The BEST episodes directed by Hiroaki Nishimura

Yoshitaka, Oh So Far Away
27 votes

#1 - Yoshitaka, Oh So Far Away

He Is My Master - Season 1 - Episode 11

Takami challenges Izumi to a contest.

A Couple Formed Under Extraordinary Circumstances Will Not Last Long
57 votes

#2 - A Couple Formed Under Extraordinary Circumstances Will Not Last Long

He Is My Master - Season 1 - Episode 4

Mitsuki's fan club kidnaps her, taking over the mansion. Izumi and Yoshitaka (as well as Anna and Pochi) must work together to save her.

The Battle for Izumi Sawatari Series!! Thrilling Test of Courage!! The Maid was Watching as a Furious Struggle Unfolded over the Succession of an Apartment Building Involving an Elite Madonna Tutor wi
57 votes

#3 - The Battle for Izumi Sawatari Series!! Thrilling Test of Courage!! The Maid was Watching as a Furious Struggle Unfolded over the Succession of an Apartment Building Involving an Elite Madonna Tutor wi

He Is My Master - Season 1 - Episode 6

Yoshitaka takes the maids to the Summer Festival, but Mitsuki disappears, and it seems the ghost of Yoshitaka's father is involved.

I Must Become Stronger
74 votes

#4 - I Must Become Stronger

Beelzebub - Season 1 - Episode 44

Oga begins his training with Ittousai while Furuichi and Lamia enlists the help of their Ishiyama classmates to search for Lord En. Can Oga and Beel complete their training in time and will Furuichi and Lamia find Lord En before he destroys the city with his army?

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Baby Beel's First Conquest / Furuichi Falls in Love
74 votes

#5 - Baby Beel's First Conquest / Furuichi Falls in Love

Beelzebub - Season 1 - Episode 53

Oga ,Furuichi and their teacher (which was the Spellmaster) was searching for the black version of Baby Beel. Oga thought that it was so bored that it ran away. But actually it was because of Himekawa.They asked some girls if they saw someone with a baby, and they answered that they saw a nice looking, hot guy that smelled so nice. He took it because he believes that it was the key for their family to be more successful. In the end, Black Baby Beel was reunited with Oga's teacher.

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Love is Something You Wear on Your Back
35 votes

#6 - Love is Something You Wear on Your Back

Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! - Season 1 - Episode 6

The Caerula Adamas plot a way to destroy the mysterious Battle Lovers. They also want to destroy the Defense Club, so as to cut down on club expenses. Thus, they declare that if the club members' scores on their final exams do not meet the average, the club will be dissolved. The Defense Club reluctantly gets to studying. Meanwhile, the student council also tries to scout the financially savvy Naruko to be their treasurer. When Gero offers him a salary during negotiations, Naruko casually agrees to leave the Defense Club. Soon, a monster appears, and the four remaining Battle Lovers must struggle to defeat it themselves.

How About Some Demon World Homework?
80 votes

#7 - How About Some Demon World Homework?

Beelzebub - Season 1 - Episode 17

The Demon King sends Beelzebub some summer homework, containing a notebook which brings anything drawn in it to life. Next, Hilda brings Oga to Ishiyama High to collect prints of rare, powerful beasts, aka the delinquents, by whacking them with a giant fly swatter. During the chase, Beelzebub ends up planting several carnivorous Demon Plants, one of which grows into a massive giant causing havoc until Oga destroys it.

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63 votes

#8 - Traitor

Freezing - Season 2 - Episode 9

The E-Pandora rebellion tears allegiances apart and pits Pandora comrades against each other in battle. Meanwhile, Amelia continues to transform into a Nova.

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Finally, the Deciding Battle!
112 votes

#9 - Finally, the Deciding Battle!

Beelzebub - Season 1 - Episode 36

Kiriya, the man who scarred Miki and tried to attack Oga in the past shows up at the volleyball match. He declares that he is seeking revenge on Oga, and has taken hostages at the school to stop anyone interfering. Kiriya reveals that he had to move away to Nara previously, and this is why he is only now seeking revenge on Oga. Miki, who also moved to Nara after being beaten by Oga, realizes that Oga had only beaten him to protect him from Kiriya when the two of them were both in Nara. Oga and Miki team up to take down Kiriya's henchmen while the 6 Holy Knights, the Red tails and the Tōhōshinki incapacitated all of the Keimo High students holding the St. Ishiyama students captive. Oga directly confronts Kiriya, and declares himself to be going all out. The Zebel Spell spreads over Oga's arms and up and over his face as he unleashes his Zebel Blast attack, in full view of the entire school's population. Izuma quickly announces that the event was staged, and that even the Keimo High students were in on the act. As he walks out of the gym, he warns Oga not to show off his demon powers in public. Oga tells Hilda and Alaindelon what Izuma had said to him.

