The Best Episodes Directed by David Evans

An Inward Treasure is Born

#1 - An Inward Treasure is Born

Anne with an E Season 1 - Episode 4

A house fire helps Anne in her decision of whether or not to go back to school.

star 8.25
566 votes
Episode 8

#2 - Episode 8

Downton Abbey Season 6 - Episode 8

Bertie's circumstances change suddenly, leaving Edith uncertain whether to risk telling him the truth or keep her past a secret at all costs. Mary wonders if she can ever make peace with her sister as hostilities escalate, Spratt shows some hidden talents and Molesley's first day as a teacher does not go according to plan. Mrs Patmore's bed and breakfast attracts unwanted attention, leaving her in need of the Crawleys' help.

star 8.21
1937 votes
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Episode 1

#3 - Episode 1

The Crimson Field Season 1 - Episode 1

Three women leave their old lives behind as they volunteer at a hospital in war-torn France. This is the challenge of their lives.

star 8.01
165 votes
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Episode 1

#4 - Episode 1

Downton Abbey Season 4 - Episode 1

Mary is finding it hard to come to terms with Matthew's death. Robert and Violet fall out over how to handle the situation. Jimmy takes an interest in Ivy, while Carson receives an unwelcome reminder from his past.

star 8.00
2277 votes
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Episode 8

#5 - Episode 8

Downton Abbey Season 3 - Episode 8

There's excitement in the house and village as the annual cricket match approaches, and the event brings out Robert's competitive side. Violet's great-niece Rose shows up but a trip to London reveals there is more to her than meets the eye. Matthew and Mary look like they are keeping secrets from each other. Thomas finds out that his future lies in Carson's hands.

star 7.99
2530 votes
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Episode 2

#6 - Episode 2

The Crimson Field Season 1 - Episode 2

Grace realises that something is up with Kitty as she keeps her distance. A Major wakes up from the verge of death, still badly wounded he also has to find out that his troops have been decimated. The hospital prepares itself for a convoy of new patients.

star 7.98
128 votes
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Episode 7

#7 - Episode 7

Downton Abbey Season 6 - Episode 7

The Crawleys watch Henry compete in a motor racing event, an occasion that leaves Mary reeling. Violet hatches a plan which surprises the family and delights Miss Denker, and learns more about Amelia's intentions in befriending Isobel. Molesley and Daisy rise to the challenges of examination day, Andy's secret is brought to light, Thomas feels isolated, and Mrs Patmore and Mrs Hughes teach Carson a lesson.

star 7.98
1836 votes
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#8 - Sokosha

Preacher Season 2 - Episode 6

The Saint corners the trio. Jesse makes a deal with the killer Cowboy. Jesse races to save Tulip and Cassidy.

star 7.96
3532 votes
Part 1

#9 - Part 1

Whitechapel Season 2 - Episode 1

DI Chandler, DC Miles and the team investigate a series of brutal killings and maimings. Local history expert Buchan suggests that London once more has a copycat killer - only this time the murders mirror killings by the Kray twins in the 1960s. Miles and Chandler refuse to believe Buchan's theory since the Krays are both dead - but is Buchan on the right path?

star 7.89
751 votes
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Episode 7

#10 - Episode 7

Downton Abbey Season 3 - Episode 7

Anna's patience is finally rewarded. Edith has an unexpected admirer. Matthew refuses to back down over his concerns. Branson's plans for the christening cause consternation.

star 7.84
2719 votes
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A Good Day to Die

#11 - A Good Day to Die

Robin Hood (2006) Season 2 - Episode 12

Robin and the Outlaws arrive at a barn for Robin's birthday party, only to find that they are surrounded by The Sheriff's mercenaries and won't be let out alive. The Outlaws share their secrets with one another whilst the traitor, Allan A Dale, realises that The Sheriff and Gisborne are heading to the Holy Land to kill the King. Fearless Marian takes it upon herself to stop The Sheriff in his tracks while Allan must choose his allegiance. Will Robin realise that the mercenaries are merely there to distract him from The Sheriff's new dastardly plan, and will Allan come to his senses?

star 7.82
306 votes
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We Are Robin Hood

#12 - We Are Robin Hood

Robin Hood (2006) Season 2 - Episode 13

Robin and the Outlaws, The Sheriff, Gisborne and Marian are now in the Holy Land. Robin warns the King of the impending threat to his life, but The Sheriff's cunning has prevailed; instead of a heroes' welcome, Robin and the Outlaws are treated as traitors... Marian makes a final attempt to redeem Gisborne – if he kills The Sheriff, he will have everything he wants, including her. Will fear of The Sheriff or the smell of power win the battle for Gisborne's soul? The battle for England is on. Will Robin be released in time to save the King's life? Will Marian escape from the clutches of The Sheriff? High stakes and ultimate tragedy ensue...

star 7.81
185 votes
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Part 3

#13 - Part 3

Whitechapel Season 2 - Episode 3

Last in the series of the gripping crime drama. With the body count rising and nothing conclusive to pin on the twins, Chandler and his team have no option but to play the Krays at their own game. But the clock is ticking and the team are forced underground. Can Chandler get his man or will the streets of Whitechapel continue to run with blood?

star 7.81
703 votes
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Episode 2

#14 - Episode 2

Downton Abbey Season 4 - Episode 2

Mary starts to get over the grief she is feeling, and takes an interest in the running of the estate. Lady Rose MacClare, Lady Flintshire's daughter, ends up in a predicament at a tea dance in York. Hughes attempts to convince Carson to heal an old wound.

star 7.80
2324 votes
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Joey Dawson?

