The Best Episodes Directed by Ciaran Donnelly

The Booby and the Beast

#1 - The Booby and the Beast

Robin Hood Season 2 - Episode 2

In his first mission since discovering the devastating truth about operation Shah Mat, Robin launches an abortive raid on Nottingham Castle's new Strong Room.

star 8.26
366 votes
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The Burning Man

#2 - The Burning Man

Inspector George Gently Season 1 - Episode 2

When a badly-burned body discovered near an RAF base is suspected to be an IRA murder, Special Branch get involved.

star 8.19
172 votes
Gently in the Blood

#3 - Gently in the Blood

Inspector George Gently Season 2 - Episode 3

When a young woman is raped and murdered, Gently and Bacchus are thrown into a world of racial intolerance, sexual jealousy and turf warfare.

star 8.07
192 votes
Bomber's Moon

#4 - Bomber's Moon

Inspector George Gently Season 1 - Episode 3

When a German businessman is found dead in the sea just off the coast Gently and Bacchus get involved to find the killer and Bacchus, while having money problems, is put in a dilemma when offered a bribe by a suspect.

star 8.02
81 votes
The Phantom Zone

#5 - The Phantom Zone

Krypton Season 1 - Episode 10

Seg races to save his city from being overtaken as the bottling of Kandor begins.

star 8.00
1599 votes
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Gently Through the Mill

#6 - Gently Through the Mill

Inspector George Gently Season 2 - Episode 4

When a body is found in a local mill, Gently and Bacchus go on to uncover a web of local corruption, blackmail, fraud and robbery.

star 7.98
192 votes

#7 - Raid

Vikings Season 1 - Episode 5

In the Great Hall of Kattegat, a seer reads Earl Haraldson’s future and tells him that Ragnar Lothbrok searches for his death. The unanswerable question is whom do the gods favor more? As a man willing to defend his power and status to the death, Haraldson intends to take precautionary measures. Ragnar, his home and farm burned by the Earl is hurt but hidden safely away. He must now choose the path that will lead him back to his freedom.

star 7.89
8393 votes
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The Death of Wolsey

#8 - The Death of Wolsey

The Tudors Season 1 - Episode 10

Cardinal Wolsey is down but not yet out. Although exiled, he tries to gather last-minute support from his old enemy, Queen Katherine. She hesitantly agrees to his plan, as she finds herself in a situation similar to that of the fallen Cardinal. But their plot is intercepted by the King's new advisors and Wolsey must pay the ultimate price.

star 7.88
1193 votes
Brother's War

#9 - Brother's War

Vikings Season 2 - Episode 1

The battle begins between Ragnar and King Horik's forces against Jarl Borg. Borg is joined by Rollo, and this Viking clash pits brother against brother. There can only be one victor. Meanwhile, Princess Aslaug makes her way to Kattegat and brings with her a surprise that leaves Ragnar in a difficult predicament.

star 7.87
7636 votes

#10 - Invasion

Vikings Season 2 - Episode 2

Four peaceful years have since passed with Ragnar as Earl. The time has come for an unlikely alliance to band together in pursuit of a common goal: a new raid on England. A storm pushes the Viking fleet to a new destination, and on the beaches of Wessex, Ragnar and his men may have met their match.

star 7.87
7335 votes
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#11 - Blackbeard

Crossbones Season 1 - Episode 9

Fire rains down on Santa Campana as Blackbeard risks all against William Jagger's maniacal attack. Lowe must choose between saving the people he loves, the man he admires, or... the legacy Edward Teach has built.

star 7.86
586 votes
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#12 - Trial

Vikings Season 1 - Episode 4

The Vikings head back to England to see what other treasures this new world has to offer. Ragnar and his crew sail out with Earl Haraldson's permission… and also with Earl Haraldson's spy. After bloodshed on the beach, the Vikings choose the Sabbath to invade the town of Hexam and unleash a flood of violence and panic. In the midst of the terror, Ragnar and Lagertha discover that there are consequences for every action and Earl Haraldson is always watching.

