The BEST episodes directed by Jason Priestley

Graduation Day (Part 2)
47 votes

#1 - Graduation Day (Part 2)

Beverly Hills, 90210 - Season 7 - Episode 32

Brandon stops Valerie from killing herself and agrees to let her stay at the house. They arrive at the graduation ceremony in time for Brandon to receive an award. Kelly believes that Val was faking her suicide attempt, and gives Brandon a hard time for going after her. Clare decides to move to Paris with her father, as she cannot imagine living a continent away from her only family. She asks Steve to come with her, but he turns her down. At the grad party, Brandon continually hassles Kelly to give her father another chance. She finally offers her forgiveness, only to learn that he is going to jail for embezzlement. Kelly decides to make a fresh start with Val. Steve and Valerie have a drunken fling during the party. Ryan develops a crush on Joy. Donna loses her virginity to David. Music: 'Lovefool' / 'Been It' performed by the Cardigans.

Angels We Have Heard on High
60 votes

#2 - Angels We Have Heard on High

Beverly Hills, 90210 - Season 6 - Episode 15

Cindy surprises Brandon by coming to visit for Christmas. Her relationship with Jim is on the rocks, and she is unsure about returning to Hong Kong. Brandon feels devastated, as he fears that his family is falling apart. A special Christmas present from Jim squashes Cindy's doubts about his love, so she returns home. Colin begins using cocaine. Kelly is livid, as he had promised to give up the habit for good. Steve delivers Christmas presents to his boss's mistress and young niece. He gets fired when they receive the wrong gifts (the little girl gets a negligée), making the man's wife aware of his affair. Although someone else had switched the address labels, Rush blames Steve and lights into him. Steve angrily replies that Rush shouldn't worry about him, as they are not really father and son. When Steve meets Rush to apologize, his father makes a shocking revelation: he is Steve's biological father. He had an affair with a waitress, and decided to buy his baby to raise as his own. Steve is initially angry, but later expresses happiness and relief at solving the mystery of his parentage. Joe tries to keep an antsy Donna in suspense about her Christmas/birthday present. Music: 'Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree' by Brenda Lee.

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#3 - Jobbed

Beverly Hills, 90210 - Season 7 - Episode 14

Brandon and Mark vie for the prestigious Dryer scholarship. Mark appeases Kelly by providing Brandon with tips, although he believes that he is a shoo-in because of his wealth and connections. Brandon wins one of the two scholarships, while Mark gets nothing. Mark does not handle the news well. He skips a party for Brandon, then confronts Kelly in the Peach Pit parking lot. He orders her to stay away until she is willing to sleep with him, so she dumps him. Clare gets Steve an interview at the C.U. job fair, but his interviewer propositions him. Clare suspects that Steve invented the story to hide the fact that he blew the interview. The woman again comes on to Steve, unaware that her boss and Clare are listening nearby. Donna fills in for her father's ailing receptionist. Dr. Martin criticizes Donna for humoring talkative patients, but her listening skills later head off a potential disaster. Tom Miller, Valerie's old boyfriend from Buffalo, comes to town. Valerie offers him a job managing the club, despite David's objections. While watching her prom video, Val becomes unnerved by footage of her father. Music: 'Mony Mony' by Tommy James and the Shondells, 'Strange Way' by Firefall.

Picture Night
74 votes

#4 - Picture Night

Working the Engels - Season 1 - Episode 4

Jenna is asked by a former client to handle an important merger on his behalf, but has difficulty completing the task thanks to Ceil. Meanwhile, Jimmy tries to keep Sandy calm after she's served with divorce papers.

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1242 votes

#5 - Lockdown

Haven - Season 2 - Episode 9

When a Troubled individual unleashes a rotting plague inside the police station, the new Chief orders a quarantine... trapping Audrey and the others inside. Meanwhile, Duke confronts Evi about her betrayal of him.

