The Best Episodes Directed by Jeff Mcgrath

Short, Plush and Deadly

#1 - Short, Plush and Deadly

Duckman Season 4 - Episode 22

The family goes on a dream holiday camping trip. At the park, they run into Fluffy and Uranus who are also on holiday. However, Duckman quickly puts them to work and gets himself banished from the campground. He takes Fluffy, Uranus and Cornfed with him off into the woods, but bees sting the accompanying trio. Cornfed's head swells and an allergic reaction causes Fluffy and Uranus to grow to gigantic proportions and become homicidal. Hearing Duckman's screams, Beverly and a reluctant Bernice go to the rescue leaving entertainer Jim Bailey keeps the boys and Grandma-ma entertained.

star 8.43
6 votes
Exile in Guyville

#2 - Exile in Guyville

Duckman Season 3 - Episode 17

A young child is related the tale of how Duckman and Bernice led a nationwide division of sexes, all this because of his ad for lingerie. Duckman and the men move to the west coast. Bernice and the woman move to the east coast. The children have a different idea.

star 8.29
6 votes
Sperms of Endearment

#3 - Sperms of Endearment

Duckman Season 3 - Episode 5

Bernice, Duckmans sister-in-law, decides she wants to have a child of her own. After trying the dating scene she decides to give artificial insemination a go. Due to a mis-communication and over abundance of, er, 'product', the service gives her Duckmans 'donation'. Hilarity ensues as Duckman and Bernice are incompatible in every [in] conceivable way.

star 8.18
10 votes
Inherit the Judgment: The Dope's Trial

#4 - Inherit the Judgment: The Dope's Trial

Duckman Season 2 - Episode 4

Duckman, in search of his free clock radio, takes the family out to the desert. They wind up in a small town where ""King"" Chicken is the sheriff and Duckman is put on trial for being a heretic.

star 8.00
15 votes

#5 - Passover

Rugrats Season 3 - Episode 51

This is the original series finale of Rugrats. Special: After arguing with Minka over his spotted glasses, Boris runs away. Later, after feeling bad, he decides to get Minka's glasses, only to be trapped in the attic by Angelica, Tommy & Chuckie. Each family member finds him, as well as end up being locked in the attic (it locks from the outside). While in the attic, Boris tells the story on how Passover was established. Angelica, imagining the story as it unfolds, picture herself as the Pharaoh, Tommy as Moses, and the babies as Hebrew slaves. A very interesting episode.

star 7.83
6 votes
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Vuuck, as in Duck

#6 - Vuuck, as in Duck

Duckman Season 4 - Episode 16

Duckman inherits a minor league baseball team as the dying wish of the owner who is trying to keep the team from hands of a banker. To boost attendance he stages a series of stunts, that humiliate and scare the players into quitting. He ""hires"" nine super-models to take their place and they are an instant success. Cornfed teaches them the fundamentals of baseball and they become a great team. The banker institutes a scheme to prevent the supermodels from winning the big game and Cornfed discovers his other scheme on the Internet in the newsgroup alt.villians.greedy-schemes.

star 7.80
4 votes
Clip Job

#7 - Clip Job

Duckman Season 2 - Episode 9

Duckman is kidnapped by an irate viewer who doesn't like the lack of morals portrayed on his television show.

star 7.67
11 votes
Joking the Chicken

#8 - Joking the Chicken

Duckman Season 1 - Episode 13

A group of comedians hire Duckman to stop a pathetic mild mannered politically correct chicken whose ""clean"" stand up routine becomes a comedy sensation. The chicken's routines are funny to everyone except Duckman, who soon discovers the source of his popularity.

star 7.40
14 votes
Pig Amok

#9 - Pig Amok

Duckman Season 3 - Episode 11

(Willabald Feivel) Cornfed finds out from his father via a documentary co-written with Ken Burns, that he has a genetic disease that gives him a choice, either lose his virginity, or die in 24 hours. Duckman tries to help him out, but Bernice saves the day and Cornfed pledges his undying love. He becomes dejected when she rejects him and tries to commit suicide.

star 7.17
5 votes
To Be A Man...

#10 - To Be A Man...

Shin Chan Season 1 - Episode 2

"The Brotherhood of the Groveling Allowance" - Faced with the same lack of funds as his son, Hiro decides to team up with Shin and together outsmart the tight-fisted Mitzi. It's an all-out war between the sexes, but the fairer just won't play fair! When a handful softens Mitzi's stance and she decides to raise more than just his spirits, Hiro rediscovers that he's happy being half a man... "Action Bastard Says, 'Put Your Mouth on a Sausage!" - Shin's superhero sells out, and it's up to the little nipper to swallow enough of his BS to send away for his very own Bastard Belt. But despite Mitzi's urging, the poor kid's courage fails him... He just can't stomach Action Bastard's byproduct. Don't worry boys and girls, it's only Shin's ass on the line! "Hima Nohara in 'Laundry Quandry!'" - It's a sweet stacking short for the littlest Nohara when Hima decides to trash the family duds. "Ench-Man Episode 1: Ench-Man Begins" - The story of his life is not for the faint of heart... By day, mild-mannered principal. But by night - He's Ench-Man!

