The BEST episodes directed by Fraser Macdonald

The Price Of Love
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#1 - The Price Of Love

Waterloo Road - Season 8 - Episode 8

Quiet student,Morag decides to take participate in Lorraine's bench design competition. She confides in her little brother that, if she wins, their estranged mum might find out and get in touch with them. When Tom turns up to collect Morag's bench design, her father Kai can't resist the opportunity to preach about his Freeganist, anti-money beliefs. But his moral high-ground becomes shaky when he learns the competition carries a substantial cash prize for the winner.Enraged at his daughter's deception, Kai forces Morag to destroy her handcrafted bench. Horrified, Tom decides to take matters into his own hands and secretly helps Morag design another bench, resulting in a clash of beliefs between Kai and Lorraine. Meanwhile,Connor attempts to help Christine by marking her late coursework, but this backfires as he gives everyone a top grade. Suspicious, Audrey confronts Christine about the irregular grades, forcing the English teacher to cover her tracks. Now considering Audrey as the enemy within, Christine lodges a false complaint of bullying against her to Michael.Later, when Connor finds his mother is drinking again, he finds a potentially lethal outlet for his frustrations. Elsewhere, new boy Kevin turns up at Waterloo Road and quickly draws attention to himself, not least from Chalky who suspects the schoolboy is more intelligent than he's letting on. Also this week, Madi tries to persuade Sian to let her spread her wings and leave school, while Billy has a surprising request for Michael to consider.

Episode 6
283 votes

#2 - Episode 6

Mr Selfridge - Season 4 - Episode 6

Reeling from the bad publicity after the assault on the store, Harry finds himself forced to admit the true state of his financial affairs when D'Ancona piles on more pressure, and later finds himself embroiled in a costly spat with media magnate Lord Wynnstay. Mr Grove and Miss Mardle plan their very special forthcoming event, and Meryl enlists Tilly's help for a very important task - fuelling Miss Ellis' ire in the process. Mae and Victor grow closer, leaving Jimmy to become increasingly jealous.

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Episode 5
291 votes

#3 - Episode 5

Mr Selfridge - Season 4 - Episode 5

The ground floor of the department store is transformed into a movie set, as Double Trouble starring the Dolly Sisters and famed-actor Bumby Wallace is filmed. Harry is delighted to be the source of excitement throughout London once again, as Grove and Mardle attempt to grapple with their past - and their future. Kitty comes to a horrible realisation, and Mae reconnects with old-flame Victor. Meanwhile, Harry's mistakes catch up with him in dramatic fashion.

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I Love Frank
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#4 - I Love Frank

Shameless (2004) - Season 5 - Episode 8

On the bus to a re-start course, Frank has the briefest encounters with a beautiful stranger. Debbie invites some members of the church to stay, but has she got an ulterior motive. And Lillian's assigned to a witness protection programme.

A Woman Scorned
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#5 - A Woman Scorned

Waterloo Road - Season 8 - Episode 7

Maggie calls off the wedding to Grantly, saying they're to busy to get hitched. However, when Scout has suspiciouns something is amiss after hearing Maggie making a secret phone call, Along with Phoenix, she tells Grantly that she thinks there's another man. Their suspicions are confirmed when Grantly confronts Trevor - Maggie's estranged husband. Grantly discovers Maggie is being blackmailed by Trevor, who she never divorced. With their wedding day in Jeopardy, Grantly Hatches a plan to make Maggie his bride, with assistance from Scout and Phoenix. Elsewhere, At The School Gates, Sian arrives to be confronted by Madi, who questions of her whereabout's overnight, Keen to keep her love life quiet, Sian steers the conversation away by noting Madi's belongings dumped - her mum has thrown her out. Later, Madi is drawn by Ray, a good looking businessman who is leading Lorraine's work experience classes. She Sets her sights on Ray, Unaware he is dating Sian. Upset by a phone call from Home, Madi turns to Ray for comfort but misreads his intentions and tries to kiss him. When Ray doesn't recipotate, she is humiliated and vengeful, Madi Posts a rumour on a social networking site that he kissed her, but her lies impact on her friends. Meanwhile, Josh faces his future after Waterloo Road but worries of Tom's reaction.

The Long Drop
214 votes

#6 - The Long Drop

Bedlam - Season 2 - Episode 1

Four new residents of the apartment block battle the supernatural. A woman's life spirals out of control when she is plagued by visions of dead people, and she searches for answers with a ghost enthusiast. One tenant hides a secret, and Kate's return casts light on another's ambiguous personality, while Warren strives to release his business from the grip of the past.

