The Best Episodes Directed by Atsushi Nakayama

Ah, My Darling is a Ne'er-do-well

#1 - Ah, My Darling is a Ne'er-do-well

Is This A Zombie? Season 2 - Episode 9

Finding Kyoko's information useless, Ayumu is told by Dai-sensei to seek out the strongest underworld warrior, Naegleria Nebiros, who is an old friend of Eucliwood's. After agreeing to attend one of Saras' concerts, Ayumu meets up with Naegleria and ends up having to help her draw her doujinshi, with the others later joining him. As they learn the story is about Eucliwood and how things might've been for her, the gang become determined to complete it but get set back thanks to Sera's cooking. After completing a fair amount of work, Ayumu manages to make it to Saras' concert before it ends. After the concert, Saras takes Ayumu out to the roof and gives him a carton of coffee milk. When Ayumu is distracted while talking to Saras, Saras sucks on Ayumu's straw, thus marries Ayumu. The end of the episode shows Naegleria and Chris hanging out together, proving that they have a friendlike relationship.

star 9.53
82 votes
Yes, It Goes Around Every Year

#2 - Yes, It Goes Around Every Year

Is This A Zombie? Season 2 - Episode 5

Sera and the other vampire ninjas are called back to their village, leaving Haruna in charge of the house. Eucliwood comes down with a fever, and Ayumu goes to great lengths to look after her, but ends up having to call in outside, underworlder help.

star 9.51
83 votes
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Days in Nest: Holiday

#3 - Days in Nest: Holiday

Tokyo Ravens Season 1 - Episode 6

Weird rumors are going around about Harutora and Natsume, and they are made worse when Harutora and Natsume go shopping together on their day off.

star 9.08
103 votes
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The New Pop Quiz Teacher

#4 - The New Pop Quiz Teacher

A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives Season 1 - Episode 7

Taito wants to become stronger so he can protect Saitohimea. Gekkou sends him off to meet Eduluca who will grant any wish but takes "payment" of equal value. Before he makes his wish, Taito learns that Saitohimea came to Eduluca when he had died previously and exchanged a large amount of her power to revive him. Taito wishes to become strong but only through his own power. Eduluca is disappointed but grants his wish by planting within him a lot of useful and useless information but still takes something important to Taito though doesn't reveal what it is. Saitohimea offers to help Taito search for something helpful within the amount of information he was given, wherein Taito meets and forms a contract with Vishoub Eleranka. Meanwhile Cross appears in the Student Council room to reveal that the military has commissioned him to keep an eye on things. Gekkou calls the military incompetent and Cross reveals his superior speed to aggravate him into a scuffle and show him that he isn't as powerful as he thought himself to be.

star 9.00
56 votes
Pale White Graduation

#5 - Pale White Graduation

A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives Season 1 - Episode 12

The summer holidays brings with it the summer heat! And so, Haruka decides to invite Taito to the public baths. Coincidentally, Izumi convinces Saitohimea to go as well and they meet Gekkou, Mirai and even Hasga and Serge there too. Hilarities then ensue. Meanwhile, Cross in a monologue reveals that the mysterious girl he was talking to in an earlier episode is called Liir and is currently with the student president and that the dark rabbit within Taito might awaken soon. Also seen in a monologue is Hinata, who talks to himself saying that his brother might actually be able to do something about the prophecy. After the baths, Taito and the rest of the group jump into a portal and leaves the series in a cliffhanger.

star 9.00
56 votes
Call Me Sister

#6 - Call Me Sister

Is the Order a Rabbit? Season 1 - Episode 7

Chino and Cocoa get into small, cute fights with each other over puzzles and pancakes. Later, the girls hand out flyers for their cafes.

star 9.00
43 votes
Yes, There's Still More

#7 - Yes, There's Still More

Is This A Zombie? Season 1 - Episode 12

The fighting is all finished, but the action is just beginning to heat up! Haruna wins a special trip to the pool, and we all know what that means: swimsuits!

star 8.72
127 votes
Hey, Which Middle School Are You At?

