The Best Episodes Directed by Graeme Lynch

After the Ball Is Over

#1 - After the Ball Is Over

Road to Avonlea Season 7 - Episode 10

Great Aunt Eliza is about to turn 90 years old and Janet and Abigail plan a party to celebrate. Cousin Winifred, arrives and stirs up old sorrows for Eliza. They once both loved the same young man. Winifred finally reveals to Eliza the true state of the young man's heart. Eliza and Winifred make their peace with each other.

star 8.57
7 votes
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So Dear to My Heart

#2 - So Dear to My Heart

Road to Avonlea Season 7 - Episode 13

Gus' return to Avonlea stuns the King Family and forces Felicity to make a decision between her childhood sweetheart, Gus and the kindly banker, Stuart. In the meantime, Jasper and Olivia have decided to leave Avonlea, after the disastrous Dale Cannery fire and Hetty is furious. Felix makes a decision that stuns his family, especially his mother Janet, and a certain familiar character makes her prodigal return to Avonlea for Felicity's wedding day.

star 8.54
13 votes
Cool Book

#3 - Cool Book

Flash Forward Season 1 - Episode 4

Becca wants to invite Rob Wetzel to a school dance, but she doesn't know if he likes her. So Kerry suggests that they create a ""Cool Book"" and pass it around so that others will write down what they think of everyone in school and then they'll know who's cool or not cool. Becca thinks it's a good idea at first but soon realizes that there are some things you'd rather not know. Meanwhile, Tucker agonizes over why no one has written anything about him in the cool book so he does it himself.

star 8.46
9 votes

#4 - Scalpers

Flash Forward Season 1 - Episode 7

Tucker can't believe it when his dad surprises him with a pair of tickets to a concert that's been sold out for weeks. But before he has a chance to invite Becca, Tucker finds out that Kerry, the girl he has a crush on, would love to go. He invites Kerry instead, figuring that Becca will be none the wiser, until his father mentions the concert to her. Suddenly, Tucker has to find a way to get another ticket and it looks like his only option may be to pay a lot of money to a mysterious scalper. Without asking he borrows the money from Miles. But when Miles and Becca discover what Tucker's been up to, they're both furious and Tucker realizes that no concert is worth losing his two best friends.

star 8.25
8 votes
Fresh Start All Over Again

#5 - Fresh Start All Over Again

Flash Forward Season 1 - Episode 1

Things don't go quite as planned for Tucker and Becca on the first day of school. Now that they're finally in eighth grade, Becca is looking forward to writing for the school paper and Tucker wants to be the school announcer. However, Tucker soon learns that he's up against Jack, a smooth-talking new kid who seems determined to humiliate him. Meanwhile, Becca and her best friend Christine are disappointed to find that they aren't in the same homeroom. Becca makes an appointment for them to discuss it with the principal but when Christine is too nervous to shop up at the office, she unwittingly cause Becca to miss the sign up for the school paper.

star 8.20
19 votes
Just Friends

#6 - Just Friends

Flash Forward Season 1 - Episode 20

Rumours of love begin to fly when Tucker and Becca plan to go to another school dance together. Encouraged by Max, Becca squashes the rumours by avoiding Tucker. When he asks for her help, she volunteers Christine to teach baseball to his unenthusiastic little brother Horace. But Becca's strategy backfires and she becomes alarmed when she notices how much time Tucker and Christine are spending together. She fears she's lost her two best friends and jealousy makes her jump to ridiculous conclusions.

star 8.00
3 votes
Turn Back the Clock

#7 - Turn Back the Clock

Beverly Hills, 90210 Season 6 - Episode 16

Claire gets back in town, and is met by the gang, who fill her in on what went down. Brandon loses control when he sees a hot moment between Susan and Jonathon, and Donna's Christmas present from Joe, literally flies the coop! Steve is on 'teen patrol' for his father, volunteering to watch his party animal half brothers in his absence. Steve institues his own brand of justice when the boys go wild. Music: Forgiven Not Forgotten' / 'Auld Lang Syne' / 'Runaway' performed by The Corrs.

