The Best Episodes Directed by Harry Winer

Murder Takes A Bow

#1 - Murder Takes A Bow

Hart to Hart Season 2 - Episode 19

Jennifer's death scene in an amatuer production could become the real thing when the director realizes she can identify him as a murderer of a young playwright.

star 10.00
4 votes
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#2 - Thanksgiving

The Agency Season 2 - Episode 9

Ouinn tells everybody stiles is missing now everyone puts their holiday plans on hold to find him.

star 9.50
2 votes
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Hart of Diamonds

#3 - Hart of Diamonds

Hart to Hart Season 3 - Episode 13

Jennifer has become a jewel thief. The owner of the salon she's visiting has hynotized her into stealing valuable baubles from her friends as well as the jewelery store.

star 8.67
4 votes
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Of Vice and Men

#4 - Of Vice and Men

Veronica Mars Season 3 - Episode 7

Veronica helps a girl named Meryl who is certain that her boyfriend is in trouble, while a jaded Veronica tries to convince her that he is cheating. Meanwhile, Logan reluctantly tells Veronica why he is sure Mercer didn't commit the rapes, and Keith finds that there is a heavy price to pay for committing adultery.

star 8.13
1195 votes
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#5 - Fragile

Party of Five Season 5 - Episode 22

Charlie and Kirsten's relationship grows as he moves into her apartment. Sarah and Bailey move back to the Salinger house. Julia gets closer to her professor. Bailey tries to stay faithful to Sarah when he's around Lauren all the time. Claudia and Cody go on a concert and find out more about each other.

star 8.10
10 votes
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Bad Behavior

#6 - Bad Behavior

Party of Five Season 6 - Episode 12

Bailey has a bad day. Both Charlie and Kirsten try to spend time together, but their jobs say different. Julia gets into trouble after she writes an article about a non-enrolled classmate. Claudia meets a boy from the past and learns more about her instinct in boys. A boy in school tells Owen that Victor is a faggot.

star 8.09
11 votes
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Wichita Linebacker

#7 - Wichita Linebacker

Veronica Mars Season 3 - Episode 3

Veronica's detective prowess is again used on campus when Piz's football friend loses the team playbook and Veronica must get it back before the game. The Dean threatens to expel Veronica if she doesn't reveal the source of her newspaper article. Meanwhile, Keith hires Weevil to work in the office, and Logan's antics catch up with him.

star 8.07
1206 votes
Mars, Bars

#8 - Mars, Bars

Veronica Mars Season 3 - Episode 14

When Veronica is released from jail, she is contacted by Josh Barry who is desperate to prove his innocence in his father's murder. Meanwhile, Keith gets bittersweet news from the county commissioner, and Logan helps Mac and Parker on a scavenger hunt.

star 8.03
1129 votes
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Meet John Smith

#9 - Meet John Smith

Veronica Mars Season 1 - Episode 3

With only a commonplace name, an old address and dim memories as leads, Veronica and Wallace attempt to help classmate Justin Smith find his father John, who disappeared 10 years earlier. Meanwhile, as Veronica faces some complicated feelings towards ex-boyfriend Duncan and new romantic interest Troy, guidance counselor Rebecca James calls Keith to the school to discuss the recent, dramatic changes in his daughter's life. Later, Duncan struggles with ways to cope with his sister's death as the anniversary of her murder approaches.

star 8.01
1498 votes
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Blast from the Past

#10 - Blast from the Past

Veronica Mars Season 2 - Episode 5

Deciding to give Jackie the benefit of the doubt since she's dating Wallace, Veronica tries to help Jackie determine who stole her credit card, leading Veronica to appear on a psychic's community access show to pursue a lead. Meanwhile, Wallace confronts his mother Alicia about who his real father is. Later, Veronica learns of a voice mail recording from one of the students that died, made at the moment the bus crash.

star 8.01
1172 votes
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Harts Under Glass

#11 - Harts Under Glass

Hart to Hart Season 3 - Episode 6

A diamond ring given to Jennifer by Jonathan for their fifth anniversary enables their escape from a glass-walled room where they are being held captive.

star 8.00
6 votes
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Vintage Harts

#12 - Vintage Harts

Hart to Hart Season 3 - Episode 19

Jonathan's vineyard partner discovers that Hart-Cabri is being sold as the more expensive Chateau St. Claire. When Cabri is murdered, the Harts investigate the fraud and murder.

