The BEST episodes directed by Anthony Lioi

Dale to the Chief
334 votes

#1 - Dale to the Chief

King of the Hill - Season 9 - Episode 5

When Dale re-reads the Warren Commission Report, he is stunned to realize that maybe the government was right all along about who killed Kennedy. Dale decides to abandon his anti-government ways and becomes an insufferable flag-waving patriot. Meanwhile, Hank tries to battle through government red tape when his sex is listed as "female" on his new driver's license.

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Returning Japanese (2)
93 votes

#2 - Returning Japanese (2)

King of the Hill - Season 6 - Episode 22

It is revealed that Hank has a long-lost half-brother, who disowns his American relatives. Angered by this, Cotton plans to spit in the face of the Japanese Emperor Akihito at a ceremony honoring WW2 veterans later that night. As the Hill Brothers try to stop their father, they come to realize how much they have in common. Meanwhile, Bobby develops a relationship with his dance partner at the local arcade.

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Cotton's Plot
244 votes

#3 - Cotton's Plot

King of the Hill - Season 4 - Episode 2

When Peggy gets out of her body cast, she is unable to walk and depressed by the long, slow process of rehabilitation. Cotton decides to teach her to walk again by challenging her, military-style, and inspires her with tales of his wartime heroism. But Peggy starts to lose confidence when she finds out that Cotton's war stories were all fake.

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Patch Boomhauer
260 votes

#4 - Patch Boomhauer

King of the Hill - Season 8 - Episode 1

Boomhauer discovers that his brother, Patch, is getting married to the girl Boomhauer loves, Katherine. When it reaches a boiling point, Boomhauer drops out as best man at the wedding and Hank is forced to take his place.

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Flirting with the Master
170 votes

#5 - Flirting with the Master

King of the Hill - Season 8 - Episode 5

The actor who plays TV's "Monsignor Martinez" invites Peggy to Mexico City to tutor his children for an English-language exam. In Mexico, Peggy starts to suspect that her suave employer might be hitting on her. Meanwhile, Luanne takes on Peggy's duties at home.

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Naked Ambition
286 votes

#6 - Naked Ambition

King of the Hill - Season 4 - Episode 15

Bobby accidentally sees Luanne naked, Joseph becomes obsessed with getting a peek as well. When Connie catches Bobby and Joseph standing outside holding binoculars, she accuses them of peeping at her. Meanwhile, Boomhauer accidentally gets committed to a mental institution, and when Dale and Bill try to get him out, they get committed too.

Soldier of Misfortune
366 votes

#7 - Soldier of Misfortune

King of the Hill - Season 6 - Episode 2

Dale is running for re-election as Gun Club president, but his chances seem to be shot when he accidentally discharges his gun. To give Dale his confidence back, Hank pretends to be "Mr. Big," answers Dale's ad in Soldier of Fortune magazine, and assigns Dale to pick up a briefcase. But Dale bungles the job, and nearly gets his friends killed by his opponent at the Gun Club.

Chapter Five: The King of Omashu
2279 votes

#8 - Chapter Five: The King of Omashu

Avatar: The Last Airbender - Season 1 - Episode 5

Aang's abilities as an airbender are challenged by a king.

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Dale Be Not Proud
292 votes

#9 - Dale Be Not Proud

King of the Hill - Season 8 - Episode 14

When NHRA driver John Force needs an organ transplant, Dale is the only one who can save him. Hank encourages Dale to ignore his fear of hospitals and give up his kidney to save Force. Dale reluctantly agrees, but only if Hank takes his place being Dale for the day, a task that consists of outlandish duties.

Talking Shop
251 votes

#10 - Talking Shop

King of the Hill - Season 8 - Episode 22

Forced to decide between enrolling in shop class where he'll work with guys and sharp objects, or joining the peer counseling class where he'll talk lonely young girls through their problems, Bobby goes where the ladies are. But after a few days of giving advice to these crazy girls, Bobby is the one who needs counseling.

Chapter Nine: The Waterbending Scroll
2034 votes

#11 - Chapter Nine: The Waterbending Scroll

Avatar: The Last Airbender - Season 1 - Episode 9

After Katara attempts to teach Aang waterbending, but realizes that he is learning it much faster than she is, she is desperate to improve her abilities. When Katara inadvertently stumbles across a waterbending scroll that can help improve her ability while Aang is looking at a pirate’s store, she decides to steal it after she realizes that she couldn’t hope to afford it; but will she be capable of stealing from the pirates without causing herself and her friends trouble?

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Unfortunate Son
161 votes

#12 - Unfortunate Son

King of the Hill - Season 6 - Episode 11

When Cotton's VFW has to close down due to a shortage of members, Hank tries to get Vietnam vets to join. But the WWII vets and the Vietnam vets hate each other, and when Hank tries to bring them together, he and Cotton wind up getting pursued by kill-crazy Vietnam veterans who are having flashbacks. Meanwhile, Dale gets a falcon that keeps attacking Bill.

Torch Song Hillogy
286 votes

#13 - Torch Song Hillogy

King of the Hill - Season 6 - Episode 7

Peggy nominates Bobby to carry the Olympic torch through Arlen, but it's Hank who wins the honor---and bungles it.

