The Best Episodes Directed by Bill Purple



Speechless Season 3 - Episode 22

Maya braces for JJ’s high school graduation and departure for college, but tough news from NYU changes everything. Dylan teaches Jimmy a “Dad lesson” as he gets ready for a big job interview. Kenneth pressures JJ to prepare for a grand finale to their time together, and Ray uses his class trip to Catalina to examine his bad luck in love.

star 8.20
158 votes

#2 - P-R-PROM

Speechless Season 1 - Episode 21

It's prom night, and all three DiMeo kids are going, which leaves Maya and Jimmy with a rare night to themselves. Kenneth is shocked to learn that they like to spend their nights without the kids to bring up past arguments they have bottled up or ignored in the past. Later at school, Ray thinks he is finally about to have his first make-out session with a girl, but learns differently when she uses the "R" word. Meanwhile, a wary JJ bonds with someone who is sick of being the center of attention at school functions.

star 8.02
504 votes

#3 - S-I--SICK D-A--DAY

Speechless Season 1 - Episode 13

Dylan becomes Kenneth’s replacement for JJ when Kenneth also gets sick. Jimmy ends up doing well with Maya’s normal duties, but he tries to keep it from her to avoid her feeling bad. Meanwhile, JJ protects Dylan from a boy she’s interested in. And despite its illness, the family bands together and pulls an all-nighter to finish Ray’s school project.

star 7.96
530 votes
Hostile Witness

#4 - Hostile Witness

Cruel Summer Season 1 - Episode 10

Kate and Jeanette's worlds collide as the court date arrives, finally forcing the two young women to answer the question on everyone's mind, but the answer comes with a price that not everyone can pay.

star 7.88
194 votes
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Speechless Season 1 - Episode 3

While JJ finds success at school with a group of friends, Maya forces the cancellation of the homecoming bonfire, concerned that the beach location is not wheelchair accessible. Soon, the students speak out against JJ. But when Maya realizes she was wrong, the two stage a fake prank to encourage his classmates to have a change of heart. Meanwhile, Jimmy helps Ray settle into the new home.

star 7.85
787 votes
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Speechless Season 1 - Episode 8

Maya enlists the family to assist JJ in romancing a girl at school, but it backfires when JJ expresses his feelings to Claire, and they are not reciprocated. Meanwhile, as the DiMeos are always late, Ray has the family practice to get to school in time for his upcoming weekend field trip.

star 7.82
619 votes


Speechless Season 2 - Episode 7

Maya’s mother, Andrea, comes for Thanksgiving, sending the family into a tailspin preparing to impress their established grandmother who they haven’t seen in years. Jimmy deals with getting older and what that means for his oddly impressive digestive system. Cedric dreads spending Thanksgiving with his overbearing father, the Colonel.

star 7.76
301 votes
Bring the Pain

#8 - Bring the Pain

Fresh Off the Boat Season 2 - Episode 24

Louis' brother pays a visit with some big news. Eddie attempts to find a way to watch Chris Rock's latest comedy special.

star 7.72
978 votes
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Speechless Season 3 - Episode 9

Maya lends a helping hand to frenemy Melanie and finds her life taking a surprising turn. Dylan joins the Lafayette basketball team, where her lousy sportsmanship gets results. Jimmy makes up for lost father-son time with Ray.

star 7.66
204 votes


Speechless Season 3 - Episode 12

Dylan is horrified to realize people see her as a mini version of Maya, and makes a point to exert her individuality. JJ and Ray each cope with their feelings for shared crush, Izzy. Meanwhile, Kenneth turns to an unwilling Jimmy for help with Joyce.

star 7.66
195 votes
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Speechless Season 2 - Episode 4

Jimmy takes JJ camping to give him “the talk,” Maya trains a ragtag group of new aides, and sparks fly between Dylan and Ray’s bully.

star 7.66
345 votes
Neighbors with Attitude

#12 - Neighbors with Attitude

Fresh Off the Boat Season 3 - Episode 13

Jessica is disappointed to learn she is excluded from the Neighborhood Watch. But when Ann's son goes missing, Jessica proves that her independent security measures work. Meanwhile, Eddie sets the stage for the perfect first kiss with Alison.