#8 - Hey, Which Middle School Are You At?

Is This A Zombie? Season 1 - Episode 7

Ayumu’s exams are interrupted by a rampaging demon-horse and the arrival of a killer-soup wielding vampire ninja! If the poor boy can survive his latest adventure, he may find a mate for life!

star 8.52
156 votes
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Please Put It In...

#9 - Please Put It In...

Secret of Nogizaka Haruka Season 2 - Episode 2

Yūto and Haruka begin making a dōjinshi together, though Haruka's skill in drawing is still lacking. Nobunaga asks Yūto to cover for him selling dōjinshi for one of his friends' dōjin circles at an upcoming event for Nocturne Girl's School Lacrosse Club. Yūto asks Haruka to accompany him, who is overjoyed at the prospect of helping out an already established circle. Yūto and Haruka continue their work on Haruka's illustration book of the Nocturne Girl's School Lacrosse Club lead character Haruna, though the day of the event Haruka's book is not selling. Nobunaga gives Yūto some advice, telling him that half the enjoyment is actually making the dōjinshi and Yūto realizes there are more important things that the book selling or not. Yūto goes back to Haruka and starts promoting Haruka's book, and eventually three people end up buying it.

star 8.48
122 votes
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#10 - Duo

Absolute Duo Season 1 - Episode 2

The following day, rumors of Tooru and Julie had spread like wildfire. The two, the only boy-girl duo in the year, become quick friends with Tomoe and Miyabi at breakfast. After they had a strange and weird lesson on the rules and basics, the class then went onto training. More misunderstandings were made by Tomoe. After that, they went onto sparring. Due to Julie's remarkable talent in sparring, no one other than Tooru volunteered to spar with her. The end of the week has come and Tooru had discovered that Julie still doesn't have a Duo after Tomoe's rejection so he runs after her and with the sounds of the bells on her hairband, he finds her standing on the balcony of the clock tower. It was there that they made their Duo oath to each other and became a Duo...

star 8.47
93 votes
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It Might Have Gone In...

#11 - It Might Have Gone In...

Secret of Nogizaka Haruka Season 2 - Episode 7

During the New Years break, Shiina expects something good from the fortune she received at the shrine, and coincidentally runs into Yūto on the street. Her hairpin gets knocked off into the river and Yūto goes in to retrieve it; as a thank you gift, Shiina prepares some cooked squid, but hurts her foot in the process. Mai and Ryouko, two of Shiina's friends, and Yūto come to pay her a visit, during which Yūto gives the three girls an unforgettable massage, a "punishment" for losing a game of old maid. Later on, Yūto and the others leave for the day, but Yūto comes back because he was worried about Shiina. Yūto helps her by preparing dinner, and the two spend the rest of the night having fun together. On the day Shiina returns to school from the holidays, she is cheerful, and gets giddier with joy when she meets Yūto, even with Haruka near him.

star 8.44
63 votes
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#12 - SHAMAN*CLAN Promise

Tokyo Ravens Season 1 - Episode 1

All Harutora Tsuchimikado wants is to spend his days idly with his friends, but as a descendant of the famous onmyo mage, Abe no Seimei, he has no choice but to follow his family's traditions.

star 8.39
186 votes
I Want to Keep Feeling It..

#13 - I Want to Keep Feeling It..

Secret of Nogizaka Haruka Season 2 - Episode 11

Yūto has to make a tough decision of whether to stay with Haruka or leave her so she can become an idol. Yūto asks Milan to attend her concert on Valentine's Day. During the concert, Yūto, with some "on-stage prodding" by Milan, decides to leave so as to go to Haruka's audition. Shiina is worried about Yūto and Haruka's relationship. Yūto decides that he wants to stay with Haruka and it is finally revealed to the unaware Haruka how Yayoi had planned to make her into an idol. Yayoi and Nozomi try desperately to stop him, but Haruka's family and maids help to get the upper hand against them. The final blow comes when they are later forced out of their talent agency after Haruka's father buys it and all associated material from them in a hostile takeover. Later at the Nogizaka mansion, as Akiho and Gento watches Yayoi and Nozomi in some mud wrestling contest on TV, Haruka gives a Valentine's present to Yūto.