star 7.17
18 votes
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A Trophied Duck

#11 - A Trophied Duck

Duckman Season 4 - Episode 10

Duckman and the gang travel to San Francisco to attend Dickcon 97. He thinks he is being honored with an ""achievement"" award. When he gets there, he encounters an old rival from detective school. The rival is running the event and takes every opportunity to humiliate him. One of these methods involves an attempt to find a kidnapped Cornfed.

star 7.13
30 votes
Chuckie's Red Hair

#12 - Chuckie's Red Hair

Rugrats Season 3 - Episode 37

Chuckie hates being noticed by everyone because of his red hair, so he uses Grandpa Lou's hair dye and turns it black, only to realized he liked getting attention in the first place.

star 7.00
5 votes
Kid TV

#13 - Kid TV

Rugrats Season 3 - Episode 45

After being disgusted by a competitor's toy commercial on TV (a "Transformer"-type flying bird that flies, goes in space, does your homework, etc.), Stu throws his invention (similar to what's on the commercial, except it doesn't do anything) at the TV, breaking the TV and the bird (the latter already broken to begin with). Afterwards, the Rugrats use a box (a "Cheese of the Month" box that was to be used to ship the TV back to Japan) to make their own shows, all making a rather colorful lineup.

star 7.00
7 votes
Moving Away

#14 - Moving Away

Rugrats Season 3 - Episode 50

Angelica and her parents are moving to New York, only to have their plans thwarted by Jonathan at the last minute. Tommy explains to the other Rugrats on how they met for the first time, thanks to Angelica's lies about each other.

star 7.00
3 votes
Coolio Runnings

#15 - Coolio Runnings

Duckman Season 4 - Episode 2

With the Father & Son Games coming up, Duckman looks for an alternative to competing with Ajax. He spots a more than adequate replacement in recording artist Coolio, who's returned to school to replace his high school diploma. Coolio does not compete with Duckman. Ajax competes with Duckman and even tho they don't win, it has made Duckman and Ajax's bond stronger.

star 6.91
32 votes
Cradle Attraction

#16 - Cradle Attraction

Rugrats Season 3 - Episode 49

Chuckie has a girlfriend, Megan. They like each other in an unorthodox manner -- by teasing each other.

star 6.80
5 votes
Spike Runs Away

#17 - Spike Runs Away

Rugrats Season 3 - Episode 38

When Spike suddenly runs away, Tommy is sad. So Stu and Didi try new pets. The poodle is too mean, the gerbils have ran away and Grandpa Lou squished the spider. Will Spike come back or will he never come home?

star 6.50
4 votes
Meet The Carmichaels

#18 - Meet The Carmichaels

Rugrats Season 2 - Episode 34

New neighbors the Carmichael's come to town and the Pickles help them get settled in. There Tommy meets all the kids: Alisa, Buster, Edwin, and Susie Carmichael. Susie tells Tommy all about her great room, but she can't find it so Tommy and Susie search all around Susie's new house for her brand new room.

star 6.29
7 votes
Angelica's Worst Nightmare

#19 - Angelica's Worst Nightmare

Rugrats Season 3 - Episode 41

Charlotte is having a baby, but Angelica does not like the idea of having another mouth to feed.

star 6.20
5 votes
The Box

#20 - The Box

Rugrats Season 2 - Episode 35

Stu throws the box from what they just got, and all the rugrats imagined what they could do with the box. Racing,Astronaut,Anything. So, what will they do?

star 6.17
6 votes
The Mega Diaper Babies

#21 - The Mega Diaper Babies

Rugrats Season 3 - Episode 42

The Rugrats play-act their favorite super-heroes, "The Mega Hyper-Heroes", a Captain Planet-type program, as Angelica commandeers their action figures.

star 6.17
6 votes
The Sky Is Falling

#22 - The Sky Is Falling

Rugrats Season 3 - Episode 46

Following Angelica's story on "The End of the World" (which previously happened 2 years before), the Rugrats prepare for the falling sky, and its aftermath (Angelica becomes the world President and orders the Rugrats to do what she says), while Stu and Chazz brush up on their tennis.

star 5.50
4 votes
Shin-chan wastes tissues / Time for a nap / Watching the beautiful stars

#23 - Shin-chan wastes tissues / Time for a nap / Watching the beautiful stars

Shin Chan Season 4 - Episode 7

Misae gets 5 boxes of tissues from the market. Shin-chan dumps the waste tissues in the dustbin along with the fresh ones. Yoshinaga tells the children to sleep. Shin-chan and Kazama stay awake, and when the school bus arrives, all the children fall asleep. Shin-chan and his family go to Mount Kashigabu to watch the stars. On seeing a shooting star, Shin-chan wishes to be a pirate man.

star 0.00
0 votes