The Best Episodes Directed by Colin Bucksey

Girl Trouble

#1 - Girl Trouble

Nash Bridges Season 5 - Episode 4

Cassidy finds an apartment, only to be mistaken for the previous renter who has stolen money from drug dealers. Lonely Joe carries on an online romance, but the other ""woman"" turns out to be Pepe. Evan bottoms out in his broken relationship with Cassidy

star 8.73
11 votes

#2 - Phoenix

Breaking Bad Season 2 - Episode 12

The Whites welcome a new addition. Walter Jr. launches a new website in an effort to aid his struggling family. Jesse's addiction begins to spiral out of control. Jane and Jesse's relationship leads to friction with both Walt and Donald.

star 8.37
4248 votes
Extreme Sandbox

#3 - Extreme Sandbox

Billions Season 4 - Episode 12

Axe makes a big decision. Connerty gets closer to the truth. Tensions rise, and dynamics shift.

star 8.37
1029 votes
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Waiting on a Friend

#4 - Waiting on a Friend

Franklin & Bash Season 2 - Episode 9

Peter and Jared must clear their name when a former client is arrested for skipping trial, only to accuse her two lawyers of paying her to disappear. This promotes an internal, misconduct, investigation at Infeld-Daniels against the pair that could cost them their job. Jared meets an unexpected love interest when some New York associates show up in LA to investigate the claims. In this episode we also see how the dynamic legal duo of Franklin and Bash came to be.

star 8.36
160 votes
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Elmsley Count

#5 - Elmsley Count

Billions Season 3 - Episode 12

Axe dominates a capital raise event, but is soon challenged by an unexpected competitor. Chuck looks to strike the ultimate blow on an enemy. Wendy reckons with past decisions, and chooses a side. Connerty confronts Sacker about Chuck's activities. Taylor takes a big position.

star 8.33
1634 votes
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#6 - Buyout

Breaking Bad Season 5 - Episode 6

Walt, Jesse, and Mike struggle over the future of their business, as occupational hazards weigh on Jesse.

star 8.30
4328 votes
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#7 - Freck

Franklin & Bash Season 3 - Episode 6

Jared and Peter come to the aid of their friend Robbie who’s been charged with murdering his long-time practical joke adversary. The boys must cast aside their instincts as lawyers and channel their inner prankster to draw out the truth. Damien handles a case for Infeld’s foundation; a turf war for shelf space between a supermarket and a non-profit that employs rehabilitated criminals. Peter finally gets to meet Charlie’s daughter who takes a shine to Pindar.

star 8.22
221 votes
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I See You

#8 - I See You

Breaking Bad Season 3 - Episode 8

The family waits for news about Hank. While Jesse covers at the lab, Walt attempts to placate Gus. After witnessing a disturbing outburst, Walt worries he and his family are in danger.

star 8.19
4122 votes
Buridan's Ass

#9 - Buridan's Ass

Fargo Season 1 - Episode 6

Malvo executes his master plan, while Lester attempts to craft one of his own. Gus and Molly team up in Duluth.

star 8.19
3820 votes
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#10 - Honey

The Glades Season 1 - Episode 9

Longworth's case involves a tribal leader found dead at a Native-American owned casino. The first hurdle is getting the tribal police to let the FDLE run point. Callie has convinced herself that she wants only friendship from Longworth but finds herself jealous seeing Josie Tigertail, a tribal police officer, interact with Longworth.

star 8.16
172 votes
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#11 - Penance

Revenge Season 2 - Episode 7

Things get complicated as Mason Treadwell delves further into Emily’s past while Kara begins to unravel, putting the Graysons in her crosshairs.

star 8.14
733 votes

#12 - Eidolon

The Bridge (2013) Season 2 - Episode 10

Sonya & Marco sift through the fallout. Hank harbors a valuable bargaining chip. Frye and Adriana dig into CIA dirt. Fausto makes an irreversible move.

star 8.12
311 votes
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#13 - Secrecy

Revenge Season 3 - Episode 8

Victoria eagerly throws Emily a bridal shower that neither of them will soon forget. And when Daniel grows more distant, Emily has to take drastic measures.

