The BEST episodes directed by Don Mcbrearty

The Blue Chest of Arabella King
93 votes

#1 - The Blue Chest of Arabella King

Road to Avonlea - Season 1 - Episode 12

Arabella King, a distant relative, was jilted at the altar, and left all of her wedding finery in a chest which sits in the King Farm kitchen for years. The curious Sara and her cousins Felix and Felicity try to persuade the adults to open the chest. Upon the notification of Arabella's death, they are free to open the chest. Aunt Olivia has begun working for the newspaper and finds a story in the contents of the chest. With the help of Sara and Jasper Dale, Olivia gets her story and solves an old mystery. Jasper and Olivia also discover they share a mutual interest in one another.

Memento Mori
9 votes

#2 - Memento Mori

Road to Avonlea - Season 5 - Episode 2

The family is planning a 50th birthday party for Hetty. Her publisher, no longer wants "Romance" novels from her. Muriel Stacey returns to town and takes over the general store. When Hetty succumbs to appendicitis, her out look on life changes. She decides to write about what she knows; her childhood and the beauty of the island.

Coming Together
185 votes

#3 - Coming Together

Heartland (2007) (CA) - Season 1 - Episode 13

Amy finds herself working with the enemy when Ashley asks for her help. Amy's also preparing Spartan for the Fall Finale while Lou decides what to do about a job offer in New York.

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But When She Was Bad... She Was Horrid (1)
9 votes

#4 - But When She Was Bad... She Was Horrid (1)

Road to Avonlea - Season 3 - Episode 4

Sara is suffering growing pains, and Hetty refuses to recognize that the 'Story Girl' is growing up. Gus has news of Captain Crane in Halifax, and plans to travel there to meet him. Sara meets a look alike named, Jo Pitts. When Sara finds living with Hetty unbearable, she forces Gus to take her to Halifax with him. Jo Pitts pretends to be Sara, with the help of Felix. Gus has been tricked by Abe Pike, not Captain Crane who sent the message and Abe wants Gus to take him to Captain Crane & the treasure, so he holds his captive until Gus captiulates, and in the meantime, nasty thieves believe that Sara is Jo Pitts, who is one of their own, and take her captive...

Home Movie
38 votes

#5 - Home Movie

Road to Avonlea - Season 4 - Episode 12

A wealthy American developer tries to modernize Avonlea and reinvent it in the style of a town he built in Pennsylvania. Opinions in the town are mixed; Clara Potts and Olivia take up the case for modernization but Hetty is firmly against it. Meanwhile, Sarah convinces her trust fund (by impersonating Hetty over the telephone) to buy an Edison motion picture camera and send it to Jasper Dale, under the impression that he is to do experiments in frame rate with it for the Edison company. Eventually, Hetty decides to use footage Jasper filmed with his camera to show a visual record of Avonlea, as part of an emotional appeal against the radical rebuilding of the town.

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Still Waters
379 votes

#6 - Still Waters

Murdoch Mysteries - Season 1 - Episode 8

The body of Richard Hartley, the newest member of a prestigious men’s rowing team, is found washed up on a beach after a night of drinking with his teammates. According to his fiancée, Minerva Fairchild, Hartley had just replaced the team’s top rower Horace Briggs, who admits he’d been disappointed when he was bumped from the team – but not enough to kill. As the evidence mounts, it seems increasingly apparent that Hartley was killed in an initiation hazing gone wrong. Sure enough, the team’s coach admits that Hartley would have cost them a spot at the Olympics, so he instructed the boys to put him out of action so they could bring Briggs back. When things got rough, Hartley panicked and ran into the lake – but he was a strong swimmer; they never dreamed he’d drown. Still no closer to the truth, Murdoch orders a test on the water in Hartley’s lungs – and that’s when the investigation finally blows wide open.

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Heirs and Graces
38 votes

#7 - Heirs and Graces

Road to Avonlea - Season 4 - Episode 8

Gus gets Felix a job at the White Sands Hotel, as Simon Tremayne's assistant. The job goes to Felix's head, and causes a riff with Gus. He reveals that the new owner once worked for royalty; the same Duke who just happens to be visiting Carmody. Hetty is determined to get the Duke to come to the Founders Day Banquet and to have the King Family honoured as Avonlea's 'Founding Family'.

