The BEST episodes directed by Dave Marshall

Puppet Rulers
36 votes

#1 - Puppet Rulers

Animaniacs - Season 1 - Episode 98

In 1954, Pinky and the Brain are kept in the home of Albert Einstein. They watch television and see a puppet show named "The Meany and Treacle Show". When the show announces that it is looking for new puppets, the two mice mail themselves to the show. They pretend to be puppets and grow enormously popular. They freeze themselves in cryogenic capsules and emerge forty years later. They arrange a pirate broadcast asking all their no adult fans to send them gifts. Unfortunately all their fans felt abandoned by them when they disappeared the show. They send Pinky and the Brain their therapy bills instead.

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Lookit the Fuzzy Heads
37 votes

#2 - Lookit the Fuzzy Heads

Animaniacs - Season 1 - Episode 158

Dr. Scratchansniff has a new patient, and to the Warners's horror, it's Elmyra! Luckily, they're eventually able to get rid of her... with a little help from Buttons and Mindy (mostly Mindy).

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Bubba Bo Bob Brain
37 votes

#3 - Bubba Bo Bob Brain

Animaniacs - Season 1 - Episode 84

Brain plans to take over the world with subliminal mind control. He pretends to be a country singer and injects subliminal messages into his songs. His music begins to sell and the messages begin to influence people. Unfortunately, Brain ruins his plan by yelling at Pinky during a worldwide televised concert.

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Where Rodents Dare
126 votes

#4 - Where Rodents Dare

Animaniacs - Season 1 - Episode 21

With one of his new inventions, Brain plans to freeze all the leaders of the world when they are at an international peace conference in the Alps. Pinky and the Brain have a hard time getting to the peace conference, but when they finally do Brain's plans are foiled when someone traps them while they stand on a plate of cheese. The two mice only succeed in freezing themselves.

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Jockey for Position
41 votes

#5 - Jockey for Position

Animaniacs - Season 1 - Episode 65

In order to get money for a giant magnet to stop the Earth's rotation allowing Brain to assume control over the world, Brain tries to win a million dollars by participating in the Kentucky Derby.

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King Yakko
183 votes

#6 - King Yakko

Animaniacs - Season 1 - Episode 22

Yakko inherits the throne of Anvilania a small kingdom best known as the world's largest producer of anvils. Yakko promises to serve his people, but Anvilania is attacked by Dunlikus and its dictator Umlatt. The Warners must face Unlatt by himself. They manage to get the entire Dunlikus army to go to sleep and discover that Unlatt wanted Anvilania so that he can have all its anvils to himself. The Warners decide to give Unlatt the anvils: one at a time, on his head and on his castle.

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Space Probed
88 votes

#7 - Space Probed

Animaniacs - Season 1 - Episode 32

The Warners are abducted by aliens and taken aboard their spaceship where their hijinks begin to annoy the aliens. Eventually, the Warners manage to take over the spaceship and return to earth.

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Mission: Freakazoid
14 votes

#8 - Mission: Freakazoid

Freakazoid! - Season 2 - Episode 3

When Freakazoid's family gets imprisoned in the brutal state of Vuka Nova, Freakazoid must travel there with his friends, stop the ruthless dictator and free his loved ones; though that sounds much easier than it turns out to be as they discover some intense security at the prison.

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Island of Dr. Mystico
12 votes

#9 - Island of Dr. Mystico

Freakazoid! - Season 2 - Episode 8

While Freakazoid is in charge of flying a bunch of villains to a remote country in France, Freakazoid's plane is brought down by an evil scientist who specializes in combining humans with orangutans to form "Orangumen". Freakazoid has to work with some of his closest enemies in order to escape the island and get back on track, but with an island full of orangutan warriors, escaping may be harder than expected.

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Cranial Crusader
8 votes

#10 - Cranial Crusader

Animaniacs - Season 1 - Episode 147

In order to show up the crimefighter the Caped Opposum, Brain and Pinky dress up as costumed superheros in order to take down the archvillian Johnny Badnote. Brain hopes to become famous as a crimefighter so that he can use that fame to take over the world.

587 votes

#11 - De-Zanitized

Animaniacs - Season 1 - Episode 1

Dr. Scratchansniff relates the story of how he once tried to make the Warners less zany with psychoanalysis.

The Looney Beginning
275 votes

#12 - The Looney Beginning

Tiny Toon Adventures - Season 1 - Episode 1

A fictionalized origin story for the series. Taking inspiration from Bugs Bunny, an animator attempts to create rabbit characters, Babs and Buster Bunny, but discards the sketches. Bugs, Babs and Buster then create the show's setting of Acme Acres and find characters to inhabit it.

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West Side Pigeons
111 votes

#13 - West Side Pigeons

Animaniacs - Season 1 - Episode 26

The Goodfeather are having a rivalry with a group of Sparrows when Squit falls in love with Carloota who is the sister of one of the sparrows named Noodles. Squint is so much in love that he wants to migrate with Carloota. Noodles tries to prevent the two from seeing each other and challenges the Goodfeathers to a fight. After the fight Squint meets Carloota, but her boyfriend Johnny shows up. Carloota migrates Johnny to Cleveland and leaves Squit to be consoled by the rest of the Goodfeathers.

Morning Malaise
19 votes

#14 - Morning Malaise

Animaniacs - Season 2 - Episode 3

An annoying morning radio show host named Howie Tern critizes people. The Warners challenge him in order to prove that they are funnier than him.

Baloney and Kids
9 votes

#15 - Baloney and Kids

Animaniacs - Season 1 - Episode 149

In this parody of the kids show Barney and Friends, the Warners end up on a sickly sweet kids show featuring the cuddly and lovable Baloney. The Warners hate the show and make Baloney's life miserable.

Smitten With Kittens
34 votes

#16 - Smitten With Kittens

Animaniacs - Season 1 - Episode 95

A kind old woman feeds both Rita and Runt at a restaurant. When Rita begins playing with the table cloth, the two of them are kicked out. Outside, Rita and Runt come across three starving abandoned kittens that want Rita to be their mother. Rita doesn't want the to be responsible for three kittens, but everything turns out okay when the old woman from the restaurant comes out and agrees to take care of the kittens.

Yes, Always
38 votes

#17 - Yes, Always

Animaniacs - Season 1 - Episode 127

Pinky and the Brain do voice over work at the Warner Brothers Studio.