star 7.87
59 votes
Lonely Hearts

#8 - Lonely Hearts

Road to Avonlea Season 6 - Episode 2

The White Sands Hotel is the setting for a Bachelor Auction. Each bachelor makes up a picnic basket and a lady bids on it; the bachelor then shares the basket with the lady. Felix and Izzy's romance begins to blossom; Becky Lester has her eye on Davy; Hetty looses Clive Pettibone to Muriel Stacy; Simon Tremayne has his eye on Hetty but fears he has no hope; but the dance at the hotel, to end the day, finds Hetty is Simon's arms.

star 7.71
7 votes

#9 - Speechless

Flash Forward Season 1 - Episode 6

Having won the speech contest for the past two years, Becca is determined to hold on to her title this year. After carefully choosing rock climbing as her topic, she throws herself into her research only to find that her academic rival may Vega may also have the same idea. Forced to go to the extreme-and terrifying-measure of actually learning how to rock climb to get first-hand experience, Becca soon discovers that overcoming her fears is just as sweet as the thrill of victory. Meanwhile, Tucker sees and opportunity to take over the school DJ position now held by his arch enemy Jack and drafts a proposal for Mr. Petrowsky. But when Tucker loses his proposal he realizes Jack has claimed it as his own. Tucker calls on Becca to help him catch Jack redhanded and replace his as the new school DJ.

star 7.56
9 votes
House Party

#10 - House Party

Flash Forward Season 1 - Episode 3

When both Tucker's and Becca's parents go away for the weekend, they decide the time is right to throw a party at Tucker's house. But Becca's sister, Ellen is planning her own party at their house and when Becca hears that the extremely cute Zach Anderson is going to be there, she forgets her plans with Tucker and their friends and begs Ellen to include her. Of course things don't go as smoothly as they all hope.

star 7.52
13 votes
Face Off (2)

#11 - Face Off (2)

Animorphs Season 1 - Episode 20

Rachel meets up with Tobias outside, and is surprised to discover he's human again! Rachel tells Tobias of the Yeerk plot, and they decide they need to get down to the Yeerk pool. In order to get past the scanners, however, Rachel'll need to do something she never thought she would, Rachel morphs a Yeerk using the DNA pattern saved on the disk, and she crawls into Tobias' head. Chapman tells everyone that there is a Tornado Warning (But we know, they are trying to get more hosts), and he sends everyone in the auditorium go down the stairs to what they think is a basement shelter, but is really the Yeerk pool. Marco, Cassie, and Ax, are not sure of what was going on but they were going to be infested by the new breed of Yeerks, along with all the other students. Jake (who is a Lizard) gets caught in a room, and Tom thinks he has an Andalite so he is ready to use him to unlock the disk. Cassie and Ax is ready to become infested, while Tobias and Marco thinks of a way to get Jake out.

star 7.50
2 votes
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The Myth of the Maze

#12 - The Myth of the Maze

Relic Hunter Season 1 - Episode 10

Event: ATHENS, GREECE 3000 B.C. Stavros dangles an ancient trinket in front of both Claudia and Sydney in Athens. Stavros claims that the marble charm is the key to the fabled Minotaur's Maze. Sydney, Nigel and Claudia land in the middle of a family feud between Stavros and his crime boss father, both wanting to find the Maze and its mythical ball of golden twine. With 2000-year-old blueprints, the hunt is on to unearth important archeological find and to make it through the legendary labyrinth alive.

star 7.45
91 votes
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Speaking in Tongues

#13 - Speaking in Tongues

First Wave Season 1 - Episode 6

Quatrain 11. Century 2. "The Starborn one will fly into the hearts of many." A reading from the alien testament: ""The Almighty Force looked down from above. They surveyed the galaxy, and what they found was Earth. And the Almighty Force said, "Behold, the children of men...they are impure. They are imperfect. They are weak. We must establish our Kingdom on Earth. The children of men will welcome us with arms open wide." So the Almighty Force cast one of their own in the image of man. So the divine shepherd did come down from the stars to lead the lambs to the Aftertime..." And he was called Elton Beleye. Word was out this rock star preacher claimed extra-terrestrial ancestry. Said he wanted to lead the hearts and minds of humanity towards an alien eternity. Sounded like hell on Earth to me. This is my reality. They are studying us. Testing us. Waiting to strike. But I'm not gonna clear my name without proof they're here, living among us. A blood test, a DNA sample...something.

