The Best Episodes Directed by Bernard Mceveety

The Stallion

#1 - The Stallion

The Virginian Season 3 - Episode 3

A wild stallion escapes its owner, John Slaughter (Don ""Red"" Barry), killing a handler in the process. The animal injures itself and is found by Randy Benton who takes him to the nearby ranch of alcoholic horse trainer Charlie Orwell (Robert Culp) who nurses it back to health. Most believe the horse bad and wish to have it destroyed but Randy gets Charlie to help him save the animal and with the help of Jodie Wingate (Jenna Engstrom), they save Charlie too.

star 9.00
1 votes
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The Fatal Journey

#2 - The Fatal Journey

The Virginian Season 2 - Episode 11

After she calls for the President to bring in the army to rid the badlands of outlaws, newspaper editor Molly Wood, the Virginian's love interest, is murdered by four of those outlaws: O'Dell (Steve Ihnat), Horn (John Milford), Denver (Berkeley Harris) and their ruthless leader, Colonel Calhoun (Robert Lansing). The Virginian joins a posse but while the other posse members give up he eventually locates the villains' badlands hideout. He poses as a prison escapee, joins the gang and exacts his revenge.

star 8.50
3 votes
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The Vasquez Woman

#3 - The Vasquez Woman

Rawhide Season 8 - Episode 7

Colonel Emilio Vasquez ""buys"" 200 head from Quince, Jed and Simon in Mexico. Jed goes to town to see if the pesos are worth anything. The gringo who runs the town says they're just paper. Emilio's wife, Maria, was left behind and is in the bar. Emilio sneaks into town and kills the gringo, but doesn't get Maria. Jed escapes with Maria. Jed and Emilio argue over the terms of her return.

star 8.50
3 votes
Knight Behind Bars

#4 - Knight Behind Bars

Knight Rider Season 4 - Episode 10

Michael discovers that prison inmates were used to steal security plans for a hotel that is hosting a defense conference.

star 8.35
73 votes
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The Twisted Heritage

#5 - The Twisted Heritage

Gunsmoke Season 14 - Episode 15

Kitty saves the life of a man during a stage hold-up, taking him back to his ranch she finds his mother a ruthless matron and his daughter alienated from her father.

star 8.16
43 votes
The Foundling

#6 - The Foundling

Gunsmoke Season 19 - Episode 18

After being forced to shoot a man who is breaking up the Long Branch, Matt goes off to be alone only to find a young girl and a newborn in a cave. Neither she nor her parents want the child, and they send it with Matt. Matt finds the only logical choice, Miss Kitty, to deposit the baby with till something can be done with it. Matt decides to give it to the widow of the man he just killed but doesn't realize that Kitty is willing to sell the Long Branch to keep the baby for herself.

star 8.12
41 votes
A Knight in Shining Armor

#7 - A Knight in Shining Armor

Knight Rider Season 2 - Episode 13

A killer with a treasure map must find his victim's estranged daughter, who holds the key to the treasure.

star 8.07
84 votes
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The Invaders

#8 - The Invaders

The Virginian Season 2 - Episode 15

Rancher Mike Tyrone (Ed Begley) purhases a ranch near Medicine Bow, and moves there with his daughter Margaret (Beverly Owen), and his two sons (Rees Vaughan and James McMullen). Tyrone tries to force surrounding ranchers to sell their spreads, eventually cutting off the water from a local river that the other ranchers use to water their stocks. However, the conflict is ended by an unexpected decision of Margaret Tyrone.

star 8.00
4 votes
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Now You See Me, Now You Don't

#9 - Now You See Me, Now You Don't

Banacek Season 2 - Episode 8

Banacek assists the daughter of a stage magician, suspected of grand larceny, who disappeared during his act - for good.

star 8.00
14 votes
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#10 - Reprisal

Gunsmoke Season 14 - Episode 20

Doc is given the choice of saving the life of a man he saw commit a murder and delivering a baby. He choses to save the man first, and the baby dies in childbirth. The baby's father, Tom Butler blames Doc and plans to get even.