#15 - Joey Dawson?

Shameless Season 2 - Episode 7

After Ladies Night at The Jockey, Fiona wakes up in bed with soon-to-be-married Joey Dawson, and she is forced to pay the price when Liam Gallagher (Johnny Bennett) is rushed to hospital after swallowing some pills. Social Services are alerted and a full assessment of the Gallagher family gets underway. Fiona is panicked to discover the woman in charge of the family's review is none other than her old school enemy, Katrina Webb, who also turns out to be the future Mrs Dawson, and just when it seems all is lost for the Gallaghers, an unlikely figure saves the day: Frank. Meanwhile, a visit to the hospital has devastating consequences for Ian when he discovers that Frank is not his biological father, sending him on a desperate search to find his real father. But what will he find?

star 7.80
246 votes
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Episode 3

#16 - Episode 3

Jamestown Season 2 - Episode 3

The Pamunkey find a way to teach the Sharrows a lesson. And it means major heartache for Alice. Yeardley's tested when he tries to intervene.

star 7.74
313 votes
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Episode 4

#17 - Episode 4

Survivors (2008) Season 2 - Episode 4

Tom and Greg are enslaved alongside dozens of others in Mr Smithson's coal mine. Elsewhere, the Family are desperately tracking Billy, their only lead, across the country. At a roadside motel Billy stops to meet his girlfriend Sally and when the Family confront him, Billy claims ignorance and exits. Meanwhile in the mine, Greg formulates an escape plan, convincing Smithson that he's a geologist and has discovered a gas leak. However the Family are converging on Smithson's as well with their own rescue plans, leading to a dangerous game of cat and mouse...

star 7.65
439 votes
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Episode 4

#18 - Episode 4

Jamestown Season 2 - Episode 4

It's all happening as a ship heralds the arrival of James Read's wife. Out in the woods the Rutters run into trouble.

star 7.64
284 votes
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Part 2

#19 - Part 2

Whitechapel Season 2 - Episode 2

Miles learns that a criminal called Billy Bunhill has been shot inside another notorious Kray haunt, The Blind Beggar pub. Chandler's interest is piqued when he realises that the murder mirrors George Cornell's killing by Ronnie Kray in 1966. Who could possibly be trading off the ghosts of the Krays and using their legend to invoke fear and paranoia on the streets of Whitechapel? When the threats become personal and the killer seems to be one step ahead, Chandler and Miles have to wonder just how far the murderer's power reaches.

star 7.55
708 votes
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Episode 3

#20 - Episode 3

Survivors (2008) Season 2 - Episode 3

A passing trader betrays the family's new location to Samantha, who arranges to have Tom captured and tried for the murder of a member of her community.

star 7.39
440 votes
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Against The Odds

#21 - Against The Odds

Shameless Season 2 - Episode 8

After being hit in the mouth by Kash's shop door, Frank falls foul of two shifty accident claims salesmen, who persuade him to sue the Karibs. Kash and Yvonne cannot afford to pay out Frank's claims and are forced to close the shop, which enrages the Chatsworth community, who turn against Frank and Sheila. But Frank soon discovers saving the shop and the community will lead him into further trouble. Meanwhile, Fiona discovers she is pregnant, and with money at an all-time low at the Gallaghers, Fiona wonders whether she should keep it. Faced with a huge decision, Fiona tracks down Craig Garland (Chris Coghill), the father, only to discover that he is married.

star 7.36
279 votes

#22 - Grandad

Shameless Season 2 - Episode 1

Neville Gallagher (John Woodvine), Frank's estranged father, arrives in Chatsworth to meet his new grandchildren. While the rest of the family welcome him with open arms, Frank finds his world turned upside down, as he is forced to relive painful memories from his childhood. Meanwhile, Karen returns to Chatsworth and gets herself a job at The Jockey and soon instigates a feud with Veronica by getting too close to Kev. Elsewhere, the Gallagher house has been split in two, with Fiona and Steve having bought the house next door.

star 7.36
296 votes

#23 - Eric

Shameless Season 2 - Episode 2

Frank takes a call at Kev and Veronica's house during their anniversary party, but only much later does he pass on the message: Social Services are coming tomorrow to discuss fostering. Kev and Veronica are shocked when they receive a child, Eric, for a trial week of foster care. Kev discovers Eric is being bullied by girls and, with Frank's assistance, he accidentally makes the situation a lot worse. Desperate to be a "good dad", Kev toughens Eric up with a series of boxing lessons - an act he may live to regret. Meanwhile, Steve makes the mistake of stealing the car of a police inspector, and it falls on Tony to get him out of trouble. Carol's latest romance with a Spanish toyboy leaves Marty on the warpath, leaving Fiona fearful that he will return to his old ways and endanger all their lives.

star 7.21
255 votes