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Skin Deep
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#7 - Skin Deep

Waterloo Road - Season 8 - Episode 9

Waking from a nightmare, Rhiannon heads to the bathroom where she takes out a small tin. But before she can open it, she's disturbed by rival Scout. Later at school, Rhiannon finds a quiet spot and takes out the tin again, revealing her self-harming kit.Rhiannon's disruptive behaviour in school is noted by Audrey, who excludes her from class. Believing she's compensating for her weight issues by acting the class clown, Audrey urges Rhiannon to join the lunchtime power-walking club. However, when Rhiannon lags behind the others, Audrey asks Scout to look after her enemy. The two girls bicker, but soon start to joke around together. The moment is short-lived, though, as Scout notices blood on Rhiannon's t-shirt. Making Scout promise not to tell anyone, Rhiannon confesses that she cuts herself because it makes her feel better. Meanwhile, as Christine and Audrey's bullying case reaches a climax, they agree to mediation. But when Audrey admits some of her actions could be misconstrued, Christine seizes the opportunity to push the case further. Elsewhere, new boy Kevin takes drastic action to gain credibility with Connor, which threatens his future at Waterloo Road, Sian is horrified to discover that Billy has asked Michael to end his life.

Brothers and Boyfriends
182 votes

#8 - Brothers and Boyfriends

Shameless (2004) - Season 5 - Episode 7

When there is a gas leak at the Gallaghers along comes a sexy fireman named Sean. He gets the attention of Ian and Mandy but which one of them will win the race to get the Sean into bed? Also, Carl finds himself in a risky situation.

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Episode 1
905 votes

#9 - Episode 1

Secret Diary of a Call Girl - Season 2 - Episode 1

A journalist tries to blackmail Belle after he spots her with a client who turns out to be a politician. She also finds trouble in the form of Bambi, a girl with aspirations of becoming a high-class escort.

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Pool of Tears
205 votes

#10 - Pool of Tears

Bedlam - Season 2 - Episode 2

Ellie is plagued by numerous visions of a woman being tortured in the building's swimming pool, but professional swimmer and new resident Cass dismisses her warnings, leaving her at the mercy of what is lurking in the water. Meanwhile, Dan's interest in the former asylum seems to be not solely related to business when it emerges his blog undermines Warren's rebranding project.

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Episode 2
814 votes

#11 - Episode 2

Secret Diary of a Call Girl - Season 2 - Episode 2

Bambi runs into some trouble at work and Belle is considering her future, but first she agrees to go on a date with Alex.

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Episode 3
868 votes

#12 - Episode 3

Secret Diary of a Call Girl - Season 2 - Episode 3

Belle struggles with having a relationship. If that wouldn't be enough already, she runs into trouble at work as well when the wife of a client shows up.

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#13 - Unfaithful

Bedlam - Season 2 - Episode 3

Ellie foresees a hitch that could ruin Reeta's wedding day. Dan works his magic on the bride-to-be and has already proved himself indispensable to Warren, who further fears for his sanity after images of Kate plaster his walls.

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Episode 4
769 votes

#14 - Episode 4

Secret Diary of a Call Girl - Season 2 - Episode 4

Belle has a professional crisis. During a disastrous threesome with Bambi and a flashy nightclub owner, Belle freezes. She just can't go through with it. Why? She meets up with Ben and spells it out - she is in love with Alex. How can she ever work again?

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Episode 13
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#15 - Episode 13

Waterloo Road - Season 6 - Episode 13

Nate and Josh's burgeoning romance hits a rough spot when Nate's homophobic dad finds out about their relationship, and Tom is forced to bear the brunt of his anger. Elsewhere, Hodge continues to hound Bex and Karen tries to discover what her oldest daughter is hiding. Cesca continues to blur the professional and personal boundaries between her and Jonah.

A Smart Bomb
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#16 - A Smart Bomb

The Bill - Season 19 - Episode 4

Being in the pay of crime boss Ron Gregory is not paying off for DS Phil Hunter. Not only is his wife Cindy caught up in Gregory's dirty tricks, but DCI Meadows and Supt Okaro are onto him as well, and decide to use him to bring Gregory down. Supt. Okaro clashes with the Borough Commander, Jane Fitzwilliam over how to solve the drug problem, and his old friend David Ackroyd's information about Gregory's plans to flood the streets with cheap heroin, costs him his life. Sister Sarah Donohue, the nun who runs the local community centre, and who was also friends with David, is so upset by his death that DC Danny Glaze gives her a more than sympathetic kiss. With the Supt's crackdown on burglaries, ATM robberies are on the increase and Cindy Hunter is mugged. Seeing her lying bashed in a hospital bed, Phil Hunter takes new interest in the robberies, and he and Webb and McAllister set up an operation to catch the culprits. Hunter's fury overtakes him and Webb has to stop him using a baseball