star 8.00
40 votes

#11 - Jaekel

Gunsmoke Season 16 - Episode 19

A convict returns to Dodge City to get a woman back.

star 8.00
11 votes
The Avenging Angel

#12 - The Avenging Angel

Misfits of Science Season 1 - Episode 15

Gloria helps out an aspiring pro wrestler with the use of her telekintic powers without telling him - the wrestler, Milt, soon decides he does have super powers and Gloria needs to keep helping him out when he decides to go after crooks trying to sell him protection.

star 8.00
1 votes
The Widow-Maker

#13 - The Widow-Maker

Gunsmoke Season 19 - Episode 5

A gunfighter wants to forget his past... and wants everyone else to forget it too. Unfortunately for him, this is not easy to accomplish...

star 7.85
48 votes
Uncle Finney

#14 - Uncle Finney

Gunsmoke Season 14 - Episode 4

A comedic episode. Two hillbillies attempt to turn their 102 year-old relative in for the bounty on him.

star 7.84
43 votes

#15 - Luke

Gunsmoke Season 16 - Episode 8

A wounded outlaw comes to Dodge City to find his daughter before his death.

star 7.75
8 votes
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#16 - Interlude

How the West Was Won Season 2 - Episode 3

Luke's attempt to foil the Flint gang's gold robbery scheme doesn't go as planned. Zeb rescues a woman from two hide-cutters and is surprised to find a love from his past. When a certain guest arrives for Laura's wedding, second thoughts arise. Jessie fights for her life after being stung by a swarm of bees.

star 7.73
15 votes
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#17 - Milligan

Gunsmoke Season 18 - Episode 9

star 7.67
12 votes
Orville Gant

#18 - Orville Gant

How the West Was Won Season 2 - Episode 4

With the sheriff's son held hostage by Flint, the robbery goes forward, leaving two men dead. Jessie's condition worsens as the doctor can't help her. Zeb's and Beth's accounts of her rescue come under suspicion by authorities, causing her to leave abruptly, with her leading Zeb to a mountain cabin.

star 7.67
18 votes
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The Legacy

#19 - The Legacy

Bonanza Season 5 - Episode 11

Adam, Hoss and Joe mistakenly believe their father was murdered. They split into 3 different directions to confront the supposed killers. In his heart, Ben knows his sons will not act outside the law; but he is not 100% sure that Joe will behave correctly.

star 7.65
15 votes

#20 - Half-Pint

Airwolf Season 3 - Episode 12

String decides to adopt St. John's Amerasian son when theson's discovery points to St. John being dead.

star 7.55
29 votes
The Night of Fire and Brimstone

#21 - The Night of Fire and Brimstone

The Wild Wild West Season 4 - Episode 9

West and Gordon are called to the deserted mining town of Brimstone by Professor Colecrest, who has made a discovery of great importance. However, before they get there, the Professor is captured by a gang of men.

star 7.49
59 votes
Mormon Story

#22 - Mormon Story

How the West Was Won Season 2 - Episode 2

Zeb sides with the Sioux after the Russian incident triggers a war - and the clash leads to a great leader's sacrifice. Luke's feelings for Hillary Gant intensify, but when her father learns of Luke's past, he asks Luke to leave. Laura accepts a marriage proposal, while Luke finds himself forced to join a thieving band of ex-Confederates.

star 7.47
15 votes
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#23 - Trafton

Gunsmoke Season 17 - Episode 7

Matt is out to find a gunfigther who killed two people.

star 7.45
11 votes

#24 - Amnesty

How the West Was Won Season 2 - Episode 5

Zeb learns Beth's husband is supposedly a dead, guilt-ridden Army hero involved in a military massacre. As Jessie nears death, Zeb decides to take her to an Arapaho medicine man - with a skeptical Luke and Josh in close pursuit.

star 7.45
11 votes
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Knight by a Nose

