The Best Episodes Directed by Anya Adams

Red Rain

#1 - Red Rain

Charmed (2018) Season 1 - Episode 21

Galvin discovers that something bizarre is happening with the patients that are being brought into the hospital. Maggie gets a clue about how to keep The Source from taking over. Meanwhile, both Macy and Galvin do something no one could have predicted.

star 7.90
305 votes
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Sister, Sister

#2 - Sister, Sister

black-ish Season 3 - Episode 21

Bow’s sister comes to town after filming a stint on a reality show, and they couldn’t have less in common. Meanwhile, Zoey suggests that Dre spend more time with Junior since she’s leaving for college, and Jack and Diane decide to rebrand themselves.

star 7.78
858 votes
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Speechless Season 2 - Episode 15

Ray is miserable after breaking up with Taylor. When Maya cheers him up with a day out, Ray has a plan of his own. Meanwhile, JJ is nervous about his first friend date with Aaron, so Dylan offers to make sure everything goes smoothly; however, it’s everything but smooth. And Kenneth teaches Jimmy how to be the one in charge at home.

star 7.70
219 votes

#4 - G-A-- GAME N-I-- NIGHT

Speechless Season 3 - Episode 15

When Maya insists that it’s time to meet Izzy, a reluctant JJ arranges a game night for his family and new girlfriend. Ray tries to help on the big night, but his attention to detail puts a major crimp in JJ’s evening. Meanwhile, Dylan and Kenneth let their appetites get the better of them.

star 7.69
191 votes

#5 - F-A--FASHION 4 A--ALL

Speechless Season 3 - Episode 13

Maya and Melanie take their promising new fashion line to the 2019 Abilities Expo, only to walk into a room full of familiar and unfriendly faces. Ray accompanies JJ on an overnight college visit. Meanwhile, Dylan’s test scores lead her first to Mr. Powers’ office hours, then to a journey within.

star 7.62
188 votes
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Speechless Season 3 - Episode 19

Outraged that JJ's girlfriend, Izzy, declines his invitation to prom, Dylan and Ray swing for the fences with a bold plan to make her jealous. Jimmy, Kenneth and Melanie coach Maya through accepting criticism for the good of her company, and one of the DiMeos takes a big step into a new life.

star 7.60
156 votes
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Hair Day

#7 - Hair Day

black-ish Season 6 - Episode 11

Bow takes Diane to get her hair done at the salon and wants to spend this time together as a bonding opportunity, but Diane isn’t having it. Diane is conflicted about relaxing her hair again and embarks on a hair journey with the help of Bow, Ruby and her hair stylist, Yaya.

star 7.56
142 votes
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#8 - Chillaxing

The Good Place Season 4 - Episode 3

Chidi's too relaxed, so Eleanor and Michael create tension in his life to force him to become a better person. Tahani invites John to a spa day.

star 7.56
1010 votes
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Fresh Off the RV

#9 - Fresh Off the RV

Fresh Off the Boat Season 5 - Episode 1

While Honey and Marvin celebrate the birth of their baby, Jessica’s book is finally released, and she’s optimistically looking forward to a book store reading that’s been set up by her publisher to help boost sales. Louis is so excited to promote the book across the country that he buys an RV from Los Angeles Lakers great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who owns an RV dealership which is managed by underappreciated Calvin. Meanwhile, Emery and Evan are concerned about Eddie after Nicole tells him that she’s moving to New York, and he seems completely unfazed about losing his best friend.

star 7.46
368 votes
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Driver's Eddie

#10 - Driver's Eddie

Fresh Off the Boat Season 5 - Episode 4

Louis makes it his mission to teach Eddie how to be a good driver after a police officer makes an inappropriate Asian driver stereotype comment. Meanwhile, Evan is jealous when he discovers that Grandma has only been inviting Emery to hang out with her at her new garage apartment.

star 7.45
330 votes
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Family Van

#11 - Family Van

Fresh Off the Boat Season 6 - Episode 14

When the trusty family van takes a turn for the worse, Jessica and Louis each process the loss in their own way; the boys sneak off on a road trip to find their Washington, D.C., time capsule.

star 7.43
138 votes
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We Need to Talk About Evan

#12 - We Need to Talk About Evan

Fresh Off the Boat Season 4 - Episode 15

Jessica pushes Evan to win Student of the Month so that he can rub it in her new frenemy's face; Louis feels like he's in Kenny Rogers' shadow; Eddie and Emery decide its time they learn how to unhook a bra.

star 7.38
410 votes
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John Freakin’ Stamos

#13 - John Freakin’ Stamos

Single Parents Season 1 - Episode 16

When Poppy’s ex-husband, Ron, gets serious with his latest girlfriend, Poppy has to deal with the reality of another woman helping to raise her kid. The secret gets out that Sophie has a crush on Graham, which causes a stir not only in the first-grade classroom, but also between Angie and Will. Meanwhile, Miggy gets cold feet after asking Douglas to remove his tattoo of Zara’s initials, and Douglas has to help him realize that his relationship with Zara is officially over.

star 7.28
102 votes
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Driver's Eddie 2: Orlando Drift

#14 - Driver's Eddie 2: Orlando Drift

Fresh Off the Boat Season 5 - Episode 11

Eddie finally gets his driver’s license; but instead of freedom, he finds an endless list of errands to run for his mom.

star 7.24
281 votes
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Mama Rose Best

#15 - Mama Rose Best

The Mayor (2017) Season 1 - Episode 10

As Courtney focuses on a campaign to spend more of Fort Grey’s budget on senior citizens, a rival movement led by Ed Gunt makes the townspeople question Courtney’s trustworthiness. When Dina appears on a talk show to help turn the public’s opinion back in Courtney’s favor, she makes a surprising comment that creates an awkward tension between the two.

star 7.13
80 votes
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