The Best Episodes Directed by Bob Hathcock

You Sweat Your Life

#1 - You Sweat Your Life

Darkwing Duck Season 1 - Episode 18

Darkwing goes undercover at a health spa to root out a pair of workers responsible for a museum break in. To his dismay, Herb and Binkie Muddlefoot tag along. The health spa owner, Jock, has discovered the formula for a fountain of youth. The last ingredient he needs is a feather from a true hero.

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58 votes
The Germ Turns

#2 - The Germ Turns

Duckman Season 2 - Episode 6

The family goes to a new age fair and at one of the booths, Duckman meets his mother who's been reincarnated as a ""highly infectious germ"". He learns that if he parents his children correctly he won't come back as germ, so he showers his kids with too much affection.

star 7.47
14 votes
Cock Tales for Four

#3 - Cock Tales for Four

Duckman Season 3 - Episode 20

Duckman and Bernice go to meet the parent's of Ajax's girlfriend. The parents turn out to be ""King"" Chicken and his wife; surprisingly for the moment he and Duckman make up. Bernice and the ""King"" also mend their fence; however, Honey makes a play for Duckman to put things back to normal.

star 7.45
10 votes
Déjà Vu

#4 - Déjà Vu

Jackie Chan Adventures Season 4 - Episode 10

Jackie and Daolon Wong literally race against time to retrieve the Déjà vu stone, which is responsible for their trip into the past. Uncle attempts to help Jackie from the present as he and Jade watch what is happening through a time window. As Jade watches, she begins to wonder whether she is responsible for all the problems that has been happening in Jackie's life.

star 7.33
24 votes
Masked Identity

#5 - Masked Identity

Jumanji Season 1 - Episode 3

After an encounter with the school bully and his gang, Peter decides to stay in Jumanji and is slowly transformed into a Manji mask-warrior, while Alan discovers the key to the secret back door of Jumanji.

star 6.80
5 votes
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The Red and the Black

#6 - The Red and the Black

Jumanji Season 2 - Episode 1

Alan and the kids get trapped between the warring red ants and blue ants.

star 6.67
3 votes
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Truth or Consequently

#7 - Truth or Consequently

Jumanji Season 1 - Episode 13

When the kids and Alan finally escape from Jumanji, Peter brings a harmless-looking animal back with him which proceeds to grow bigger (and hungrier) every time he tells a lie and soon threatens all of Brantford.

star 6.00
3 votes
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Cyberskull II: the Next Level

#8 - Cyberskull II: the Next Level

Mighty Max Season 2 - Episode 15

Even though he is imprisoned in cyberspace, Cyberskull's power is still able to reach out into the real world through computers. He brainwashes JC Mega and countless others to do his bidding. Cyberskull's plan is to use Mega's satellites to drain all of the world's electrical power and information after he acquires a new and larger robotic body. Now Max, Virgil, and Norman race against time to stop him from taking over the entire world.

star 6.00
3 votes
Fly by Night

#9 - Fly by Night

Mighty Max Season 2 - Episode 18

Max is called to London to meet with Virgil and Norman due to there being reports of people being drained from the neck of their blood. Virgil believes this to be the work of a vampire who is a relative of Dracula. He uses his vast knowledge of vampire lore to educate and equip Max with the means to fight this dark terror. When the three finally come face to face with the vampire, they discover that none of Virgil's recommended methods are able to stop her, as she is no ordinary vampire.

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I, Warmonger

#10 - I, Warmonger

Mighty Max Season 2 - Episode 20

Warmonger and Skull Master head to an island in the central point of the equator inhabited by Hydra, a two headed dragon that balances the polarity in the world with each head between good and evil. Skull Master attempts to use pages in the Lemurian Arcana to eliminate the good side of Hydra and have it merge with the evil side so that he can receive more power by having dominion over it. Max, Virgil, and Norman attempt to stop him because if he is successful, it will throw the world off balance. Skull Master nearly completes most of the spell, but the page that he needs to control Hydra is blown out of his hand by a powerful gust of wind. Warmonger, who has become fed up with being treated like dirt after serving Skull Master so long, quickly grabs the page and uses it to gain control of Hydra and orders it to destroy his boss. Virgil begins to panic and tells Max and Norman that this must not happen, that they must prevent Skull Master from being killed. Max is shocked and ques

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Armageddon Closer (1)

#11 - Armageddon Closer (1)

Mighty Max Season 2 - Episode 26

Max is miserable during his birthday celebration because Virgil and Norman haven't arrived or communicated with him in a while. He creates a ruckus by tearing apart his birthday presents and cake in search of a message from the two, but there is nothing. He is happy when they do arrive, but is puzzled when they tell him that he must leave immediately to take care of something urgent relating to his birthday. Virgil and Norman takes Max to their home where he jokes, but is serious about hanging out with the two sometime in the future. Virgil is mysteriously saddened by Max's comment. He reveals to Max the source of most of his knowledge by partly pulling down a curtain to reveal a large mosaic of pictures. Which show the events that have transpired so far in Max's journey since he received his call as the Mighty One. Virgil goes briefly through it and reveals that Skull Master is not dead as they originally thought, but is alive and well and has reconstructed the crystal of souls wi

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Armageddon Outta Here (2)

#12 - Armageddon Outta Here (2)

Mighty Max Season 2 - Episode 27

Realizing that there is nothing that he could do to alter his destiny, Norman decides to engage the spider in final combat and go down fighting. Max attempts to help Norman, but Virgil pushes Max into a portal and then follows after him. Furious and saddened, Max questions Virgil's actions and tells him that they could have saved Norman. Virgil tells him that there was nothing both of them could do because Norman's death was foretold by prophecy and that when his time comes at Stonehenge, that he would want Max to respect that. He warns Max not to go Stonehenge during the winter solstice because that is when darkness is at its strongest. Virgil makes Max promise not to travel to Stonehenge during that time and they prepare to get going, but are stopped in their tracks when they run into Skull Master and Warmonger. Max is sent to the Astral Plane by Virgil, a place where Skull Master is forbidden to follow. Virgil is then taken captive by Skull Master and Warmonger. With the power

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