#25 - Knight by a Nose

Knight Rider Season 3 - Episode 13

The "death" of a Thoroughbred racehorse is staged by its owner (Patrick St.Esprit) to cover gambling debts with the money from the black-market sale of the horse.

star 7.33
46 votes
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Recipe for Heavy Bread

#26 - Recipe for Heavy Bread

The A-Team Season 2 - Episode 2

The cook from the A-Team's POW camp gives them a tip about a drug deal between the camp's former commander and a prisoner who had sold out to him.

star 7.32
263 votes
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#27 - Danny

Gunsmoke Season 15 - Episode 4

An old friend of Kitty's learns he is dying comes to Dodge to try to "go out in style".

star 7.31
16 votes
The Drummer

#28 - The Drummer

Gunsmoke Season 18 - Episode 5

Daniel Shay comes to Dodge City as a drummer who peddles rat traps as a way of making money. While Daniel continues to look for buyers of his rat traps, he sees a Cheyenne boy stealing a horse. As he looks on memories of a battle at Rock Creek return. While having dinner with Sarah Morgan Mr. Shay wonders about Jimmy Morgan's father who died in the Rock Creek massacre, Sarah mentions that the cavalry ran him down.

star 7.30
10 votes
Testimony of a Traitor

#29 - Testimony of a Traitor

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Season 2 - Episode 12

An ancient videotape is discovered that proves that Buck was involved in the nuclear holocaust that nearly destroyed the Earth hundreds of years before. Commissioner Bergstrom convenes a war crimes trial aboard the Searcher and, if Buck is found guilty, faces a death sentence. In a desperate attempt to clear himself, Buck agrees to another mind probe, but his memories seem to confirm the charges.

star 7.29
63 votes
The Mountain of the Sun

#30 - The Mountain of the Sun

The Virginian Season 1 - Episode 28

While delivering a prize bull to New Mexico, the Virginian meets a young woman, Kathy (Dolores Hart), and two older companions, whom he learns are missionaries who want to travel to Mexico to minister to the Yaqui Indians. He later learns they had hired a dishonest guide who plans to rob them so he sets off in pursuit and manages to save them. However, they refuse to give up their quest to the Yaqui's who it turns out had murdered their husbands the year before. He accompanies them on their quest and along the way finds himself falling in love with Kathy.

star 7.25
4 votes
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It Takes a Big Man

#31 - It Takes a Big Man

The Virginian Season 2 - Episode 6

Judge Garth is asked by an old friend, Wade Anders (Lloyd Nolan), to take his eldest son Hank (Chris Robinson) to work as a hand at Shiloh. He wants the son to eventually take over his ranch but Hank has personal problems which make him difficult to handle, especially a hatred for Indians. At Shiloh he has run-ins with Trampas who is acting as foreman while the Virginian is away, and this conflict eventually leads to tragedy and a showdown.

star 7.20
5 votes
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Provost Marshal

#32 - Provost Marshal

How the West Was Won Season 1 - Episode 1

Luke is on the run from Captain Grey who wants to arrest him for deserting from the Union Army. Luke gets shot when trying to prevent some men harassing a woman and is later taken care of by a group of Simonites. Zeb searches for Luke so the family can continue the journey towards Oregon.

star 7.17
52 votes
A Nice Place to Visit

#33 - A Nice Place to Visit

The A-Team Season 1 - Episode 14

The A-Team comes to the aid of a small town being terrorized by a murderous family.

star 7.17
208 votes
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The Night of the Pistoleros

#34 - The Night of the Pistoleros

The Wild Wild West Season 4 - Episode 19

Things aren't always what they seem, when Gordon and West head to a lonely outpost to battle a terrorist gang, who are trying to start a war with Mexico.

