The Best Episodes Directed by Anthony Hemingway


#1 - Tipitina

Treme Season 3 - Episode 10

Davis and Cheeky Blakk go “full ghetto” on Davis’ goodbye to the musician’s life. Tim Feeny reveals himself and his intentions to Janette when he finds out that she’s throwing an unauthorized benefit for Gigi’s. Delmond parts ways with the powers that be. Toni sees hope that Joey Abreu’s killer may be prosecuted.

star 8.85
298 votes
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#2 - Backfire

Shark Season 1 - Episode 17

After two cops are implicated in a controversial shooting that kills an upstanding black teen and also hurts his drug-dealing cousin, Sebastian is put in charge of the case. To find the answers to his questions, he must use an accusatory approach toward the two officers, but it doesn't take long for Isaac to disapprove of Stark's way of doing things.

star 8.65
52 votes
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This City

#3 - This City

Treme Season 4 - Episode 2

Lambreaux takes Davina on a tour of his old neighborhood. Violence in the streets finds its way into Batiste's classroom. Desautel learns the hard way what's in a name; Bernette learns all is not as it should be at Orleans Parish Prison when she meets the parents of a deceased inmate. Annie takes in a show at One Eyed Jacks; takes home the lead singer. Delmond turns down a gig to be close to home and family. Tensions at work translate to tensions at home for Colson and Bernette. Hidalgo takes McAlary on a dinner date to talk business; LaDonna has a dinner date of her own with Lambreaux.

star 8.38
235 votes
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Wrongful Death

#4 - Wrongful Death

Justice (2006) Season 1 - Episode 5

TNT&G represents the daughter of a woman who had been killed in an accident on a roller coaster owned by a major theme park owner. Unfortunately, revelation of the mother's secrets may bolster the defense's theory her death was a suicide.

star 8.33
6 votes
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#5 - Boston

The Newsroom (2012) Season 3 - Episode 1

In the wake of the Genoa debacle, Will, Mac and the News Night team decide to err on the side of caution in reporting a major breaking story. Neal is contacted by an anonymous source in possession of stolen government documents revealing how false press stories planted in newspapers spawned fatal riots in Kundu. Sloan looks to solve a takeover puzzle. Maggie is forced to pinch-hit for Elliot in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings.

star 8.28
1714 votes
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#6 - Contraband

Underground Season 2 - Episode 1

The remaining members of the Macon 7 have made it North, but they've learned that freedom is not as simple as crossing a line.

star 8.27
841 votes
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#7 - Contempt

The Newsroom (2012) Season 3 - Episode 4

Facing a court subpoena and possible incarceration for contempt, Will stands firm in refusing to reveal the source of the stolen DOD documents. As Charlie's disdain for Lucas grows, Sloan and Mac scramble to find a more acceptable 11th-hour buyer for ACN. Jim's relationship with Hallie is put to the test by her new job at Carnivore, a start-up website.

star 8.22
1461 votes
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Knock With Me, Rock With Me

#8 - Knock With Me, Rock With Me

Treme Season 3 - Episode 1

Season 3 begins in the fall of 2007, as the neighborhood is shocked by police officers' response to a brass-band procession for a fallen musician. Meanwhile, Delmond and Albert experience different reactions to their new album; Toni finds a new ally in her ongoing crusade for justice; LaDonna is uncomfortable in her temporary lodgings; and in New York, Janette is reunited with Enrico Brulard.

star 8.19
264 votes
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Yes We Can

#9 - Yes We Can

Treme Season 4 - Episode 1

Batiste helps a student in a sticky situation. Lambreaux teaches LaDonna the true meaning of "Mighty Kootie Fiyo." Hidalgo meets musician turned activist Davis McAlary. Sonny goes to "see a man about a horse," instead finds trouble. Manager Marvin Frey questions Annie's ambitions; she questions his intentions. Delmond gigs with the great Ellis Marsalis. No longer on the Avenue, Desautel is stumped about what to call her new restaurant. Colson asks to be transferred to a new district. Sofia votes yes to her mother's new living arrangement. Bernette bails out a friend. Obama is elected.

star 8.18
300 votes
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Red Team III

#10 - Red Team III

The Newsroom (2012) Season 2 - Episode 7

Through depositions with the newsroom staff, Rebecca pieces together the events that led to ACN's fateful decision to go forward with Jerry's special report on Operation Genoa – as well as the post-air revelations that undermined its credibility. The repercussions threaten to ruin "News Night" while eclipsing breaking news during another 9/11 anniversary.