star 8.08
782 votes
Coats or Keys

#14 - Coats or Keys

Masters of Sex Season 4 - Episode 4

Johnson, Masters, Libby and Keller wind up together at a party thrown by Art and Nancy. Pairings and perspectives shift as the night wears on, until the light of day exposes the consequences of the evening.

star 8.07
528 votes
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#15 - Suspicion

NCIS Season 4 - Episode 12

When a high-level Marine intelligence officer is found murdered in a small motel room, the NCIS team must find the person who murdered him. After discovering that the person was already dead for three days, and that the town authorities had "investigated" the crime, Gibbs is determined to solve the case, which could be related to a terrorist cell, and not let the town authorities get in his way.

star 8.05
364 votes
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Dead Man Walking

#16 - Dead Man Walking

NCIS Season 4 - Episode 16

When a Navy Lieutenant becomes the victim of radiation poisoning, the NCIS team must find the person who's behind the crime. The Lieutenant, who is working for the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), claims that only his two colleagues knew about his assignment, and whoever it was, the person tried to stop the Lieutenant's next investigation.

star 8.03
358 votes
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Man of the House

#17 - Man of the House

House Season 8 - Episode 13

House's green-card wife, Dominika, will return in order to prove to the proper authorities that she and House are actually married. This in turn will lead to a crash course in which both will learn a little something about love and marriage.

star 8.01
971 votes
Pump Action

#18 - Pump Action

Nash Bridges Season 4 - Episode 16

Nash and Joe are plunged into the underground world of steroid-crazed body builders when they investigate the murders of three body builders. Nash and Caitlin struggle to define their relationship as Cassidy struggles to get her feet back on the ground after her accident.

star 8.00
12 votes

#19 - RICO

Better Call Saul Season 1 - Episode 8

Jimmy shows Chuck that he's willing to do almost anything to win a case, even if it means getting his hands dirty.

star 8.00
4176 votes
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Bullet Points

#20 - Bullet Points

Breaking Bad Season 4 - Episode 4

The Cartel takes steps to gain the upper hand. Walt and Skyler share an embarrassing secret with the rest of the family. Jesse’s activities draw unwanted attention.

star 7.99
4152 votes
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#21 - Judgement

Person of Interest Season 1 - Episode 5

Reese and Finch have the added challenge of investigating a Person of Interest who wants nothing to do with their brand of vigilante justice.

star 7.99
1965 votes
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#22 - Poker

Ray Donovan Season 3 - Episode 11

Mickey pushes his luck by throwing himself a goodbye party.

star 7.98
1979 votes
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#23 - Bloodlines

Burn Notice Season 5 - Episode 2

Michael has to balance his new agency duties and helping a woman recover her cousin, who is one of many being trafficked into the U.S. by the Yakuza. Against Michael's wishes, Madeline becomes a critical component of the plan to find the girls.

star 7.95
361 votes
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Chucky Rhoades's Greatest Game

#24 - Chucky Rhoades's Greatest Game

Billions Season 4 - Episode 1

Season 4 begins with Axe closing ranks, determined to destroy Taylor. No longer U.S. Attorney, Chuck struggles to regain power. Taylor does what it takes to keep their new company afloat.

star 7.94
1288 votes
The Octopus

#25 - The Octopus

Ray Donovan Season 3 - Episode 9

An attempt to draw Mickey out of hiding jeopardizes Bunchy's wedding.

star 7.94
1963 votes
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#26 - Resurrection

Nash Bridges Season 4 - Episode 15

Nash must stop a sniper terrorizing the city by shooting victims at random. A rat infestation forces Joe to confront his ""landlord,"" Nash, about the problem. Evan proposes to Cassidy, but in the wake of a serious traffic accident, Cassidy is left fighting for her life.

star 7.92
13 votes
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Frisco Blues

