The BEST episodes directed by Herbert Wise

A Morbid Taste for Bones
59 votes

#1 - A Morbid Taste for Bones

Cadfael - Season 2 - Episode 3

The monks of Shrewsbury go to Wales to recover the bones of St Winifred. But their attempted bribery of the Welsh puts them at odds with the local residents - and when the local landowner is found murdered, the monks are regarded as prime suspects.

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Old King Log
73 votes

#2 - Old King Log

I, Claudius - Season 1 - Episode 12

Claudius remarries and makes his new step-son Nero his heir. His attempts to restore the Republic fail, but his scandalous written history survives.

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Reign of Terror
80 votes

#3 - Reign of Terror

I, Claudius - Season 1 - Episode 7

Livilla's passion for Sejanus brings his Reign of Terror to a horrific climax.

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Fool's Luck
78 votes

#4 - Fool's Luck

I, Claudius - Season 1 - Episode 10

Claudius has been appointed Emperor by the Praetorian Guard. He quickly proves himself capable of handling the role. But danger lurks in his own household.

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Queen of Heaven
77 votes

#5 - Queen of Heaven

I, Claudius - Season 1 - Episode 6

As Tiberius's chief advisor, Sejanus rules Rome with an iron hand, moving himself toward the throne. Meanwhile, an aged Livia asks to meet with Claudius.

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Poison Is Queen
83 votes

#6 - Poison Is Queen

I, Claudius - Season 1 - Episode 4

Tiberius, aided by Sejanus and Germanicus, becomes Emperor. However, Germanicus dies under mysterious circumstances with Tiberius ally Piso accused of the crime. Claudius' young nephew Caligula already causes concern.

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A God in Colchester
76 votes

#7 - A God in Colchester

I, Claudius - Season 1 - Episode 11

Messalina's behaviour becomes ever more outrageous and it seems that Claudius is the only one who is unaware of this.

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Hail Who?
83 votes

#8 - Hail Who?

I, Claudius - Season 1 - Episode 9

Caligula's behavior becomes more and more erratic. Claudius works hard to control him but a conspiracy is growing among the soldiers. How can they rid themselves of their mad Emperor? And who will replace him?

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What Shall We Do About Claudius?
95 votes

#9 - What Shall We Do About Claudius?

I, Claudius - Season 1 - Episode 3

Claudius' brother Germanicus returns to Rome a war hero. But he, tipped off by an exiled Postumus, tells an unsuspecting Augustus of the schemes against him. Augustus attempts to restore Postumus and protect himself from Livia's designs, and finds in Claudius an unexpected confidante.

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Zeus, By Jove!
81 votes

#10 - Zeus, By Jove!

I, Claudius - Season 1 - Episode 8

Caligula takes over as Emperor. At first he is hailed as a savior. But eventually the monster is revealed.

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Appropriate Adults
176 votes

#11 - Appropriate Adults

A Touch of Frost - Season 3 - Episode 1

An 8-year-old girl is missing, and the last person to have seen her is Billy Conrad, a gentle young man with Down's syndrome, but who appears is hiding something.

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Part 2
96 votes

#12 - Part 2

The 10th Kingdom - Season 1 - Episode 2

Virginia is hiding from the Troll kids at her grandma's, while Tony is busy with his new servants. The Trolls are still trapped in the broken elevator, and they are trying to find a way to break "the spell" they think Virginia cast on them. Wolf finds Virginia and Prince at her Grandma’s. He tries to eat Virginia’s Grandma but decides he can’t when he meets Virginia. Virginia escapes with Prince by pushing Wolf through a window. Wolf then visits a shrink to try and decide if he is in love with Virginia or if he just wants to eat her.

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Part 1
193 votes

#13 - Part 1

The 10th Kingdom - Season 1 - Episode 1

Thanks to Relish the Troll King, the Evil Queen is once again free, and she has a trap ready for Prince Wendell. Her dog transforms into Prince Wendell and Prince Wendell becomes a dog. While trying to escape, the real Prince Wendell accidentally turns on a magic mirror, and runs away into 10th kingdom. Virginia hits him with her bicycle, feeling bad about hitting a dog; she takes him to work with her. Wolf and Relish the Troll Kings kids are after the real Prince, and they are looking all over New York for him.