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The Time Has Come Today
90 votes

#6 - The Time Has Come Today

Beverly Hills, 90210 - Season 4 - Episode 25

It's Spring Break and the gang wants to go to Mammoth but instead decides on Palm Springs... all go, except Brenda who finds a diary in her window seat, which belonged to a girl names Wendy Edwards back in 1968. As she reads it, she inserts her friends as characters in the diary. She imagines Andrea as a hippy, Steve as Ronnie, and Dylan as Peter Brinkley, who is against the war. David is Seth who wants sex from Mary Anne Bailey, played by Donna, and he gets it. Brandon plays Wendy's brother, Will, who dies in the Vietnam War, and Kelly plays Michelle who overdoses on LSD in 1971. The diary includes the numbers 134, 10, 66, and 72 which Brenda finds out to be the roads to Woodstock after she tracks down and meets the real Wendy. Music: 'Monday, Monday' by the Mamas and the Papas, 'These Boots Are Made for Walkin'' by Nancy Sinatra, 'For What It's Worth' by Buffalo Springfield, 'Let's Get Together' by The Youngbloods, 'Time Has Come Today' by Chambers Brothers, 'Reach Out of the Darkness' by Friend and Lover, 'The Times They Are a-Changin'' by Bob Dylan, 'Wear Your Love Like Heaven' by Donovan, 'Woodstock' by Joni Mitchell.

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Sweating It Out
63 votes

#7 - Sweating It Out

Beverly Hills, 90210 - Season 5 - Episode 17

Dylan asks Brandon to join him on a motorcycle road trip before he begins his probation and loses his driver's license. They constantly argue about Kelly and nearly call off the trip. They are caught going to the bathroom on a Native American burial ground, and must make amends by digging a hole for a special ceremony. The Native American sheriff invites Brandon and Dylan to join him in a sweat lodge, where they learn valuable lessons. Jonesy calls Dylan and tells him that he has found Kevin and Suzanne. Kelly and Valerie attend a psychology seminar conducted by Professor Patrick Finley. Val laughs off the philosophies and decides to leave. Kelly takes the professor's words to heart because of her experience with the fire. Steve is still bitter about being cut out of the Peach Pit After Dark. Rush apologizes for being insensitive to his feelings. Donna turns to Vince Lombardi for inspiration to help Ray overcome his stage fright. Valerie develops an interest in Ray. Music: 'Runaway' by Del Shannon, 'Turn the Beat Around' by Gloria Estefan, 'I Know the Game' by Jamie Walters.

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Meet Irene Horowitz
73 votes

#8 - Meet Irene Horowitz

Working the Engels - Season 1 - Episode 5

Jenna is offered a posh new client. Ceil and Sandy start a dessert company. Scott Thompson, Eugene Levy and Sarah Levy guest star. Directed by Jason Priestley.

With This Ring
58 votes

#9 - With This Ring

Beverly Hills, 90210 - Season 7 - Episode 20

Tracy is in a snit over the fact that Brandon kept the engagement ring. She breaks up with him. Brandon and Kelly each confess their feelings to friends, but expect the other person to make a move. Tracy confronts Kelly, who admits that she still loves Brandon. Kelly tries to stop Brandon from returning the ring. He cannot bring himself to sell it, and runs into Kelly in the street. She believes that he has already sold it and pretends to support this decision. Brandon exchanges the ring to get a bracelet for Tracy, and Kelly buys the ring and sulks. Valerie tells her mother that her father repeatedly molested her. Abby refuses to accept this and slaps Val. Abby comes to grips with the truth and apologizes for not protecting Valerie. Val asks Tom to leave town, as his presence is a painful reminder of the abuse. Donna is torn between David and Cliff. Chloe makes a pass at David and annoys him with her rude remarks about Donna. Donna tries to reconcile with David, but storms out when Chloe emerges in just a bra. Steve and Clare double date with Ryan and his girlfriend. Clare pressures Steve to talk to his brother about sex, but Ryan ultimately decides to remain a virgin for the time being. Music: 'Nothing to Believe In' by Cracker.

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Real Estate
1686 votes

#10 - Real Estate

Haven - Season 3 - Episode 6

On Halloween night, Audrey, Nathan and Duke become trapped inside a haunted house.

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Maid Amends
79 votes

#11 - Maid Amends

Working the Engels - Season 1 - Episode 2

Jenna takes her first case as head of the family law firm and Jimmy is all too happy to help out - but ends up sleeping with their opponent. Sandy plans a symbolic funeral for "The Old Cell."

