The Best Episodes Directed by Eva Sørhaug

Part Seven

#1 - Part Seven

Your Honor (US) Season 1 - Episode 7

Michael’s solution to his blackmail problem unearths deeper troubles. Eugene finds family in Big Mo’s crew. Adam’s secret is threatened to be outed by a problematic relationship.

star 7.93
407 votes
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#2 - November

Occupied Season 1 - Episode 8

Jesper Berg understands that he is not going anywhere with the EU, and initiate police action to get the Russians out of the country. The Russian ambassador, Sidorova, warns him against continuing to expel Russians, but Jesper Berg does not care about her warnings.

star 7.89
234 votes
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#3 - Promotion

Falling Water Season 2 - Episode 5

Tess and Burton follow clues from their shared dream; Taka and Alex connect Shadowman to the people trafficking in dreamers; Shadowman confronts his past.

star 7.66
168 votes
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The Unseen

#4 - The Unseen

American Gods Season 3 - Episode 4

Bilquis has been taken captive and finds herself caught in the middle of an identity crisis, but Shadow and Technical Boy join forces to find her; Wednesday decides to visit a group of Lords of Valhalla, a nearby chapter of a biker gang.

star 7.46
529 votes
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#5 - October

Occupied Season 1 - Episode 7

Jesper Berg has won the referendum, but the Russian shows no signs of leaving the country. On the contrary, they have increased their military activity. The prime minister now expects the EU sets up military action to get the Russians out, but EU are reluctant to enter into a military conflict with Russia.

star 7.36
266 votes
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Mothers, Fathers, Daughters, Sons

#6 - Mothers, Fathers, Daughters, Sons

Falling Water Season 2 - Episode 6

Tess and Alex try to convince a rescued dreamer to testify; Taka and Burton pressure Nicholas Hull to flip on Taylor; Bill Boerg is approached.

star 7.31
182 votes
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