star 8.18
2101 votes
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The Only Thing Sure

#11 - The Only Thing Sure

The Black Donnellys Season 1 - Episode 7

While Tommy and Kevin are collecting payments, Jimmy is painting the bar and tries to protect Sean from the business. Meanwhile, Kevin get a flashback from his childhood who makes him believe that he's truly lucky as a gambler and Jenny tries to watch over her ailing father while struggling to maintain the family's diner.

star 8.12
109 votes
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#12 - Emily

Shameless (US) Season 4 - Episode 11

Fiona is taken to a correctional facility; Frank suffers post-operative delirium; Ian crashes Mickey's son's christening; Amanda's parents use bribery to keep Lip away from her; Debbie meets an older student.

star 8.11
3024 votes
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Tupac Amaru Shakur

#13 - Tupac Amaru Shakur

Unsolved (2018) Season 1 - Episode 8

The Task Force gets help from an FBI informant with a questionable past; Poole shares his work with Voletta Wallace; after being shot, Tupac clings to life in a Las Vegas hospital.

star 8.10
178 votes
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Manna from Heaven

#14 - Manna from Heaven

American Crime Story Season 1 - Episode 9

Johnnie Cochran and F. Lee Bailey head across the country to get their hands on the Mark Fuhrman tapes. Judge Ito must decide whether the tapes, and the racial epithets they contain, are admissible.

star 8.09
3286 votes
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#15 - 28

Underground Season 2 - Episode 7

Rosalee and Noah learn that family betrayal cuts the deepest.

star 8.08
549 votes
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The Lord's Day

#16 - The Lord's Day

Underground Season 1 - Episode 3

The timetable for escape is agreed upon; and Rosalee is tasked with the most important part of the plan.

star 8.05
824 votes
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#17 - Firefly

Underground Season 1 - Episode 4

A notorious slave hunter tracks the runners as John and Elizabeth face a lethal predicament.

star 8.05
835 votes
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#18 - Clarifications

The Wire Season 5 - Episode 8

Bunk returns a McNulty favor; Carcetti is forced to make deals; Hayes asks Templeton about his sources.

star 8.04
2635 votes
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#19 - Epidemiology

Community Season 2 - Episode 6

Pierce and a few other Greendale students ingest a biohazard substance at the school Halloween Party, causing them to exhibit flu-like symptoms and begin turning into zombies. It is up to the rest of the gang to save themselves and the school when Dean Pelton locks them in with the zombie-infected student body.

star 8.04
4848 votes
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Take Your Best Shot

#20 - Take Your Best Shot

Unsolved (2018) Season 1 - Episode 4

The Task Force tracks down a person of interest; after Poole gets put on a new case, Miller interviews Biggie's widow; Tupac faces legal trouble and goes to record at Quad Studios in New York.

star 8.03
232 votes
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#21 - Ache

Underground Season 2 - Episode 3

Unbearable complications threaten to break both Ernestine and Rosalee’s will to live.

star 8.03
698 votes
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Exactly How We Planned

#22 - Exactly How We Planned

Power Season 6 - Episode 15

When Ghost is announced as Lt. Governor it gives him a solid win and makes him one step closer to a fully legitimate world. He soon discovers one of his many enemies carrying out a plan that changes his life forever.

star 8.02
642 votes
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Nobody Talks

#23 - Nobody Talks

Unsolved (2018) Season 1 - Episode 2

Kading and Dupree brief the Biggie Smalls Task Force on the case's popular theories. Poole and Miller travel to Las Vegas to investigate a possible connection between Biggie and Tupac's murders.

star 8.01
283 votes
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Wherever It Leads

#24 - Wherever It Leads

Unsolved (2018) Season 1 - Episode 1

In 1997, Detective Russell Poole launches the first major investigation into the murder of the Notorious B.I.G. Ten years later, Detective Greg Kading is asked to re-open the still-unsolved case.

star 8.00
358 votes
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The Stranger

#25 - The Stranger

Power Book II: Ghost Season 1 - Episode 1

As Tariq St. Patrick begins his new life at Stansfield University, he's torn between two worlds: doing as his mother said, living his life as a normal college kid, or doing what she taught him, hustling product.

star 7.98
311 votes
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Crazy Love