She Came in Through the Bathroom Window
112 votes

#12 - She Came in Through the Bathroom Window

Beverly Hills, 90210 - Season 3 - Episode 26

Brenda, Kelly, Donna, Andrea and David go to Magic Mountain for Senior Ditch Day (an event organized by the school). A classmate steals Kelly's wallet, but Donna beats him up when he tries to snatch her purse. Andrea struggles to overcome her fear of roller coasters, and she and Donna have a talk about being virgins. Brandon misses out on the trip to fill in for an ailing Nat at the Peach Pit. A tour guide brings the Burt Reynolds Fan Club to the Pit, but cannot pay the bill because she has supposedly been scammed by her boss. She jumps out the bathroom window and steals Brandon's car. Steve and Dylan catch up to her and spend the day trying to track down Burt Reynolds and convince him to meet the fan club. Burt shows up as a favor to Steve's mother, but the tour guide turns out to be the actual con artist. Music: 'Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream)' by Roy Orbison, 'Walk Right In' by the Rooftop Singers, 'Take Five' by The Dave Brubeck Quartet, 'Dirty Water' by the Standells.

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The Real McKay
60 votes

#13 - The Real McKay

Beverly Hills, 90210 - Season 5 - Episode 29

While under hyponsis, Dylan recalls a past life as a gunslinger in the Wild West. He recognizes Kelly as the woman who convinced him to change his ways and become a family man. He later helped rescue a past love from hanging and was gunned down by the son of one of his victims. Dylan concludes that Kelly is his soulmate. He shows up on her doorstep when she returns from a trip to New York, and they share a passionate kiss. Brandon seeks re-election and is virtually unopposed. When the board of education mandates a tuition hike, Brandon is criticized for failing to look out for the students' interests. Alex Diaz runs for president as a write-in candidate and wins easily. Valerie concludes that Brandon is her perfect guy. Jim fears that his job is in jeopardy when his bosses hold meetings behind his back. Jesse is offered a teaching job at the Yale School of Law, but will only accept if Andrea's scholarship is reinstated. The school agrees wholeheartedly. Music: 'I Know' by Dionne Farris.

And Did It...My Way
90 votes

#14 - And Did It...My Way

Beverly Hills, 90210 - Season 4 - Episode 10

Professor Randall and Lucinda invite Brandon and D'Shawn over for dinner. Steve tries to avoid the smitten Laura. Mr. and Mrs. Carson plan to turn Brenda and Stuart's wedding into a major social event. The couple decides to sneak off to Las Vegas and elope. Brandon and the gang follow them in the hopes of changing their minds. They pretend to be supportive, but play on the couple's insecurities by constantly dropping hints about the difficulties of marriage. Jim and Cindy dash off to Las Vegas to stop the wedding, but Brenda and Stuart have already called it off. Donna arranges a truce between David and Kelly. Music: 'You Keep Me Hangin' On' by the Supremes, 'It's Not Unusual' by Tom Jones, 'Let's Get It On' by Marvin Gaye.

Breaking Up the Band
353 votes

#15 - Breaking Up the Band

Rookie Blue - Season 6 - Episode 10

Now that Sam and Marlo’s baby girl has arrived, it’s clear nothing could have prepared Andy for this moment. So when Juliet offers Andy an opportunity to leave town for 4 months on an undercover project, Andy starts to consider it. Meanwhile, Jarvis reveals the shocking news that 15 Division will be restructured following the corruption scandal.

292 votes

#16 - Defriender

Saving Hope - Season 2 - Episode 8

When Alex and Joel end up stranded in the middle of nowhere with a severely injured couple, they’re forced to use only what’s around them to stabilize the pair until paramedics arrive. Meanwhile, back at Hope Zion Hospital, Charlie must try to save the wounded leg of his former college roommate as Gavin attempts to help Shahir improve his bedside manner.

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Post-Apocalypse Now
424 votes

#17 - Post-Apocalypse Now

Ghost Wars - Season 1 - Episode 9

The town is given hope after a new arrival at Lambda headquarters. New supplies are distributed and an escape from the island promised. Lambda's eccentric CEO takes an interest in Roman.

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Like Suicide
622 votes

#18 - Like Suicide

Van Helsing - Season 3 - Episode 6

Vanessa has a final showdown with the Second Elder in San Francisco. In Denver, Flesh, Doc, Julius and Jolene learn that even in a Safe-Zone, life isn't easy.