star 8.00
1 votes
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Kiss, Kiss

#13 - Kiss, Kiss

Wildfire (2005) Season 3 - Episode 6

Kris, Matt and Junior try to change Ken's mind when he decides to sell Wildfire's son Flame; Dani moves into R.J.'s trailer.

star 8.00
76 votes
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Yummy Mummy

#14 - Yummy Mummy

Summerland Season 1 - Episode 12

Amber and Nikki are very shocked when Cameron shows up with a new girlfriend, Jordan. Bradin begins to practice with other guys on trying out for a surfing team with good members Zack and Lucas, but things get really complicated when he finds out Tanner is Lucas' brother. Also, Ava is interviewing people for the jobs of sales, marketing, etc., for her fashion line.

star 8.00
6 votes
Unholy Alliances

#15 - Unholy Alliances

The Agency Season 2 - Episode 16

Gage goes to Israel to help with peace talks.

star 8.00
3 votes
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Harts and Flowers

#16 - Harts and Flowers

Hart to Hart Season 3 - Episode 1

Max creates a rose hybrid he calls the Jennifer Hart Rose and enters it in a prestigious rose contest under Jennifer name. She becomes the target for murder when she is stalked by a psychotic leading judge.

star 7.79
38 votes
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#17 - Fireworks

Summerland Season 1 - Episode 3

Ava falls for Kyle.a recently divorced man,but their dating life becomes complicated when she learns that he is the father of Nikki's new crush,Cameron.Meanwhile,Bradin's efforts to protect Erika from a guy(Tanner) with questionable intentions don't go as smoothly as possible.

star 7.79
14 votes
Pounding Harts

#18 - Pounding Harts

Hart to Hart Season 4 - Episode 13

A drug trafficing scheme is ruined when Freeway's kennel is switched with one containing cocaine.

star 7.75
3 votes
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A Broken Heart

#19 - A Broken Heart

Alias Season 1 - Episode 4

Sydney and Dixon go on a dangerous case involving the safety of the United Commerce Organization. Francie confronts Charlie about his secret date with another woman, and Will continues to get closer to the truth about Danny's murder.

star 7.66
1132 votes
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What Becomes a Murder Most?

#20 - What Becomes a Murder Most?

Hart to Hart Season 3 - Episode 4

An ad campaign for a costly fake fur using high society ladies as models, including Jennifer, turns deadly when one of the women is murdered. Jonathan wants the ads pulled when a second victim is killed.

star 7.62
7 votes
James and the Giant Piece

#21 - James and the Giant Piece

Felicity Season 3 - Episode 9

Ben encourages Molly to break up with James. She instead invites him to move into the girls' apartment for a while. Molly insists that James has agreed to join her in seeking treatment. James persuades Molly to skip her meeting to get high with him and cuts off her hair. Ben accidentally stumbles upon a gun with James' belongings. He tells Felicity about Molly's problems. Ben and Felicity confront Molly and proclaim that James cannot stay. Ben (without Felicity's consent) also declares that Molly must either stop using drugs or leave. She angrily moves out. A student files harassment charges against Dr. McGrath, and asks Elena to testify. Elena learns that McGrath invented a story about a sick ex-wife to get girls to sleep with him. Elena realizes that the undeserved grade in McGrath's seminar cleared the way for her to take certain advanced classes. She concludes that she is a complete fraud. Tracy, at Felicity's urging, gives Elena a pep talk and stresses that she is one of the smart

star 7.60
75 votes
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#22 - Surprise

Felicity Season 3 - Episode 5

Felicity tries desperately to track down Randy and find out what happened between them. During a service call, Noel stumbles across a mass E-mail from the fraternity that includes a naked photo of Felicity and Randy. Noel warns Felicity and advises her to keep the matter quiet until after the surprise birthday party that Ben has organized for her. Richard and Molly inadvertently expose Felicity's secret during the party. Ben storms over the the fraternity house, and Randy's buddies tell him that Randy and Felicity slept together. Randy assures Felicity that they did not have sex; she passed out, so he put her to bed. Ben feels betrayed and refuses to accept Felicity's denial. Sean consults a doctor about swelling in one of his testicles. He insists that it is just an infection, and is reluctant to tell Meghan about his problem. She finally convinces Sean to return to the doctor. He learns that he must undergo surgery to determine if the mass is malignant. Everyone is surprised when Ric

star 7.58
81 votes
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All God's Creatures