#26 - Crazy Love

Shameless (US) Season 5 - Episode 6

Fiona is thrown into chaos by the return of Jimmy. Ian takes Mickey's baby.

star 7.96
2429 votes
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War Chest

#27 - War Chest

Underground Season 1 - Episode 2

At the same time John and Elizabeth step into a strange new world, a plantation dance becomes the perfect distraction for a heist.

star 7.94
868 votes
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Sleep No More

#28 - Sleep No More

Shameless (US) Season 6 - Episode 11

Frank offers to pay for Fiona's wedding reception and then goes scamming around town to raise the money. Meanwhile, Sean fears that Frank will end up hurting Fiona and confronts him on it. Their difference of opinion quickly descends into a brawl.

star 7.93
2932 votes
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At Last

#29 - At Last

True Blood Season 6 - Episode 4

Sookie confronts her attraction to Ben; Eric battles Burrell's anti-vampire initiatives; Andy's daughters keep dangerous company; Sam and Nicole make a connection; Bill tasks Takahashi with synthesizing a new kind of blood.

star 7.92
3740 votes
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A Jury in Jail

#30 - A Jury in Jail

American Crime Story Season 1 - Episode 8

Months into the trial, cut off from their families, society and the media, the jurors grow stir crazy and start becoming unlikely targets for the prosecution and the defense. Meanwhile, the country gets an introduction to the science of DNA evidence.

star 7.90
2974 votes
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The Macon 7

#31 - The Macon 7

Underground Season 1 - Episode 1

In 1857, a group of slaves on a Georgia plantation make the dangerous decision to journey 600 miles north for the promise of freedom.

star 7.89
1058 votes
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Cascading Failures

#32 - Cascading Failures

Shameless (US) Season 3 - Episode 6

Fiona is desperate to get the children back after the Department of Family Services hauls them away.

star 7.89
3351 votes
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Conspiracy Theories

#33 - Conspiracy Theories

American Crime Story Season 1 - Episode 7

Conspiracy theories start to arise around the case. The prosecution debates whether they should have O.J. Simpson try on the gloves in court.

star 7.88
2971 votes
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Unto the Breach

#34 - Unto the Breach

Empire (2015) Season 1 - Episode 9

It’s an all-out war when Cookie uncovers Anika’s big backstabbing secret, and Lucious must come face-to-face with his longtime rival, Billy Beretti. As the Lyon family rallies to save Empire Entertainment, all three sons take drastic measures: Jamal gets close with famous artist Delphine, Hakeem works hand-in-hand with Cookie and Andre is pushed way beyond his limits.

star 7.87
1045 votes
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100% Not Guilty

#35 - 100% Not Guilty

American Crime Story Season 1 - Episode 4

Jury selection becomes thorny, Johnnie Cochran angles to take over the defense, and Marcia Clark calls on Christopher Darden to join the prosecution.

star 7.85
2964 votes
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Internal Affairs

#36 - Internal Affairs

Major Crimes Season 3 - Episode 17

Sanchez is put under the microscope when his mother's (guest star Ana Mercedes) caregiver is found murdered... Rusty is forced to take on Jack (guest star Tom Berenger) when he shows up at Sharon's condo acting recklessly.

star 7.84
487 votes
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Where's My Meth?

#37 - Where's My Meth?

Shameless (US) Season 8 - Episode 2

Frank re-lives his 20s and joins the workforce for the first time! Fiona grapples with evicting someone from her building. Lip works out a plan to sabotage Charlie's chances with Sierra. Ian and Carl make a troubling discovery about Monica. Kev says his goodbyes as he prepares to go under the knife.

star 7.83
2866 votes
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A Family Affair

#38 - A Family Affair

The Closer Season 7 - Episode 7

The team investigates the puzzling death of a fellow officer's daughter. Elsewhere, Captain Raydor advances in her meticulous audit of Brenda's unit and begins to sharpen focus on Detective Sanchez.

star 7.83
625 votes
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3rd Life

#39 - 3rd Life

Criminal Minds Season 3 - Episode 12

When one teenager is found murdered and her best friend is abducted in Chula Vista, California, the BAU assists local authorities in determining whether the Witness Protection Program is involved.

star 7.81
1413 votes
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Cover Your Ass

#40 - Cover Your Ass

Goliath Season 1 - Episode 5

As both sides begin their depositions, more secrets start to come to the surface, threatening to destroy everyone involved.

star 7.80
1939 votes
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#41 - Respect