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Fog of War
527 votes

#19 - Fog of War

The Night Shift - Season 2 - Episode 6

As a thick fog descends upon San Antonio, the doctors must improvise to save the victims of a car crash; Topher, Drew and Kenny treat siblings injured in the fog. ''Note: This episode and episode 5 aired out of order, resulting in some inconsistencies.''

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She's One of Them Now
3237 votes

#20 - She's One of Them Now

Dark Matter - Season 2 - Episode 7

Three crew members infiltrate a highly secure facility with the help of their handler.

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The Feast
388 votes

#21 - The Feast

Ghost Wars - Season 1 - Episode 11

Karla's ghost-child is gestating quickly. Abigail's physical condition starts to deteriorate, making Marilyn wonder if what's inside her daughter isn't normal.

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Hog Day Afternoon
238 votes

#22 - Hog Day Afternoon

Private Eyes - Season 3 - Episode 6

A case of insurance-fraud escalates to a hostage situation in the high-rise offices of GreatLife, manufacturers of household gadgetry. Previously titled "So You Think You Can Kill!"

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New Lease
150 votes

#23 - New Lease

The Outer Limits (1995) - Season 3 - Episode 11

After years of research, Dr. James Houghton and Dr. Charles McCamber have discovered how to bring the dead back to life with their new breakthrough invention, the Scanning Molecular Reorganizer. But, the process seems to be deeply flawed; the first revival, a middle-aged victim of a heart attack, lives only a day and suffers horribly before passing away again. They get a second chance when Houghton is killed by a mugger outside the lab and McCamber, using the SMR, brings him back to life. Houghton is torn between making amends with his long-neglected family and exacting revenge on his killer. He may, however, have more time than he knows and more trouble than he bargained for.

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Pretty Noose
648 votes

#24 - Pretty Noose

Van Helsing - Season 3 - Episode 5

In San Francisco, Vanessa, Scarlett and Axel find and battle against the Second Elder's forces. In Denver, Flesh, Doc, Julius and Jolene rejoin American civilization as best they can.

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Graduation Day (Part 1)
62 votes

#25 - Graduation Day (Part 1)

Beverly Hills, 90210 - Season 7 - Episode 31

Valerie becomes depressed when her mom, Jim and Cindy all fail to come to graduation. She tries to make amends with Kelly after overhearing her push Brandon to evict her. Val pleads with Steve to lobby Brandon on her behalf, but he still kicks her out. She checks into a motel across the street from the bluff where she once contemplated suicide. Brandon finds a suicide note and learns Val's probable location from David. Donna ponders taking her relationship with David to the next level. David helps Steve and Muntz with a senior prank. Kelly is furious when her father insists on attending her graduation. The gang receives invitations to a special grad party with a "Roaring '20s" theme. Kelly's sister Joy confesses that Bill is responsible for the event. Music: 'Graduation Day' by Chris Isaak.

The Extra Mile
442 votes

#26 - The Extra Mile

Private Eyes - Season 2 - Episode 1

The owner of a car racing team hires the private eyes because of threats to her driver. Also, the Angie and Shade adapt to their new roles as partners in the agency.

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If I Had a Hammer
59 votes

#27 - If I Had a Hammer

Beverly Hills, 90210 - Season 7 - Episode 11

During an argument with Donna in the student union, David throws a tantrum and cuts his hand on a glass. He must see a psychiatrist after displaying hostile behavior toward the ER staff. Mel agrees with the doctor's recommendation that David be held 72 hours for observation. David is diagnosed with a mild form of manic depression. His mother comes to see him and advises him to moderate his behavior; he will not require medication if he seeks therapy and stops drinking. David thanks Donna for her support, and they decide to get back together. Steve faces plagiarism charges; Professor Randall, who assumed control of the independent study course after returning to C.U., recognized Brandon's writing. Randall still holds a vendetta against Brandon, and brings collusion charges against him. Kelly's and Mark's plans for a romantic weekend getaway are foiled by a lost reservation. They finally secure a motel room, only to come down with food poisoning. The gang helps Willie build a house, which his family will receive from Habitat for Humanity. Val displays construction skills as a result of working with her contractor father, but hints to Clare that she has few happy memories of her dad. Everyone eats Thanksgiving dinner inside the unfinished house.

