sell his merchandise at Boland’s Bubbles, but Beth is hesitant. Stan and Ruby’s guilt reaches a breaking point when Sara’s donor family returns. Annie tries to prove to Ben that she can keep up with the rich parents at his school.

star 7.66
274 votes
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The Tattler

#6 - The Tattler

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 - Episode 3

Jake and Gina attend their 20th high school reunion. Charles helps Rosa with her love life.

star 7.59
2139 votes
The Last Unicorn

#7 - The Last Unicorn

Younger Season 7 - Episode 5

After Quinn’s new romance goes public, Liza decides to fact-check her manuscript. Maggie gets an exciting new job offer and love interest. Sparks fly between Liza and someone from her old life.

star 7.48
95 votes
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#8 - Handcuffed

A.P. Bio Season 2 - Episode 10

When he's kicked off his Harvard phone plan, Jack is offered a chance to leapfrog onto Mary's on one condition -- he must help her break up with her scuzzy boyfriend. Anthony becomes Durbin's right-hand man.

star 7.42
249 votes
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Saving Christmas

#9 - Saving Christmas

American Housewife Season 3 - Episode 10

Katie strives to keep her long-separated parents apart when her father arrives in time to surprise the Otto family for Christmas. Anna-Kat does her best to help Trip win Taylor back but has a hard time getting past a very persistent Pierce. Meanwhile, Oliver thinks no one will remember him as the mask-wearing villain in the school's production of "The Nutcracker" but quickly takes center stage when a series of mishaps damages his costume.

star 7.41
184 votes
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It's All About the Money, Honey

#10 - It's All About the Money, Honey

Younger Season 6 - Episode 10

Liza is shocked to see an unexpected costar in her Infinitely 21 ad campaign; Kelsey and Charles head to Chicago with a plan; Josh considers his options beyond Inkburg.

star 7.41
222 votes
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The Demotion

#11 - The Demotion

Ghosted Season 1 - Episode 11

Everyone, including Captain LaFrey, is surprised and alarmed when The Bureau Underground is assigned a new captain, Merv Minette. Minette doesn't seem thrilled with his new post either, and halts Max and Leroy's investigation of the suspicious wire.

star 7.38
393 votes
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The F Word

#12 - The F Word

Younger Season 7 - Episode 6

Liza and Kelsey start an underground event called Inkubator. Liza debates telling Charles about Quinn’s true motives. Maggie’s first class lands her an invite to dinner at the dean’s.

star 7.35
99 votes
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Welcome to Hell, Sickos!

#13 - Welcome to Hell, Sickos!

Single Parents Season 2 - Episode 6

It's Halloween night at Hilltop Elementary and the kids head to the school for a spooky celebration with Douglas. Will struggles with whether he should stay with Sophie at the school party or if he should swing by his girlfriend Tracy Freeze’s birthday, which results in a stressful night for Will trying to do both. Meanwhile, Poppy and Angie throw a Halloween party for teens at Douglas’ house in order to try to prove to themselves that they are cool moms.

star 7.26
148 votes
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The Baroness

#14 - The Baroness

Younger Season 7 - Episode 8

When Caitlin needs help with a Vassar event, Liza is forced to turn to an inconvenient source: Quinn. Kelsey is unhappy with her time in the spotlight and tries to find a way out of it. Maggie gets cancelled.

star 7.22
90 votes
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The Son Also Rises

#15 - The Son Also Rises

Younger Season 7 - Episode 7

After an Empirical author dies, Charles reconnects with the widow who was the real-life inspiration for his novel, “The Miseducattion of Henry Cane.” Maggie teaches a class on her past art and is confronted with a big problem.

star 7.21
89 votes
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