star 7.15
33 votes
The Canada Run

#35 - The Canada Run

The Untouchables Season 3 - Episode 11

November 1932. Big-time gangster Joe Palakopolous is playing a dangerous game-- he just had his hitman rub out Danny Kugan, the biggest supplier of Canadian whiskey that Frank Nitti had. And Nitti's plenty sore. Kugan was the only guy who could import Canadian Gold for Nitti. The phony stuff is no good; Nitti quips that bottled rotgut is so bad, ""it peels off the labels from the inside."" Eliot Ness and his men investigate Kugan's killing, and try to find out who will take over the operation. Joe Palakopolous personally settles into a small village of fishermen by Lake Michigan, about a 2 hours' drive from Chicago; it's a perfect spot for having his Canadian supplier delivery booze by boat. He even comes across as a benefactor to the small community, giving the parish priest, Fr. Francis Gregory, money to set up a soup kitchen.

star 7.06
31 votes
The Phenom

#36 - The Phenom

The Incredible Hulk Season 5 - Episode 1

David befriends a rookie baseball player who gets mixed up with a crooked sports agent.

star 7.05
40 votes
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The Deuce

#37 - The Deuce

The Rockford Files Season 5 - Episode 16

After serving on a jury of a drunk driver, Jim is hired by the defedant to help proove his innocence...

star 7.04
27 votes
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King of the Stuntmen

#38 - King of the Stuntmen

The Fall Guy Season 5 - Episode 2

There is a "King of the Stuntmen" contest.

star 7.00
1 votes
The Judge

#39 - The Judge

How the West Was Won Season 2 - Episode 9

Jessie and Teel-O have a fateful encounter with Teel-O's grandfather. While scouting for water, Luke comes to the rescue of Judge Rensen, who offers to seek a pardon for Luke's criminal past in Missouri. Teel-O and Jessie are stalked be would-be slavers.

star 7.00
9 votes
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#40 - Gold

How the West Was Won Season 2 - Episode 10

Luke is jailed pending his hearing, and from his cell, gives a newspaper interview that draws trouble to Las Mesas. Apaches disrupt the cattle drive. Jessie is rescued, and she and the others return home to find gold in the Machan creek - just as Deek becomes more neighborly.

star 7.00
8 votes
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Lyle's Kid

#41 - Lyle's Kid

Gunsmoke Season 14 - Episode 1

Grant Lyle, a former lawman with crippled hands, brings his young gunfighter son to Dodge to settle the score with Hoxey, the man just released from prison who is responsible for his hands.

star 6.72
50 votes
Sergeant Holly

#42 - Sergeant Holly

Gunsmoke Season 16 - Episode 14

Sgt Holly has stolen an army payroll and is framed for it.

star 6.71
42 votes
Pike (1) (aka: Dirty Sally (1))

#43 - Pike (1) (aka: Dirty Sally (1))

Gunsmoke Season 16 - Episode 23

Sally Fergus, called by many in Dodge "Dirty Sally" finds young wounded outlaw, Cyrus Pike at her home and nurses him back to health. His partners in a robbery are searching for him and their stolen loot.

star 6.69
42 votes
Trail of Bloodshed

#44 - Trail of Bloodshed

Gunsmoke Season 19 - Episode 21

Buck Henry Woolf is on the trail of his uncle, who killed his father, stole their money, and wounded him. Festus is on the same mission and also to stop the young man from taking the law into his own hands.

star 6.67
43 votes
Grand Elusion

#45 - Grand Elusion

Misfits of Science Season 1 - Episode 11

Billy recruits the gang to help a fellow scientist's daughter defect when she and her father tour America as part of a Russian girl's gymnast team. The gang takes the place of the magician hired to perform for the tour thanks to a judicious use of super powers, but the daughter refuses to leave without her father. Complicating matter, the KGB minder Galenkov has sworn to make sure the scientist Nikolai never gets away. The Misfits have to pull off an elaborate bait-and-switch to make sure that both Nikolai and Tatyana manage to escape.

star 6.67
3 votes

#46 - McCabe

Gunsmoke Season 16 - Episode 12

Matt has two problems he tries to arrest an outlaw then he must try to free the hostage.