star 7.64
974 votes
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Girl Fight

#13 - Girl Fight

New Girl Season 4 - Episode 10

Schmidt quickly regrets trying to understand the politics of a girl fight when one breaks out between Jess and Cece. Meanwhile, Nick goes on a date with Tran's granddaughter, whom Winston believes is hiding a secret.

star 7.63
2125 votes
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Speechless Season 3 - Episode 18

JJ struggles with spending his new social security benefits strictly on boring stuff. Kenneth uncovers a secret that upsets the status quo in Maya and Jimmy’s relationship. Meanwhile, Ray’s run-in with an old love threatens his chances at a Quiz Bowl championship.

star 7.62
170 votes
How to Survive Working with Friends

#15 - How to Survive Working with Friends

Cooper Barrett's Guide To Surviving Life Season 1 - Episode 9

As Barry’s Grandmother’s Hangover Cure gains momentum in the marketplace, Cooper is getting all the credit, which leaves Barry and Neil frustrated. But when a rival CEO attempts to snatch the hangover cure crown away from them, the gang will have to band together to retain it.

star 7.61
88 votes
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Speechless Season 3 - Episode 14

JJ’s love-match with Izzy becomes a cage match with Kenneth. Maya and Jimmy dismiss Valentine’s Day as a holiday for suckers until they find a way to profit from it. Unable to find a date to a prepaid romantic night out, Ray brings Dylan.

star 7.61
194 votes

#17 - S-T-- STAGE MOM

Speechless Season 3 - Episode 5

Seeing the kids believe she exists to solely serve at their pleasure, Maya takes the stage to prove she has so much more to offer. Kenneth finds JJ a job, and JJ finds an unlikely rival. Ray goes undercover informing parents on his classmates’ social lives and gets in too deep.

star 7.61
193 votes
This Isn't Us

#18 - This Isn't Us

Fresh Off the Boat Season 3 - Episode 23

When Louis and Jessica make changes to provide their family with a better life, they learn the changes come with their own set of challenges.

star 7.61
816 votes
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Clean Slate

#19 - Clean Slate

Fresh Off the Boat Season 3 - Episode 11

On the eve of Chinese New Year, Jessica pushes the entire family to settle all debts, disputes, and grudges to ensure good fortune for the coming year. Meanwhile, Louis and Evan go on a wild goose chase to hunt down some hate mail.

star 7.60
924 votes
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#20 - N-E-- NEW JJ

Speechless Season 3 - Episode 4

Seeking a new outlet for her superpowers as JJ prepares for college, Maya sets her sights on a receptive Ray. JJ gets involved in a (too) high stakes poker game, while Dylan discovers what really happens after her bedtime.

star 7.60
196 votes

#21 - Rebranding

Superstore Season 2 - Episode 11

Jeff lets the employees know that Rex, a vice president from corporate, will be coming by the store to help with the rollout for Cloud 9’s store-wide rebranding, and it turns out Rex is someone from Jonah’s past. Amy and Garrett are delighted to hear Rex’s stories about Jonah. Meanwhile, Mateo is stunned to learn of rumors that Jeff is in a relationship with an employee. Dina must retaliate against a snitch and Cheyenne tries to take advantage of the discounted “Halo” products.

star 7.57
1568 votes
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Miracle on Dead Street

#22 - Miracle on Dead Street

Fresh Off the Boat Season 2 - Episode 5

It's the Huangs' first Halloween in the suburbs and Louis is determined to turn their "dead" street into a prime destination for trick-or-treaters. And as Louis, Eddie, Emery, Evan and even Grandma Huang show off their elaborate costumes, Jessica has bigger plans - to protect her investment property from teenage pranksters.

star 7.57
989 votes
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Good Holidays to You

#23 - Good Holidays to You

Single Parents Season 2 - Episode 10

When Graham writes a letter to Santa asking for either a white Christmas or to meet his father, Angie goes on a mission to find snow in Southern California with the help of Will and Sophie. After Rory, Emma, and Amy find out that Poppy and Douglas are romantically involved, the kids use this knowledge to their advantage to guilt their parents into buying them more Christmas presents.