#23 - All God's Creatures

Invasion Season 1 - Episode 14

Russell, Larkin and Dave find out the identity of one of the creatures. Meanwhile, Underlay tries to find out who shot him and Kira begins to wonder what really happened to her dad.

star 7.52
390 votes
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Ben Don't Leave

#24 - Ben Don't Leave

Felicity Season 4 - Episode 16

Lauren comes by Dean & DeLuca to announce that she is leaving the next day and expects Ben to help her move. She snaps at Felicity and accuses Ben and her of selfishness. Felicity tries to confess her plagiarism, but Professor Carnes interrupts. She is so certain of Felicity's innocence that she has her hearing moved to the next day to get it out of the way. Felicity learns that Ben has been injured in a car accident. Lauren suffered minor injuries, and the baby was unharmed. Felicity overhears the doctor say that Lauren was driving while drunk. Lauren is released from the hospital and leaves while Ben is still in surgery. Felicity chases after her and lays into her. Lauren later returns and apologizes. She says that she let her problems overwhelm her and was trying to blame others for her mistakes. Felicity persuades Lauren to sleep over at her apartment. Ben wakes up and begins to recover. Felicity is pleased to find her friends in the waiting room, even though she had a

star 7.51
79 votes
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The Confession

#25 - The Confession

Alias Season 1 - Episode 11

Sydney is grateful and proud of her father after he saves her life while on a case in Havana. But her admiration is short lived when Vaughn discovers further evidence that Jack may have been responsible for the deaths of over a dozen CIA officers many years earlier.

star 7.50
839 votes
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Time Will Tell

#26 - Time Will Tell

Felicity Season 4 - Episode 18

Felicity becomes distant and withdrawn after Elena dies in a car accident. She pulls away from Ben. On the day that she receives an invitation to Noel and Zoe's wedding, she catches Ben kissing a Claire, the couple's friend and study partner. She breaks up with him and calls Meghan, who urges her to come to New York immediately. Ben later arrives for the wedding and apologizes, but admits that he was seeing Claire for a month. Felicity tells Meghan that she wishes she had gotten together with Noel. Meghan casts a spell that sends Felicity back in time to the night that she slept with Noel. This time, she quickly confesses to Ben. He wants to forgive her and move on, but she turns him down because she is hurt by what he did to her in the future. Felicity approaches Noel and says that she wants a relationship. He initially becomes confused and pushes her away, much to her surprise. However, he later says that he wants to be with her, and is just afraid that she will reject him

star 7.50
76 votes
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Million Dollar Harts

#27 - Million Dollar Harts

Hart to Hart Season 4 - Episode 3

While waiting for Jonathan to finish a meeting in a London casino, Jennifer is used as an unwitting pawn to transport money to the United States by a Baron.

star 7.50
2 votes
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A Change of Hart

#28 - A Change of Hart

Hart to Hart Season 4 - Episode 19

A hitwoman is sent to kill a commissioner and ends up taking Jonathan, Jennifer and Max hostage.

star 7.50
1 votes
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Kissing Mr. Covington

#29 - Kissing Mr. Covington

Felicity Season 3 - Episode 7

After learning of Ben's injuries, Mr. Covington returns to town with the hopes of reconciling with his son. He seeks Felicity's help after Ben refuses to see him. Mr. Covington breaks down in tears as he describes the way his life has crumbled. When Felicity tries to comfort him, he kisses her. Ben begins to warm to his father, until he notes Felicity's discomfort and realizes that something happened. Mr. Covington confesses, and Ben orders him to leave. Felicity encourages Ben to attend Al-Anon meetings to deal with his feelings about his father. He is surprised to see Molly at a meeting. Sean devotes himself to the Jewish faith to fulfill a promise he made to God before his surgery. He breaks up with Meghan for refusing to convert to Judaism. His hospital roommate, a rabbi, convinces him that he has made a mistake. After Dr. McGrath is accused of sexual harassment, a list circulates with the names of students he dated--including Elena. Tracy confronts her, but quickly gets over it. W

star 7.40
78 votes
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Lines in the Sand