Must Be a Guy Thing
95 votes

#28 - Must Be a Guy Thing

Beverly Hills, 90210 - Season 6 - Episode 3

Dylan heads for the C.U. campus in the hopes of striking up a friendship with Marchette's son. Marchette actually has a beautiful daughter, Toni; she agrees to go out with Dylan. Brandon notices that Toni really likes Dylan, and disapproves of his friend's actions. Brandon expresses an interest in a columnist job with the school paper. Editor Susan Keats turns him down and seems to loathe him. Brandon writes a sexist column about women as a counterpoint to Susan's similar column about men. They go to the After Dark to "research" behavior of the opposite sex, and Susan decides to hire him. Steve's advisor finally realizes that he cheated on his math placement test as a freshman. He ruins Steve's cushy schedule by forcing him to enroll in remedial math. Steve cannot find a suitable tutor, so he reluctantly accepts an offer from Clare. Kelly feels uncomfortable when she learns that Colin and Valerie once toured Europe together as part of a teen group. Valerie hires Colin to paint a mural at the club. Val confesses to Colin that she had a crush on him, and he fulfills her longtime dream by kissing her. Valerie lashes out at David for arriving at work late, unaware that he was helping his mother move into her own apartment. She apologizes and offers her support. A friend of the Martins, who is president of a record label, agrees to scout Ray. Ray learns that he cannot land a deal unless he impresses the man's young daughter. Music: 'Sexy Thought' by Paula Abdul, 'Why' performed by Jamie Walters, 'Suspicion' by Terry Stafford.

Things That Go Bang in the Night
96 votes

#29 - Things That Go Bang in the Night

Beverly Hills, 90210 - Season 5 - Episode 8

Val wants to move back to Buffalo, but her mother has checked into a mental facility and cannot care for her. Brandon explains Valerie's situation to Steve and asks him to give her another chance. A pool hall acquaintance supplies Dylan with drugs. Brandon behaves coldly toward Valerie after she skips a party to go to Dylan's house. She reveals the gravity of Dylan's situation and pleads with Brandon for help. Dylan finds his gun and points it at brats who vandalize his house on Halloween. He shoots up his living room. Brandon confiscates Dylan's gun, ignoring his threats of legal action. After Dylan passes out, he stays to watch over him. Ray reacts angrily after seeing Griffin kiss Donna at a Halloween party. Donna finally tells Griffin about Ray; he responds rudely and gets slapped. Ray agrees to respect Donna's decision to remain a virgin. Andrea hesitates to take Hannah to a Día de los Muertos ceremony. She enjoys the experience, but expresses reservations when Jesse's catholic aunt gives Hannah a necklace of the cross. David and Clare camp out in the desert to look for aliens. Music: 'Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream)' by Roy Orbison, 'Papa Was a Rolling Stone' by the Temptations, 'Twilight Zone' by Golden Earring.

In the Arms of Morpheus
153 votes

#30 - In the Arms of Morpheus

Private Eyes - Season 5 - Episode 1

During her recovery from an injury, Angie hears someone threatened from her hospital room while under the influence of a drug. No one believes her.

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It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses a Fitz
34 votes

#31 - It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses a Fitz

Call Me Fitz - Season 4 - Episode 5

It’s a rainy night at the Fitzpatrick house, and Larry takes the opportunity to use large amounts of alcohol to con the family into playing his favourite game: ‘Truth: the board game’. Truth is true to its name, and even Larry ends up discovering far more about the Fitzpatricks than he ever wanted to know… When they wake up the next morning to find a freshly dug grave in the backyard and a missing Elaine, the family must band together in order to re-discover those truths and figure out what happened the night before.

Hearts of Glass
213 votes

#32 - Hearts of Glass

Saving Hope - Season 3 - Episode 12

Two patients need the same heart; a patient has never-before-seen orthopaedic hardware; Dr. Maggie Lin feels the pressure of the upcoming boards.

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Drop Dead Carny
162 votes

#33 - Drop Dead Carny

Private Eyes - Season 4 - Episode 12

In the colorful lights of a midway, Shade and Angie stumble upon the body of a carnival worker and are thrust deep into the world of traveling carnies, an eerily accurate psychic and a ring of thieves.