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Let Loose The Dogs
398 votes

#8 - Let Loose The Dogs

Murdoch Mysteries - Season 1 - Episode 6

John Delaney had been on his way home from a ratting match at the local pub and somehow ended up face down in the river. When Murdoch finds the drunken body of his estranged father, Harry, passed out near the crime scene, he's quick to convict the man he's long accused of killing his mother. It turns out that the matches were fixed - just like Harry said - and the detectives seem to be closing in on the case. But when evidence turns up that suggests Delaney may have had a rendezvous after leaving the pub that fateful night, the investigation takes a whole new turn.

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Felicity's Perfect Beau
40 votes

#9 - Felicity's Perfect Beau

Road to Avonlea - Season 4 - Episode 10

With the attentions of both Gus Pike and Arthur Pettibone, Felicity becomes confused as one proposes marriage and the other courts her. Seeking avice on matters of the heart she returns first to Sara, then Hetty and eveutally her family. In the end she determines that she alone must decide her future.

Step by Step
123 votes

#10 - Step by Step

Heartland (2007) (CA) - Season 2 - Episode 18

Ty and Amy are finally forced to deal with their feelings for each other after a snowstorm strands them at Jack’s fishing cabin in the mountains.

But When She Was Bad... She Was Horrid (2)
12 votes

#11 - But When She Was Bad... She Was Horrid (2)

Road to Avonlea - Season 3 - Episode 5

Back in Avonlea, Jo Pitts is wreaking havoc with Hetty, who believes that "Sara" has become deranged. When Jo decides she has had enough of Hetty, she decides to drown her. Sara and Gus escape the gang of theives, who are run by Abe Pike, and sail back to Avonlea just in time to stop Jo from robbing the town blind. Gus offers the King women some advice on how to handle Jo, and she is offered a home with Sara and Hetty at Rose Cottage. However, Jo decides to take her fate into her own hands and leaves town.

Growing Pains
200 votes

#12 - Growing Pains

Heartland (2007) (CA) - Season 3 - Episode 6

Ty and Amy clash over how best to raise an orphaned foal. Lou must defuse a potential lawsuit after fending off unwanted advances from an unscrupulous business client. Meanwhile, Val tries to connect with her newly-reconciled daughter Ashley and a cougar stalks the Heartland area.

Elementary, My Dear Murdoch
367 votes

#13 - Elementary, My Dear Murdoch

Murdoch Mysteries - Season 1 - Episode 4

Murdoch teams with his hero, Arthur Conan Doyle, to solve a murder that was revealed during a séance led by medium Sarah Pensall. It seems the victim, Ida Winston – a member of a paranormal watchdog group – had not been convinced of Sarah’s abilities, which makes Murdoch wonder if Sarah killed Ida because she was about to be revealed as a fraud. Despite mounting evidence of the spirit world, Murdoch remains determined to use scientific means to solve the case. Sure enough, evidence starts to stack up against Sarah’s little toady, Lisgar Gall. But when Murdoch accuses Gall of killing Ida in order to protect Sarah, he winds up in the middle of an unexpected lovers’ triangle that further complicates the case.

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Rising from the Ashes
240 votes

#14 - Rising from the Ashes

Heartland (2007) (CA) - Season 1 - Episode 12

Disaster strikes when the barn erupts into flames and Jack's badly hurt getting the horses to safety.

'Til Death Do Us Part
377 votes

#15 - 'Til Death Do Us Part

Murdoch Mysteries - Season 1 - Episode 5

Wendell Merrick is killed in the church on the day he was to marry Eunice McGinty. At first glance, the murder appears to be a robbery gone wrong. But Father Franks recalls hearing Wendell arguing with his best man, Lawrence Braxton, before the wedding. As suspicion turns to Braxton, the investigation takes an unexpected twist when the pathology report turns up evidence that Wendell was homosexual – which leads Brackenreid to conclude that it was Wendell’s lover who wielded the weapon that killed him. But while fingers are being pointed at possible candidates, including Braxton, Murdoch starts to believe that the issue of Wendell’s sexuality has thrown this investigation way off track.

Come What May
254 votes

#16 - Come What May

Heartland (2007) (CA) - Season 1 - Episode 7

Heartland takes in a pregnant mare named Melody. Ty secretly asks Mallory for riding lessons to impress Amy. Ben competes in a horse show and refuses to talk to his aunt Lisa. Meanwhile, Jack and Ty go on a cattle round-up, and Tim is introduced as the trail boss. Jack and Tim fight each other that night, and Ty learns that Tim is Lou and Amy's father, and Jack's ex-son-in-law. Lisa shows up to talk to Ben, and Jack invites her to stay for pancakes.