#27 - Frisco Blues

Nash Bridges Season 4 - Episode 23

Handcuffed Skip Osaka jumps out the back of the moving 'Cuda. Nash and Joe give chase. Skip runs up a fire escape onto a power line. The line breaks, and Skip falls through a window. Nash and Joe place him in the trunk of the 'Cuda, and bring him to the SIU. A surprised Nash, Joe and Harvey discover the SIU barge is being towed away by a tugboat. The Head of the MCD, Reuben Banks, drives up and informs Nash the SIU has been temporarily shut down. The SIU is disbanded by MCD: Nash and Joe are assigned to Park Detail, Harvey to Homicide, Evan to Traffic, and Caitlin to Vice. At the Civic Center Park, Nash and Joe meet Colonel Culpepper, drug addict/transient, and Phil, the phony Vietnam veteran. The Colonel is shot dead in the park. Harvey and his new partner, Inspector Riley Webber, investigate the murder. Evan and Cassidy have set a wedding date. Harvey is best man, and he plans the bachelor party. Nash and Nick are informed, and Nash gives his blessing. Father Nick gives Cassidy her g

star 7.92
13 votes
Death and the Lady

#28 - Death and the Lady

Miami Vice Season 4 - Episode 3

An actress' on-screen murder propels Crockett & Tubbs to investigate the film's flaky director.

star 7.92
24 votes
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Honor Code

#29 - Honor Code

NCIS Season 3 - Episode 7

When a 6-year-old boy informs the NCIS team that his father was kidnapped, the team discovers that the missing father is actually a Lt. Commander working on a secret project named Honor, and that he is the only one who has the code that can open the project. While Gibbs gets closer with the boy, the rest of the team discovers that the project has been hacked in and the information inside has been deleted. Is the missing man innocent or is he actually the guilty one?

star 7.91
416 votes
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#30 - Ashes

Revenge Season 4 - Episode 3

Emily's life is on the line as Victoria orchestrates a family reunion with deadly potential, regardless of who gets caught in the crossfire.

star 7.91
770 votes
Light Sleeper

#31 - Light Sleeper

NCIS Season 3 - Episode 14

The NCIS team investigates the murder of two Marine wives, and must find the murderers before they attack their next target, another woman.

star 7.90
384 votes
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The Six Ungraspables

#32 - The Six Ungraspables

Fargo Season 1 - Episode 5

When Lester has a close call, Molly makes an unorthodox decision. Gus weighs some neighborly advice and Malvo gets what he wants.

star 7.90
3852 votes
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A Generation Too Late

#33 - A Generation Too Late

Billions Season 3 - Episode 3

Chuck faces a dilemma when he's given a perverse directive. Axe expands upon a secret venture. Taylor and Wags interview a different type of Axe Capital employee. Connerty and Dake close in on key witnesses in the Ice Juice sabotage. Axe and Lara consider an unexpected agreement.

star 7.88
1818 votes
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Fight or Flight

#34 - Fight or Flight

Burn Notice Season 1 - Episode 3

A drug dealer is witnessed brutally beating up a man by a single mother. Oleg asks Michael to help the woman, Cara, his best waitress, after she stops showing up for work.

star 7.88
461 votes
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Audrey Parker's Come and Gone

#35 - Audrey Parker's Come and Gone

The 4400 Season 4 - Episode 3

An elderly woman develops the ability to astral project unseen by others, but she is stuck in limbo when her body is murdered, and she must find a way to contact Tom and Diana to help catch her killer. Elsewhere, Shawn decides to start healing people again despite threats.

star 7.87
122 votes
Dead and Unburied

#36 - Dead and Unburied

NCIS Season 4 - Episode 5

When a missing Lance Corporal is found dead in a vacant house, the NCIS team discovers that he was buried in the backyard and then exhumed. They learn about his identity and that he was to be deployed to Iraq, but he never showed up for duty. The investigation leads them to a new clue---he had two fiancées. Abby runs the DNA samples from the two women to find out if the DNA is a match to the soil found on the dead man's body.

star 7.87
368 votes
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Family Only

#37 - Family Only

Masters of Sex Season 4 - Episode 6

Johnson looks to get her relationship with Masters back on track while Masters does his best to find satisfaction elsewhere. Betty and Helen ready themselves for a new addition; Art and Nancy discuss the consequences of their party.