#30 - Lines in the Sand

Mental Season 1 - Episode 11

Jack and his schizophrenic sister are reunited, and makes her treatment his top priority. Meanwhile, Jack is asked for help by Veronica in treating an Iraq War veteran who is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and amnesia.

star 7.33
120 votes
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Raising Arizona

#31 - Raising Arizona

Felicity Season 4 - Episode 14

Ben decides that he wants to play an active role in his child's life. Lauren is pleased; but has already made arrangements to move to Arizona to be near her parents. Ben talks to Professor Hodges about the possibility of transferring to the University of Arizona. Adam's design wins the contest, and Felicity accepts an offer to stay in New York and help with his project. Hodges tells Ben that the deadline for admission has passed, but his friend can pull some strings and get him accepted. He must make his final decision in the next day. Felicity is upset that Ben failed to tell her about his possible move. She tells Adam that she may have to turn down the job. Trevor convinces Ben that Noel is still trying to make a move on Felicity. A tearful Felicity confides in Noel about Ben's situation. Ben catches them in an embrace and becomes angry. He says that he wouldn't have slept with Lauren if Felicity hadn't cheated on him. They break up, and Felicity accepts the job with Adam

star 7.32
44 votes
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The Graduate

#32 - The Graduate

Dawson's Creek Season 4 - Episode 22

The Class of 2001 graduation brings friends and family together as you prepare to separate them.

star 7.31
87 votes
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#33 - Secrets

Summerland Season 1 - Episode 8

Ava begins to get really worry about Bradin's relationship with his wild girlfriend Sarah when they get caught by the police for swimming near the pier at night. Bradin begins to think about breaking up with her, but he finds it harder to do than he thought it would be. Erika is caught off guard when a former boyfriend shows up, which is pretty obvious, as Nikki observes while talking to her. Meanwhile, Derrick misinterprets a friendly embrace between Susannah and Johnny on a camping trip.

star 7.29
7 votes
The Te of Pacey

#34 - The Te of Pacey

Dawson's Creek Season 4 - Episode 12

Joey decides to help throw a surprise birthday party for Pacey with his mother, not knowing about Pacey's 'birthday curse'. The party goes haywire as Pacey's family makes everyone feel uncomfortable, and Pacey a loser. Dawson becomes upset when he feels that Gretchen doesn't want anyone to know about their relationship and postpones their first real date to go to the party.

star 7.28
89 votes
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#35 - Surrender

Tarzan Season 1 - Episode 6

The lone witness (guest star Tim Guinee) to Michael's death is coerced by Richard to come forward to name Tarzan as the one responsible for the crime, incriminating Jane as well. While Kathleen contemplates giving Richard her shares of Greystoke Industries in exchange for Tarzan's safety, Tarzan considers returning to the jungle.

star 7.14
7 votes
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Spin the Bottle

#36 - Spin the Bottle

Felicity Season 4 - Episode 20

Ben questions Felicity's relationship with Noel and confidently predicts that she will soon try to win back Ben. Felicity and Noel decide to get an apartment together. Sean gets very excited about Julie's impending visit, and makes a lot of plans. He gives Ben the impression that Julie came to town specifically to see Sean. Ben learns that Julie is actually in town for an audition, and warns her of Sean's intentions. Sean is crushed to realize that Julie still doesn't have feelings for him. Julie makes a move on Ben. Felicity insists that she has no problem with this, while Sean is outraged. Felicity accuses Ben of using Julie to make her jealous. She tries to ""protect"" Julie by agreeing to a double date. Ben upsets Felicity at the restaurant by mentioning the brief time they lived together and the girl who used their bathtub. He laughs about the fact that Felicity was always worried that he would cheat, and ended up cheating on him. Sean runs into a devastated Meghan at a

star 7.14
74 votes
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Cater Waiter

#37 - Cater Waiter

Jake 2.0 Season 1 - Episode 3

When a top-secret, next-generation tank's schematics are stolen, super-powered NSA agent-in-training Jake Foley is sent undercover to an Embassy party--as a cater waiter--to support agent Kyle Duarte's mission to recover the stolen documents. When Kyle is betrayed by former lover and double-agent Mai Ling Wong, Jake becomes Kyle's only hope of getting out alive. Meanwhile, as if protecting a fellow agent and clearing away champagne glasses wasn't enough, Jake stumbles into his long-time crush Sarah, and must now protect both his unglamorous cover and shaky image.