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Smart Home Alone
132 votes

#34 - Smart Home Alone

Private Eyes - Season 5 - Episode 7

Financial advisor, calls the Private Eyes team for help when she suspects her high-tech smart house has developed a mind of its own. After Shade and Angie are nearly steamed to death, they suspect someone is hacking into her smart home system.

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Under Par-essure
163 votes

#35 - Under Par-essure

Private Eyes - Season 4 - Episode 7

When a dangerous stalker targets a female golf pro during a celebrity golf tournament, Shade and Angie try to weed out who around her might have ulterior motives.

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Little Thing
1870 votes

#36 - Little Thing

Van Helsing - Season 1 - Episode 8

Axel leads the surviving members of their group towards his old military base for shelter but finds it abandoned and in disrepair. With vampires closing in all around them, Axel decides they need a safer refuge and decides to go underground. Separated from Vanessa and the group, Mohamad tries to catch up while navigating hostile territory.

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Fade In, Fade Out
86 votes

#37 - Fade In, Fade Out

Beverly Hills, 90210 - Season 6 - Episode 17

Kelly is very excited by a visit from her father, who claims to be planning a permanent move to Los Angeles. Jackie and David warn Kelly not to get her hopes up. Bill urges Kelly to give Colin another chance; they stop by Colin's loft, only to find that he is high. Kelly breaks up with him. Bill fails to show for a meeting with Kelly and a realtor, and leaves town without saying goodbye. He leaves Kelly some flowers and a check. Kelly rolls the check and uses it to snort the cocaine stash that Val had confiscated from Colin. Joe has the team doctor check out his injured ankle. The doctor notices something strange in Joe's breathing and recommends that he see a cardiologist. Dr. Martin diagnoses Joe with a congenital heart defect, but the athletic department arranges for a second opinion. The team-sanctioned doctor insists that he is fine, and Joe chooses to believe him. Steve organizes a Roger Corman film festival at the After Dark. The gang finds out that Nat appeared in one of Corman's movies, but he refuses to participate in the event. Steve learns that Nat's indifference stems from memories of a lost love. Nat's ex-fiancée, Joan Diamond, shows up at the festival and asks about him. Steve leads her to Nat, and the couple shares a wonderful evening. Brandon neglects to deliver Susan a message from Jonathan, who plans to return to town. Music: 'You Really Got Me' by The Kinks, 'Knock on Wood' by Eddie Floyd.

Opposite of Sex
3 votes

#38 - Opposite of Sex

Grosse Pointe - Season 1 - Episode 15

After the police catch Quentin in a parked car with a prostitute, Rob orders him to attend group meetings for treatment of sexual addiction. He meets former Beverly Hills, 90210 star Jason Priestley, who convinces him that he has a serious problem. Jason comes to the set to help Quentin during a moment of weakness, and agrees to a date with Courtney. Quentin fears that Jason will fall off the wagon, but manages to convince him not to sleep with Courtney. The WB sets up a hotline that viewers can call to express their opinion on whether Kim should live or die. Marcy believes that it is just a gimmick, and is shocked to learn that her character's fate will actually be determined by the results. Despite Dave's best efforts (500 calls), viewers resoundingly declare that Kim should die. The death episode earns the show's highest rating ever. The network decides that Marcy should stay on the show because of her renewed popularity; so Rob introduces the character of Lynn, Kim's long-lost sister. Johnny's brother designs a Grosse Pointe pinball machine, which he plans to market. Johnny has a difficult time getting Hunter to agree to the use of her likeness.

Help Out
1827 votes

#39 - Help Out

Van Helsing - Season 1 - Episode 9

The group is trapped inside an underground lab for military experiments, and Vanessa discovers that Axel has been hiding a secret about her past; Mohamad befriends a girl who doesn't fear vampires; Rebecca makes a calculated play.

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The Photo Shoot
219 votes

#40 - The Photo Shoot

BH90210 - Season 1 - Episode 3

Tori starts to feel the pressure of balancing the cast's requirements for the reboot, while keeping the wheels in motion. Jason and Ian both struggle with their marriage issues, Jennie meets her new bodyguard, Brian hires a new assistant and Gabby asks Christine for advice. Meanwhile, the cast turns to a familiar face for help and Tori goes to extremes to get Shannen on board with the reboot.