star 8.33
63 votes
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Beyond The Heart's Darkness

#14 - Beyond The Heart's Darkness

07-Ghost Season 1 - Episode 23

The second exam resumes for the remaining trainees and comes in the worst form imaginable: the physical realization of their deepest fears.

star 8.29
94 votes
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Yes, Hair in Pigtails

#15 - Yes, Hair in Pigtails

Is This A Zombie? Season 1 - Episode 3

While Ayumu goes bowling with a friend from school, his three lovely roommates spend the afternoon playing twister and fighting over the last package of pudding.

star 8.18
192 votes
Nostalgic Memories Accompany Pain

#16 - Nostalgic Memories Accompany Pain

07-Ghost Season 1 - Episode 2

Three men are riding on hawkzile when Teito crashes into one of the men, Frau, and he is brought in to the Church.

star 8.17
101 votes

#17 - Avenger

Absolute Duo Season 1 - Episode 3

On the day after the official duos have been determined, Rito Tsukimi informed her students in the classroom of the upcoming New Blade Battle which will be held in the next couple of days. In preparation for the battle, Tooru and Julie trained themselves and practiced their combat skills with their Blazes. Later at the sport stadium, Tooru found Miyabi, exhausted, running along the track when she suddenly collapsed. Unconscious, she is picked up and carried back to her dormitory by Tooru. On the way, she wakes up and Tooru encouraged her to keep training in order to become stronger. On the next day, late afternoon, the New Blade Battle starts at 5 o'clock. The duos have 2 hours to survive and eliminate all other duos to win the battle. As the battle continues, the defeated duos are eliminated from the battle. The three last duos remaining are Tooru's, Tomoe's and Tora's. Tomoe and Miyabi are eventually defeated by Tooru and Julie. Tooru and Julie continue and move on to find the other remaining duo. By the time Tooru and Julie gets there, Tora and his partner are found injured lying on the floor. Momentarily, Rito shows up and suddenly attack Tooru, revealing that she is the person who injure Tora and Tatsu. Then she explains that it is her duty to eliminate any student who is not up to the task. The fight between Tooru, Julie and Rito carries on. Afer learning from Rito that by breaking enemy's Blaze the enemy's soul will be damaged, Tooru uses his Mjolnir punch to break Rito's Blaze and end the fight. The next morning, still recovering from the injury, Tooru and Julie sit at the table and have their usual morning tea. They are then visited by Tomoe and Miyabi who bring them refreshments. That night, Tooru wakes up from the repeating nightmare about the past incident. The noises wake Julie up as well. She shows him the scar on her back, revealing that she is an Avenger like Tooru.

star 8.07
115 votes
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Souls Accumulate

#18 - Souls Accumulate

Comet Lucifer Season 1 - Episode 5

Someone has kidnapped Felia! Sogo and Moura set out to try and track her down, but soon find themselves under attack.

star 8.00
23 votes
The Altar of Abyss

#19 - The Altar of Abyss

Comet Lucifer Season 1 - Episode 10

Sogo, Felia and friends finally reach the altar. As the ritual to replenish Felia's power begins, an unbelievable spectacle suddenly unfolds!

star 8.00
15 votes
The Fallen Angel

#20 - The Fallen Angel

Comet Lucifer Season 1 - Episode 11

Felia has been captured by Zoneboyle's research division, Fongerufu. Can Sogo and his friends get through the shield in time to rescue her?

star 8.00
18 votes
The Feelings That Must Be Conveyed

#21 - The Feelings That Must Be Conveyed

Comet Lucifer Season 1 - Episode 9

Sogo, Felia and Moura go on ahead of the group, but get ambushed by government forces near the Altar of Abyss. Meanwhile, Do Mon infiltrates the Bureau in order to meet with a certain person.