star 7.12
119 votes
My Best Friend's Wedding

#38 - My Best Friend's Wedding

Felicity Season 4 - Episode 2

Felicity feels extremely guilty after having sex with Noel. She seeks Dr. Pavone's advice on whether she should tell Ben. Dr. Pavone theorizes that she wants to have both guys. Felicity hears an answering machine message for Ben in which a girl talks about ""their"" motel room. She confronts Ben, who explains that the girl was a study partner from the EMT training who tried to make a pass at him. He reminds Felicity that he already told her about the incident. He realizes that something is wrong, and tries to console Felicity about her uncertain future. Although he offers his support, she dumps him again. Richard discovers the truth about Felicity and Noel. Elena and Tracy ask Felicity to perform their wedding ceremony. Elena is perplexed when Tracy suddenly seems interested in sleeping together before the wedding. Sean, still fuming over Meghan's inclusion of Tracy on her ""list,"" bets that she could not even get a kiss for him. She tries and fails, leading to a confrontation

star 7.11
76 votes
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The Storm

#39 - The Storm

Felicity Season 4 - Episode 7

Ben refuses to talk to Felicity, and will only go near her to retrieve his belongings. Felicity drops by the loft in the middle of the night to leave him a note. Ben's mother flies in to visit his dad. She announces that Mr. Covington has shown enough improvement to be placed on the transplant list again. Ben is stunned to learn that his parents are getting back together. He is not angry, but worries that his father will continue to hurt his mother. Meghan comforts a devastated Felicity, and assures her that she and Ben belong together. Meghan lashes out at Ben for not even listening to Felicity's apology. Sean takes Meghan's support of Felicity as a sign that she has no problem with cheating, but she reminds Sean that the situation has nothing to do with their marriage. Ben meets Felicity at a restaurant, but becomes uncomfortable as she tries to explain what happened with Noel. He runs out. He tells Sean that he wants to forgive Felicity, but just can't bring himself to do

star 7.07
74 votes
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Pulp Turkey

#40 - Pulp Turkey

Now and Again Season 1 - Episode 8

It's Thanksgiving and Morris is taking Michael with him to his sister's for the day, Lisa and Heather are having their normal celebration meal and Roger has to go to the museum to see about the insurance of an important Russian artifact. Without an appraiser with him he tells the curator that there is nothing he can do until after the holiday. This is not good enough though and in a blink of an eye Roger finds himself having a suitcase, containing the item, handcuffed to his wrist. He now has the responsibility of safeguarding the item for the day! When he leaves the museum he goes and visits Lisa and Heather, unknowingly bringing to men who are trying to steal the item along with him.

star 7.06
33 votes
The Break-Up Kit

#41 - The Break-Up Kit

Felicity Season 3 - Episode 14

Felicity agrees to give Ben some space to sort out his feelings. Avery convinces him to come to her cabin and hang out with her friends. Avery kisses Ben. Meghan shares his whereabouts with Felicity. She later warns Ben not to hurt Felicity because she loves her ""like she was my weird, spastic little baby sister."" Noel tries to console Felicity, but she fears that she gave up on Ben too easily. She determines that she must go to Southampton to talk with him. Felicity makes it clear that she loves Ben and wants to work through their problems together, but he remains confused. Ben realizes that Avery doesn't really understand him after she offers sympathy over a hard-earned B-minus, when he had actually been proud of the grade. He seeks out Felicity and apologizes, just as Noel was trying to make a move on her. Sean belittles Meghan for holding a seance. She pretends to contact his dead grandmother. He finds this insulting and tries to get revenge, but Meghan stays one step a

star 7.04
77 votes
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My Brother's Keeper

#42 - My Brother's Keeper

Hack Season 1 - Episode 5

Mike's efforts to help his friend Vanessa get her brother Teddy off the streets and off drugs puts all of them in danger after Teddy steals a dope dealer's $15,000 stash. When Mike strikes a bargain to spare their lives in exchange for paying the dealer the wholesale price of the drugs, he discovers that Teddy has stolen all of Vanessa's money, as well as the drugs provided by Marcellus to bust the dealer. Mike is forced to come to the painful realization that going to prison may be Teddy's only salvation.

star 5.50
4 votes