Summer of '75
264 votes

#17 - Summer of '75

Murdoch Mysteries - Season 9 - Episode 7

When a childhood friend from wilderness camp alerts Murdoch to imminent danger, they travel to Algonquin Park to investigate a 30-year-old murder.

Guests of Honour
185 votes

#18 - Guests of Honour

Bomb Girls - Season 2 - Episode 4

Lorna plans a dinner to celebrate Eugene's success. Vera and Carol move towards a tenuous friendship despite their differences. Kate decides to move on with her life

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Full Circle
154 votes

#19 - Full Circle

Heartland (2007) (CA) - Season 2 - Episode 17

Amy heads into the mountains to visit a First Nations horse healer named Victor Whitetail, and leaves with a new understanding about horses, her mom and herself.

One Trick Pony
190 votes

#20 - One Trick Pony

Heartland (2007) (CA) - Season 1 - Episode 6

Lou's New York boyfriend Carl comes for a visit, but his big city attitudes clash with the ranch's more laid-back lifestyle. Lou discovers that she has been fired from her job in New York. Carl proposes to Lou, but she discovers he has been trying to force her to move with him to Chicago. Amy is puzzled why a new horse at Heartland called Pirate won't obey commands. Scott unearths the horse's unusual past.

195 votes

#21 - Shipwreck

Murdoch Mysteries - Season 8 - Episode 15

Murdoch is reunited with his childhood mentor while investigation a murder in a church.

Pipe Dreamzzz
250 votes

#22 - Pipe Dreamzzz

Murdoch Mysteries - Season 9 - Episode 8

After a student dies mysteriously in a professor's opium den, Crabtree helps Ogden and Rebecca James investigate in the morgue.

Shades of Grey
331 votes

#23 - Shades of Grey

Murdoch Mysteries - Season 2 - Episode 6

As they investigate a young woman's death, Murdoch and Dr. Ogden find their relationship threatened when they turn out to be of opposite opinions in the matter of abortion.

Together We Stand...
403 votes

#24 - Together We Stand...

Good Witch - Season 1 - Episode 7

As the winter storm continues to pose a threat to all of Middleton, Cassie and Sam work together to save a life and a crisis magically brings them closer.

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9 votes

#25 - Poison

21 Jump Street - Season 5 - Episode 4

Doug falls for a narcotics officer with questionable tactics and a possible drug problem herself.

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Election Day
192 votes

#26 - Election Day

Murdoch Mysteries - Season 8 - Episode 17

Julia and her colleagues are going to vote for a female candidate so the rights of women will be accomplished.

The Materializing of Duncan
134 votes

#27 - The Materializing of Duncan

Road to Avonlea - Season 1 - Episode 4

Everyone in Avonlea knows everything about everyone. Exasperated, Marilla Cuthbert, "creates" a beau for the ladies of the sewing circle. To Marilla's distress, a traveling salesman with the same name she 'made up' shows up in town. Marilla faces Duncan McTavish and tells him the truth. Realizing the predicament she is in, Duncan helps Marilla stop all of the wagging tongues in Avonlea.

The Quarantine at Alexander Abraham's
139 votes

#28 - The Quarantine at Alexander Abraham's

Road to Avonlea - Season 1 - Episode 3

A mischevious Sara and Felix sneak into grumpy old Alexander Abraham's house, on a dare, not knowing that he is ill and about to be quarantined. Avonlea busy-body, Rachel Lynde enters his house looking for his farm boy who has been skipping her Sunday School Class. All are quarantined together. Alexander is a woman hater, Rachel a 'do-gooder', and the house is an unmitigated mess. Rachel nurses Alexander through his illness, Felix too, when he falls ill. Sara helps cleans his house, and learns that there is more to life than just reading books all the time. Through the help of the children and Rachel Lynde, Alexander is no-longer a cranky old man, and somewhat less of a woman-hater. Mrs. Rachel, however, remains a 'do-gooder'.

Glory Days
205 votes

#29 - Glory Days

Heartland (2007) (CA) - Season 3 - Episode 5

In the hopes of impressing Ashley, Caleb takes lessons in bulldogging from former rodeo champion Tim, who stubbornly refuses to acknowledge that he may no longer have what it takes. Kit and Ty sort out their lingering break-up issues as Ty assists Scott with the delivery of Kit's mare's foal. Lou invites Peter to manage his business from the Heartland facilities while his office undergoes renovation, and lives to regret it.