star 7.42
95 votes
I'm OK, You're A Jerk

#14 - I'm OK, You're A Jerk

Flash Forward Season 1 - Episode 2

Christine decides that she wants to take wrestling in Phys.Ed. with the boys and Becca helps out by starting a petition to let girls enroll in the class. But when Christine shows up for practice, Tucker makes fun of her and to punish him Coach Petrowsky assigns him to the girls's rhythmic dance class. Everything comes to a head when Tucker and Becca convince a reluctant Miles and Christine to compete in a boys against girls wrestling match.

star 7.39
16 votes
Sweet Child o' Mine

#15 - Sweet Child o' Mine

Degrassi Season 7 - Episode 16

Mia finally joins the spirit squad and finds her past is back to haunt her. Meanwhile Manny wants to meet Jay's parents.

star 7.18
17 votes
Got My Mind Set on You

#16 - Got My Mind Set on You

Degrassi Season 7 - Episode 15

Derek and Danny work on a project together with Peter and a Lakehurst transfer student, Rachel, only to find out it's not that easy to do. Meanwhile, Emma tries to have a "normal" life while Snake is still suspended from school because of Darcy's lies.

star 7.00
17 votes
The Reaction

#17 - The Reaction

Animorphs Season 1 - Episode 11

Cassie and Rachel saves a boy from a crocodile pit and she began to change when she doesn't want to because she was allergic to crocodiles. Cassie's morphing out of control. She has been invited to the Larry and Linda Show where the famous star, Jason Jon McCole is also a guest talking about The Sharing. Cassie got rid of the defective crocodile DNA by burping it out and stopped Jason Jon McCole before millions of rabid female JJM fans decide that The Sharing is the club for them. The Crocodile was on the loose, but the Animorphs were able to stop it. Marco morphed a Llama while Jake and Ax morphed Beetles.

star 7.00
2 votes
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#18 - Tobias

Animorphs Season 1 - Episode 16

A Darktech Detac is a device is like a diary, that Ax has invented, it allows people to go into their minds and relive their memories. Tobias was Ax's closest friend, so he offers to let him have the first chance to use it. With it, Tobias goes back in time to the days before he became an Animorph, back to where he first started his at his new school, meeting a nice girl named Rachel, and being frustrated because of what has happened that night at the construction site, a conversation with a mysterious old man, and the acquired of his first morph - The Red-Tailed Hawk. Ax also uses the device, and Tobias gets to see an amusing day in Ax's earth life. Using his human morph, he decides to learn more about our world, he leaves the barn after Cassie goes to do her homework, by taking a trip to the mall. He gets into trouble with a cab driver because he did not know how human transportation works. When he bothers a teenager playing a game at Cyberia, the guy punished him. The cab driver c

star 7.00
2 votes
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Face Off (1)

#19 - Face Off (1)

Animorphs Season 1 - Episode 19

The Animorphs attend the district finals basketball game where everyone is planning to go. It's Ax first sporting event, so everyone's really excited. Especially Jake, the basketball nut, but when he tries to spy on Tom, while as a Lizard, Jake was trapped inside Tom's backpack, but now Jake knows that Tom had the Andalite Disk in his room the whole time. He was brought down to where all the Controllers were ready unleashing Yeerks that don't need Kandrona to get more hosts. Meanwhile, Rachel and Cassie morph Rats and found out that Chapman has the disk (but he really does not) so Ax spills juice on Chapman and checks Chapman's pockets to see if it's there, but no sign of the disk. Jake gets trapped near the Yeerk Pool. Chapman steals the Disk from Tom's bag, and Tobias grabs the disk and he unlocks while Rachel was searching for him. Then he returns to human form because he can morph again!

star 6.50
2 votes
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Sibling Revelry