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Beech is Back (3)
1 votes

#14 - Beech is Back (3)

The Bill - Season 17 - Episode 63

Part Three: Beech takes Stanton hostage in his car, but on the way to a secret location, is pulled over by two uniform PCs for his erratic driving. Posing as 'Matthew Boyden' from Sun Hill, Beech once again makes good his escape and takes Stanton to an underground bunker where Frankie urges him to kill her. When he refuses, Frankie decides she'll have to do it herself, or risk being taken in and imprisoned. Beech unapproves of Frankie's methods when she uses forms of torture to gather information from Stanton. Frankie realises that Beech may no longer be on her side, so she goes over the side and offers to help Stanton in any way she can, firstly by letting her free from her handcuffs.

Beech is Back (4)
1 votes

#15 - Beech is Back (4)

The Bill - Season 17 - Episode 64

Part Four: Beech's trust in Frankie begins to slip, and as he sends her out on a number of errands, he keeps an increasingly twitchy Stanton under lock-and-key. However, Stanton manages to make radio contact with an outsider and he alerts Peters and Belmarsh, who begin a search for the underground bunker where she is being held. In an effort to escape, Stanton breaks the lock and shatters any chances of Beech letting her go. As the team locate Stanton's hiding place, they are forced to use cutting equipment to get through the steel door into the bunker. However, Beech hides three propane gas canisters behind the door, and an explosion ensues, securing his safe escape from capture once again.

A Touch of Murder
138 votes

#16 - A Touch of Murder

I, Claudius - Season 1 - Episode 1

Augustus Caesar is at the height of his power. He favors Marcellus but his wife Livia schemes to have her son Tiberius succeed him. Grandson Claudius, narrator and future Emperor and historian, is born.

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Rumpole and the Alternative Society
44 votes

#17 - Rumpole and the Alternative Society

Rumpole of the Bailey - Season 1 - Episode 2

Rumpole is in the west of England to visit an old friend from his days in the Royal Air Force, Sam ('Three Fingers') Dogherty, and to defend Kathy Trelawney, who is charged with selling cannabis to a police agent provocateur.

Rumpole and the Younger Generation
84 votes

#18 - Rumpole and the Younger Generation

Rumpole of the Bailey - Season 1 - Episode 1

Rumpole defends young Jim Timson, who has been grassed up for robbery with violence by 'Peanuts' Molloy - one of a rival gang of East End villains with whom the Timsons have an ancient feud. Unhappily, Jim's only alibi rests upon a junior member of the Molloy family. Meanwhile, Rumpole is having trouble communicating with his own son, Nick. He is also vexed by the question of who will be the new Head of Chambers at Number 3, Equity Court. Might he dare to dream that it could be him?

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Twilight of the Gods
132 votes

#19 - Twilight of the Gods

Inspector Morse - Season 7 - Episode 3

A nasty but very rich business man and a world-famous opera singer are in Oxford to receive honorary degrees from the Chancellor of the University. However, the ceremony has to be abandoned when a sniper opens fire on the procession of dignitaries. The singer is seriously wounded, but was she the intended target?

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Waiting in the Wings
103 votes

#20 - Waiting in the Wings

I, Claudius - Season 1 - Episode 2

Livia enlists Claudius' sister Lucilla to discredit Postumus. Now a young adult, Claudius is advised to play up his foolish appearance to protect himself.

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The Devil's Novice
114 votes

#21 - The Devil's Novice

Cadfael - Season 2 - Episode 2

A rich priest is found killed, and the finger of suspicion points to a new monk at Shrewsbury Abbey. Meanwhile, a civil war raging around England is piling political pressures on the Abbot. Cadfael investigates the murder and uncovers a tangled web of dishonesty and nepotism.

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For Love of Love
90 votes

#22 - For Love of Love

Upstairs, Downstairs - Season 1 - Episode 13

June 1909: Elizabeth and Lawrence Kirbridge have fallen in love and, refusing to conform to society's rules, announce their plan to live together without marriage, resulting in pressure from all sides. After Lawrence gives in and starts pressuring her too, Lizzie finally succumbs. Meanwhile, Sarah fulfills her dream to perform on the stage when she takes a job in a burlesque show. James shows up and, now that she no longer works for his family, wants to pursue the relationship they've both wanted for nearly six years.

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The Ghost in the Machine
153 votes

#23 - The Ghost in the Machine

Inspector Morse - Season 3 - Episode 1

Morse investigates the reported theft of erotic paintings belonging to Sir Julius Hanbury, a local baronet who is one of those standing for election as the new Master of Courtney College, Oxford. As well as the pictures, Sir Julius himself has also disappeared. Morse finds Sir Julius's dead body, and at first it looks like murder, but the new police pathologist, Dr Grayling Russell, believes he killed himself. Then there is another death which is undoubtedly a murder - but how is it connected with the late Sir Julius Hanbury?