star 7.87
540 votes
Lesser Evils

#38 - Lesser Evils

Elementary Season 1 - Episode 5

Sherlock tries to determine who has been killing weak and terminal patients at a hospital, making it look like they died of natural causes. Meanwhile, Sherlock learns more about Joan’s decision to walk away from her surgical career.

star 7.84
1932 votes
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Designated Target

#39 - Designated Target

NCIS Season 5 - Episode 8

A murder investigation of a Navy Admiral takes a shocking turn when a woman, a political refugee, returns home to search for her husband.

star 7.84
383 votes
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Hide and Seek

#40 - Hide and Seek

Nash Bridges Season 4 - Episode 17

The Governor is missing, and Nash and Joe lead the ""off-the-record"" investigation into his disappearance. Caitlin, shut out, is determined to find out what he's up to. Joe and Inger attend a charity auction as a man's proxy to get on his good side, but overpay and get stuck with the art project.

star 7.83
12 votes
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The Javelin Catcher

#41 - The Javelin Catcher

Nash Bridges Season 1 - Episode 5

Nash, while investigating an apparent gang killing, discovers that the weapon used for the job is the Army's newly missing man-portable, antitank system: The Javelin. Nash is assisted in the investigation by Sandra McCormick whoose career is on the line if the Javelin is not recovered.

star 7.83
30 votes
The Kalamazoo

#42 - The Kalamazoo

Ray Donovan Season 3 - Episode 1

Ray is enlisted by a wealthy family to free their son.

star 7.83
2035 votes
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Have You Met the Eel Yet?

#43 - Have You Met the Eel Yet?

Damages Season 5 - Episode 2

A hacker claims to have pertinent information about the leak at Princefield; Patty’s former colleague offers her services to Ellen.

star 7.83
168 votes
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Tie Goes to the Runner

#44 - Tie Goes to the Runner

Billions Season 3 - Episode 1

Chuck receives a mandate from a new boss. Axe braves a difficult choice following his recent indictment. Taylor generates a monster strategy. Lara threatens to pull her money from Axe Capital. Sacker strives to prove herself as Chief of Crim.

star 7.82
1930 votes
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Center of the Storm

#45 - Center of the Storm

Burn Notice Season 4 - Episode 9

Michael wants Simon's help with the cipher he found, so he contacts Vaughn. Meanwhile, Agents Lane and Harris ask for Michael's help.

star 7.81
324 votes
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#46 - Victory

Revenge Season 2 - Episode 17

With Victoria enlisting the help of Amanda’s foster brother in her charitable foundation, Emily seizes an opportunity to regain some of her missing past while settling the score with someone who had a hand in setting her on this path in the first place.

star 7.81
767 votes
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#47 - Tribes

NCIS Season 5 - Episode 11

After a young Muslim Marine is murdered near his Mosque, Ducky refuses to perform autopsy due to his religious beliefs, so the NCIS team tries to talk to the father of the deceased, and they send McGee to plant a bug in the Mosque, only to discover that the FBI already planted their bug.

star 7.81
358 votes
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Fight Night

#48 - Fight Night

Billions Season 4 - Episode 8

Axe helps Rebecca with a business venture. Chuck faces off with US Attorney General Jock Jeffcoat. Taylor ignites a public battle with Axe. Wendy suffers a blow that could jeopardize her career. Axe Capital and Taylor Mason Capital compete in an unlikely arena.

star 7.80
1110 votes
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Like a Hurricane

#49 - Like a Hurricane

Miami Vice Season 4 - Episode 8

Crockett is assigned to guard a recording star who is a witness in a payola scandal, and ends up falling in love.

star 7.78
23 votes
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Sic Transit Imperium

#50 - Sic Transit Imperium

Billions Season 2 - Episode 9

Axe is offered inside information from a former employee and considers whether to use it. Chuck faces external pressure to drop an ongoing investigation. Lara plans a lavish birthday celebration for Axe only to discover he's lied to her about his relationship with Wendy. Chuck is willing to support Ira and Senior's investment in a company about to go public.