star 6.64
39 votes

#47 - KITTnap

Knight Rider Season 4 - Episode 3

With Michael closing in on a master criminal who has escaped capture for years, the man and his henchmen plot to slow Michael up by trapping K.I.T.T. ...

star 6.64
116 votes
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Thirty a Month and Found

#48 - Thirty a Month and Found

Gunsmoke Season 20 - Episode 5

Matt houses a drunk Will & Friends in the jail they go looking for $300 that they think Bill took. Matt thinks it was a misunderstanding. Will doesn't want to tell Matt that they shot Curly Wills (They buried him before going to Dodge. Doak stops to see his girlfriend and says marriage will need to wait, as Will & Quincy leaves without Doak Quincy and the storekeepers are shot.

star 6.63
48 votes
Buffalo Story

#49 - Buffalo Story

How the West Was Won Season 2 - Episode 1

Kate Macahan's sister, Molly Culhane, joins the family. A Mormon family arrives at the homestead while fleeing religious persecution, but the patriarch soon charms Laura. Zeb mediates between the Army and the angry Sioux after a Russian royalty kills a buffalo on Sioux land. Luke aids a local sheriff and meets his feisty daughter.

star 6.63
16 votes
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The Widow and the Rogue

#50 - The Widow and the Rogue

Gunsmoke Season 19 - Episode 7

James Stacy stars as a roguish thief who's long on charm but a bit short on ethics. His real test of character comes on a long, adversity-plagued journey to Dodge with his captor Festus.

star 6.62
42 votes
The Schoolmarm

#51 - The Schoolmarm

Gunsmoke Season 19 - Episode 20

Sarah takes her class on picnic trip to enjoy nature but is attacked by Mr. Stokes who is drunk and will have a baby but doesn't know yet and has hidden the secret. Doc tells her but she doesn't believe him. Mr. Pruitt and his son Lester love her. Carl feels hurt that he couldn't tell Sarah he would love the baby anyway. Carl goes to jail for not telling Matt why he fought Mr. Stokes. Sarah doesn't want to help Carl get out of jail because she was attacked and wants to leave Dodge.

star 6.62
42 votes

#52 - Jesse

Gunsmoke Season 18 - Episode 22

Festus runs into Jesse Dillard who is wanted for shooting a black man. Festus wants to find out more and take his friend to prison.

star 6.60
43 votes
The Predators

#53 - The Predators

Gunsmoke Season 17 - Episode 20

A former gunfighter returns to Dodge which worries Matt because Howard Cane was the one to survive the rage war. Can Matt stop him before more trouble comes to Dodge?

star 6.60
42 votes
Hard Labor

#54 - Hard Labor

Gunsmoke Season 20 - Episode 20

Matt Dillon is sentenced to life imprisonment of hard labor for shooting a fugitive in the town of Bedrock.

star 6.57
46 votes
Susan Was Evil

#55 - Susan Was Evil

Gunsmoke Season 19 - Episode 12

Nellie and Susan get ready to leave for St. Louis when Matt brings a prisoner to be treated for a wound he got while robing a bank. Susan wants to leave for St. Louis right away. Susan worries she and Nellie may never leave because of her love for the prisoner. Mr. Boswell asks Nellie to marry him. Susan puts a stop to Nellie getting married.

star 6.56
43 votes

#56 - Coreyville

Gunsmoke Season 15 - Episode 3

Matt is summoned to Coreyville, a run-down cowtown, by a young woman whose brother is on trial for murder.

star 6.56
45 votes
Ring of Darkness

#57 - Ring of Darkness

Gunsmoke Season 15 - Episode 11

In an attempt to help his blind daughter, farmer Ben Hurley steals horses for an outlaw gang. Deputy Newly O'Brien arrives at his farm investigating, followed by the outlaws.

star 6.55
40 votes
One for the Road

#58 - One for the Road

Gunsmoke Season 17 - Episode 19

Lucius's daughter wants her dad locked up so she and Tom can have the estate. Judge Broker thinks Mr. Prince is sane and Mr. Prince proves he can be a dad.