#20 - Sibling Revelry

Beverly Hills, 90210 Season 10 - Episode 11

Gina considers leaving Los Angeles. Donna tells Gina the truth about her parentage. An outraged Gina lashes out at Donna. Whereas she had previously believed that her rough childhood was the result of circumstances beyond anyone's control, she now knows that she was rejected. Gina refuses David's help and turns to Dylan for comfort. A jealous David argues with Dylan and pushes him in front of a car. He sustains only a few bruises. David breaks up with Gina because he considers her a bad influence. He patches things up with Dylan. Donna assures Gina that her relationship with her stepfather was not a lie. Gina visits her childhood home, which stirs up happy memories. Matt gets jealous when Dylan buys a $16,000 painting for Kelly. Kelly confronts Dylan and demands that he make a lifetime commitment or leave her alone. He responds with a frightened grunt, so she stays with Matt. She claims that her offer was just a test, but admits to Donna that she doesn't know how she would have reacted if Dylan had accepted. Noah confesses that he never really attended Harvard. His father paid off the cops to keep him from being jailed after his girlfriend's death, and he fled to Hawaii instead of enrolling. Donna considers dumping Noah because of his constant lying. Steve becomes overly protective of Madeline after bringing her home from the hospital. Janet tries to get him to loosen up. Music: 'I Need to Know' by Marc Anthony.

star 6.48
25 votes
Lives in the Balance

#21 - Lives in the Balance

Poltergeist: The Legacy Season 2 - Episode 8

Lukas Dumont arrives at the Legacy house, he is the son of an old lover of Dereks and claims to be his son. Derek believes him and tries to treat him as he wished his own father had treated him. Nick isn't convinced by the story that Lukas is telling and asks Rachel to help him find out more about Lukas and his mother.

star 6.11
36 votes
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The Devil's Lighthouse

#22 - The Devil's Lighthouse

Poltergeist: The Legacy Season 2 - Episode 13

Point Clifton, a small town just down the coast from San Francisco, is visited by the Legacy team after Derek sees an article in the paper. At a place known locally as 'The Devil's Lighthouse' a young boy vanished and his girlfriend is blinded. The girl insists that, before she was blinded, she saw her boyfriend, Bobby, vansih into the main light of the lighthouse, pulled there by a man!

star 6.06
34 votes
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Father to Son

#23 - Father to Son

Poltergeist: The Legacy Season 3 - Episode 5

Nick witnessed his father's death, but then learns that his father did not die by accident. His father's ghost asks him to help find his murderer and avenge his death. But Nick has trouble solving the case when it comes to light that his father was abusive to him when he was a child.

star 6.03
32 votes
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#24 - Trapped

Poltergeist: The Legacy Season 2 - Episode 21

Derek is possessed by his father's spirit, which intends to assemble the elements to create a gateway that will allow the demons of hell to enter our world.

star 6.03
34 votes
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The Enlightened One

#25 - The Enlightened One

Poltergeist: The Legacy Season 3 - Episode 3

Kristin arrives in San Francisco from Boston to join the group's investigation of a series of church fires. What she doesn't tell them is that she thinks her younger brother may have joined the cult that the setting the fires.

star 6.00
34 votes
Curtain Call

#26 - Curtain Call

Flash Forward Season 1 - Episode 26

Romance blossoms as Becca stages her own adaption of ""Robin Hood"", in which she plays Maid Marion and Tucker plays Friar Tuck. The play though has been radically overhauled with Robin Hood all but written out and a romance has been concocted between Marion and Friar Tuck. Tucker and Becca both realize that they have more than friendly feelings for each other. They shyly tell each other on the phone the past times that they each crushed on the other and are surprised to learn they never liked each other at the same time...until now. On the night of the performance Tucker and Becca share their first real kiss while rehearsing backstage.

star 0.00
1 votes
The Front

#27 - The Front

Animorphs Season 2 - Episode 6

Ax lands a job at a new electronics store. The store owner pushes Ax to sell, sell, sell for their huge cell-phone promotion. When Tom buys two--one for himself and another for his latest crush, Melissa Chapman, Jake and Marco get a little suspicious. What's with this sudden cell-phone craze? They follow Tom to investigate the situation...and are horrified to discover what Ax is really selling.

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0 votes
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