star 7.78
3619 votes
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Bad Carrot

#51 - Bad Carrot

Lexx Season 4 - Episode 12

As the alien carrot probes start to infest more and more of the planet, Prince sees his best option to escape up to the Lexx. Unfortunately, one of the killer vegetables follows him up there...

star 7.76
21 votes
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#52 - Inflatable

Better Call Saul Season 2 - Episode 7

When Mike's hand is forced, he can no longer hide his frustration; he and Jimmy work together to keep the peace.

star 7.76
5475 votes
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#53 - Hero

Better Call Saul Season 1 - Episode 4

Jimmy conjures up a bold plan to solicit new clients, but has to face the consequences when the scheme strains his relationships with a rival firm.

star 7.75
3704 votes

#54 - Primal

Eureka Season 1 - Episode 9

Fargo invents a device that bridges the gap between computers and human brains

star 7.71
587 votes
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The Hand-Off

#55 - The Hand-Off

Battle Creek Season 1 - Episode 11

Milt puts his career on the line when he illegally uses NSA feeds to help a woman determine who shot her husband. Also, a local doctor is drawn to Russ' show of compassion, and Holly is frustrated that her new relationship isn't progressing.

star 7.71
212 votes
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#56 - Boomtown

Nash Bridges Season 4 - Episode 18

A sleep-deprived Nash must track down an ingenious bomber targeting a corporation he feels has wronged him. Cassidy tries to conceal her nudity in a school play.

star 7.69
13 votes
The Acorn

#57 - The Acorn

The Bridge (2013) Season 2 - Episode 4

Marco gains a new ally while discovering the true extent of Fausto's reach. A disruption at a local bank provides new intel to our Detectives and Reporters. Charlotte & Ray discuss their future.

star 7.69
366 votes
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The Road Less Traveled

#58 - The Road Less Traveled

The Man in the High Castle Season 2 - Episode 2

After narrowly escaping death, Juliana discovers a family secret that could have global implications - and leads her to make a life-changing decision. Kido, Tagomi, and Frank all take dangerous risks, while back in New York, Joe settles into a normal routine, only to have it turned upside down when Smith gives him the opportunity he's waited for his whole life.

star 7.66
2702 votes
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Handshake Deal

#59 - Handshake Deal

Ray Donovan Season 3 - Episode 5

Ray's new mission drives a wedge between Finney and Paige.

star 7.66
1949 votes
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#60 - Blink

The 4400 Season 3 - Episode 8

Tom and Diana are drugged with a hallucinogen, that was created from oil that was secreted from the hands of a 4400.

star 7.65
129 votes
Talk to the Hand

#61 - Talk to the Hand

Medium Season 7 - Episode 5

When Allison gets a skin graft on her hand after a burn, she is puzzled when the same hand acts with a mind of its own, gesturing uncontrollably. Also, Bridgette keeps her real role on the soccer team a secret from her parents.

star 7.61
89 votes
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#62 - Miracles

Resurrection Season 2 - Episode 7

Rachael refuses treatment for the virus, fearing for her unborn child. The anti-Returned hate group, 'True Living' grows in numbers, including Deputy Carl. Elaine's brother Ray contracts the virus, despite the fact that he's living and not Returned. Brian Addison shows more than a passing interest in Margaret.

star 7.61
357 votes
Victim of Circumstance

#63 - Victim of Circumstance

Miami Vice Season 5 - Episode 16

Holocaust survivors are being murdered in Miami. Crockett and Switek infiltrate a White-supremacist group that might be responsible.

star 7.60
15 votes
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#64 - 769

Lexx Season 4 - Episode 13

In order to get a lead on the whereabouts of the key, Prince goes along with a rather twisted plan cooked up by 790.

star 7.60
20 votes
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#65 - Critical

SIX Season 2 - Episode 1

In the wake of Rip's shooting, Graves and the SEALs plan their payback; Michael lands in CIA custody at a black site; CIA agent Gina Cline pools her resources to find the mastermind behind the attack.