The Price
290 votes

#30 - The Price

Cracked (2013) - Season 2 - Episode 2

Members of a rock band (Toronto’s “The Balconies”) are the victims of a brazen shooting in a downtown nightclub. Aidan and Clara have to determine whether the key witness – an ex-model with a shady past - is truly suffering from traumatic amnesia or lying to conceal the identity of the killer.

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42 votes

#31 - Shift/Change

Remedy - Season 1 - Episode 4

When two babies die of a mysterious infection in the Paediatric ICU, Allen scrambles to find patient zero before Bethune General suffers a full-blown outbreak.

The Storm
429 votes

#32 - The Storm

Good Witch - Season 1 - Episode 6

Cassie tries to convince Sam to follow her intuition in order to help a young couple survive a blizzard.

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201 votes

#33 - Prions

ReGenesis - Season 1 - Episode 4

NorBAC investigates an outbreak of prion disease (mad cow) in humans. The victims are spread out across North America. How are the cases connected? In the aftermath of Hiras's death, David is determined to expose the fraudulent reverend. David suspects his old friend Danny, a hockey player, is using a dangerous performance-enhancing steroid.

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After the Honeymoon
10 votes

#34 - After the Honeymoon

Road to Avonlea - Season 3 - Episode 10

Jasper Dale is studying bats, and Olivia feels inadequate by not being able to help with his work. A woman scientist comes to help and is smitten with Jasper. Hetty tutors Olivia in science, but it seems that Jasper loves her for her special skills, and not for the scientific knowledge she gains. Sydney Carver, the scientist leaves after "making a fool of herself" over Jasper.

The Valley
284 votes

#35 - The Valley

Cracked (2013) - Season 2 - Episode 3

When a schizophrenic young man living in the Rosedale Valley ravine is found murdered, Psych Crimes is called to a puzzling scene: the location has been cleaned and the body carefully posed. What starts out as a murder investigation becomes a quest to save a family and avert another disastrous outcome.

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Ahmad Khan
299 votes

#36 - Ahmad Khan

King (2011) - Season 1 - Episode 6

Ahmad, the bright star of the University’s Bio Chem department, was also an observant Muslim, and his violent murder has all the makings of a hate crime. But when Jess discovers Ahmad was secretly gay, the case becomes more complicated. To make matters worse, the murderer seems to delight in misleading the police, leaving Jess to wonder: is this a hate crime at all, or an elaborate cover up? Jess navigates the ambitious and cutthroat world of academia, squaring off with a brilliant sociopath who just might have committed the perfect murder.

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Testing, Testing
76 votes

#37 - Testing, Testing

Remedy - Season 1 - Episode 3

Brian resolves to improve his patient interaction after receiving several complaints, while Griffin forms an unlikely bond with a cantankerous war veteran. Dr. Tuttle refuses to consider Sandy’s diagnosis of a rare disease in a dancer.

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Night Terrors
333 votes

#38 - Night Terrors

Cracked (2013) - Season 1 - Episode 11

While hunting for a serial rapist with an odd fetish, Aiden and Daniella clash in the aftermath of the inquest.

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Spirited Away
421 votes

#39 - Spirited Away

Cracked (2013) - Season 1 - Episode 6

The team searches for the mother of an abandoned baby, discovering stories of motherhood and postpartum psychosis.

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The Enemy Within
99 votes

#40 - The Enemy Within

Bomb Girls - Season 2 - Episode 3

Gladys travels with Marco and his mother to an internment camp in hopes of aiding Marco's detained father, while Lorna focuses her energy on impressing the girls at the factory. Elsewhere, Betty and Kate attend services at Leon's church; and Vera discovers the perks of being helpful to soldiers.

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The Light in Black
339 votes

#41 - The Light in Black

Cracked (2013) - Season 1 - Episode 13

Daniella and Aidan search for the killer of the husband of a human rights lawyer.

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Justice Calvin Faulkner
176 votes

#42 - Justice Calvin Faulkner

King (2011) - Season 2 - Episode 11

Jessica King must contain a scandal and delve into the messy personal life of a Family Court Judge after he’s found strangled with a negligee.

7 votes

#43 - Brothers

21 Jump Street - Season 5 - Episode 6

Doug has a strained reunion with his estranged younger brother Joey when Joey is assigned to the Jump St. team. Doug comes to his aid after Joey is brainwashed into joining a religious cult he was investigating.

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