Genius (2017) Season 3 - Episode 1

Desperate for a hit, Aretha travels to Muscle Shoals in 1967 to record her first album with Atlantic Records. After suffering the loss of her surrogate mother, Little Re braves her first solo in 1953, in her father’s, C.L. Franklin, church.

star 7.80
108 votes
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Unto Others

#42 - Unto Others

The Wire Season 4 - Episode 7

Royce and Carcetti make their peace; Prez has a good day; Greggs uses 'soft eyes' at a crime scene.

star 7.79
2753 votes
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#43 - Minty

Underground Season 2 - Episode 6

Harriet Tubman reflects on a life lived with conviction, compassion, and courage.

star 7.79
523 votes
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Hour Three: Somebody's Son

#44 - Hour Three: Somebody's Son

Shots Fired Season 1 - Episode 3

Ashe and Preston are sent on a dangerous manhunt for the only two credible witnesses in the case.

star 7.77
864 votes
What Hides Beneath

#45 - What Hides Beneath

Falling Skies Season 1 - Episode 8

The 2nd Mass prepares to take the fight to the invaders with an assault on one of their bases. But Weaver’s increasingly strange behavior worries Tom that he might not be fit to command. Hal and Tom encounter a left-behind woman who employed a suspicious means of surviving the invasion, making it unclear whether they can trust her.

star 7.76
8044 votes
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Accentuate the Positive

#46 - Accentuate the Positive

Treme Season 2 - Episode 1

New Orleans' recovery continues as Season 2 begins on Nov. 1, 2006, 14 months after Hurricane Katrina, but the rise in crime gives Colson and the police department all they can handle. Meanwhile, Sofia's emotional distance worries Toni; Albert must find a new place to stay; Annie returns from a national tour; and Delmond debuts his new album in New York, where Janette works in a trendy restaurant. The Dirty Dozen Brass Band perform.

star 7.76
565 votes
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Sweet Bird of Truth

#47 - Sweet Bird of Truth

All Rise Season 1 - Episode 3

Lola immerses herself in the world of online gaming when she presides over her first trial concerning cybercrimes, after two friends go head-to-head over a deleted avatar and all the assets associated with it. Also, Mark discovers life without Lola in the DA’s office is going to be lonelier than he thought, and Luke is set to be honored at the annual Valor Awards for his heroism.

star 7.76
360 votes
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Father's Day

#48 - Father's Day

Shameless (US) Season 2 - Episode 5

Frank tries to claim Eddie's insurance benefits and pension, despite being a prime suspect in his death; Fiona attends a ritzy wedding with Richard and lies about her background; Lip is devastated by Karen's rejection; Carl rents Frank's room to a hooker.

star 7.75
3774 votes
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Boys Will Be Boys

#49 - Boys Will Be Boys

Major Crimes Season 2 - Episode 6

When a child with gender dysphoria goes missing, the Major Crimes division scrambles to solve the emotional case before it's too late. Torn between several suspects, the squad has to be careful as it tries to connect the evidence to a dangerous bully. Meanwhile, Jack Raydor attempts to make up for years of lousy parenting.

star 7.75
634 votes
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The American Dream

#50 - The American Dream

Shameless (US) Season 3 - Episode 2

Fiona is stressed about the money she used for her club night; Frank makes his way home.

star 7.75
3290 votes
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Evil Is Going On

#51 - Evil Is Going On

True Blood Season 3 - Episode 12

Eric plots his revenge against Russell; Sookie considers a new life without Bill; Tara discovers some surprising news about Sam; Jason finds a new calling; Lafayette turns to Jesus for help; Hoyt hopes for a future with Jessica.

star 7.74
6109 votes
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All In

#52 - All In

Major Crimes Season 2 - Episode 14

When a body turns up at a posh country club in a quiet neighborhood, the squad’s investigation leads them down a money trail full of surprises. Flynn is noticeably distracted on the job, and Emma’s actions have Rusty questioning her intentions, causing him to distrust her even more.

star 7.72
636 votes
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Ann Arbor

#53 - Ann Arbor

Low Winter Sun (2013) Season 1 - Episode 9

Frank grapples with his sanity as the realities of his actions start to take their toll. Meanwhile, the DPD catches a major break in the McCann case.

star 7.72
176 votes
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The Dream Team