star 7.95
19 votes
I Can't Grow All at Once, So I'll Grow Over Time

#22 - I Can't Grow All at Once, So I'll Grow Over Time

How to Keep a Mummy Season 1 - Episode 6

Mii-kun, Conny and Isao learn to write – kind of. Kaede’s mandrake gets loose, and the gang sets out to bring it home before the unthinkable happens.

star 7.86
7 votes

#23 - Rebels

Absolute Duo Season 1 - Episode 9

Koryo Academy is under attack! Tor and Julie work together in battling the chief of the marauding corps, while Tomoe searches for a missing Miyabi.

star 7.81
54 votes
A Goddess for This Corrupt Hot Springs Town!

#24 - A Goddess for This Corrupt Hot Springs Town!

KONOSUBA - God's blessing on this wonderful world! Season 2 - Episode 9

After witnessing Aqua warp the town's citizens with her petty confessional hearings, Kazuma takes a dip in the mixed bath, where he comes across another man who is as sick of the town's behavior as he is.

star 7.78
147 votes
Reign Conference

#25 - Reign Conference

Absolute Duo Season 1 - Episode 10

In the ruins of the facility, Tooru and his friends are searching for a missing Miyabi, only to be stopped by Rito who tells the students that they had to leave the island. Despite Tomoe's and Tooru's plea to stay in for their search, the rabbit teacher tells them that it was under the headmistress orders, forcing them aboard the ship and leave the island. Two days has passed since the incident, Tooru senses something different about Tomoe even her discipline remains unchanged, though only Lilith seeing Tomoe's upset reaction over Miyabi's disappearance while passing though the shower room. In the class, Tooru remarks over Rito's word about not to spread a word about Miyabi's disappearance, which winds up upsetting in his fellow classmates. At the same time, Lilith is cheering both Tooru and Tomoe up in the class before Julie also following suit.

star 7.77
56 votes
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The Green Girl

#26 - The Green Girl

Sekirei Season 1 - Episode 3

Minato takes a job at a local construction site where he meets another Ashikabi, Seo Kaoru. With Seo's help, Minato infiltrates a nearby botanical garden, drawn by visions of a young Sekirei girl named Kusano, after Seo and his Sekireis eliminate a MBI roadblock in front of the garden. Musubi soon arrives and with her help, Minato rescues Kusano, who later makes Minato her Ashikabi.

star 7.75
218 votes
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White, Round, Tiny, Wimpy, and Ready

#27 - White, Round, Tiny, Wimpy, and Ready

How to Keep a Mummy Season 1 - Episode 1

Sora receives a package from his dad in Egypt: a huge casket with a tiny mummy. The instructions are unclear, but what’s certain is that he’s going to have to learn to take care of his new mummy, Mii-kun.

star 7.75
16 votes
Under One Roof

#28 - Under One Roof

Comet Lucifer Season 1 - Episode 2

After a close call in the cave, Sogo and Co are safe at home once again. The only question now is, what to do with the mysterious girl they've found. Not to mention the peculiar little animal...

star 7.73
70 votes
The Boy and The Planet

#29 - The Boy and The Planet

Comet Lucifer Season 1 - Episode 12

The battle over Felia unfolds at Fongerufu. Sogo and the Guardian's fight with the mysterious "Black Giant" increases in intensity. What is the true goal of the "Black Giant" who seeks Felia?

star 7.71
17 votes
The Boy and the Vast Land

#30 - The Boy and the Vast Land

Comet Lucifer Season 1 - Episode 1

Sogo's Quickboard crashes are causing him to have a bad day. Then he gets trapped underground, and his day gets even worse (to the tune of giant robots).

star 7.69
98 votes
Absolute Duo

#31 - Absolute Duo

Absolute Duo Season 1 - Episode 12

The idea of wanting to protect someone is still foreign to K, so in a dramatic, no-holds-barred faceoff, Tor decides to show him how it's done.

star 7.66
58 votes
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#32 - Path