star 7.55
122 votes
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Speechless Season 2 - Episode 16

Maya has jury duty, which is like a vacation for her until she learns Taylor’s mom, Melanie (guest star Sarah Chalke returns), is also there. Meanwhile, JJ lies about his disabilities on an online dating site after a few bad dates; and Ray is upset Jimmy and Dylan spend too much together.

star 7.54
223 votes
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Sister II

#25 - Sister II

New Girl Season 3 - Episode 17

Jess panics when her sister, Abby decides to stay in Los Angeles and sets her eyes on one of the loftmates. Meanwhile, Winston procrastinates about checking his test results for the LAPD entrance exam events.

star 7.54
2687 votes
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Hi, My Name Is…

#26 - Hi, My Name Is…

Fresh Off the Boat Season 2 - Episode 20

Evan is excited to open his first bank account, but is unsure if he should use his American name or his Chinese name on the account. As a result, Louis and Jessica reveal how they acquired their American names and recall the first time they met.

star 7.54
914 votes
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Speechless Season 3 - Episode 7

The DiMeos realize they have great intentions but lack follow-through when it comes to … everything. Vowing to change, Ray and Dylan take on government bureaucracy; Kenneth helps JJ prepare for college; and Maya tries to reconnect with Jimmy.

star 7.52
184 votes
B as in Best Friends

#28 - B as in Best Friends

Fresh Off the Boat Season 4 - Episode 1

Still homeless, the Huangs move in with Honey and Marvin. Jessica’s dreams come true when she gets a chance to compete on “Wheel of Fortune” during Best Friends Week with Honey. Eddie starts high school and is still on the outs with his pals but finds unexpected sympathy from Nicole. Michael Bolton offers to step in at the restaurant to give Louis more time with his family, but does he have an ulterior motive?

star 7.51
784 votes
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The Table

#29 - The Table

Bless This Mess Season 2 - Episode 18

Mike’s family comes to Bucksnort to surprise him for his birthday; a shocking family secret involving Rudy is unveiled. Constance and Clara attempt to help Brandon find a girlfriend via online dating apps.

star 7.50
113 votes
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Ride the Tiger

#30 - Ride the Tiger

Fresh Off the Boat Season 4 - Episode 16

For Chinese New Year, the Huangs play a game where they can only speak in Mandarin, which quickly turns into a tense competition between Jessica and Evan, putting Jessica’s first televised interview for her novel in jeopardy. Emery is excited to end his year of bad luck and finally ask his crush to the spring fling, but when he is still having trouble, Louis decides to take matters into his own hands. Meanwhile, Eddie doesn’t receive a red envelope from Big Auntie and enlists Grandma Huang’s help to figure out why she’s angry with him.

star 7.48
457 votes
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A Smashing Good Time

#31 - A Smashing Good Time

Cruel Summer Season 1 - Episode 2

It's time for the annual Skylin Garden Club Party! Year after year after year, the residents of Skylin struggle with the truth around what happened to Kate, keeping their secrets buried and maintaining appearances.

star 7.46
263 votes
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The Wade Beneath My Wings

#32 - The Wade Beneath My Wings

The Unicorn Season 1 - Episode 14

Wade convinces Forrest to take his career advice, and the results are disastrous. Also, Ben lands a lucrative opportunity for his company, but Michelle is uncomfortable embracing their success.

star 7.43
182 votes
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Coming Out

#33 - Coming Out

New Girl Season 4 - Episode 13

Jess struggles not to show favoritism to Ryan, now that they are officially a couple, which leads to a disastrous class field trip. Meanwhile, Schmidt gets an ulcer and Winston becomes obsessed with wearing a crystal.

star 7.40
1720 votes
Slide Effect

#34 - Slide Effect

Fresh Off the Boat Season 4 - Episode 9

Eddie begins to think he needs to find cooler friends to make his mark in high school; Jessica decides to pocket the money she is given to have her photograph professionally taken for her book.

star 7.37
504 votes
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