#54 - The Dream Team

American Crime Story Season 1 - Episode 3

Marcia Clark announces that O.J. Simpson has been charged. Robert Shapiro seeks advice from F. Lee Bailey and comes up with a provocative strategy. As Shapiro starts putting together "The Dream Team", he must convince O.J. to hire Johnnie Cochran.

star 7.72
3333 votes
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#55 - Burned

CSI: Miami Season 5 - Episode 22

When one of Horatio's team lets their personal problems contaminate the investigation involving a spurned ex-lover, Horatio has to fire that team member.

star 7.71
486 votes
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Careless Love

#56 - Careless Love

Treme Season 3 - Episode 6

Sonny rushes, but still misses the boat. Fats Domino tickles Davis’ fancy and a few of the ivories. Antoine seeks reading help for Jennifer. Janette endures corporate hell. Toni and L.P. get a witness. Desiree gets a new ally.

star 7.69
322 votes
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#57 - Unsolved?

Unsolved (2018) Season 1 - Episode 10

The Task Force and Russell Poole chase down their final leads.

star 7.66
127 votes
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Six of One

#58 - Six of One

Battlestar Galactica (2003) Season 4 - Episode 2

The Cylons learn that the Final Five are in the Colonial fleet. Some of the Cylons want the Cavil model to stop lobotomizing the Raider ships. Starbuck desperately tries to convince the others that the fleet is going the wrong way in their search for Earth.

star 7.65
3193 votes
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Conspiracy Theory: Part 2

#59 - Conspiracy Theory: Part 2

Major Crimes Season 6 - Episode 7

As the squad investigates the mysterious death of a second woman related to the Tackles case, and a new theory materializes, Sharon faces a health setback. Meanwhile, Gus reacts unexpectedly to Rusty’s partial solution to their ongoing relationship problems.

star 7.65
594 votes
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#60 - Wallflower

Fringe Season 4 - Episode 7

When a man mysteriously dies by an invisible force, his body rapidly begins turning ghostly white. The Fringe team learns that this is not an isolated incident, and there’s evidence that links the predator to someone who passed away with an unknown genetic disorder. Meanwhile, Olivia suffers from migraines.

star 7.64
8368 votes
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Not Exactly How We Planned

#61 - Not Exactly How We Planned

Power Season 1 - Episode 1

James "Ghost" St. Patrick opens Truth nightclub, hoping its success will allow him to leave his career as a NYC drug kingpin. But an attack on his drug business threatens his plans.

star 7.63
3377 votes
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The Road Less Traveled

#62 - The Road Less Traveled

Battlestar Galactica (2003) Season 4 - Episode 5

Specialist Tyrol continues to sink into despair after his recent loss. He becomes curious about Gaius Baltar's sermons and the following he has attracted. The crew of the Demetrius grow concerned about Kara's mental stability as an old enemy arrives with a tempting offer.

star 7.63
3114 votes
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Plaisir D'Amour

#63 - Plaisir D'Amour

True Blood Season 1 - Episode 9

Bill must pay a steep price for protecting Sookie; Jason and Amy break a taboo; Tara consults with Miss Jeanette about exorcising her inner demon; Bill enlists an unlikely bodyguard.

star 7.59
4358 votes
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Whoever He Is

#64 - Whoever He Is

Power Season 1 - Episode 2

Ghost hosts a party for Vogue Magazine, while he and Tommy have to make a tough decision when their drug business is attacked.

star 7.59
2594 votes
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Ching Chong Chang

#65 - Ching Chong Chang

Orange Is the New Black Season 3 - Episode 6

Regime change isn't going over well with the staff, but Red makes it work for her. Lorna finds a way to meet men. Chang shows her private side.

star 7.58
3057 votes
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#66 - Estinto

Vegas Season 1 - Episode 10

Sheriff Lamb assigns Dixon an undercover job at the Savoy when Savino suffers a series of robberies, while Ralph and Jack look at the mob when they investigate the murder of the biggest contractor in Las Vegas.

star 7.55
505 votes
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Angels and Monsters

#67 - Angels and Monsters

Heroes Season 3 - Episode 5

Claire decides to take on one of the villains herself, but she may not be as invulnerable as she believes. Nathan and Tracy search for the truth about their origins. Maya makes a shocking discovery. Hiro and Ando look for help in the most unlikely places.

star 7.55
2236 votes
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Tijuana Brass

#68 - Tijuana Brass

The Closer Season 4 - Episode 9

An FBI informant is the prime suspect in the deaths of two Tijuana police officers; Pope, Taylor and Brenda must deal with a public relations mess when a newspaper prints an unflattering story about Priority Homicide.