star 6.55
40 votes
The Fourth Victim

#59 - The Fourth Victim

Gunsmoke Season 20 - Episode 8

A series of seemingly random killings have the citizens of Dodge City in near panic, but Dillon believes they are part of a pattern in which Doc is slated to be the next target.

star 6.55
44 votes
The Hide Cutters

#60 - The Hide Cutters

Gunsmoke Season 14 - Episode 2

Festus is rescued from a rock avalanche by a young hide cutter. His fellow cutters are following a herd of cattle with hopes of stealing them for the hides.

star 6.54
46 votes

#61 - Lobo

Gunsmoke Season 14 - Episode 12

Mountain man Luke Brazo joins Matt in a hunt for a vicious wolf terrorizing the area.

star 6.52
40 votes
Pike (2) (aka: Dirty Sally (2))

#62 - Pike (2) (aka: Dirty Sally (2))

Gunsmoke Season 16 - Episode 24

star 6.50
40 votes
The Boy and the Sinner

#63 - The Boy and the Sinner

Gunsmoke Season 19 - Episode 4

Ron Moody guest stars as a man torn between keeping his own self-respect and the friendship of a young boy or keeping his drunken promise to help two hired gunmen.

star 6.49
45 votes
The Miracle Man

#64 - The Miracle Man

Gunsmoke Season 14 - Episode 10

Con man, Bob Sullivan tries to trick a widow with three children out of money for a fake cattle herd, but instead ends up falling in love with her and her children.

star 6.49
39 votes
The Prodigal

#65 - The Prodigal

Gunsmoke Season 13 - Episode 3

Amos and William Cole come to Dodge to find the backshooting killer of their outlaw father many years before.

star 6.48
42 votes
The Wedding

#66 - The Wedding

Gunsmoke Season 17 - Episode 24

A father disapproves of the man her daughter marries.

star 6.47
40 votes
A Town in Chains

#67 - A Town in Chains

Gunsmoke Season 20 - Episode 2

A group of bandits attempt to rob a town while masquerading as soldiers.

star 6.47
49 votes
The Good Samaritans

#68 - The Good Samaritans

Gunsmoke Season 14 - Episode 24

Matt is taking a signed confession paper to a Judge that will hang a man, the man has put a reward on the paper causing two bounty hunters to shoot Matt in an effort to get it. Meanwhile, Matt is taken in by a group of freed slaves heading West, and now being pursued by the hunters.

star 6.46
41 votes
Sam McTavish, M.D.

#69 - Sam McTavish, M.D.

Gunsmoke Season 16 - Episode 4

Doc Adams feels that Sam McTavish (who is a woman Doctor) may replace him.

star 6.46
39 votes
The Angry Land

#70 - The Angry Land

Gunsmoke Season 20 - Episode 18

Matt takes a young orphan Bessie Sutherland after her parents were killed on the prairie, to live with her Aunt Rachel. Rachel tells Matt that because of the devastating experiences that she has had, does not want to take in her niece, besides she wants to sell her land.

star 6.44
43 votes
Gold Train: The Bullet (3)

#71 - Gold Train: The Bullet (3)

Gunsmoke Season 17 - Episode 14

The conclusion to this three parter. Dillon kills the guard that was gunning for him and the passengers take the train back over. The only problem, all the fuel has been destroyed so they have to get more fast. Festus and Newly are still out with the gold leading the men from the train on foot. Dillon's legs are numb and Doc has no choice but to operate whether he cripples him or not. Leaving the gold shipment and taking the mules, Newly and Festus head back to the train to try to get it going. Sinclair has the men push the wagon back to the train and gets there in time to keep it from taking off. Beth tells Sinclair about Matt Dillon, but Dillon's faster than a gun even lying down and ends up killing him. The train takes off leaving the bad guys and all their gold sitting at the tracks with no way to get anywhere.