star 7.85
8602 votes
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Burial of the Dead

#13 - Burial of the Dead

Vikings Season 1 - Episode 6

Ragnar, weak and still hurt, must meet the Earl head-on after it comes to light that Rollo has been tortured on Haraldson’s orders. The two men will come together face to face with a single outcome possible: Only one man will leave this fight alive.

star 7.85
8303 votes
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Desert Storm

#14 - Desert Storm

Tyrant Season 2 - Episode 11

To secure military support, Barry takes advantage of a sandstorm to overrun the Caliphate’s military base. As the political tide shifts, Leila re-examines her loyalties and makes a bold play in the palace. Molly uses all the resources at her disposal to try and save Barry’s life.

star 7.83
916 votes
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The Man Who Killed Blackbeard

#15 - The Man Who Killed Blackbeard

Crossbones Season 1 - Episode 3

When Kate is captured on a trading voyage, Blackbeard and Lowe must work together in order to rescue her before she reveals the island's whereabouts to William Jagger. In the process, Lowe discovers that Blackbeard has an ulterior, deeply personal motive for keeping him on.

star 7.81
788 votes
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Episode 8

#16 - Episode 8

Spooks Season 2 - Episode 8

A new series of strikes prompted by the unions has the team worried. And when news of a 'strike' by the army, Tom is sent undercover to investigate. Meanwhile Zoe takes charge back at the Grid and is tasked with moving spent uranium cells across the country after rail strikes prevent it taking it's usual route. Will it get to Dover on time? Or will it fall into the wrong hands?

star 7.80
363 votes
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#17 - Ariel

Once Upon a Time (2011) Season 3 - Episode 6

To repay Ariel for saving her life, Snow White helps her get acquainted with Prince Eric; Mr. Gold and Regina begrudgingly agree to work together to take down Pan.

star 7.79
2646 votes
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Episode 1

#18 - Episode 1

Cold Feet Season 5 - Episode 1

Pete and Jo return from Australia. Their honeymoon is soon over when Pete's mum comes to live with them and Jo is forced to live with the memory of Jenny. A rift develops between Adam and Rachel.

star 7.79
95 votes
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Sister Hood

#19 - Sister Hood

Robin Hood Season 2 - Episode 1

Robin and the gang have been busy constructing their ingenious new camp, but, when Knighton Hall is razed and Marian and Edward are taken to the castle under house arrest, it's clear that the rules have changed.

star 7.69
335 votes
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House of El

#20 - House of El

Krypton Season 1 - Episode 2

After suffering a tragedy, Seg must adjust to a new life, a new rank and a new threat.

star 7.69
2433 votes
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#21 - Pilot

Krypton Season 1 - Episode 1

Superman's grandfather, Seg-El, learns Krypton is in danger of being destroyed so that his future grandson will never be born.

star 7.66
2997 votes
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Look to God First

#22 - Look to God First

The Tudors Season 1 - Episode 9

Cardinal Wolsey's fall is quick and pitiless. Stripped of office and authority, he is banished from the court and sent far from his much-beloved King. His unlikely successor is Sir Thomas More, a man unlike the overbearing Wolsey in every way but one...his loyalty to Henry.

star 7.63
1363 votes
Bad Blood

#23 - Bad Blood

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Season 1 - Episode 7

Alice learns her father is in Wonderland and they start healing their relationship; young Jafar is distressed by his mother's death.

star 7.59
584 votes
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The Covenant

#24 - The Covenant

Crossbones Season 1 - Episode 2

Blackbeard's plans are complicated when a popular Pirate Captain comes to town and violently disagrees with his grand design. For his master plan to survive, Blackbeard must weigh the risks of ridding himself of a dangerous old friend. Meanwhile, trying to gain insight into the Commodore's mysterious endgame, Tom Lowe finds himself an unlikely instrument of Blackbeard's will.

star 7.59
823 votes
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Episode 7