Comet Lucifer Season 1 - Episode 8

Sogo's group decides to take the waterway through the forest to get to the Altar of Abyss. But Do Mon warns them not to go any further.

star 7.63
19 votes

#33 - Countdown

Rewrite Season 1 - Episode 11

Chihaya heads to Sakuya's location on Akane's orders. While she is wandering through the forest looking for Kotori's secret base, she discovers a certain person who has collapsed.

star 7.59
22 votes
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Silver-Blonde, Yellow Topaz

#34 - Silver-Blonde, Yellow Topaz

Absolute Duo Season 1 - Episode 7

On the way to the island for the training camp with a boat, Julie's laying at Tooru's lap because she is feeling bad. Later, Tora and Tatsu tells them that Rito wants to see them; she tells the students that they're going to swim from the boat to the island where the camping is. But Julie can't swim, so Tooru has to carry her. On they're way, Lilith appereas and jumps from the helicopter to play with Tooru, however, he tells her that there's no time to play, which Lilith agrees on. After reaching the island, Tooru is laying at the beach to rest after the long trip. Continuing to reach the camp, the three have to go through the forest, however, some people attacked them - causing them to fight back. But what Tooru didn't expect is that he met someone he is familiar with; which is the lively Imari Nagakura, his opponent during the Kouryou Academy enrollment exam...

star 7.58
113 votes
Garden Indigo

#35 - Garden Indigo

Comet Lucifer Season 1 - Episode 3

There's a storm approaching Garden Indigo, one that comes roughly every forty years. Do Mon panics at the weather report and decides that the broken roof must be repaired.

star 7.53
58 votes

#36 - Exception

Absolute Duo Season 1 - Episode 4

Being told that they're someone like her, Lilith Bristol travels to Japan in order to meet Tooru Kokonoe, because he is special, just like her. Much later, everyone gathered at the classroom, Tora and Tatsu thanks Miyabi and Tomoe for helping them when they where injured. During the lesson, Tooru thinks about what Sakuya said before. But in the middle of the lesson, Lilith appeareas and tells Tooru to come with her, which annoys Rito. Lilith says that starting from now on, Tooru will be her Duo partner, but Tooru explains that he already has a Duo partner and declined. Later, Tooru asks Julie if she wants to go somewhere the next break, and she says yes. The break starting, Julie and Tooru are on their way to a mall that Miyabi recommended , but Miyabi told him that she already had plans with Tomoe. After buying clothes for Julie, they both eat ice cream while being watched by Tomoe and Miyabi. However, while watching, a group of boys where hitting at them and telling them to come with them. Tomoe resisted, but the boys took Miyabi's hand, which made Tomoe angry and told them to stop, however, Tooru came to the rescue and told them that they're with him, but that made the boys even more angry, but before they could do anything, Lilith quickly came behind them and attacked them with her Rifle. But that was the thing that Tooru was very suprised over; he realizes that rifle is a excepction..

star 7.53
88 votes
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Place of Warmth

#37 - Place of Warmth

Comet Lucifer Season 1 - Episode 7

The group continues on the mountain road to the Altar of Abyss. But after Air Rider breaks down, they end up having to spend the night in the mountains, where danger awaits.

star 7.50
18 votes
Level Up

#38 - Level Up

Absolute Duo Season 1 - Episode 5

After the events of the New Blade Battle, Tooru and his companions sublimate to level 2. Likewise, their stats increase dramatically. Later however, Tooru is forced to leave school with Lilith to go to New Death Land, an amusement park. In the end, Tooru declines her offer to be a Duo once again, and goes back to his dorm meeting up with Julie. Upset the following day, Lilith trespasses on the 2nd year's battles and defeats them all. She then challenges the entire 1st year class to her Survive.

star 7.49
83 votes

#39 - Storm

Comet Lucifer Season 1 - Episode 4

There's a storm approaching Garden Indigo, one that comes roughly every forty years. Do Mon panics at the weather report and decides that the broken roof must be repaired.