star 6.44
41 votes
The Colonel

#72 - The Colonel

Gunsmoke Season 20 - Episode 13

Lee J. Cobb and his daughter Julie Cobb appear together for the first time when Cobb guest-stars as a once-proud military officer who is suddenly faced with a painful and unplanned reunion with his daughter.

star 6.44
41 votes
The Legacy

#73 - The Legacy

Planet of the Apes Season 1 - Episode 5

Burke and Virdon are helped by a young woman and a young boy while searching for an underground computer in a ruined city, but their plans go awry when Alan is captured and Urko uses the boy to get information from the astronaut.

star 6.42
134 votes
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The Cage

#74 - The Cage

Gunsmoke Season 15 - Episode 26

After an outlaw becomes a victim of his own gang he tries to Matt bring in the gang that made him a victim.

star 6.42
36 votes
The Tycoon

#75 - The Tycoon

Gunsmoke Season 16 - Episode 18

Festus becomes a rich man.

star 6.41
41 votes
The Busters

#76 - The Busters

Gunsmoke Season 20 - Episode 22

Two bronco busters try to raise money for a ranch in Montana, only to have the dream ruined when one of them gets a death threatening head injury when thrown off by a wild stallion.

star 6.41
44 votes
Gold Train: The Bullet (1)

#77 - Gold Train: The Bullet (1)

Gunsmoke Season 17 - Episode 12

A hidecutter starts trouble in the Long Branch and Matt comes to the rescue throwing him out of town. When Festus goes up to fetch Dr. Chapman, he finds the old scudder there himself. Offering to buy Doc a drink, he can't resist and they surprise everyone down at the Long Branch. While they are all excited to see Doc, Matt is out checking the town and ends up shot in the back by the hidecutter he just threw out. Doc's homecoming is ruined when he realizes that if he tries to remove the bullet he could paralyze Matt and he doesn't want to be the one to do it. So, he contacts a surgeon in Denver, and loading Matt in the baggage car of the train, Kitty, Doc, Festus, and Newly all head for Denver along with a Federal gold shipment.

star 6.40
42 votes
Gold Train: The Bullet (2)

#78 - Gold Train: The Bullet (2)

Gunsmoke Season 17 - Episode 13

As the train moves along to Denver we meet several passengers. One is a Pinkerton man handcuffed to Beth Tilton, a woman who doesn't want to go back to Colorado to her husband. The other, Allie Dawson, is a young girl that Newly befriends who does not believe in violence. The train is taken over by Jack Sinclair, an old enemy of Matt's. Matt had shot his hand off before sending him to prison. Making it look like Matt is a dead body in the baggage car, he is safe for now with Doc standing guard, but it can't last long. Kitty senses trouble when Beth starts cozying up to Jack Sinclair and worries she'll tell him what she knows. Warning her that she'll do anything for her man, Kitty watches Beth like a hawk. Festus and Newly are forced to help load the gold shipment on the wagon and when they get it loaded they end up driving off with it luring the gang out on foot to chase them. Beth tells one of the guards about Dillon in the back, and he goes to kill him.

star 6.40
40 votes

#79 - Kiowa

Gunsmoke Season 15 - Episode 21

Matt must rescue a teenage girl from indians and bring her back to her family.

star 6.39
38 votes
Doctor Herman Schultz, M.D.

#80 - Doctor Herman Schultz, M.D.

Gunsmoke Season 15 - Episode 18

Doc Adams's old friend is thought to be a thief.

star 6.38
37 votes
Clipped Wings

#81 - Clipped Wings

Blue Thunder Season 1 - Episode 7

Chaney's arch rival is given control of Blue Thunder after Chaney is reassigned for breaking off a drug stake out in order to pursue kidnappers