#25 - Episode 7

Spooks Season 2 - Episode 7

A French scientist has gone renegade and taken a top secret weapon called Firestorm with him, which he is threatening to sell to the highest bidder. Now he has ended up in the UK, and MI5 are forced to work with French Intelligence. But the British want the technology they have to steal the technology without the french finding out and using an agent that if caught has no affiliation to 5. But there is a burglary at Harry's flat which puts the operation in jeopardy, or does it?

star 7.52
368 votes
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Episode 8

#26 - Episode 8

Cold Feet Season 4 - Episode 8

The group flies to Sydney for Pete and Jo's wedding. David books a hotel room with a view of the harbour in an effort to make a new start with Karen. Impressed by this, she emails Mark to tell him that the affair is over. Rachel meets with her sister Lucy (Susannah Doyle), who tells her she is screening men to father a child with, despite being a lesbian. Adam volunteers his banked sperm but Rachel talks him out of it. Pete meets Jo's rich father, Rod Ellison (Gary Sweet), who tries to pay him off after thinking he is marrying Jo only for the money. Pete flatly refuses. Mark arrives in Sydney, telling Karen he has left Geraldine to be with her. When David tells Karen that he wants the family to move to Australia, Mark reveals the affair, leading to a fight between the two. Adam changes Rod's mind about Pete and the couple prepares to marry. Rachel goes into premature labour and is given a caesarean section at the hospital. At the wedding, Pete is without a best man and the rings, so David and Karen offer theirs. Karen tries to talk to David after the ceremony, but he refuses and flies back to England alone.

star 7.49
85 votes
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Episode 7

#27 - Episode 7

Cold Feet Season 4 - Episode 7

Rachel returns, ready for sex, but is worried Adam no longer finds her attractive because of her size. Karen meets Mark at a hotel where he has booked a room. She tells Rachel of her feelings for him and she tells her to do what she has to. At the book launch, Geraldine tells Karen that Mark has had many affairs before this one, though Mark later tells her he will leave Geraldine to be with her. Pete avoids sex with Jo, worried that she will not find him attractive naked. David's boss Natalie tasks him with making a list of redundancies. Hard pressed to come up with a good list, he puts everyone's name down, including his own, but accidentally emails it to the rest of the office. When the head of the company sees it, he fires Natalie and promotes David. When Jo's visa expires, she decides to go back to Australia, thinking he does not like her. He follows her and she proposes to him.

star 7.49
96 votes
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Episode 2

#28 - Episode 2

Cold Feet Season 5 - Episode 2

Pete and Jo are interviewed by the Immigration Department to confirm the legitimacy of their marriage. All goes well in the end but Pete starts to doubt Jo's real reason for getting married. Adam is made redundant so Rachel goes back to work.

star 7.40
89 votes
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Broken Things / Pethau Toredig

#29 - Broken Things / Pethau Toredig

The Bastard Executioner Season 1 - Episode 8

Wilkin, Milus and Toran team up to hunt down a fugitive.

star 7.34
456 votes
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A Hunger / Newyn

#30 - A Hunger / Newyn

The Bastard Executioner Season 1 - Episode 4

Lady Love journeys to Windsor to learn the fate of Ventrishire from King Edward II. Back at Castle Ventris, Milus and company welcome a visit from Baron Pryce.

star 7.30
637 votes
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Child Hood

#31 - Child Hood

Robin Hood Season 2 - Episode 3

When a group of boys accidentally stumbles on Gisborne's weapons testing site, all but one is taken prisoner. When the alarm's raised, Robin hatches a plan. But with Gisborne armed to the hilt in an indestructible suit of armour, a rescue attempt is more difficult than it might first appear. Robin must think fast if he's to save a boy's life and stop a vital part of the Sheriff's war machine...

star 7.10
328 votes
Promises, Promises

#32 - Promises, Promises

Trust Me (2009) Season 1 - Episode 6

Mason gets Tony to give the group a chance to work on creative for Chicago's Olympic bid; Mason spends a long weekend with Erin and leaves Conner in charge; Sarah gets a new partner.

star 7.00
29 votes