star 7.47
53 votes

#40 - Blaze

Absolute Duo Season 1 - Episode 1

Tooru Kokonoe attends the entrance ceremony of Kouryou Academy to find that he has to battle with his newly made friend, Imari Nagakura, and win if he wants to stay. After the reveal of his irregular Blaze, he launches his special but dangerous move on Imari, causing for her to lose but also catching the eye of Julie Sigtuna. He is then met with an old childhood friend, Aoi Torasaki on the way to their first class where they are met with their strange homeroom teacher, Rito Tsukimi. During the class, Tooru is shocked to find that his temporary duo partner and roommate is no other than the gorgeous Julie whose been staring at him the whole time...

star 7.44
168 votes
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Asahi Haruka

#41 - Asahi Haruka

Rewrite Season 1 - Episode 5

One day, a letter regarding "Asahi Haruka" arrives at the Occult Research Club, and Kotarou immediately begins an investigation.

star 7.44
25 votes

#42 - Survive

Absolute Duo Season 1 - Episode 6

Lilith ropes her fellow students into fighting her in a battle royale. A mysterious figure shows up out of nowhere with his own plans for Lilith.

star 7.41
79 votes
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Killing Game

#43 - Killing Game

Absolute Duo Season 1 - Episode 11

Having witnessing Miyabi's strange behavior and her power that defeats the securities with ease, Tooru asks K what were they did to Miyabi which K replies as merely a "gift", power which is combined with Exceeds and Unit. Tomoe comes for Miyabi for her protection from K, only to be shocked as she not only Miyabi hurts her, she also learned from Lilith over her brainwashing. Unable to stand K's mockery, Tooru is going to attack K but instead he is confronting Miyabi. Meanwhile during the Reign Conference, Equipment Smith is gloating by telling Sakuya, who realized that he has been keeping an eye onto the girl who was desperately gaining Tooru's attention, that Miyabi is his best creation. Elsewhere, Tomoe is confronting Miyabi despite suffering her injury from her beating. In an attempt to convince Miyabi to give up her destructive strength, she tells her friend that not even Tooru wishes to see her current state, causing Miyabi to be snapped and attacking her. However, Tomoe tells Miyabi that she would be. Elsewhere, even learning Miyabi's freedom from the mind control, K proceeds defeating the duo by hurting Julie, leading to Tooru's immediate rescue while suffering injuries from K's squad's gun shots.

star 7.38
82 votes

#44 - Selection

Absolute Duo Season 1 - Episode 8

A week of training is capped off by a day at leisure--and where better to unwind than at the beach? Miyabi takes a big step in her feelings about Tor.

star 7.31
117 votes
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Flower Boy

#45 - Flower Boy

Comet Lucifer Season 1 - Episode 6

To return Felia to normal after her release of power, Sogo and the others must bring her to the Altar of Abyss. On the way they stop by a village, where a wedding has everyone in a festive mood.

star 7.26
19 votes
The Black Sekirei

#46 - The Black Sekirei

Sekirei Season 1 - Episode 7

Karasuba, a dangerous and lethal Sekirei, pays Musubi a visit at Izumo Inn and reaffirms a promise the two made in the past. MBI Director Minaka initiates the second phase of the Sekirei Plan and blockades Tokyo with armed personnel from MBI's Security Services. Miya establishes new sleeping arrangements at the Inn, to the displeasure of Minato's Sekirei. Yukari and Shiina go shopping, but attract the attention of another Ashikabi.

star 7.18
241 votes
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The Sekirei Symbol Disappears

#47 - The Sekirei Symbol Disappears

Sekirei Season 1 - Episode 11

Karasuba and Natsuo discuss the relationship between Musubi and Sekirei #8, Yume. The escape plan commences. Matsu rushes to the scene on her motorcycle and saves Kusano, after she becomes surrounded by MBI Security Service soldiers. The group makes it to the bridge, but are confronted by Benitsubasa and Haihane, members of the Disciplinary Squad with orders to prevent Kuno and Shiina from leaving Tokyo at all costs.

star 7.07
234 votes