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Off the Rails
317 votes

#41 - Off the Rails

90210 - Season 1 - Episode 18

When Dixon tries to slow down the pace of their relationship, Silver takes a trip to Kansas to learn what he was like before coming to Beverly Hills. Unfortunately, her fragile mental state gets her involved in a difficult situation. Meanwhile, Kelly once again faces her troubled mother Jackie.

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Bleeding Hearts
88 votes

#42 - Bleeding Hearts

Beverly Hills, 90210 - Season 6 - Episode 21

Kelly and Colin argue because she used their entire coke stash. She goes to see his dealer alone, and a second man nearly rapes her. She hits him in the head with a wine bottle and drives away. Kelly calls Brandon for help; he finds her trembling in her car. Brandon and Jackie get Kelly into a rehab center. She confesses her love for Brandon, who does not reply. David writes Val a special poem for Valentine's Day. Valerie tries to pacifiy Ginger (and help out Susan) by setting her up with Jonathan. They pretend to be a couple in the hopes of making Susan jealous. When Jonathan tries to trick Susan into entering a dance contest with him, she punches him in the face. Valerie tells David about her scam with Ginger, and asks him to save her from humiliation by spending the night with Ginger. Nothing happens between David and Ginger, but he dumps Valerie because he feels betrayed by her request. The football coach kicks Joe off the team and recruits a new quarterback. Donna stops Joe from quitting school and reminds him that his condition has yet to be evaluated. Donna's sorority asks students to go without sex for 24 hours in order to promote abstinence as a means of preventing venereal diseases. Clare bets that Steve cannot make good on his pledge, and does her best to torture him.

Brotherly Love
31 votes

#43 - Brotherly Love

Call Me Fitz - Season 4 - Episode 8

After accepting Pat Childs’ offer to work at The O-Mobile dealership, Fitz quickly learns that life in the corporate world is not the cakewalk he hoped it would be. Thanks to Larry, Fitz discovers he could be in for a big pay out if he figures out a way to get canned. Yet, despite best efforts Pat refuses to give up on him leaving Fitz saddled with a major presentation to give that leaves him one step closer to embracing his inner Childs.

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The Kidney Stays In The Picture
67 votes

#44 - The Kidney Stays In The Picture

Call Me Fitz - Season 1 - Episode 10

Reeling from the Ali debacle, Fitz has a new plan to get rid of Larry: if he's good for once, there'd be no need to have a conscience. Larry would finally leave him alone. So Fitz sets up a charity drive for Ned the cripple - not a kid, but a curmudgeonly dude in a wheelchair. And to prove he's really altruistic, he promises to give Ned a kidney. Larry is sure Fitz won't go through with it. Which of course, he doesn't - especially when he learns he's feeling down because he has syphilis. The match testing never happened - it was a scam by Ned, who ends up harvesting Larry's kidney for sale on the black market instead...

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This Business Has Been Homicide Free for X Days
36 votes

#45 - This Business Has Been Homicide Free for X Days

Call Me Fitz - Season 1 - Episode 11

A sniper takes siege of Fitzpatrick Motors. Larry is convinced Fitz's cowardice in withholding his syphilis diagnosis from his sexual partners has brought this upon them. But as Fitz points out, it could be any one of the hundreds of people who want him dead. Ali meanwhile tries to get over bad boy Fitz by dating milquetoast Chester Vince. As the Fitz Motors team narrows down the possible shooter, Josh concludes its Kara. They call Ali to negotiate with the suspect. But the real hero turns out to be Chester, who makes sure Kara isn't tried as an adult. Larry urges Fitz to disclose his STD to Ali. But in outing their relationship to Chester, he ruins Ali's chance of happiness with a good guy once and for all...

Don of the Differently Abled
34 votes

#46 - Don of the Differently Abled

Call Me Fitz - Season 2 - Episode 3

When Larry diagnoses Fitz with dyslexia, he’s a little surprised by Fitz’s acceptance… until he discovers his plans to cash in on the disability system.

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Fucking Memories
36 votes

#47 - Fucking Memories

Call Me Fitz - Season 2 - Episode 2

A giant penis defaces the Fitzpatrick Motors mural, and the penis is pointed straight at Fitz's mouth. Fitz is now determined to broadcast his heterosexuality far and loud. There's only one question. How?

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