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We Meet Again
112 votes

#10 - We Meet Again

Beelzebub - Season 1 - Episode 8

Aoi and the Red Tails return to Ishiyama High to deal with Oga, despite not knowing who he is. When Takayuki drags Oga to meet her, Aoi is shocked to find Oga is the one she met at the park, although he doesn't recognize her back. Aoi starts to fight him using powerful bokuto attacks that cut through glass, but he manages to dodge all of her attacks. Impressed by her strength, Oga asks Aoi to become Beelzebub's mother which causes her to become embarrassed and run off. Afterward, Aoi seems to develop feelings towards Oga. Meanwhile, another delinquent gang plots to take down Aoi.

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May I Call You Brother?
109 votes

#11 - May I Call You Brother?

Beelzebub - Season 1 - Episode 26

Oga and Furuichi accept Kazuya as their student, after being praised on how legendary they are. Kazuya tries to copy Oga to become strong like him, even making identical lunch boxes. Due to the Teimo incident, Oga and Kunieda meet Kido, the teacher in charge of student life at Saint Ishiyama Academy. They receive a warning of expulsion, should they persist to cause trouble for the school. Meanwhile, Kunieda tries to learn from Azusa to be more open to men, but realises it to be impossible. In order to get Kazuya off his back, Oga pretends to teach the secret technique of electric shocks, and manages to convince Kazuya successfully. Kazuya hears news of Azusa being kidnapped by a bald man suspected to be a Teimo member, and tries to rescue her with his new "powers". After Kazuya fails to land any hits, Kunieda arrives and reveals the man to be an acquaintance of her temple, and the situation is resolved.

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78 votes

#12 - Originality

Gatchaman Crowds - Season 1 - Episode 6

Despite knowing the risk it puts her life in, Utsutsu uses her power to heal the wounded, with Jou lending her his life force as well. Meanwhile, Sugane is at a loss for words when Hajime reveals her identity to Rui, which is captured on camera and broadcast across the city. The next day, as Hajime and Utsusu try to evade the press, she receives an invitation to meet with Rui in exchange for a successful escape with the help from some chosen GALAXers. They soon arrive at a hotel where they meet Rui, later joined by Sugane, who was also invited. Rui states that Gatchamen are unneccessary in the world he is trying to create with GALAX, though Hajime straight out rejects his suggestion to quit being Gatchamen.

Victory and What Follows
14 votes

#13 - Victory and What Follows

Kingdom (2012) - Season 2 - Episode 33

With the Shanyang Offensive over, Lian Po shares with Xin a sure way of achieving great fame and glory. Qiang Lei prepares to leave the Fei Xin Force.

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Is That For FC, Too?
15 votes

#14 - Is That For FC, Too?

AOKANA: Four Rhythm Across the Blue - Season 1 - Episode 10

As the Kunahama High FC team begins to practice in earnest for the fall tournament, Masaya tries to figure out what he can do to help.

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A Sudden Reunion
78 votes

#15 - A Sudden Reunion

Brynhildr in the Darkness - Season 1 - Episode 11

An army of police confronts the Valkyria for questioning, provoking her to unleash her antimatter magic that erupts the mountain. Having the citizens devastated of the explosion, one of the witches, Hatsuna Wakabayashi, recovers from her wounds thanks to her regeneration ability and freed away. Looking up on what happened, the girls tell Ryōta that Valkyria is an ultimate witch with many types of magic. Despite that fighting Valkyria is out of their league, they think of any strategy to avoid her. Hatsuna who overheard Valkyria has detected the witches at an observatory searches for them. She finds the club members faking their deaths as to protect themselves. Hatsuna is welcome to the astronomy club and goes to wash at the onsen. The girls tell Hatsuna how reliable Ryōta is. Testing if he really is trustworthy, she pretends to be helplessly struck on a radio tower and calls Ryōta to get her. She deliberately slips off and Ryōta grabs her. Refusing to let go, even though she plead her regeneration power, Ryōta swings her back onto the tower but sends him falling to the ground. Luckily, Kotori saves him, at which point reliefs Hatsuna. Touch of Ryōta's actions, Hatsuna bluntly confess and kisses him in front of the others, incited Neko to blast down the tower in jealous rage. Later, Kogorō calls in Ryōta with a theory that the witches' melting is based on a digestive enzyme: protease. Using a thesis that he learned from a man (Chisato) in college, it's possible to shorten the time of producing the medicine, however it will still take a month. Mako Fujisaki the Valkyria is sightseeing when Chisato appears to her. Revealing to have unrequited feelings for him, Chisato requests Mako to bring him to where #1107 is. Ryōta returns with the good & bad news, although there a possibility for one of the witches can survive, but unwilling to sacrifice anyone. Kotori carries some juices then accidentally spills them on Neko. Exposing her chest, Ryōta discovers the mole

They Were Called Goblin Slayers
111 votes

#16 - They Were Called Goblin Slayers

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash - Season 1 - Episode 7

Haruhiro and his party now know Mary's past and try to have better teamwork within the party.

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Astronomical Observation
81 votes

#17 - Astronomical Observation

Brynhildr in the Darkness - Season 1 - Episode 5

To welcome Kazumi and Kotori as members, the astronomy club goes stargazing on a mountaintop. Then Kana sees a forecast that wrecks the atmosphere.