The BEST episodes directed by Atsuji Kaneko

Solitary Fight
33 votes

#1 - Solitary Fight

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Season 1 - Episode 48

As the fight between Kiriya and Aichi begins, Kai is seen watching the match in another area. Emi runs to Team Q4, worried about Aichi playing in another fight, but finds both Misaki and Kamui visibly shaken from Aichi's words. While the fan girls for Brilliant Stars are cheering, Kiriya is still wondering if Aichi has really mastered the Shadow Paladin Deck, while deciding to prove his worth by beating him in front of Ren. With his Pale Moon Deck, Kiriya successfully deals damage to Aichi with his Juggler cards and calling cards from the Soul. Aichi simply takes a few damage and defends himself with a couple of cards, all while taunting Kiriya about Ren giving him the Shadow Paladin Deck because he is strong. After riding Dark Illusionist, Robert, Kiriya is able to deal three damage to Aichi, giving him almost complete control of the match. However, as Miwa states, Aichi is just playing around with Kiriya, as he rides Phantom Blaster Dragon, and calls Blaster Dark to the rear guard to help deal damage. Kiriya is able to defend himself, allowing only one damage as he eagerly calls "Final Turn" on Aichi. With Ren watching, Kiriya stands in shock as Aichi completely defends himself and takes no damage. Wondering if Kai is watching his fight, Aichi claims he will show how strong he is, calling his "Final Turn" on Kiriya. Calling two more Grade 3 units, Aichi soundly defeats Kiriya, while still muttering that he needs to be even stronger for Kai's recognition. As everyone in the stadium cheers Team Q4 for winning the elimination rounds, Ren congratulates Aichi for winning, while forgetting who Kiriya is. Meanwhile, Kai is seen walking away from watching the match, swearing to himself that he will stop Aichi.

33 votes

#2 - Gladiator

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Season 1 - Episode 54

In the first battle of the semi-finals, Kamui faces off against Gai Usui, the "Gladiator" of Team Caesar.

Masked Warrior
301 votes

#3 - Masked Warrior

Dr. Stone - Season 1 - Episode 13

All that’s needed to make antibiotics is alcohol. The best way to get some is to win the Grand Bout, which the Senku and his kingdom will also need to do in order to keep Magma away from Ruri and give her the drug.

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How Nagisa Feels
29 votes

#4 - How Nagisa Feels

Girlfriend, Girlfriend - Season 1 - Episode 2

Naoya, Saki and Nagisa are now living together. Keen to learn more about Saki and Naoya, Nagisa gets into her phone and looks through her browser history.

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The Girlfriends' Challenge
21 votes

#5 - The Girlfriends' Challenge

Girlfriend, Girlfriend - Season 1 - Episode 7

Saki realizes Rika is serious about Naoya, and begins frantically looking for ways to keep her from joining their relationship.

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The King of Underground Fights
3 votes

#6 - The King of Underground Fights

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Season 1 - Episode 36

Miwa spys on Kai who has begun fighting in underground fights in order to find stronger opponents. Underground Cardfights usually result in the loss of cards, and players do not abide by the rules that ensure fair play in a Cardfight. When Miwa discovers that Kai is searching for Jun, the King of Underground Fights, he goes looking for him. He confronts Jun, and is captured. Jun and Kai then have a Cardfight with Miwa and Kai's freedom at stake. Jun uses a Dark Irregulars deck against Kai, and puts up a fierce fight by making use of his cards' abilities. At the end, he attempts to use his ace, Edel Rose, and her critical strike ability to finish off Kai, but is prevented by the complete defense of Kai's Wyvern Guard, Barri. Kai and Miwa leave, with Miwa figuring out that he had been used by Kai to draw Jun out.