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Method To The Madness
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#17 - Method To The Madness

The Bill - Season 19 - Episode 5

Supt. Adam Okaro issues an order that drug users are not to be arrested by his officers - instead Sun Hill will target the dealers. PC Cathy Bradford is furious at this change in policy when the junkie who stabbed her with a hyperdermic needle walks free. Meanwhile DS Phil Hunter is given a tip off about a 20k drug deal about to take place in Sun Hill. Villain Ron Gregory has a plan. He wants Phil and his fellow officers to intercept this deal so the patch stays clear for Ron's own dealing. But Phil's already on thin ice with his superiors. Will Phil ever get Ron Gregory off his back? PCs Ruby Buxton and Nick Klein are called to a violent domestic in a smart area of town, they are quick to arrest the husband for assault. But is it as simple as it at first appears? DC Danny Glaze is eager to talk to Sister Sarah Donohue after the pair's kiss the previous night, but the nun is in no mood to talk, particularly when her the community centre she runs is in danger of being closed by Ron Greg

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Security Risk
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#18 - Security Risk

The Bill - Season 19 - Episode 45

A furious DCI Jack Meadows finds DC Ken Drummond asleep at his desk, and also hauls DS's Debbie McAllister and Phil Hunter over the coals for failing to meet their crime targets. Deeply in debt to Hunter, Drummond is moonlighting as a security guard for Mortis Security - a private security firm which has taken over ""looking after"" the Coal Lane Estate. As Mortis boss Alan Trent moves into the ward office previously occupied by PC Des Taviner, DCI Meadows and Supt. Adam Okaro begin to suspect that Trent's company is causing many of the crimes they claim to prevent, as well as racially harassing black residents. PC Cathy Bradford turns a blind eye to Trent's methods. When DS Hunter discovers Drummond's second job, he threatens to spill the beans, which could cost Ken his job. DS McAllister and DC Juliet Becker are paired when a young mother, Lindsey Holland, and her son are run off the road. McAllister is irritated when Becker's enthusiasm and fresh ideas in the investigation conflict wi

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#19 - Cheating

The Bill - Season 19 - Episode 63

DS Phil Hunter and DC Eva Sharpe investigate an assault case, where a man's football career has been ruined by an apparent deliberate foul. They arrest the suspect after viewing a videotape of the match, but bringing him back to Sun Hill, they are surprised to find out he is PC Honey Harman's fiancé. Harman risks her career to save ""her Fletch"" and hides the videotape evidence in her locker. No one is surprised when DC Mickey Webb turns up to work despite the death of his mother the day before. DCI Jack Meadows tries to distract him with another case, but Webb is determined to track down the driver who killed his mother. Arresting a drunk driver, Webb thinks he has his man, but a woman turns up at the station to admit she was the driver. At Webb's encouragement, DC Juliet Becker uses a young prostitute as bait in a big drugs sting. When the woman goes missing, Webb checks her escort agency's website and is stunned to see DCI Meadows' new girlfriend is a prostitute. Sgt. Dale Smith and

A New Lease Of Life
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#20 - A New Lease Of Life

The Bill - Season 19 - Episode 64

On her way into the station, Insp. Gina Gold is involved in a minor traffic accident when a white van cuts her off. When the police arrive, it is a horrified PC Gary Best who is forced to breathalyse his Inspector - when the test is postitive, Best is forced to arrest her for driving under the influence. Sgt Dale Smith, realising that Gold's condition is due to him cheating in their drinking contest conspires with Best to rig the test by using Gary's breath sample. When Gold works out what they've done, she is furious that they have implicated her in a conspiracy. DC Juliet Becker goes to the house of her friend and former lover Heather Rayner, who has left her violent husband after he raped her - but the unexpected arrival of Heather's husband sees Becker knocked unconscious and abducted.

Blue Valentine
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#21 - Blue Valentine

Holby City - Season 13 - Episode 18

Jac is back at Holby and out to prove she can be a good leader, she bites her tongue and accepts the offer of mentoring new registrar, Sahira through her first day. But when Sahira proves not only is she a match for Jac but has history with Hanssen, Jac realises all may not be what it seems. Jac knows she has competition - but there's nothing she likes better - bring it on!