star 6.38
8 votes
The Deadly Innocent

#82 - The Deadly Innocent

Gunsmoke Season 19 - Episode 13

Billy comes back to Dodge because he has trouble finding anyone to listen to his stories and visit Festus who is a friend of his. Billy retarded and tells Festus a riddle and the answer given isn't funny to Billy, Doc tells Festus that Billy has the mind of a seven or eight year old and needs better care. Billy sees a man hurting a cat and almost kills the man, not knowing that what he did was wrong Matt and Festus talk to Judge Brooker and Festus becomes a guardian to Billy. When a deer is shot for food Billy attacks Festus. Festus has a hard time trying to make Billy understand why the deer was shot. Doc tells Festus to take Billy back to where he came from but finds that hard to do. They go to the place Doc suggested and Billy gets worried about the noises inside the place. Festus tells Billy he is going to kill rabbits for dinner and try to give Billy a taste of life. Matt, Doc & Festus find Billy telling kids stories at an orphan's home.

star 6.30
37 votes

#83 - Morgan

Gunsmoke Season 15 - Episode 23

With Matt out helping the Army deliver a gold shipment, Dodge is wide open for Morgan and his men to come in with a Gatlin gun and take over. Breaking into the Long Branch, Morgan is helping himself to whiskey when Kitty shoots him hitting him in the shoulder and the face. With Matt and the gold on the way and Morgan sitting with a big gun and a fever and a crazy streak from the permanent scar he's gonna have, Dodge can only wait to see what comes next.

star 6.28
36 votes
The Race

#84 - The Race

Rawhide Season 7 - Episode 1

Rowdy quits and gets his own herd and races Favor to the railhead.

star 6.25
4 votes
The Gun

#85 - The Gun

Gunsmoke Season 16 - Episode 9

After a yong man kills a gunfighter he become the victim of publicity.

star 6.18
38 votes

#86 - Tara

Gunsmoke Season 17 - Episode 18

Newly falls in love with a woman who could put him in danger, once her past is known.

star 6.18
37 votes
Little Wolf

#87 - Little Wolf

Airwolf Season 3 - Episode 16

String and Dom become involved in a custody dispute when a friend of Strings who was about to be divorced dies leaving his wife and mother to battle for his infant son.

star 6.02
52 votes
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Let It Be Me

#88 - Let It Be Me

Knight Rider Season 2 - Episode 23

Posing as a singer in a rock band, Michael looks for the connection between the former lead singer's "accidental" death and an encoded videotape found in his personal effects.

star 5.82
114 votes
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The Cure

#89 - The Cure

Planet of the Apes Season 1 - Episode 12

Thanks to their advanced medical knowledge, Burke and Virdon are able to help a village struck with malaria, but risk discovery.

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The Capsule Kidnapping

#90 - The Capsule Kidnapping

Hawaii Five-O Season 8 - Episode 22

The son of a Japanese businessman is kidnapped and held in a capsule underwater until a $1.5 million dollar ransom is paid...

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The Far, Far Better Thing

#91 - The Far, Far Better Thing

Bonanza Season 6 - Episode 16

On their way to prevent a young woman from encountering the renegade Indians, Joe and Tuck are captured, and in order to save them all, Joe must fight Sharp Tongue, who is the leader of the band who went to school with Joe as a youth.

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Revenge in the Sky

#92 - Revenge in the Sky

Blue Thunder Season 1 - Episode 4

An F-86 Sabre jet is stolen from an airfield by a group of KGB mercenaries, followed by an intense but unsuccessful chase by security personnel. The subsequent day, FBI agent Bruce Walsh informs Captain Braddock, Chaney and the Blue Thunder crew to participate immmediately in an in-depth search for the lost jet fighter, which with the proper treatment could be converted into a lethal weapon which could not be recovered by the government. Chaney is dis-satisifed with Walsh not providing substantial information regarding the hi-jack but Walsh covers his own with the excuse of Apex having their full acceptance with the FBI on this case. Throughtout the assignment, Chaney soon starts to develop a very romantic and cosy relationship with Walsh's assistant, Kate Cunningham, who unforuntely later on is killed just before she arrives at Chaney's house and mumbles the words ""K.G.B."". The search turns into an evenmore vengeful one, but when revealing the location of the Sabre jet, Blue Thunder i

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