star 7.59
985 votes

#66 - Kindred

Revenge Season 4 - Episode 14

Emily helps Nolan’s blushing bride deal with the skeletons in her closet while Victoria contends with a mysterious new socialite.

star 7.59
541 votes
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#67 - Freefall

Masters of Sex Season 4 - Episode 1

In the wake of their fallout, Masters and Johnson search for purpose in a world without one another and look to work as their personal lives crash down around them. Libby finds herself alone for the first time since her marriage and discovers some unexpected allies. Season premiere.

star 7.51
591 votes
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#68 - Loner

The Secret Circle Season 1 - Episode 3

A cute jock named Luke asks Cassie to the school dance, and after watching Adam spend time with Diana at the boathouse, she accepts his offer. Meanwhile, Melissa sees the dance as an opportunity to get closer to Nick. Faye, on the other hand, has no plans to go and remains focused on finding a way to control her powers. Dawn discovers someone from their past, an intense man named Zachary, is in town asking questions about the Cassie and the Circle, so she asks Charles to keep an eye on him.

star 7.51
311 votes
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#69 - Obsession

Sliders Season 2 - Episode 9

Wade literally meets the man of her dreams, Derek Bond, on a world where ten percent of the population possess psychic abilities. It turns out Derek is a psychic and is next in line for the powerful position of Prime Oracle. But the future gets grim fast as Rembrandt and Arturo become prime suspects in a murder that hasn't happened yet.

star 7.48
104 votes
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Episode 3

#70 - Episode 3

The Affair Season 4 - Episode 3

Noah’s attempt to teach his students a lesson in civil duty spirals out of control. Helen can’t handle Vik’s decision and goes behind his back, only to find resistance everywhere she turns.

star 7.45
512 votes
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Episode 7

#71 - Episode 7

The Affair Season 4 - Episode 7

Helen goes to Joshua Tree in search of meaning. Noah and Anton begin an adventure with high hopes until an ominous phone call alters their course.

star 7.45
505 votes
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Sweet Jane

#72 - Sweet Jane

Trauma Season 1 - Episode 17

In the process of gathering stories for his book, Glenn finds himself discussing unusual calls with his work mates and ends up hearing much more than he imagined. Elsewhere, Tyler's dad comes to town for a visit.

star 7.43
19 votes
Finders Keepers

#73 - Finders Keepers

Numb3rs Season 3 - Episode 13

After an extremely expensive yacht sinks in the middle of a race, Charlie is put between a rock and a hard place when Don and the NSA need his help on the case.

star 7.43
138 votes
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A Rock and a Hard Place

#74 - A Rock and a Hard Place

Miami Vice Season 4 - Episode 11

Two music executives try to ruin Caitlin's comeback by exposing Crockett as drug kingpin Burnett.

star 7.42
19 votes
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Walpurgis Night

#75 - Walpurgis Night

Lexx Season 4 - Episode 7

Going to Transylvania to check up on Kai's lead, they are all invited to dine at Lord Dracul's table for the Walpurgis Night feast.

star 7.36
23 votes
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Magic Baby

#76 - Magic Baby

Lexx Season 4 - Episode 10

Trying to get back on the Lexx, Stan, Xev and Kai run across two druids who recognize them as holy figures. Promising to accompany the druids to a religious ceremony, Stan and the others are transported to the space shuttle. They steal it and find their way back to the Lexx thanks to 790, however unbeknownst to them, Vlad is waiting for them aboard...

star 7.30
20 votes
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The Harmful One

#77 - The Harmful One

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders Season 1 - Episode 1

Garrett and his unit travel to Thailand when three American volunteers go missing during a trek to Bangkok. Once there, former colleague Clara Seger, a cultural anthropologist, helps them rush to gather evidence leading to the UnSub before a storm threatens to wash it away,

star 7.26
1303 votes
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Stan Down

#78 - Stan Down

Lexx Season 4 - Episode 4

After being encouraged to stand up to Prince by the First Lady, the President makes a deal with Stan, and frees him from the ATF compound so he can kill Prince with the Lexx. However, it doesn't take long for Prince to figure out what they're up to...

star 6.90
20 votes
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