star 7.54
579 votes
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Test of Strength

#69 - Test of Strength

American Horror Story Season 4 - Episode 7

The women of the Freak Show rally against Dell after his latest act of violence. A strange encounter with Dandy raises Jimmy’s suspicion about the clown murders.

star 7.50
2218 votes
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At the Foot of Canal Street

#70 - At the Foot of Canal Street

Treme Season 1 - Episode 4

Antoine holidays with his kids in Baton Rouge while LaDonna and Toni look into a local case of mistaken identity. Davis and Creighton decide to take their pain to the masses, while Sonnie leaves Annie for a gig in Texas and Albert accepts an invitation for dinner.

star 7.47
650 votes
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Like Water for Murder

#71 - Like Water for Murder

CSI: NY Season 4 - Episode 17

The team must figure out how a young woman and a shark end up dead on the beach at the same time. This case gets even more interesting when a second body washes up on the beach. Quinn Shelby observes the team at work to determine if the lab should get their annual accreditation.

star 7.42
405 votes
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Hung Out To Dry

#72 - Hung Out To Dry

CSI: NY Season 3 - Episode 4

The body of a beheaded woman found in a fraternity house is a mystery to the CSIs. Now they must sort through twisted clues and crime scene after crime scene to find the killer that has them trapped in his own little game.

star 7.37
289 votes
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Air Apparant

#73 - Air Apparant

CSI: NY Season 8 - Episode 5

The CSIs investigate when the recently paroled brother of a young basketball prodigy is implicated in a murder.

star 7.36
745 votes
Take What's Yours

#74 - Take What's Yours

The Purge Season 1 - Episode 2

Jane considers the morality of Purge while Miguel searches for Pete the Cop.

star 7.33
1052 votes
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The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester

#75 - The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester

Glee Season 6 - Episode 10

Dalton Academy burns to the ground, and the Warblers must combine with the New Directions to form a super group. Meanwhile, Rachel begs Carmen Tibideaux to let her return to NYADA.

star 7.32
495 votes
What Is America?

#76 - What Is America?

The Purge Season 1 - Episode 1

Once a year, any and all crime -- including murder -- is legal in America for a period of 12 hours.

star 7.28
1232 votes
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#77 - Heroes

CSI: NY Season 2 - Episode 23

Mack and Danny find marine corporal dead but if things don't seem right about his death. They find a drop of blood on his sleeve new signs of a struggle and several medals on his uniform. They both wonder why the Marine didn't fight for his life. Stella, Lindsay, and Dr. Hawkes are all busy investigating a dead body in front of a car they believe the body to be that of Charles Wright. There is one slight problem Sid confirms that the body found in the car is not Charles Wright. The body however in the car is a female. After Sheldon carefully begins facial reconstruction of the skull he would use a tool that will allow him to import this call into the computer so he can match a face to that skull. Sheldon comes up with a surprising result. The skull and the photo match that of Aiden Burn.

star 7.23
381 votes

#78 - Jailbreak

Undercovers Season 1 - Episode 4

When an important CIA hard drive goes missing, Steven and Samantha must go to Ireland to search for a prisoner who holds the key to its location; Lizzy invests time and money in the catering business.

star 7.19
587 votes
The Thing About Heroes...

#79 - The Thing About Heroes...

CSI: NY Season 4 - Episode 10

While in Chicago Mac uncovers more clues about his stalker and reveals his troubled past. Meanwhile, in New York the rest of the team is in danger. The hunt is on to figure out the identity of the 333 stalker before time runs out.

star 7.15
388 votes
The Lying Game

#80 - The Lying Game

CSI: NY Season 3 - Episode 14

Can knowing a secret be a motive for murder? The CSI team must figure out if a change in gender is cause for the death of a showgirl. Also Lindsay goes back to Montana to try to put the person who committed the murder of four friends behind bars.

star 7.14
356 votes
Prodigal Son

#81 - Prodigal Son

Close to Home Season 2 - Episode 11

A woman is killed the night she gets engaged and the suspect is her excessively obsessed uncle, a recovering alcoholic who was discovered drunk near the scene of the crime. The defense team pleads insanity, but Annabeth feels that she has a solid case when she makes a discovery of another crime the man committed that has the same characteristics that demonstrates his unstableness.

star 6.24
34 votes
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