Chasing Bobby
299 votes

#14 - Chasing Bobby

King of the Hill - Season 5 - Episode 9

Hank's friends all make fun of him when he cries at a "chick flick" called The Flowers of Time. Peggy thinks Hank was crying because the movie reminded him of his relationship with Bobby. It turns out that Hank was really crying because his beloved truck is breaking down and can't be fixed. In an effort to salvage her, Hank goes to extremes, but the inevitable is just around the corner.

Stan of Arabia (2)
1110 votes

#15 - Stan of Arabia (2)

American Dad! - Season 2 - Episode 6

As the Smiths continue to live in Saudi Arabia, Stan is fully enjoying the male-dominated society, while the rest of the family struggles with the different social norms. Meanwhile, Francine's musical expos on gender roles gets her into trouble, and a brush with death leads the Smiths to return to the United States.

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Dungeons and Wagons
1501 votes

#16 - Dungeons and Wagons

American Dad! - Season 3 - Episode 5

After Francine tells Stan she's looking for excitement in their marriage, Stan gets in the driver's seat and becomes involved in drag racing to spice things up. Meanwhile, Hayley breaks up with her boyfriend, Jeff, who is emotionally crushed until he joins Steve's world of online gaming. When Hayley finds out, she tries to sabotage their fun.

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Roger 'n Me
1177 votes

#17 - Roger 'n Me

American Dad! - Season 2 - Episode 13

When Stan goes to Atlantic City for a bachelor party and is shunned by his so-called best friend, Roger steps in and becomes Stan's new sidekick. Their friendship goes to a whole new level, but when they return home and face Francine, Stan realizes that what happens in Atlantic City doesn't necessarily stay there. Meanwhile, Hayley and Steve team up to break up a good-looking couple.

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Be True to Your Fool
217 votes

#18 - Be True to Your Fool

King of the Hill - Season 7 - Episode 19

Hank and the guys refuse to drink beer with Bill after he passes lice on to each of them. When Hank & the gang decide to shave their heads, Hank uncovers a unexpected "Bill" tattoo, and becomes irate. Meanwhile, Bill gets arrested & his popularity in jail pushes him into never wanting out, so Hank decides to go in after him.

Double Fried Flavor!
9 votes

#19 - Double Fried Flavor!

Shin Chan - Season 2 - Episode 1

“The Drinky Hiro Show!” – It’s after hours and Hiro’s home… Drunk! After amusing himself with his sleeping family, the wasted wastrel decides it’s time for a midnight snack. Mmm! Steak pancakes! Alerted by the danger to his food supply, Shin is soon drafted in the cause. Gross quickly dissolves into disgusting. Hiro, that smear better be chocolate mashed potatoes! “Trading Faces!” – Take one worn out mother and add one boy, desperately dashing for the potty, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster! Shin and Mitzi find their roles reversed… Literally! And their first problem: Plumbing! You’re sure you know how to use that thing, Mom? Hmm, it can’t be that hard! Uh oh, Shin, I need you to breastfeed your little sister! “Trading Faces! Part 2!” – Things only get weirder as Hiro comes home… This is not what was meant by role playing! Hima’s not the only one freaked out as Mitzi/Shin cares for her/his daughter/sister at school, while back at the house Shin/Mitzi is getting busy stuffing face. Boy, this is getting confusing! And when Shin/Mitzi leaves the house against orders, embarrassment will be redefined for the neighborhood!

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Dances with Dogs
257 votes

#20 - Dances with Dogs

King of the Hill - Season 7 - Episode 5

Hank and Bobby go head to head in a craze imported from Canada: dog dancing. Hank catches Bobby Dog Dancing with LadyBird, and he is furious. He demands that Bobby stop. Bobby takes on Connie's dog, 'Doggie' as his next partner, and they begin to train. Meanwhile, LadyBird lets Hank know that she wants to dance, so the competition begins, Old school vs. New age. When a competition comes to town, they showcase their talents, along with Bill, who purchased a Rottweiller that hates him.

1051 votes

#21 - Pilot

The Cleveland Show - Season 1 - Episode 1

Cleveland Brown returns to his hometown with his high-school sweetheart.

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How to Bury a Smack-Addict Clown
8 votes

#22 - How to Bury a Smack-Addict Clown

Shin Chan - Season 2 - Episode 10

“Crash, Test Dummy!” – It’s a flashback to life in the “Falling Apartments” and Yonro’s preparing to fail his fifth entrance exam… “Makeup, Little Penny!” – Having lured Shin and the gang over with another promise of sweets, it’s makeover time… Now try not to get too excited Maso! “Fairly Bad Things!” – Still in flashback mode, this time on a Saturday morning after a hard night spent out in the desert burying a clown… No, really!

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Learning calligraphy / Visit to a TV station / Fixing the TV problem
0 votes

#23 - Learning calligraphy / Visit to a TV station / Fixing the TV problem

Shin Chan - Season 3 - Episode 31

The principal teaches the students how to write their name in calligraphy, but Shin-chan troubles everyone. Misae takes Shin-chan to a TV station to watch a live telecast of an exercise program. Shin-chan troubles the instructor and creates a hassle for her. When Shin-chan watches Action Mask, the TV goes off. So, Hiroshi climbs on the roof and fixes the issue.