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11 votes

#24 - Hijack

Tales of the Unexpected - Season 4 - Episode 17

Captain Waterhouse has to deal with a man on board his airliner who seizes Milly, a stewardess, takes her and a bottle of nitroglycerine into a tiny lavatory, and demands one million dollars in ransom money, plus a parachute for himself. The hijacker believes both have been delivered to him, and he jumps out... However, the story is not over yet...

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Pattern of Guilt
10 votes

#25 - Pattern of Guilt

Tales of the Unexpected - Season 5 - Episode 8

Pathologist Keith Briscoe has a problem. He has had enough of Elaine, his selfish and expensive second wife, and wants to re-marry Faye, his first wife... but Elaine has given Briscoe five years of her life and doesn't want to let him go. Then the pathologist finds himself working with a police team to catch a serial killer. The man they are after poses as a door-to-door salesman and kills women for their small change, and Briscoe realises how much he loves Faye when she agrees to act as a decoy to trap the killer. And then he has an idea...

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Genesis and Catastrophe
9 votes

#26 - Genesis and Catastrophe

Tales of the Unexpected - Season 2 - Episode 12

Klara. the mother of a new-born baby boy, is desperately worried, as she and her husband, Alois, have lost three other children in lessss than two years. A doctor convinces her that her new son is healthy, and Klara decides to call him Adolphus. She loves this beautiful child. Her husband comments on his small size, and the doctor pleads with him to give his wife better support. Alois tries to comfort Klara. ""He must live, Alois,"" she cries. ""Oh God, be merciful..."" We slowly realize who the child will grow up to be.

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What Have You Been up to Lately?
11 votes

#27 - What Have You Been up to Lately?

Tales of the Unexpected - Season 5 - Episode 13

Richard Mellor and Fergus Locke are two failed actors whose names have never been in lights. They meet by chance for the first time in twenty-five years, remembering that Mellor wooed and won the girl they both loved more than a quarter of a century before. But now their marriages are as washed-up as their careers...

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Rumpole and the Heavy Brigade
40 votes

#28 - Rumpole and the Heavy Brigade

Rumpole of the Bailey - Season 1 - Episode 6

Rumpole is busy defending the youngest son of a family of villains on a murder charge. His client has all the evidence stacked against him, but meanwhile it is Rumpole's battered old bowler which is becoming the focus of bemused attention in chambers and beyond. Hilda has made up her mind that Rumpole is to take her to the Scales of Justice Ball. Perhaps a new hat and an acquittal at the Old Bailey will get him in the mood for dancing?

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The Landlady
64 votes

#29 - The Landlady

Tales of the Unexpected - Season 1 - Episode 5

Billy Weaver, a seventeen-year-old Londoner, arrives in Bath late at night to take up a new job. He finds a room for the night at a bed-and-breakfast house run by a sweet old woman. As he signs the guest book, Billy feels sure he recognizes the names of the two previous guests. Where on earth can he have heard them before? As he drinks a cup of tea with a curiously bitter-almond flavour, the owner of the boarding house is telling Billy she is an amateur taxidermist...

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A Man with a Fortune
9 votes

#30 - A Man with a Fortune

Tales of the Unexpected - Season 5 - Episode 16

John Smith is a rich but lonely Californian wine-grower visiting England in the hope of finding his long-lost family. In London, he meets two girls, Janet Murdoch and her room-mate Eva, and things start to go terribly wrong.

My Lady Love, My Dove
15 votes

#31 - My Lady Love, My Dove

Tales of the Unexpected - Season 2 - Episode 8

Arthur Beauchamp's wife, Pamela, decides to have some fun with their weekend guests, the Snapes - they instal a hidden microphone in the Snapes' bedroom. After a game of bridge for high stakes, the microphone reveals that the Snapes have a complicated system for signalling their bridge hands to each other...

Royal Jelly
54 votes

#32 - Royal Jelly

Tales of the Unexpected - Season 2 - Episode 1

In a cottage surrounded by the drone of honey-bees, the bee-keeper's baby daughter is ailing and losing weight. The corner is turned when Albert begins to feed his daughter on Royal Jelly, but a curious transformation is under way...

47 votes

#33 - Skin

Tales of the Unexpected - Season 2 - Episode 2

Drioli, a penniless old tattoo artist, has a fabulous work of art by his friend Soutine and is offered a huge amount for it. He desperately needs the money, but how can he deliver the picture to the buyer while he is still alive? - the masterpiece is tattooed on his back.